‘American Horror Story’ Creator Reveals Season 3 Hints

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Jessica Lange American Horror Story American Horror Story Creator Reveals Season 3 Hints

Although we’re only nearing the end of season 2 of American Horror Story, fans have already begun to wonder what kind of craziness will inhabit the all-new storyline for season 3. That’s a natural benefit to being an anthology series, and it illustrates how the bottled nature of the season-to-season storyline of Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk’s sometimes frightening but always gloriously over-the-top little program has managed to keep its audience interested.

So far, two rounds of AHS madness have yielded a strong fanbase and record ratings for FX. Of course, given that kind of attention, it didn’t take long for the network to order season 3, having done so late last year when its current iteration, American Horror Story: Asylum, was just beginning to pick up speed.

As Asylum draws to a close, following the deaths of two major characters in episode 10: ‘The Name Game,’ questions are beginning to shift from the possible ending of season 2 to what Murphy and Falchuk could possibly have in store for season 3? It’s a fair question, considering by season’s end, the entire series will have thrown ghosts, demons, mutants, aliens, musical numbers, a killer Santa, the Black Dahlia and a Nazi – among other bizarre ingredients – into the pot and managed to serve up with something quite unique by television standards.

Zachary Quinto in American Horror Story Asylum American Horror Story Creator Reveals Season 3 Hints

Still, that’s a lot of horror tropes to be floating around the first two seasons of any show – anthology or not. So, just what do the masterminds behind the series think will bring audiences back for another dose of off-the-wall craziness? Well, in a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly, Murphy discussed a great many aspects of Asylum, but also dropped some of the first hints as to what season 3 might be about.

Perhaps most interesting is his desire to return to a more personal, and possibly romantic story and setting that sounds far removed from the less intimate, broader pseudo-social statements that have been a part of Asylum.

Murphy stated:

“I mean, I don’t think anything could ever be as dark as the mental health care system in our country. I sorta feel like for the third version I want to do something that’s a little bit more ‘evil glamour.”’ Just something that’s a little bit more…one of the things that I missed this season was I really loved having that Romeo & Juliet youth story with Violet and Tate. I want something like that again and we’re doing something like that in the third season. And we’re contemplating shooting the show in a different place. We’re contemplating shooting it in a place in the country where true horror has been. We’ve got lots of delicious plans.”

Evan Peters and Jessica Lange in American Horror Story Asylum The Name Game American Horror Story Creator Reveals Season 3 Hints

So what can we possibly take from this? Well, Murphy’s use of the term “evil glamour” is somewhat intriguing, as is the possibility of the shooting location having seen “true horror.” While the location is certainly anyone’s guess – with multiple locales fitting the bill to a certain degree – the question will be what kind of horror is Murphy talking about? Furthermore, there’s no mention of the time period, which would certainly help nail down what those “delicious plans” actually entail.

The idea of glamour certainly makes one think of the fashion industry, or even Hollywood, but AHS has already been set in Los Angeles and it would take a lot to outdo the sheer horror of America’s Next Top Model, so maybe those ideas don’t really hold water. One possible scenario that would be incredibly entertaining is for the show to take on the 1970s glam rock scene and somehow integrate that particular brand of camp and over-the-top showmanship with whatever specific theme Murphy has in mind. Considering how much fun it was to watch Jessica Lange sing ‘The Name Game,’ adding a David Bowie-esque musical number or two to the show might make for an interesting approach to season 3. Maybe they could even throw in some actual spiders from Mars.

While the prospect of American Horror Story: Stardust Romantics would certainly be eye-catching, that particular guess is likely miles away from what Murphy and Falchuk have planned. At any rate, there are still three more episodes until the conclusion of the Asylum storyline to worry about before getting too riled up over season 3.

American Horror Story: Asylum airs Wednesday nights @10pm on FX.


Source: EW

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  1. I say it will be revolved around witchcraft and a blend of voodoo in the South on a plantation in a small town surrounded by a bayou. Seriously. New Orleans would be amazing! SOOOOOOOOOOOO many true horror stories have taken place down there and also it’s very glamorous…and eerie at the same time. Just think of I PUT A SPELL ON YOU. Think of Mardi Gras balls gone mad! Think of moving in a new town and falling for a girl who is about to be accepted as a witch in her family made of a coven of cannablistic witches. Just imagine using voodoo to get her to fall in love with you. Imagine the “price” that must be paid to use that kind of magic. Voodoo has limits and backfires sometimes if used incorrectly. Witchcraft is witchcraft. Blending the two would be great. But seriously. South, swamps and witches! RECIPE FOR GREATNESS!!!

    • “Voodoo has limits and backfires sometimes if used incorrectly.”

      Ah…sounds like you are speaking from experience. :)

    • your Witchcraft voodoo in New Orleans is probably the best season 3 theory I’ve read so far. lets hope your right

    • i think it would make for an awesome season to go to new orleans and delve into voodoo and hoodoo. both the light and dark of the magic and the prices that are paid. maybe touch on the zombie legends in voodoo. there is so much involved in voodoo i would like to see witchcraft all by itself on another season.

  2. i still hope there will not be aliens in AHSasylum finale.

    • Yeah. Next season will be witches. Murphy said there was a hint to be,t seasons plot in the recent episode. The jukebox played ill put a spell on you.

  3. I’m a fan, but I believe this season has gotten too campy and out of control, with a demon, nazi, serial killer, aliens, mutants, etc., etc. At times, the horror has been lost in the ridiculousness.

    • By the way, despite my mild concerns with this season, the reason I keep watching is because of the cast, particularly Jessica Lange. Although she is in her 60′s, she is still quite alluring, and I never knew she was such a talented actress. After watching her for two seasons now, I’d dare to say she is one of our greatest actresses. Her talent is absolutely mesmerizing. I have also come to really appreciate Sarah Paulson.

      • Yes, I also agree with your assessment watching this season is the appeal of Jessica Lang.
        I was thinking, also, at Emmy time…Jessica , you have a contender which is Sarah Paulson.

        • I’d have to give it to Jessica Lange. She has a certain intensity about her that I’ve only seen in a few other actors, and even then, only in some of their works. I am guessing that Sarah Paulson, the younger and less experienced of the two, is a very adept student, learning from Ms. Lange and blossoming into a great actress herself. I am really hoping that they both return for Season 3.

  4. What if next season revolved around some kind if traveling circus/carnival freakshow. Pepper had that delightful monologue about how hard it is to be a freak in this country. Imagine a love story amongst the lobster boy and the sweet girl next door done ahs style. All the conflict between townsfolk and circus folk. Could be pretty interesting.

    • That sounds kinda like Carnivale. Anyway, as much as I missed the Romeo & Juliet youth story, I don’t want a teen horror story for the next season. Maybe an urban city legend or something.

      • yeah…..I actually loved the Romeo and Juliet love thing. So excited

  5. I was hoping for witches!!! I was thinking there were so many directions you could go with it in Salem.

    I just hope that “delicious.. romantic” apect doesn’t mean vampires. I am sick of vampire love stories. Vampires are VAMPIRES… not effeminate men whining about love.

    • My first thought was for Salem too, but the more I thought about it the more I found it unlikely. Briarcliff is in Massachusetts and even though the Salem witch trials were in a different time period I don’t think they’d repeat MA as the location.

      • Well he said a different CITY. :)

  6. At the end of the “Name Game” sequence, the record on the jukebox had a red label with the word “Congress” in large white letters. Later the Mosignor’s prayer said something about something about “corruption in high places”. I therefore believe that season 3 will be set in Washington D.C. and be centered around the governmennt.


    • See, that episode hasn’t aired here yet (AHS came back from the Christmas break this past wednesday with the episode where Jude was made a patient and Grace returned at the end heavily pregnant) but I’ll look out for that cause it seems plausible if true.

      What hasn’t the show had? Actual demons?

      Maybe there are a few in Congress? If that happens though, I hope they avoid turning the show into a political stand because I hate when movies and tv shows preach to us about a certain leadership, it not only irritates me and distracts from the storytelling but also dates a show.

      • Well said, Dazz. If the show takes that turn, and it attempts to denigrate one political faction over another, it will likely offend half of its viewership, so it would not be a wise move. I myself already have a bit of an itch over the show’s portrayal of Christians this year, but I am comfortable enough in my own skin not to be overly offended by it. Typical Hollywood view of religion…

        • How so?

          If you mean the way nuns and others in the church have behaved toward patients, I can assure you that after discovering my own clinical depression was inherited, a grandmother opened up about her experiences in mental health institutions in the 1960s where there were more nuns and priests than doctors because at the time, mental health was still treated as demonic and not a medical condition.

          She was put under electroshock therapy and other such things that seem just as brutal as the things we’ve seen on this show so far.

          If it’s the part about Sister Mary Eunice being possessed by the devil then I could sort of understand why you might take offense but being more spiritual than religious, I don’t see the harm personally.

          • Ugh…I knew I was opening myself up to a debate by that comment, as it seems one can’t even defend Christians these days without a fight. Have there been bad examples in the faith…sure, just as there have been in all faiths and every facet of life, such as lawyers, police, politicians, teachers, etc. Now in this show, the priest has been portrayed as power hungry (desiring to be Pope), Jessica Lange’s nun is (or was) portrayed as being a sadist(beating people with a collection of whips), and both the priest and nuns have been portrayed as being sexually oppressed. Hardly the educated, enlightened, humble, and pure people I have come to know in the faith. And by the way, electroshock therapy is still used today, albeit rarely, by the psychiatric community…not the religious community.

          • Oh, and how could I forget…the priest is a murderer, having killed a former patient (subsequent mutant) in her hospital bed with his rosaries, no less, as well as the nun who was possessed by a demon. So in essense, they have not yet shown one good portrayal of a Christian in the show, with the possible exception of the ‘extra’ nuns in the background attending to the patients’ needs.

            • Briarcliff is saturated with evil, despair, sadness and madness.

              What do you expect? Unicorns and happiness?

            • Then don’t watch the show. It’s that simple… I wasn’t aware Christians were allowed to participate in such things anyway. All the violence, sex, profanity, etc. You must be very proud of yourself. Besides, this season is based around a very real and true part of American history.

            • First off, I am Christain, so I can understand your possible offense. However, this is a show, and these are characters, and some happen to be Christain. Some of the things depicted are things that have been done by some Christains, just like the cruel medical treatments done in the show for medical patients were also things that some doctors of psychology had performed. So, yes, you bring up a good point that it is stereotypical, however, these characters just happen to perform them and in the time period the story’s set it, they’re provided so possible justifiable logic to their potential to act such a way.

              As for your claims of the character’s motives/behaviors being a reflection of Christianity. I’ve never interpreted it that way. Keep in mind, religious or not, both Jude and Monsenior are some messed up people. For Monsenior, I never really interpreted him as power hungry in his desire to be pope. Especially when we saw the scene of him forgiving the santa guy of his sins. Even when he chose to work with the nazi guy, he’s always been trying to see the good in everyone, despite his horrid decisions. Granted, NOW I’d imagine he may be working on a lust for power, but I think that’s more due to the events that happened, rather than religious guidance. Remember, he was humiliated/had his trust broken by the santa guy, and was raped. It seems more likely that he’s unconsciously trying to restore his manhood at this point.

              As for Jude. Keep in mind that she was a rather loose woman before joining the convent and we’ve seen her internal struggle with lust. So, her sadism is more likely a result of suppressed urges. Also, originally Jude was against electroshock therapy (also I’m pretty sure it’s illegal now). She only changed her mind on one exception and that was to save the church. And I’m pretty sure that was due to succumbing to her lust for the monseinor, rather than religious faith.

              And although you’re right, I can’t recall any Christian in this series having been portrayed completely wholesome, but on that same note, I also can’t recall a single character in this season who hasn’t done something horrible.

              Lastly, I’m not sure Dazz was trying to argue, but merely trying to understand your point.

  7. Circus. That’s all I have to say.

  8. Three will be amazing im sure just stunned that no one hax mentioned how amazing evan peters has been on this show ond of hollywoods most talented and hottest young actors just outstanding. Btw the only one who did a good job with the boston accent being from mass I have to say for the most part with tje exception of the great ms jessica lange everyone elses accent was way off!!!!

  9. OMG wherever it is filmed, whatever the storyline…it MUST have Jessica

    • I don’t think the show could survive without her. xD If I’m not mistaken her and Murphy have already discussed characters for her for future seasons.

  10. I do like the idea of a witch type of story in Salem come next season. There are soo many different scenarios and different characters that they can go with. Another one that they can possibly spin is the Donner party story. Maybe they can provide a different story which might include witch craft and cannibalism

  11. At the mention of witchcraft, first thing I thought of was Salem (I’d really like to see a carnival or circus theme like others mentioned too), but whatever they decide on, I hope it involves Alexandra Breckenridge.

  12. VEGAS!!!

  13. I think a Southern belle on a huge plantation (evil glamour) in love with a black slave (Romeo&Juliet-dynamic) who does voodoo (I put a spell on you) and it takes place in the South where lots of true horror happened.

    I hope! Crossed-Fingers.
    Who else likes my idea?

    (Hopefully Tarantino set a new antebellum trend.)

    • Love it! ;)

  14. I would like to see Witches and Magick. I love, loVE, LOVE both seasons – the alien part of the story annoyed me at first, but it pleasantly surprised me. I do enjoy science fiction, just not always with my dose of horror. Having a demon in the asylum was good, and one poster was correct about the conditions of the insane asylums in that time period. The conditions were and still are in some places deplorable. I desperately hope we’ll see another Jessica Lange season, the woman is nothing short of amazing. I LOVE AMERICAN HORROR STORY!!!

  15. I was actually quite unimpressed by the second season, it was a bit too much and the story line was never actually there. The first season was absolutely brilliant and I hope to see more of those elements in the third season. Aliens have to go–they have no place in this type of horror TV show.
    A southern setting would be absolutely magnificent except as soon as they mention vampires (I hope the producers are wise enough to leave vampires out of this show) I’m done watching! Definitely don’t need another true blood or vampire diaries or whatever those others shows are

  16. DC is very plausible in my eyes. Murphy mentioned: Where true horror is, Hasn’t the government been a source of horror and evil after how many years? Glitz and Glamour? Our attention is always drawn, when some political representative gets caught doing something with power, money, corruption, affairs, bribery etc. Since It was mentioned they already used MA, I agree they wouldn’t use Salem, but something from the bayou is possible considering the rich history of Louisiana and Madame Laveau. I’m willing to wait and see and although I liked this season, I think the story lines weren’t pieced together as well as the first season. Things were harder to follow and a bit confusing. That’s just me though!

  17. I really hope that the next season is themed around witchcraft, especially as so many things point to it. Such as the song ‘I put a spell on you’ played by Sister Eunice in Sister Jude’s honour, the Monsignor talking about Pagan rituals and a song in Spilt Milk about gypsies. I may also be reading too much into this but during the scenes within Dr. Thredson’s house the camera panned from one scene with Lana and Dr. Thredson through the mirror to Johnny and Pandora, maybe perhaps a ‘Mirror mirror who is the fairest of them all’…

    • yes that would be good to see..

  18. I do believe it will be about witches. Also Lana said she’s going back to NY so perhaps it will take black in Amityville Ny. Very well known for witches

  19. I am thinking a 20′s era Hollywood centered around the home seances.

  20. I would love the whole Southern locale, with a story centered around witchcraft and/or voodoo as well. However, I’m sure all the Christians would be even more offended by that than they were this season and stop watching. As if their blessed souls should be watching this sort of thing in the first place…

    • Alright Joshua, I am so tired of the Christian comments, but yours just happens to bother me the most. I am a devout Christian & have watched every episode, both seasons, of AHS religiously. Yes, pun intended. I have never been offended by anything on this show, only slightly annoyed with the aliens. I do happen to be in the South, & I would love to see the next season set in Louisiana & center around voodoo. These things are not offensive to me but entertaining because it’s history & it’s just a show. Please people, we are not all the same, so stop categorizing us. A lot of us are regular people just like the ones who feel the need to bash us constantly.

  21. im so excitedddddd.

  22. Lmfaoo!
    If Evan Peters is in the Romeo/Juliet lovestory I am SOOOO in!

  23. I really hope Evan Peters will be back he is such a great actor, and i agree with the person that said the theory of NY. Hopefully they’ll film in old parts of NY creeppyy

  24. Jessica Lange, Sarah Paulson and Evan Peters are coming back and there will also apparently be another bloody face-esque icon, but this time a female. I love the idea of witches and all the signs seem to be pointing to it!

  25. In the jukebox, one of the songs said Chicago. So thats my guess. But I do like the carnival predictions too.

  26. I think it’s going to be in Washington D.C. The song “The Name Game” was on the album “Shirley Ellis in Action” in 1964 and the album “The Complete Congress” did not come out until 2001. So how would it have been on a record if it didn’t come out until 2001? Has to be the clue!

  27. I would love to see some back woods redneck action with a summer camp involved. and jessica lang is a MUST!

    • Forgot to add that The Drake Hotel is located in Chicago.