‘American Horror Story’ Season 3 Details Revealed

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American Horror Story Season 3 Details American Horror Story Season 3 Details Revealed

With the end of American Horror Story: Asylum comes questions not just related to the more ambiguous aspects of what transpired during the season, but also what the series’ co-creators, Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk, are cooking up for the all-new storyline of season 3.

Although work has yet to officially get started on the new season, prior to the end of season 2, Murphy let slip a few tantalizing details as to what direction the anthology would be headed. Many fans have already begun speculating that the overall theme of season 3 would have to do with witches, magic or some variation of the two, and how that will be incorporated with Murphy’s rather cryptic use of the term “evil glamour.

Additionally, the writer-director also said that he was interested in a shooting location that had seen “true horror,” leading many to think Salem, Massachusetts – which would be in keeping with the theory that the story will involve witches.

In a series of interviews with Entertainment Weekly, Murphy provided a few teases as to what the audience can expect, but remained mum on most specifics (like the season’s subtitle), which means those hoping for a confirmation or denial of the whole witches in Salem theory will have to wait just a bit longer. But considering how frequently Murphy likes to give interviews, and how much information he’s usually willing to offer up in them, we’ll likely have firmer details soon.

Jessica Lange in American Horror Story Asylum Madness Ends American Horror Story Season 3 Details Revealed

Murphy stated:

“I start meeting with the writers on Monday. I’ve talked to them about what I want to do and everyone loves it. I want to flesh it out a bit before I announce it. I have like 6 nominees for the word. You know this year the word was “asylum.” I’m trying to figure out which is the best one.”

As far as casting goes, it has already been announced that in addition to Jessica Lange, season 3 will count Sarah Paulson and Evan Peters among the primary cast, but no word yet on whether or not Zachary Quinto, Lily Rabe, Dylan McDermott or Asylum additions like Chloë Sevigny, James Cromwell and Joseph Fiennes will be back for another go-round with Murphy’s brand of “horror.”

And while one third of the Harmon family managed to make an appearance in season 2 (courtesy of Dylan McDermott as Johnny a.k.a. Son of Bloody Face), that meant Asylum had a noticeable dearth of Connie Britton (who is off in Nashville), as well as season 1 standout Taissa Farmiga, who played the doomed teenage lover of ghost-boy/spree-killer Tate Langdon (Evan Peters). If you missed Taissa, then you’re in luck, because, according to his statement in another EW interview, so did Murphy.

Connie Britton Dylan McDermott Taissa Farmiga American Horror Story American Horror Story Season 3 Details Revealed

“I missed [Taissa] this season. There wasn’t really a role for her. I feel very protective of her and I didn’t want her to go back into the loony bin – it was too dark. So I thought well ‘I want Taissa to be one of the leads next year.’ I called her up and pitched her the character for the season and she loved it and she said, ‘Yes let’s do it.’ So we’re in negotiations for her to headline season 3.”

Although he did not divulge just what characters the actors will be playing, Murphy suggested that Lange will take on something more akin to her season 1 role, while the season’s tone, overall, will be a little lighter, with funnier and more romantic moments.

“I think Jessica is going back to be in that Constance-vein. She’s gonna go back to her evil roots, Jessica Lange.

There’s a romantic element. I think the whole season I want to be funnier, romantic. But make no mistake, just when I think it’s gonna be a little lighter, I find this great, true-life character that’s the most horrible woman ever created.”

Meanwhile, regardless their opinion on how the Asylum storyline turned out, many fans have been vocal in appreciating director Alfonso Gomez-Rejon’s visual stylings in episodes like ‘I am Anne Frank: Part 2,’ ‘Spilt Milk‘ and, of course, the season finale, ‘Madness Ends.’ Murphy, too, seemed to think Mr. Gomez-Rejon was an extraordinary addition to the series, and is quick to assure those reading that he’ll be back in a more prominent role, helping to dictate the overall look and feel of season 3.

Evan Peters American Horror Story Season 1 American Horror Story Season 3 Details Revealed


“Yes, Alfonso is going to be our producer/director so he will be directing a lot of them. He will be working with me to really create the look of what we’re doing. What we’re doing is more ambitious than what we’ve ever done.”

One of the things that will make season 3 more “ambitious” will be the fact that shooting will take place on location, rather than a soundstage, and, according to Murphy, the production will shoot in three different locales – which will no doubt add to the speculation as to what, exactly, the new season will entail.

“…this one will be shot on location in three different cities in the country.  I should just say that it’s American Horror Story: Bret Easton Ellis and the whole thing is set in his mind. Wouldn’t that be brilliant? Maybe that’s season four.”

Sounds like Murphy has some confidence that American Horror Story will continue on past season 3. Meanwhile, the rest of us will have to wait and see what’s to come before we share in that doubtlessness.

American Horror Story season 3 will premiere this fall on FX.

Source: Entertainment Weekly 

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  1. One of the best shows on tv, next to the walking dead & sons of anarchy, not debatable.

    • and breaking bad, u forgot that

      • And Person of Interest, you forgot that.

        • Honestly, I’d only put AHS, Game Of Thrones, Spartacus, The Newsroom and The Borgias on a “Best Shows On TV” list.

          Can’t wait to see what season 3 has in store.

          • Everyone has their own “best of”…but The Newsroom?

            • Haha, seriously. :)

            • OF COARSE THE NEWSROOM!!! Arron Sorkin and David E. Kelly are the best TV writers. Newsroom is Arron Sorkin, not that discussion should be about the what TV shows are the best. It was very clear that Murphy left hints about season 3 in the last two episodes of Asylum. I don’t get where people are getting witches.

  2. I thought I read somewhere it was going to be somewhere south….I was thinking New Orleans…lotsa magic in that city, real and imagined :)

    • Yeah, I read that one way they got Lange back for season 3 was letting her have a say in the location, and her comfort zone is definitely playing the souther bell type (AHS season 1, Big Fish, Cape Fear, etc). Also, Asylum took place in Massachusettes, so I don’t see them going back. Season 1 was LA, season 2 New England, it makes sense to show a new location and culture in season 3, the deep south being the next logical step. The witchcraft angle just being from a voo-doo/Creole background. Maybe even have at least some of it take place in the 19th Century. Then we might even see a more traditional representation of vampires and zombies, which we have yet to see in either season.

      • I hope it’s not in LA. True Blood is down there and that would just be a little too close to the settings.

        I really do hope they go for a Salem theme.

        • Yeah, I definitely see your point with it infringing on territory already covered by True Blood, that’s why I think if they went back to the 19th Century it could cover some new ground. It could have more of an Interview with the Vampire vibe to it an would fit well with the “glamour” aspect that they are hinting at, with the style and grandeur of high society plantations and the decadent French culture found in New Orleans at the time.

        • They could do a period piece in New Orleans, Santo Domingo, and somewhere in France, maybe?

          • Yeah, no because it’s AMERICAN Horror Story. Good guess though.

            • Yeah, no, but if the focus is on witchcraft/voodoo/dark magic, and there are flashbacks, then present-day New Orleans covers the American part, with the other two countries covering the flashback history of the witches.

              Thanks for playing, though!

  3. Madame LaLaurie, perhaps?

  4. Lily Rabe has to come back she was fantastic!

    • I hope she comes back also. She was great this season and it seemed like she was having a blast playing that character.
      I’m also hoping Dylan McDermott is back. Big role, small role, it doesn’t matter. Just get him on board.

    • She is far too sexy not to come back.

  5. Remember how a season 1 episode of AHS had Connie Britton being sent to a mental hospital, and the second season was set in an asylum?

    Anyone noticed something similar in season 2?

    • The episode “the name game” in season 2 shows a musical

  6. I may not make it to season 3. After reading the article…yech

  7. If this is true, I wanna see family to family feud. Romeo and Juliet type of thing, just that it’s filled with magic/witchcraft/vodoo and let it end with a Shakespearean tragic finale.

    • Dang…that would be perfect.

  8. What about Feances Conroy? Best actress on the show!

    • yes!

  9. sorry, i didn’t like how season two all came together. what happened to Rabe’s character? i thought for sure she would be in the finale. stupid ending for the best character/actor in the show. the ending was stupid/anti-clamatic. i dunno, still trying to digest it.

  10. Word of advice…focus on one or two plot points, not over a half dozen, like this last season. Perhaps then, it will be more dramatic and less ridiculous. Also, more Jessica Lange and Sarah Paulson.

  11. An emptiness will be inside without this show to fill up my wednesday nights can’t wait for season three.

  12. Jessica Lange, Oh Boy , You are the most Amazing woman, I have worshiped your acting skills since I first saw you in Francis and you continue to amaze me every episode of AHS…Beat wishes from a total Fan

  13. Maybe the love story thing will involve someone who’s already dead and brought back to life?

    • I didn’t even know about it, never taught about it here in England.

    • It’s Dr. Arden not Arlen. But I agree with you. I feel like Timothy should have been held responsible for his actions, Arden too. Although, I feel like Arden and Sister Mary Eunice could have had one heck of a story arc in the finale as ghosts. Crazy stuff. I would have really liked ot see more of the “Liberation of Briarcliff” myself. What happened when it was “closed” down? I feel like that would have been an interesting event to watch. What happened to those people?

  14. I think New Orleans…. They are saying witches

  15. Easily the best show on tv. Only Walking Dead comes close. Asylum was a trip from start to finish.

    And as far as Jessica Lange is concernd, she is the best actress on tv bar none. I love her to bits, she is simply epic in these shows.

    More please!!

  16. Love jessica can’t see the show without her she’s so amazing! Can’t make season 3 fast enough. Finally we have great tv again!

  17. I would really like to see season three venture away from California or Los Angeles. The South (Maybe even South Carolina or Georgia, if not Louisiana) is full of mysticism and magic. Plenty of material to make a truly chilling storyline. I, did however see someone’s earlier comment about the difficulties one could face after bring a loved one back to life and fear that that would be too close to a “Beautiful Creatures” storyline (especially with the movie coming out next month)/ As someone who grew up in the South, I feel like doing a “period” theme with the civil war, or indigenous populations could be an amazing setting. Maybe not set in a house or asylum, I am thinking maybe a cemetery? Just a thought. I love AHS and cannot wait until next season. Jessica Lange, and Sarah Paulson were amazing this season, as well as the cast. I feel like this season had one of the best ensembles I have seen on television in years. Great writing, gripping story lines, cliffhangers, and plot twists that keep me on the edge of my seat will keep me interested and rewatching for years to come!

  18. I love the show, but I’m bored of seeing Jessica Lange – hate me if you want, I really wish I had heard she would not be playing a leading role next season. Or if she had it would be a departure from the villian – everyone else who returned in S2 had very different roles from S1 except for her. I don’t know how to explain beyond that… I was always happy when the story moved away from both her S1 and S2 characters and went on to something else. I by no means think she carries the show in any way, or it could just be the characters she plays. I don’t dispute that she’s a good actress, I just hope her personality in S3 is a departure from the characters she played in S1 and S2… I don’t like developing the assumption she’s going to be a lead character or that she’s going to be a villian… have her play something out of character completely, that would be awesome.

  19. Jessica Lange, Evan, Taissa and witches.. Everything sounds amazing! <3

  20. THE NAME GAME!!!! (Epic)

  21. I’m 100% hooked on American Horror Story
    Other followers as well as I have been trying to guess what season 3 will be about.
    We would love to see Salem & witchcraft scare us. Can’t wait for more … Bring it on!
    You scared me to death with asylum

  22. I cannot wait for Season 3! I was nervous I was not going to like the fact that Season 2 didn’t expand on Season 1. I’ve never liked shows that do this type of changing the story lines and characters between seasons, but I love it. American Horror Story has changed my opinion. I love it and am so excited to see what comes next.

  23. Obviously, with Asylum Murphy scare us and I hope we scare but with the new season.

    I have an idea, I want the third season takes place in a girls’ school in which a student Penssylvania (Jessica Lange) has a dark secret she is SATANIC which makes the students be inconvenienced, that woman is the evil character (Murphy said it would be a woman).

    Taissa Farmiga has a secret affair with a married man (Evan Peters), his wife (Sarah Paulson) is jealous and seeks to eliminate it with the help of the evil character.

    And even I have the main title of the third season.

    American Horror Story: School

    Murphy I hope this comes to mind for some time.

    • lol, calling it american horror story: school is pretty lame. i think a story similar but with an evil teenage girl would be good.

  24. Zachary Quinto has to come back! He was by far the best part of season two!

  25. season 3: VOODOO MAGIC!

  26. The only thing I beg of Murphy is the return of Ian McShane! Preferably in a main role, but would be happy with just a couple episode guest spot. I still laugh every time I think of last season’s Christmas episode (“..a little terror, a little rape”); he was absolutely brilliant and needs to be brought back for the next season (if not all future seasons)!