‘American Horror Story’ Season 1 Episode 9: ‘Spooky Little Girl’ Recap

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Joshua Malina and Mena Suvari American Horror Story FX American Horror Story Season 1 Episode 9: ‘Spooky Little Girl’ Recap

American Horror Story creators Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk infuse the latest episode of their increasingly bold FX program with a little nostalgia for some real life L.A. noir by casting Mena Suvari (American Reunion) as Elizabeth Short – more widely known as The Black Dahlia.

In a twist on the lore surrounding the infamous Dhalia murder, Murphy and Falchuk have reorganized history a bit to see Short, a struggling actress, raped and accidentally murdered by her dentist, played by Joshua Malina (The West Wing, Sports Night). However, the dentist happens to have the spirit of a twisted surgeon lurking in his basement – just waiting for a shot at fame.

‘Spooky Little Girl’ is certainly an appropriate title for this episode, which finds Ben (Dylan McDermott) home alone amongst a gaggle of spooky women – all of whom seem to be preying on Dr. Harmon’s base instinct to satisfy his urges and continue to make the kind of decisions that have pushed his marriage well past the point of reconciliation.

Chief among those vying for Ben’s attention is Hayden (Kate Mara), who, despite her delusions about having a future with Ben, seems to have a pretty decent grasp on the whole being dead thing. She even takes time out from seducing Constance’s boy toy Travis to inform Elizabeth that, in death, she managed to achieve the fame that eluded her in life.

Constance (Jessica Lange), meanwhile, pays Vivien (Connie Britton) a visit in the mental ward, after confronting Tate about his role in her condition, as the terrifying Rubber Man. Despite the natural awkwardness that exists every time Vivien and Constance talk, the visit goes far better than when Ben stopped by to share his feelings upon learning one of the twins his wife is carrying doesn’t belong to him.

Rubber Man American Horror Story FX American Horror Story Season 1 Episode 9: ‘Spooky Little Girl’ Recap

Ben’s suspicions naturally turn to Luke (Moriss Chestnut) the Harmon’s home security guard, but the confrontation is short-lived after Luke reveals that, biologically speaking, becoming a father just isn’t in the cards for him. The declaration leads Ben to the equally painful realization that Vivien may have been telling the truth after all, and that Moira is in fact an elderly woman with a bad eye.

Finally, after some prodding, Constance is delivered the unpleasant news from her friend Billie Dean (Sarah Paulson) that conception between a spirit and a human will result in a child to “usher in the end times.”

It looks as though Constance is going to be grandmother to the antichrist come season 2.

As always, discuss under the assumption that others have watched the episode. If you have not, the comments section should be considered off limits.

American Horror Story airs Wednesday @10pm on FX.

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  1. I’ve given up trying to decipher this show and I just roll with the punches now. A couple of weeks ago they completely changed the back story of Burned Man from what was presented earlier in the season so I figure why try and put 2+2 together when a few episodes later the equation can change. I keep watching because at times the show can be so bad it’s brilliant and Jessica Lange is great but trying to guess what has happened in the past or what will happen next is pointless.

    • The Burned Man’s backstory wasn’t changed. They just revealed that he had lied to Ben about the whole thing, saying spirits had possessed him and all that when in reality, after he told his wife he was leaving her for Constance, she herself set the house on fire.

  2. At least the ep confirmed my suscisipions about tate fathering one of the twins. I cannot wait for more eps.

  3. I agree. I don’t even try to play detective with this show, and just watch it with a grain of salt. After trying to decipher the plotline in Lost and losing it, I don’t do that anymore. Just seems to me the ghost population is outnumbering the living peoples. That house is a bloody Grand Central Station for spooks. Spooks who are hard up, no less.

  4. It’s a highly entertaining show but I agree with LisaM, the “ghost” population is growing out of control. Seems every week we are adding to the number of ghosts. Plus in what universe can ghosts and humans interact in such a tangible way? I’m all for the cliche’ blowing of curtains, pushing objects off tables, full torso apparitions, and the like but having them be so real that they can pass for real inside the house and even be arrested only to disappear after some distance away from the house? They are really stretching the limits of the imagined.

    • while I am not sure exactly how the ghosts are able to become full body, my theory is that since they did on the property, they are now a part of the house. which means they are not allowed to leave the property, except for on halloween, when all spirits are free to walk the earth. when hayden was arrested it was still halloween but her spirit returned when the sun came up. im actually having a perfect time putting everything together. there is no confusion for me

  5. I get confused by the flashbacks, to where I’m thinking is this real, a flashback or in the person’s mind? Hayden being a ghost is one thing, even being seen by the house’s occupants but her sister comes to find her and sees her so believes she alive and well? What’s with that? Ok, now I”m thinking to hard. Back to interested blase-ness.

  6. it’s very simple, the ghost of the murder house are tangible and more than just apparitions. anyone who dies in the house are doomed to be trapped on the property for all eternity, or until some solution is concocted by the creators. The ghost can be seen and interact with anyone and anything. Hayden sister can see her sisters ghost in the house, afterwards she assumes her sisters alive and leaves, simple as that. To understand the show just know this. Die on property soul is stuck there. ghost can be seen and interacted with by anybody. Living inhabitants Vivian, Ben , Violet. The end. =]

    • Violet’s dead. That’s been pretty obvious for awhile now. They did a scene where she was cutting her wrists in front of a mirror, and then a quick flash where she cut her throat. She either died that way or by OD’ing on the pills. Ben re-inforced this when he said she hasn’t been to school in weeks, and she rarely interacts with anyone outside of the house (maybe no one?) But even if characters ARE interacting with ppl oustside of the house briefly doesn’t necessarily mean they are dead.

      I personally think Ben is dead, too. I think he died when he got shot by Vivian. After he got shot they quickly cut the scene and he was next shown talking to the police about Vivian, and he had her committed. Only characters I tend to think are alive (but I could be wrong) are Vivian, Constance, Burn Man, the psychic maybe, and the realtor.

      In this show I think it’s presumptuous to assume anyone is alive, and if they suffer a major injury and “survive”, it makes more sense to believe they died and have no idea that they did

      • ben isn’t dead he left the house after vivian shot him to visit her in the asylum. He actually leaves the house very frequently in the show even after he has been shot. So that theory is moot. Violet could be dead, you are right. Though it’s not confirmed so I won’t say it’s a fact just yet. When she took the pills tate saved her by making her throw them up.

        • Also violets probably isn’t dead, because despite some ghost not realizing their new existence it’s been made very clear that their physical bodies don’t just disappear so that would mean if violet is dead her corpse would be lying somewhere in the house… I find that hard to believe.

          • Also Violet visited Candace at her house so I don;t think she could be dead. I don’t get is how the ghosts can kill living people. That doesn’t make sense at all.

            • While Ben being dead is a little far fetched, i still think it’s possible. It is far more likely that Violet is dead. There have been a few occasions where ghosts have been shown to leave the house for not-so-long periods of time (besides Halloween). For example, Hayden rode in the back of the police car and continued a conversation with the policeman before vanishing at the very end. Moira has been shown over at Candace’s house. It seems to be breaking the rules of the house and how the spirits are trapped on the premises, yes, but who is really to say what the rules are in this show anyway? Obviously I know nothing right now-guess we will have to wait and see

              • I’m just saying, who gets shot and receives no medical attention whatsoever? And Violet’s body could have been removed by the other ghosts: Dr. Montgomery’s ghost seems to enjoy hacking up the bodies and getting them out of the house (how has not been explained)