‘American Horror Story’ Season 2 Finale – Did it Deliver?

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american horror story season 2 finale angel American Horror Story Season 2 Finale   Did it Deliver?

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When American Horror Story season 2 began, the highly-populated Briarcliff storyline may have felt a bit off when compared to last season. But in the end, did the season 2 finale deliver a satisfying ending to the terrifying tales of the “mentally insane?”

In the finale episode, flashbacks and revelations helped tell the complete story of Kit Walker, Sister Jude and Lana Winter, following their life-changing stay at Briarcliff. Although, in the end, some characters received a more satisfying conclusion than others, the actual story of their post-asylum adventures proved rather compelling.

Kit Walker, now without any wives, took it upon himself to do what Lana failed to do and rescued Sister Jude from Briarcliff. After bringing her back to his house and helping her get off her medication, Kit and his two children helped to return Sister Jude to her former self, ultimately welcoming her in to their family. Six months later, Sister Jude passed away in Kits house, finally accepting a kiss from the Angel of Death.

For Kit, his end came much later than Sister Jude. After developing pancreatic cancer, Lana said the Kit just disappeared one day. And with a quick glimpse at Kit’s final moments, the audience sees that the bright lights have returned, suggesting that the aliens came to take him. But to where?

american horror story season 2 finale jude American Horror Story Season 2 Finale   Did it Deliver?

Now-Cardinal Timothy Howard was eventually confronted by Lana with evidence that he knew of Dr. Arden’s experiments and killings. Although Arden never admitted to Lana that he was involved, he eventually killed himself in the privacy of his own home.

The proverbial lead character of American Horror Story season 2, Lana Winter, who is now an elderly, acclaimed investigative journalist, received the lengthiest conclusion. After being asked to reminisce about her past Briarcliff experience, it was through her journey that the fates of Kit, Sister Jude and Timothy Howard were revealed. Upon Lana finishing the interview, the abandoned son of Bloody Face confronted his mother, threatening her with a gun. However, since Lana knew that her son was looking for her, she was prepared, and she ultimately took the gun from her son and shot him in the head.

Now that you know what happened, did the American Horror season 2 finale deliveries a satisfying conclusion? Should there been more of an explanation of the aliens? Should Lana’s story have ended differently?

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American Horror Story season 3 premieres in October on FX.

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  1. It seemed like I was in the minority on the recap page when I said that I enjoyed the finale and thought it was a good ending…
    I even liked this finale better than season 1.
    I’m excited for season 3 and I can’t wait to hear what the focus will be. I’m hoping for a setting in the deep south and a story involving witchcraft and voodoo.

    • Well it was already hinted at so “hoping” isn’t the word but i do agree with you i loved this ending

    • The hint is there is a house in new Orleans

  2. Definitely a good ending. It was the most tasteful episode and wrapped up…well, everything. Except the aliens.

    How the hell can you anchor a show on something that isn’t explained or defined and get away with it? Ask Ryan Murphy and co.

  3. I was very disappointed with this season. I thought it was building up to so much more than what it gave us. It was extremely crowded with mutants, a nazi, the devil, aliens, a serial killer and simply trying to tell a decent story. It failed to deliver on the alien story and I basically forgot completely about that nazi thing. It was as if they thought of a decent beginning but didn’t know themselves how the story would come together until their deadlines approached.

    I thought it would have more meaning behind it, which is why I sat through the rape scene, the necrophilia scene, and all the other terrible things that happened. I did like Sister Jude’s last line to Lana in the flashback before the finale ended. Look evil in the face and it will look back at you.

    I was just hoping for a more fulfilling story, not just for the evil of Briarcliff but for Lana, Kit, Jude and the others.

    • i agree with you. the nazi thing went nowhere. the zombie thing went nowhere. the alien thing went nowhere. the devil thing went nowhere. i thought Lily Rabe’s character would be in the finale somehow. disappointing ending to the best character in the show. i really hated the final two episodes. i actually felt comfortable in the asylum. when they got away from that it felt hollow. and Thredson’s death should have been more severe. lackluster justice done to that awful character. all in all, it kept my interest, but just didn’t deliver on much of anything. now they’ve announced a more humorous/romantic element in season 3? i’m out.

  4. At the end, did it kind of suggested that Lana invented everything? Because sister Jude let her out, thought at the beginning of the season she keeps her at Briarcliff(and the season starts from there if i remember)
    i’m all mixed up!

    • No, not at all. She was allowed to leave by Sister Jude after her first visit. Cage then snuck back in through the tunnel by Sister Mary Eunice and was attacked by a mutant while attempting to find and interview Kit who at the tine she believed to be Bloody Face. She then came to shackled to a bed to learn that Sister Jude blackmailed her lover into committing her to Brairecliff.

      • She was then*

    • i know ,thats is very smart to think, you must watch alot of movie and tv shows,because that was the first thing that pooped into my head also, i was lost and was like what, but looking back it was to show that she was a survivor and now we know what she is surely capable of. Brilliant i must have more!

      • I thought that maybe Lana DID all those things herself when they showed that flashback. Johnny had just told her he had hurt people and she said it was because of her. But I think what it was saying was that she had hurt people too, through her actions throughout the show. If she hadn’t been so “ambitious” and gotten herself admitted to briarcliff a lot of people wouldn’t have been hurt. Wendy, kit and grace for trying to escape with Lana.

        • I thought that when she said it was because of her she meant that it was her fault for not having an abortion.

        • Kit would have been dead in the electric chair if she hadn’t gotten herself committed. Kit’s probably the most innocent player in the whole piece, but even the mistakes and actions made by Jude and Lana end up achieving the greater good in the end, if not initially in the manner they had originally intended. Jude and Lana, for all their flaws are equal parts good and bad unlike Dr. Arden and Msgr. Howard.

          • No the aliens would not of allowed kit to be electrocuted

    • Wow!! I totally thought the same thing…thank you for not letting me feel alone in that!!

  5. i loved the show, but if only they had solely focused on madness and serial killers. The extra stuff was interesting but the whole kitchen sink approach to the story was a bit pointless, enjoyable but ultimately pointless. I did like the finale as all the characters met a rather cliche ending to their respective genre’s. Kit the sci-fi alien abduction story, being abducted in the end. Jude finding salvation and making peace with herself and death (two things she struggled through the entire season) and Lana coming face to face with her son who was the living embodiment of the price she would have to pay for all her ambition. I did found the scenes with Lana and Johnny very touching IMO because he wanted to be loved by one of his parents and really wanted Lana to love him and i think she knew she f**ked up by not having it in her to raise him or to keep a close enough eye on him. I think that with confronting him Lana finally owned up to all the crooked things she did in the name ambition, including forsaking her own son (who arguably wouldn’t have been obsessed with her if she never went looking for him). all in all i enjoyed AHS season 2.

    • “i think she knew she f**ked up by not having it in her to raise him or to keep a close enough eye on him.”

      I think Lana was more suggesting that she had made a mistake in not terminating his pregnancy. She had the chance to and now the fact he’s killed people is ‘her mistake’ and not his, being the product of a horrendous situation & screwed up parents.

  6. That’s a good point, Rachele. We see all the flashbacks, and at one point, Lana admits her releasing Jude was not true, so why not the entire season be just a tall tale Lana invented for a book.

    In any case, they gave everyone a nice tie up, and we went full circle back to the couple we saw in the beginning. Not real horror, but then last season had a Hallmark ending too.

    • I wasn’t sure about this Season #2, but the end just open my eyes!! LOVE IT! WHY!?

      I think the whole season is a story told by Lana.

      These are my various points to support that.

      #1 She is an ambitious person and wants fame without inhibitions about how to get it.

      #2 Like the book she wrote… is not about the full truth, but the one the public wants to listen.

      #3 She got to do a movie.. we never hear about that.. Is this season the movie and story she is telling?

      #4 Anyone recalls when she went filming into the Asylum? I know it was deteriorated… but did anyone felt that presentation looked more real than the one we saw during the season? Meaning the story is “stage” versus the film is “real”

      #5 The aliens, the devil, the Nazi, the monsters.. Nothing has resolution… They are just exaggeration and Lana’s point of view of the Asylum. This is what we want to listen.. we are her public.

      #6 I even wonder if Bloody face was real or all this is just more story telling…

      With this thought process I will like to see the whole season again to see how my understanding changes. Kind of like the movie Six Sense

      • Agree, all was “made up” by Lana, the whole story was the book she wrote but in the end, who she killed ?

  7. Yeah, I loved the whole season and especially the ending. When Lana shot Johnny, it just seemed to complete her life’s sentence. My favorite ep was the Name Game. Looking forward so much to Season three and the idea that the principle actors will be singin’ dancin’ and romancin’ This show was great television, in my opinion. Sarah, you were terrific.

  8. Ok this season was interesting to say the least, creepy, inappropreiate, disturbing, and mind blowing at times. Isn’t that was society is watching and wantilng on TV these days?! While the ending was a huge disappointment, lacking creativity and excitement, this show has me hooked and will be a show on my list of must see in fall.

  9. Honestly I hated this season because it had too much going on and sometimes left me confused. I disliked the fact Lange was a whole different character because I kept picturing her as she was in season 1. The ending was bad and this season was too hyped for no reason. Season one was hands down better than this!

    • The benefit of having self-contained seasons where actors from season 1 come back as entirely new characters. That was stated pretty early on before season 2 even started airing.

      Funny thing is, sometimes I felt like there wasn’t much going on at all in a few episodes.

      Can’t speak for the finale because it doesn’t air over here until tuesday and I actually record it on wednesdays but I have enjoyed this season a lot. Haven’t seen the first though.

    • It wasn’t only Lange. So you were able to re-picture Kitt/Tate and Lana/whatever her name was in season one, But not Jude? If anything, going back to season one it would be harder to picture her as Constance. Jude had a bigger/more compelling role. I could also see if you said it was hard to picture Tate as Kitt since he had big role in Season 1, but Jl? I don’t get it. It’s American Horror Story, the finale is gonna be “hyped” …

  10. I personally enjoyed Season one much more.

    This season felt more like, “how do we shock the audience this week?!”, rather than concentrate on a more cohesive and engaging story. From the alien abduction angle, absurd capturing of civilians (and caretakers no less) and turning them into inmates, serial killer kidnapping, deranged and suicidal Nazi zombie creator to a devil possessed priest raping nun (just to name a few), there was just too much going on and nothing ever felt fully explored.

    The shock value wore off quickly for me and I felt more bogged down in the needless complexity than anything else.

    I can only hope if it returns, they will concentrate on a more focused and engaging story like they did in the first season.

  11. For me this season wasn’t about the genuine horror of being locked in an asylum with bad santa and evil Nazi genius etc.
    This was a love letter, a valentines gift to the incomparable majesty of Jessica Lange. I would watch this again just to see her give an acting masterclass. It was a huge snub by the HFPA to overlook her.

    There was also some very fine camerawork a la Scorcese’s Taxi driver and nods to Hitchcock.

    This was an unusual atypical, unpredictable yet engaging show which I will continue to watch – there is nothing else like it on television today.

    • So true – I kept watching for Jessica Lange’s performance alone.

    • Well said my friend..

    • I totally agree with your statements. Jessica Lange is not only brilliant but I love the fact that she looks so very much like herself at her age. In other words NO DAMN BOTOX unlike a lot of actresses her age. She has the balls to take chances and make very bold decisions. I absolutely love her!

      As for the casting, cinematography, entertainment valuw, originality of each season……well all I can say is hats of to this refreshinly brilliant work.

      I cannot wait to see what Season 3 delivers…especially the new faces who will be joining the usual suspects.

  12. that’s not even how it ended. what I wanna know is what happened in the very last scene where it seems as it Lana and sister Jude are just meeting for the first time but rather than being confined at brior cliff she walks out the door

    • you are(were) not the only one!

    • I already said this up above but I shall reiterate, Lana was not confined to Brairecliff on her first visit, she snuck back in through the underground tunnel by Sister Mary Eunice in an attempt to interview Kit, was knocked unconscious, and when she came to, she was shackled to the bed. The final scene was a flashback to her first initial visit.

  13. also I really don’t know why people keep acting as if season two had so many more loose ends than the first? who remembers the exterminator (or whatever) that finds violets body? whatever happened to him? or the random ghosts that would show up and never be heard from again. I love AHS don’t get me wrong but obviously mystery is just their style

    • The exterminator was killed by Tate. His ghost shows up in the final episode when the Harmons are trying to scare the new family out of the house.

    • I agree with you. A lot of people are acting as if season one just made so much sense and there were no loose ends. I think it’s just the sotry lines that are throwing people off.

      • even if the exterminator shows up at the end, the family never wonders what happened to him or the bugs in the house? my point is that when it comes to AHS the small details don’t seem to matter

  14. The finale was okay to me. In my opinion, American Horror Story isn’t even that good, but it is strangely addicting. I think that the audience is more hooked on to the show ending than its actual acting, storytelling, etc. That is because the show has too many things going on. The Devil, Aliens, serial killer, mental illness, human experimentation, etc. There isn’t a singularity story in AHS. Instead it is more like multiple paths heading a different direction, so the ending would have a lot of loose ends.

    The finale did a good job wrapping up the important things, but only with the characters who were still alive at the beginning of the episode. Lana, Kit, and Jude all had their closures. However, there were still too many loose ends. As mentioned in the first paragraph, AHS has too many things going on. I’m not the one to demand every answer to every question, but it would have been more satisfying if the show dwelled deeper into the subplots that it created.

  15. As if anybody liked the alien story anyway? Can’t you just be happy that it finally ended? And we’re up to something *hopefully* better.

    In the horror genre some things are better kept in mystery. No closure, no revelations, no more explanations, no whatsoever – even though i was hoping that at some point – they’d insert a deus ex machina just like in Alex Proyas’ Knowing movie and this season would end with ‘end of the world’ kind of s*** coz it’s the trend and all, I can’t.

    I just love the ending. While it’s true that the season has too many things going on in the start and it pains a little to see each subplot get closed so abruptly. Still, kudos to the makers for keeping the distinctive unpredictable nature of AHS till the end.

  16. Honestly, I get what people are saying, but at the same time I think you guys are going overboard on some things. As far as Arden, I was very confused with that. Between the Nazi thing and his death, I just felt it was a very weak ending. I definitely think that he should’ve went out with more of a bang instead of a sizzle. Same with Mary Eunice. She was the DEVIL. So to end it off with her just being thrown off of a balcony… I don’t know. These were strong points and the way they ended it made it seem like they weren’t these huge parts of the story line. As far as the aliens go, you guys act like it should’ve been explained. At first I questioned it, but then I realized I should! How could anyone even begin to explain that? Especially in a time like that. Nowadays we’d think someone was clinically insane if they said they’d been abducted by aliens, so why would we think it would be any better in the 60′s/70′s? The only people who could possibly give the tiniest of answers are the people who were actually abducted and as we saw, that didn’t go over to well. Not everything in this world can be explained, so the mystery behind the aliens was very appropriate. Overall I loved it. I got it. Season one had me confused. Like how Tate was able to leave the house, but they said no one could leave the house. Or how no one questioned how people kept getting into their house. Or how Ben didn’t question how the once young maid just became old. I get that maybe the house made them crazy, but there were so many things that was just so unrealistic as far as human nature goes that left me questioning. Season 2 was MUCH better/finished IMO.

    • Thanks for your comment !
      I feel so too…some of the characters just died sp easily,and they had so much build up,and then…just like that POP..and dead ! Was uncreative and a bit disappointing !

      Some of the show just seemed lost of steam this year !

      Anyway,lets hope for season 3 !

    • tate could only leave the house on halloween because that was the day all the ghosts could be outside. Otherwise he never left the house. You can see he always appears inside it.

    • Tate could leave the house that night because it was Halloween, the night that the dead can walk among us. Also the maid left that night too, remember? Other than that, they are confined there.

  17. I loved the finale and the season, but they could have done away with a few things or explain a few things better.

    They didn’t need the mutants at all and that was pretty much useless to be honest

    They should have explained what the Aliens want with Kit especially when he was taken away.

    They could have explored more into the Nazi thing, but I am fine with what happened with it. Dr. Arden’s death made it better in a way since he was a Nazi.

    • and on another note the young couple mentions that once you’ve been admitted to briar cliff you don’t get out alive but in reality all the major characters did

  18. Jessica Lang NOT winning a golden globe for her performance as Sister Jude was just plain wrong …

    • I agree she did fantastic loved her character this season compared to the first but since she got a GG last year they felt like snubbig her this year sadly. I also loved the musical scene Banana Lana Bo bana

  19. Had this under another discussion, but it can be repeated here…

    Bad ending to a bad, overly contrived, and not very scary season. Neither the great acting of Jessica Lange (and worthy mention to Sarah Paulson) nor the visually pleasing direction of the show make up for the overly busy and unnecessarily convoluted story.

    Aliens, a demon, a serial killer, a killer santa, a nazi, mutants, a priest and nuns acting less than Christianly, and all sorts of sexual deviancy in one story…really? In the end, it was largely ridiculous, but not very scary.

    Having said that, Jessica Lange and Sarah Paulson will keep me watching.

    • It’s really not the amount of things, it’s how they ended. Season one wasn’t scary either so… Truthfully, I get why people are saying what they’re saying with season 2, but season one wasn’t much better. There were contradicting parts and stories left untold. However, I really feel like it’s the way they ended the many stories, not the fact that it was a lot. Can you honestly say that you weren’t wondering? That you didn’t enjoy all of the stories? I think everyone enjoyed the multiple stories, they just wanted to see it go somewhere.

      • it’s not how you start but how you finish.. just because someone can throw a storyline out there that is intriguing but in the end has no substance doesnt make it worth while.. i can make any story interesting for the beginning but if the story falls apart at the end than what did i accomplish besides wasting your time.. i dont think the writers wasted our time but there’s an obligation to explain the story by which 12 hours of show revolves around.. the idea that you never find anything out about the “aliens” is baffling and disappointing

  20. loved it so much!! great time!!

  21. I love this show. Season two started off very powerful for me. I couldn’t wait for the next episode to air each week. I think all the different aspects of horror involved from the serial killer, aliens, devil, nazis, ect. added to the chaos and insanity of the asylum. Jessica Lange is always mesmerizing to watch, and I am glad to hear she will be back in Season 3. My only disappointment was the last half of the season started to speed up, and I think at least a few more episodes were needed to wrap up such a complex season. I do like the idea of changing stories from season to season, but I could see this story being told in two full seasons versus one because there were so many subplots within the main one. I did love it, but I was left wanting more.

  22. The only good thing about Season 1 was towards the end of that season while mostly all of the second season was very good.

    As for the ending of S2 I wish they had explained Kits Aliens story more why did they have interest in him and make him have alien babies? who just end up having great careers?

    Also I liked Dylan McDermott’s role this time he can be pretty menacing looking I was afraid of him.

    I agree Mary Eunice died way to soon she deserved a more epic death.

  23. Wasn’t keen on the ending and it left me feeling I need to watch the whole series again incase I missed things.
    Like other people have said aliens unexplained. Not really even a hint we just had to accept they were there. Nazi story fizzled away to nothing. Did I miss anything with sister Jude and the girl she thought she left for dead’s father? He knew it was Jude that hit his daughter and looked like he was gonna get her for it? I don’t think I missed an episode but I don’t recall anything happening with that story line.
    For me the whole thing built to not a lot, I liked the Lana stuff the cold hearted woman she became but too much left unsaid and unexplained for me. Loved series 1 lets hope 3 gets back on track.

  24. I thought they could have done a lot more, specifically with Lana. She could have had motives from the past with parents or relatives that were lost by the Nazis and this entire thing was all about revenge. She could have been a Nazi hunter and this was not the first time she took out one. I don’t get all the alien stuff and why this particular series thought it would lend credibility, but I do understand that many viewers love the alien connection. Ending this series with Lana being a cold and calculating Nazi hunter could have been a nice “surprise” ending that viewers love. I am anxious to see what they will conjure up for the next “horror” show.

  25. the scene at the end is different from the one in the 1st episode. the conversation was much shorter and when she left she didnt do so to wait for kit. so i’m assuming she made it up

  26. guys, I have no idea of you are looking deeper into the story. Let me explain.

    There are a few antagonists: devil, aliens, serial killer, and mutants

    There are 4 characters that mean the most: kit, Lana, Jude, and arden

    Now if you look at the big picture, each antagonists attack 1 person mainly, while interrupting the stories of the other characters.

    Threadson and Lana
    Aliens and kit
    Devil and Jude
    Mutants and Arden

    Although it seems that the devil rules the show, that is not true. The devil for example interrupts into the lives of Arden, kit, and Lana. Jude on the other hand is her main opponent.

    Lana’s true motive was bloody face. She entered the lives of the other characters, but bloody face was her main opponent.

    Do you see where I am going?

    Each character has a motive. Yes, they all cooperate with each other some way. The difference is, they are all different stories that cross each other. The real story of it all is bloody face because we started and ended with Lana. There are smaller stories within it that really don’t have an ending. For example:

    We don’t know about the mutants because there could be more, so they never end.

    We don’t know more about the aliens because they never end

    The devil of course never ends

    Each of these antagonists have a climax in the show, but the main is the finale.

    Hopefully I explained clearly, reply to me if you have a question.

  27. Was anyone else disappointed that there was no creepy white nun?!

  28. The whole second season was a faction I thought?? Was it not Lanas book maniac we were watching on screen? She got turned away at the end and sister Jude said you will never return here ‘look evil in the face and it will look right back at you’ Lana is the maniac. Recap all the ridiculous things that happen and think? This could only be a story? Only my idea on it

  29. i was confused with the very ending showing when lana first came to the asylum and then left, was this just a repeat from the first episode or was an alternative ending?