‘American Chopper: Senior vs. Junior’ Season 2 Premiere Review & Discussion

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american choppers American Chopper: Senior vs. Junior Season 2 Premiere Review & Discussion

OCC vs. PJD – It’s on!
American Chopper: Paul Sr. & Paul Jr. Discuss The Cadillac Build-Off

American Chopper: Senior vs. Junior has returned!

Battling the brutal New York winter, Orange County Choppers and Paul Jr. Designs proverbially duke it out in regards to who will win this war of father vs. son. With Orange County Choppers taking on a custom bike for Supernatural Cymbals, and Paul Jr. Designs building a chopper for Jared Allen’s Homes For Wounded Warriors, the season two premiere takes on a familiar tone – reminiscent of American Chopper: The Series.

Despite the newly filmed intro of American Chopper: Senior vs. Junior speaking of some metaphorical (or actual – who knows) build-off between Paul Teutul, Sr. and Paul Teutul, Jr., the season two opener of Discovery’s hit motorcycle reality series actually contains the less Sr. vs. Jr. fighting compared to last season.

With Paul Jr. Designs focused on delivering their first charity (and military) motorcycle on time, Orange County Choppers attempting to deliver their cymbal- ladened bike to Supernatural Cymbals, and Mikey opening his own art gallery, the already over-flowing episodic storyline made very few attempts to pit father vs. son.

Though familiar scenes with Paul Sr. declining to attend an event of his sons (and litigious actions) still appear in certain moments, the episodes’ focus was almost constantly on the bike building. Could this be a sign of things to come?

A preview of the second episode of American Chopper: Senior vs. Junior showed that Paul Sr. has reunited with one of his sons, Dan, and was able to visit his grandchildren. While it’s hard to say whether or not Paul Jr. and Mikey will follow suit, the wonderfully realistic guest that dropped by both shops may have put things into perspective.

american chopper senior vs junior season 2 American Chopper: Senior vs. Junior Season 2 Premiere Review & Discussion

A fan of the series who is terminally-ill decides to drop by Orange County Choppers and Paul Jr. Designs with an earnest message for both of the feuding Teutuls: life is too short. Even though Paul Jr. and Paul Sr. probably didn’t fully realize the weight of this man’s passing words, perhaps something did resonate.

Considering the second season of American Chopper: Senior vs. Junior didn’t begin filming until this past winter, the episodes have not yet caught up with the news of the infamous lawsuit between Jr. and Sr. that has since been settled and one has to think it may have had an impact. Of course, even if all of the lawsuits are settled, I’m not sure whether or not we’ll see Paul Jr. and Paul Sr. reunite this season.

Many may float the idea that Senior vs. Junior wouldn’t be as successful if it wasn’t for the, well, Senior vs. Junior aspect – and they’re probably right. Admittedly, it was refreshing to see less of the fights and bickering between two shows, but I’d be lying if I didn’t say that this episode wasn’t as entertain as many from last year.

Perhaps it is the fighting, or maybe it’s the fact that we, as viewers, are becoming more familiar with last year’s new format, but something integral did feel amiss. Without being able to detect exactly what it is, one has to assume that the lack of continuity between last year’s finale episode and this year’s episode has a part to play in it.

american choppers returns American Chopper: Senior vs. Junior Season 2 Premiere Review & Discussion

Paul Jr. Designs - starting over

Last year, Paul Jr. had fired Odie while Cody and Vinnie had returned to Paul Jr. Designs. After which, Odie ran off to tell Paul Sr. everything he could ever want to know about what’s going on with his son’s new business. When the season premiere began, it felt like there was such an overt shift in focus that some of the more intrinsic plot lines were just left hanging.

As the season progresses, we’ll be able to tell exactly where this series is heading. Even though it’s extremely likely that American Chopper: Senior vs. Junior will continue if they decide to replicate tonight’s formula, I highly doubt that the subsequent season renewals would last long.

While I hate to be the one who agrees with those saying that the fighting makes it better, I somehow have to believe that it is indeed the case.


American Chopper: Senior vs. Junior airs @9pm on Discovery

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  1. Still like juniors bike designs better. The whole talk about mikeys art show between senior and his wife seemed staged.

  2. MIKIE has no business painting.My 3 year old neice can paint better.Hell Helen Keller could paint better.Paul jr. and Mikie should be thankful for their dad.They wouldn’t have much if it wasn’t for their Dad.

    • Nice. Welcome to the minority.

    • couldnt agree more stallion,i heard mikey say last night he sold eight pieces.im assuming it was probably family members who felt sorry for him.sr made a good comment which kind of put mikeys art work in perspective, “ive seen him throw paint at the wall a couple of times,but other than that, thats all ive seen”.

      • If you were watching in the first of this seasons episodes, Mikey took a tube of paint and rubbed it on his hands, then went at the canvas with it. Isn’t that what they call finger painting in kindergarten?

  3. Well…..as they say in the horse business, off to the rodeo.

    I don’t see any way this series can continue beyond this one, but it would be nice for the big group hug to happen and then, focus on the bikes and the builds. Whether you prefer old school or new school is not the point. It’s about the process and the end result. Since I imagine the production is finished for this season, I guess we’ll just have to watch and see.

    • agreed 58.to me it looks like,on occasion your going to get a shop of someone putting something on a bike,but mostly your going to see more coverage on there personal life.did you see mikey trying to act the part of an established artist? come on man!i really cant believe people would buy this stuff

      • I DVR’d it and haven’t watched yet. From the review and comments so far, baseball may win out again tonight.

        • you would be better off watching baseball tonight.i know i have to watch my redsox whoop the orioles.looks like we have some more minority bloggers here who see all sides of the story,who can see or know what sr has been through,not just jr.

          • ‘Twas not to be last night. Still under .500.

            • i still have hope 58

              • as bob seger put it “we,ve got tonight”.and britton wont be on the hill!

                • Doesn’t matter. Barring injuries, come October, they’ll be in the playoff

  4. I’d like to see the bikes being built for a change. I want to see Paul Jr and Mikey really do well for themselves. Their own show would be a good thing. I do want the court cases to either end or have Sr drop them. Life is short but they don’t have to get along just leave each other alone and live in peace with it! Creative bikes is the star of the show and their imaginations.. Going to buy a PJD hat now… Hope Rick works there someday!

    • Hi,
      i would just like to say, that It is ealy time to make up both Paulaand Paul Jr. life is really to short to be fighting. but i must say that what Odie did was sick, he lied thrugh his teeth about evrything that happened @ Paul jr shop. the old man beleived everything apparently he doesn’t watch his own show to see how much th kid lied. I too want to see Rick leave occ and come work for Paul jr. Oh well that’s all I have to say

      • Maddy, it would seem a lot of folks agree with you about Rick. So what do you think is stopping him from jumping ship?

        • let me take a shot at that 58. lets see, latest and greatest equiptment,nice working enviroment,no hassle from the boss,gets along well (that would be the monster ,sr everyones referring to)im sure a pretty good paycheck and knowing where its coming from each week.i think he knows the grass he is standing on is pretty green there.

          • I’d say that about covers it. Not to mention again that Rick is a fan of old school, and last time I checked, so is the monster you mention.

  5. As a recovering alcoholic and a counselor for over 34 years I can’t help but notice that Paul Sr is dry but not sober for over 25 years. He is obnoxious, controlling and a person who drives away people since he needs to be “the man!” He just can’t acknowledge, nor accept, any responsibilty for how he has hurt his children in the past He’s the kind of person in counseling you just want to hit up the side of the head to get their attention. While the man dying of cancer meant well Paul Sr. can’t get past his own ego and I wonder if he ever will.

    • richard,that all might be true.however its a two way street.maybe jr needs to be the bigger man.it seems to me they both have an ego problem.jr has just as big an ego as sr does if not more and i also believe there pretty much identical.now i dont know if this stuff is for tv(for ratings)or its real.personally i believe in the season finally your going to see sr and jr kiss and make up,you know for tv and then the end of the show american chopper.

    • Mr. Wagner, I don’t think anyone, anywhere, who has watched more than one or two episodes of the show will argue the point with you that the old man is part of the dysfunctional mainstream, with the standard addictive behavior traits. In other words, he’s a known quantity, has been all along, and probably isn’t going to change. First, he has to admit that he has a problem…..

      That said, at what point to the “boys” have to step up and act like grown men? They have, by means of the old man’s hard work and business acumen, been handed on a silver platter both the opportunity and the means to set themselves and their families up for life. That fact, beginning with the old man starting out in life with a pickup truck and a welder, has been well chronicled since the series began.

      Jr, while a talented designer, is an irresponsible, undependable egotist. Mikey is simply a mess. If daddy isn’t going to change, maybe they need to grow up and get on with their lives without him.

  6. The only person on that show not spoiled is Dan. Everyone else has been spoon fed. However, I am on Paul Jr’s side of it all even though he has created most of the turmoil.

    • Uhhhh……isn’t the Jr reference kind of contradictory?

      • almost kinda like oxymoronish?

        • Sort of like “legal ethics” or Naval intelligence”?

  7. After the last couple of years, I was predisposed not to like this seasons show. After watching the first installment, I have to say I was pleasantly surprised. The review states that “something is amiss”, and I think what it is is that the first episode felt more like a drive by than anything else. It seemed to me that the production team tried to put in a little something for everyone. Maybe that’s not bad.

    While I can still do without the daddy references and the art shows, I guess that’s what people want. On the other hand, I saw Jr. cutting a fender with a metal wheel on a grinder, Rick annealing bronze and Jim Quinn sandcasting bronze. No CAD or CNC. Not bad.

  8. Hated it!!!!!!!!!!

    • no beating around the bush there anon.

      • Nope. The show had gone in a different direction from when it began. Some people liked it, some didn’t. I think that anytime they try to compromise, which may be what’s happened, you risk a reaction like that one. I liked it better than watching two grown men argue with each other while a third grown man stands off to the side and whines. But it did kind of seem, like someone else stated here, somewhat staged.

        • yeah 58,and you could definitly tell the toned down rhetoric as compared to the last series.it appears as though pilgrim is trying to set the stage for the teutel family reunion in the end.

          • On the other hand, the CNC/water jetting was minimal, and I didn’t see anything tribal (yet). Jr hand cutting the fender was also an improvement.

            I think you’re right about the big group hug.

            • i did notice some more hand fab work on both sides.dont forget jr didnt get his build done on this episode or did he,i dont remember or pay attenion.ill guess we’ll see as time goes by.i was unfortunate not to be able to see my redsox,even though they lost again last night.in the mean time gotta get ready for the draft tonight

              • I’ve got my DVR set to record the next two episodes. I didn’t hate the episode, but I didn’t love it, either. I’ll watch the next couple and then decide if it’s worth it. I don’t think they showed Jr’s bike being finished ; they may save that for next week to give him equal time.

                NESN had one of the O’s coaches sitting in for Remy; really funny.

  9. Where is Dr Phil?

  10. The old man will never be able to design bikes like Jr. Jr. does not need to hire someone else to do his design work. Sr. knows that Jr. truly has been the creative backbone of OCC and it is Jr. who has made OCC successful. That is most of what is driving Sr. in his efforts to discredit Jr. What kind of father uses his son to help make his business grow and then constantly berate him before anyone who will listen? Why does he want Jr. to fail? Why did Sr. sue his own son? Why does Sr. continue to harass Jr.? Whatever the outcome, Sr. will still be a poor businessman for his treatment of his sons. He is a poor father for the same reason. Note: Men should settle differences in private. It is truly sad to see this relationship being made public and eliciting comments in this online venue. If you don’t want comments, don’t ask.

    • sr doesnt need to design his bikes,he does have people that do that.as for jr,he may not have to hire people to design but he has to hire people to build.as for jr making occ,i respectivly dissagree.he like the rest of them made the tv show american chopper.the company (OCC)was started by sr,maybe not the name but the bike building was started way before jr came around.ask yourself this question in reference to who is the better business person.when the show is cancelled which will probably be soon.who do you think is still going to be around,sr at occ with brand recognition and a prodution line or jr who only builds corporate theme bikes,which by the way the corporations will no longer get free advertising once the show is cancelled.with all this said,i like you like jr,i think he is very talented/creative but not viable for the future

      • Whoa there, Gonzo. Easy with that Louisville Slugger! Back away from home plate for a moment. The point here is that Sr and Jr worked together when the two of them built bikes in Sr’s garage. Now they don’t work together inside a million-dollar-plus factory. The reason other people needed to be hired is due to the fact that Sr wanted to expand and he and Jr could not physically do all the work. As the business grew, Sr became less involved in building the bikes and more involved with managing a multi-million dollar company. The OCC name is well-known due to a team effort. Allowing Discovery to expose the Teutel’s internal problems was a big mistake. Business Admin 101.

        • John, whichever one you are, the OCC name is well known due to several years of free advertising and exposure courtesy of Discovery. Business Admin 102 says that if you don’t grow your business, it dies. Someone has to be in charge.

          While I assume he’s salaried and not hourly, Jr could have physically done a lot more of the work if he’d bothered to adhere to the basic terms of employment, like showing up on time. Business Admin 103 says being on a TV show doesn’t make you a rock star. Loved the baseball analogies.

      • It’s me again, Gonzo. Jr doesn’t only design and build one-of theme bikes. He and the crew design the production bikes as well. If you have watched lately, they built and revealed three new production bikes not too long ago (for OCC, not JRD), The theme bikes are the ones the public like to see built because only one will ever be built (contract clause). Also, concerning Jr’s future viability, he stands a very good chance of surviving. Remember how Sr and Jr started out small. In today’s market, the huge corporations are laying off workers due to the economic downturn. In our present environment, the small business has a better chance of surviving, especially if the product(s) they sell is viable and not too expensive to produce or sell. However, it takes someone with sharp business skills and determination. Jr has put more time into developing his own business than he did working for Sr. If he can keep his focus, I think he will eventually grow. He can design and build and is keeping up with technology. Sr may wish he had not terminated him. I still believe Sr is extremely jealous of Jr’s creative talent. Also, if there is to be a build-off, I think Sr should have to design the bike himself and use only the same number of workers Jr has. Betcha there are more new schoolers than old. Just my opinion. Maybe Sr should design a new school bike and Jr should design an old school bike, eh?

        • john,im on deck and im gonna crowd the plate.if you recall,sr was building bikes way,way before jr.ever see the sunshine bike,built before i believe jr was born.sr had starting building and selling bikes before jr joined the company,which by the way was not occ before jr got there.sr after starting his bike building business hired jr to do some fab work.as for the production line,that was done at occ.the point im trying to make is jr isnt trying to make a production bike line.sure he sells hats,tee shirts etc etc.he tries to sell his name (PJD)as one off custom theme bikes,not too viable in todays economy.look,i like jr.i think he is very creative,talented and hope he does well.i just believe that once the show ends,so goes pjd…..maybe im wrong

        • John, OCC isn’t, by definition, a “huge corporation”. It’s still classed as a small to medium sized business. Jr is a start up, and is going to have his hands full when the free ride from Discovery ends. He has employess who depend on him for a check each and every week, as well as vendors who will be looking to be paid for those big-ticket production tools and machines.

          Would someone please explain to me the whole “jealous” concept? Sr is in business to make money. Jr’s talent as a DESIGNER allowed him to make money. What’s the problem?

          Jr can design and do some fabrication. But he’s still just screwing water jetted cutouts or parts someone else built for him onto otherwise stock. And I’d be careful asking for a buildoff between Jr and Sr. The old man hasn’t done it for awhile, but when he started the business building bikes in his basement, he had no help, and he had no technology.

    • Well, John, I at least partially agree with you. The old man doesn’t design bikes like Jr does. He does, however, seem to accept that that’s what the viewing public wants, as well as the OCC clientile who commission the one-off’s. Familial relationships aside, that may be why he hired Jr to be the designer. Jr got canned because he was immature, unreliable and irresponsible. I wouldn’t want my paycheck depending on him.

      Psychological and touchy-feely issues aside, Jr got sued because the old man had a business and employees to protect. If you enter into a contract with someone and then don’t abide by the terms of the contract, you get sued. I hope Sr gets more competent attornies to write his future contrcacts.

      • Well, 58K, I have to agree with you. From a business standpoint only, Jr should have been canned long before Discovery entered the picture. Business and friendship should never be mixed. Once Jr entered the door at OCC, he became an employee. Sr alone makes the decisions. Any creative ideas Jr had should have been discussed with his BOSS, not his DAD. Sr also allowed the boss/dad line to be blurred. Both parties are at fault. I think a PRIVATE SETTLEMENT is in order if the two ever expect to reconnect on any level. The family side should be kept out of the public view as much as possible. Watcha think?

        • The fly in that particular ointment is that the dispute is what kept the Teutel’s on TV. AC as a show was about to be cancelled. I’ve DVR’d the second installment (interferes with baseball) and will watch it before tonights game. If last night’s show was as bland as the first one was, they may not make a full season.

          • 58,watch baseball tonight on espn.i promise you its more interesting than last nights ac.the only thing i found interesting was the part about red jacket firearms.i do like that show.

            • Well, let’s see….he was a marine, you were a marine…what’s not to like?

              I plan on watching, but I get NESN (Sox owns them); I think tomorrow nights game is on ESPN (and NESN). In any event, I DVR’d last nights show and will watch siome of it before the game.

  11. not to get off subject on this blog.i happened to look at a couple of others and noticed people are confusing occ,s forclosure on there headquarters with bankruptcy.from what i understand the company,occ is fine.its the new big headquarter BUILDING thats in question.it appears as though oc choppers was/is trying to restructure the loan on the building,nothing the do with bankruptcy on the business.i just wanted to clarify to the people who think occ is in trouble or going out of business.

    • Right again, gonzo. G&M Orange (the G&M allegedly standing for “Gus and Marty”, Sr’s dogs) is apparently trying to build next door to the OCC building. I’d love to be a fly on the wall for those meetings, as those are a lot of hoops to jump through if OCC is just trying to get their loans restructured.

      There is another suit ongoing where Sr is suing Jr and his business manager for (allegedly) violating the terms of whatever non-compete agreement that was in place. As I understand it, someone didn’t wait the specified amount of time before goinjgn back to work down the street. That one may not fly too far.

      The Ferrari was cool, but the new avatar says it all.

      • i was looking around yesterday and came accross a discussion about occ.there where people on there talking about since jr left,now occ is going bankrupt.evidently people are not paying attention to the economy and the housing market.i tried to explain the difference in a bankruptcy and a foreclosure on a certain piece of physical property.i explained that occ as a business is fine but they might have a new address.in the end i found out one of them was an avid yankees fan,so explaining to him was useless.after that i had to go get me a redsox avatar.

      • i was looking around yesterday and there was some discussion that since jr left occ,occ was going out of business.i tried explaining that a forclosure on one certain piece of physical property has nothing to do with bankruptcy.it simply mean occ will probably have a new address.evidently people arent paying much attention to the economy and housing market.after finding out the person i was conversing with was a yankee fan,i knew i was fighting a no win battle.so then i went and got my redsox avatar.

        • looks like i posted twice.first one wouldnt post,and just magically appeared ????

          • I had the same problem. SR’s moderator told me it was the websites SPAM-filtering software. He goes through everything and if your posts don’t show up immediately, they will shortly thereafter.

        • “Yankee fan” explains everything.

          I think the OCC folks may be looking to the immediate future. That palace they are in now must cost a fortune to maintain, never mind the number of bikes and T-shirts they have to sell to keep making payroll. I will be very surprised if AC in any form besides reruns is on next year, therefore I would imagine that both Sr and Jr need to be looking at surviving life after Discovery.

          You want to have an interesting discussion, try sorting out the different lawsuits that have “Teutel” as either a plaintiff or defendant.

          • yeah 58,i’d like to see those lawsuits.on ac returning next year,i think your seeing the beginning of the end tonight.the new episode has sr making up with one of his sons,dont know which one.its pretty funny,as im typing im hearing in the background the advertisement for tonights show.sounds like jr,s in new orleans building a bike for red jacket firearms……GREAY DAY FOR USA,NO MORE BIN LADEN!! THANKS TO OUR MILITARY!!

            • Semper Fi, bro.

              • semper fi,always

  12. Free Rick

    • This isn’t the first “Free Rick” comment that’s been posted on any of the AC pages. Nice sentiment, but I’m pretty sure Rick is already free.

      I’ve looked pretty closely and don’t see any chains on him. He has both the skill sets, work ethic and well-developed latent talent to work pretty much any place in the industry he wants to. Considering the length of the commute he makes every day, one might conclude that he’s living where he wants to live and working where he wants to work.

    • Hi Unknown. I agree with 58K. Rick can’t afford to leave OCC and Sr can’t afford to let him leave. Whatever the case may be here, your comment makes no sense. Care to illucidate?

      • John, I disagree with the “afford” part. I think Rick is exactly where he wants to be, working for whom he wants to work. He’s an old school enthusiast, and I would imagine there are a lot of builder/fabricator shops closer to where he lives who would hire Rick in a heartbeat.

        • 58K, I use the term “afford” in the sense that Rick must have some incentive for being where he is. Perhaps it is money or tv time or maybe he just likes Sr. Whatever the case, it only makes sense to me that, by leaving OCC, Rick stands to lose something. I seriously doubt that Rick would make the same money if he worked for a different shop. Just my opinion. Too many unknown variables for a definitive answer.

          • I don’t know what, if anything the people on these reality shows get for their participation. The free exposure has certainly benefitted OCC as a company, and certainly added to the Teutel’s individual wealth.

            I also don’t know what incentives Rick has for staying, beyond that he’s a fan of old school, he has been allowed to be creative and use the obvious talent he has. The fact that he’s non-confrontational and that he is depndable, responsible and mature in a way the Teutel kids are not may also have something to do with his longevity.

            • With you on that. Thanks for the imput. Aim High/Semper Fi

  13. I’m a bit surprised at anyone’s belief that the father handed the sons anything at all, except a lifelong burden of abuse. Have you watched the early 2000s seasons currently replaying on DiscoveryHD? The father stays completely away from the builds and respects Jr’s ‘space’. He’s in awe at times at his son’s genius and genuinely praises him and leaves him alone. As Paul Jr gains fame (watch these chronologically for proof) the father begins to go off the rails, screaming, yelling and ranting. Senior is increasingly eager to establish his alpha-male status, to make his sons acknowledge his so-called ‘design’ prowess as well as his funding of the original shop.

    BUT, dear posters, the shop wasn’t a financial success under Senior, in fact. If you are familiar with the original Montgomery shop it was a break-even affair, at best a moderate loser really, funded by the ironworks profits next door run by Danny. When Paul Jr’s designs began to take off and the Discovery gig began, even then the shop wasn’t a financial bonanza. The salaries from TV and especially the marketing of merchandise made the money. Paul Sr. tried to keep it all! Rick and Vinnie, Jr and Mike had the majority of screen time and if this was an equity (or equitable) situation, there would be an fair distribution of the funds for ‘performance’. But Paul Sr. demanded the lions share of everything, taking 80% of the salaries and all (yes, ALL!) of the merchandising, even the ‘Mikey For President’ T-shirts. Since OCC was shipping 50,000 units of merchandise per week, that revenue stream became the major source of income of the business. Sr. is worth (check Forbes) over $50 million from his ‘hogging’ of profits. Yet his ‘designs’ had nothing to do with the popularity of the series nor did his shop generate profits. The performance of his sons, Vinnie and Rick and their builds were the sources of profit. Old man, new wife (Macbeth, anyone?) whispering into his ear (King Lear?) and jealousy led to the lousy latter shows and caused the show to be moved to the lower-tiered TLC and exile from Discovery. ‘Substitutes’ under strict salary (Jason Poole) were brought in by Senior in a move to take all the money. Meanwhile, sons got lawyers and ended up squeezing some of the merchandising income from Senior and Paul Jr now is worth some $15 million and 20% (and only because of threatening lawyers back in 2006). Alas, Mike was less aggressive-wish I was his lawyer!–though he did earn a $1 million merchandising settlement.

    The show was the money and its ancillary revenue streams, kids, not the shop, not the motorcycle business. The custom builds and T-shirts were funneled into the business (and as usual, Sr. is plagued by lawsuits for cheating over the years for such moves) to keep profits away from legitimate claims of Vinnie and Codie, for example, who were ‘performers’ due equitable settlements from the show, if not OCC the business. BOTH Codie and Vinnie have lawyers and I believe one of their lawyers have received a proper settlement.

    • Someone has hijacked “John”. I will change my screen name.

    • Just wondering if you know if Junior has filed any harassment suits against his father. Do you know?

      • Sorry John, I’ll be John2. And to aj, there are actual legal remedies and ample precedents for the manner in which the sons have been treated/abused. For example, contract law (and that’s the first course–and we’re told most important) in law school, is rife with interesting cases wherein attorneys stipulate that their plaintiffs were so intimidated and abused (and thus manipulated) that they feared to pursue their legal rights. I’ve always believed that Mikey, as the comic (Chumlee) relief (and boy, did we ever need relief in this show) deserved a full 20% of revenues derived specifically from the program itself, including merchandising (by creating ‘good will’ in legal terms). Mikey, a real neurotic mess constantly in fear of his father, was afraid to make his legitimate claims due to a matrix of psychological complexes. He has an extremely good case given that it is 1) in his father’s ongoing style to cheat profit participants, and 2) there exists endless documentation of above behaviors evidenced in over a hundred shows.

        • John, don’t law schools also break out civil law from criminal law? “Intimidation” and “abuse” are clearly civil rights issues, but the way you describe the Teutel’s kind of leans toward domestic abuse (which is, I believe, a criminal offense).

          OJ notwithstanding, isn’t it usually easier to litigate a civil case if there has already been a successful criminal prosecution?

      • Harassment? Most court systems have rules for filing suits. One of those rules for civil suits usually requires the attorney for the plaintiff affirm that there are legitimate grounds for the suit (“frivolous lawsuit”). While the Teutels probably don’t need another lawsuit, I think you will find that absent the “harassment”, there would be no grounds for a TV show.

    • John, whichever one you are, please. OCC’s success is due almost 100% to it’s exposure through the AC series. As a design and build shop, they have their niche, but there are a lot of other fabricating shops out there. Without going off on a tangent, talk with anyone knowledgeable about the custom motorcycle world (or pick up some back issues of “Iron Horse”) and you’ll be disppointed to learn that OCC’s rep ain’t all that good.

      Regarding your entire second paragraph, do you think for a minute that Donald Trump is sharing his revenue stream with his employees? The only ones winning in the whole OCC/AC debacle are the lawyers.

    • john,let me play devils advocate if i may.suppose you own your own business,maybe you do,i dont know.now you have family or friends come work for you.now you have become succesful,making money hand over fist.now remember its your business,your investment.do you think its right to give the money that YOUR business is making to hired employees?hired employees agree on a salary(jr,mikey,vinny,rick etc)when they come to work at your business.remember jr was given 20% of occ to hopefully improve his work ethic,actually made it worse as time progressed as you noted in your post.im sure jr,s paycheck reflected his given 20%.jr had no monitary investment,unlike sr.to me it seems that all sr,s kids think that he owes them something.there grown boys and made millions off of sr,s investment.whats more is jr suing sr for something that was given to him.in a nutshell sr owns occ,its his money to do what he wants with it but was nice enough to give away a percentage.i never rode on my daddys coatail expecting him to determine my financial future.im a grown man and responsible for my own future…….just my thoughts

      • gonzo, a lot of this “share the wealth” stuff about the greedy old man hoarding his profits is beginning to sound to me a lot like what Karl Marx and Joseph Stalin were pushing. Like I mentioned earlier, I wonder if men like Donald Trump and Bill Gates feel any necessity to divy up their profits with their workers?

        • you know 58,i was going to make a reference to them 2 guys along with buffet.if i own a company,im going to surround myself with people who i thinks going to help me prosper,doesnt mean im going to give them my money.they will agree on a salary ,nothing more ,nothing less.thats the thing about this great country we live in,we have choices.if we dont like it ,we change.jr,mikey vinny rick all have the same opportunity.

          • Ruh Row, gonzo, you sound like an American capitalist. You’re going to offend everyone who thinks that Mikey and Jr should be allowed to do and act any way they want to and still get a free ride with all the money the old man made.

            • capitolisiom at its finest

              • That it is. Just like the Yankee’s (sorry taly).

    • where do you get all your inside info? network probably worked out deals with each person not the family, you have screen actors guild, don’t think they would go for idea of family deciding pay

  14. (now John2). Responding to point made earlier–Senior’s hating on Jr due to his ‘work habits’ (i.e. when he showed up)–he showed up when they filmed. Go to Pawn Stars, the principal actors don’t even show up anymore, including Chumlee (they’re stars now) during office hours, they show up together during filming. But Paul Senior wanted Paul to show up all the time, beyond and beside the typical filming hours. Why? Because Paul Jr is his mealticket and his whipping boy. Paul was expected to fabricate as well as design, while Paul Sr did neither. Neither. Nada folks. As Chip Foose explained at Sema, that is ridiculous. He designs (and spends his time thinking and studying design–as should Jr.) and Chip only fabricates when he feels like it. You can’t do both. You’ll burn out. Respect.

    • Respect back atcha. I agree totally. My grandad always said that no matter what a man says he is, you need only watch him for a while and he will show you who he is. Sr is a buttox orifice. Jr is trying to expand his own creativity within the box that Sr has created for him. When Jr started to think outside the box, Sr’s true identity came to light. He is a jealous, overbearing tyrant who is extremely insecure of his own abilities to design and fabricate. He needs someone like Jr to be the face of OCC because he himself cannot draw the audience needed to have a tv show. He is the classic megalomaniac who allows others to do the work and then takes all the credit. If he continues in this pattern he will self-destruct. Jr does need to change at least two points: Being punctual for work and designing the final product before starting fabrication, keeping the last minute changes to a minimum. Again, respect back atcha.

      • Well, John’s, plural, what you both say may have some validity. Or, it may not. Jr and the old man’s dispute is the point of the show, is it not? Wouldn’t be much point in producing a build show that was on the chopping block.

        How you describe the old man may have merit. Or, what you both describe as his “identity” may in reality be frustration, manifesting itself as anger, when he gave Jr a job to do (design bikes, not be a rock star), gifted him with a 20% share of a thriving business,then have the temerity to actually expect the kid to show up and do what he was hired for.

    • john 2,surely…your not comparing jr to chip foose!!!!???? FOOSE IS IN HIS OWN CLASS.sorry had to take caps off when referring to foose.

      • gonzo…..maybe Discovery could get Jr and Foose to do a Coleman grill design and build-off. Not having to deal with those nasty internal combustion thingys might help give Jr the handicap he needs.

  15. The Whole situation is strictly about ratings when you have something as serious as separating a father and son relationship you don’t keep filming clips and glorifying the disgusting turmoil.

  16. Exactly, and like last season Edonyc, when he kept driving by the new shop, or suing his son. I mean is it jsut me or do people not act like this? I would hope that after the camera’s are turned off that the two of them don’t get together have a budweiser and laugh at all us sitting here trying to figure out why this is happening. And like John2 said you can see the change, but I think he might have gone down the wrong road, it wasn’t the fame that made Seniors testosterone fly, as I am sure you saw last season, the great deflation of Senior, I think the more likely culprit for those seasons of rage was more of hormonal thing.

    And what kind of father puts more time into his dog then he does fixing his relationship with his kids?

    • I think maybe you could have stopped with the Bud comment. The dogs aren’t what people want to see. Apparently the reason people watch now is because of the (manufactured for ratings or otherwise) acrimony.

      • I agree, 58K. Jr may also have a case against his father (if he should pursue it) concerning harassment. Not just for the drive-bys but for the constant turmoil Sr continues to foment. If advertisers pull their support of the program, the network would have to can the show altogether. Everyone should know by now that shows are ratings driven. Period. If you don’t watch, advertisers don’t pay the bucks and the show folds.

        • As an attorney friend of mine occasionally states, “I’ve never seen a piece of paper that refused to take ink”. I don’t know the law in New York, but I would think before Jr pursues anything he needs to do a couple of things.
          Before he brings another suit forward, he might need to put a restraiining order in place, then have it violated. But, before he does that, he ought to check with the folks at Discovery, because I wholeheartledly agree with you in that this show in particular is ratings driven.

  17. Hey y’all. If you’ll pardon my pun, I think this whole OCC debacle is just plain nuts! Go ahead there and figure out whatever. I’d rather spend my time watching what’s going on with terrorism. Semper Fidelis, Aim High, Anchors Aweigh, Hurrah! Git me my shotgun, Maw! I feel like killin somethin.

    • You forgot the Coast Guard, who are as I’m sure you are intimately familiar, now under Homeland Security.

      • evidently aj,you must not have been watching or keeping up with current events if your on here posting.be careful might miss something.i think the marines i.d. is on the way to tripoli,it says so in the hymm,no pun intended

        • Gonzo, AJ has his own opinions. He is entitled. I see his point and he is welcome to it. As for your Marine comment, I would like to know if you have ever served in the military?

          • 87 to 91 marine corps..4th infantry division

            • always will be a marine…..semper fi (thats always faithful)

              • Right. Short for Semper Fidelis. Air Force here: 66-70. Super Snoop and 8th AF, 3rd BW, 509th FMS, Arc Light and Rolling Thunder. Aim High. Semper Fi.

                • John, there is at least one more of us here…..American by birth, Marine by God. 1st Marine Division.

                  • I know, 58K.


                    • Or, as Eleanor Roosevelt once said about us, “the cleanest bodies and the dirtiest minds…..”

  18. Ok, I have watched this show from the beginning, felt the disappointment of it being canceled, and the thrill of it returning. I was directed to this site when I goggled a question about a statement Sr made on a commercial …(you do want to know too dont you?) “All I’m asking for is what’s mine”.

    Anyway…my point is. I read ALL of your posts and this blog is more exciting than the program (aside from the baseball references *yawn*)I also got a little confused when john and john started posting. I woulda thought you two coulda gone with the show theme and been JohnSr and John Jr. Oh well…Cio!

    • Hi Taly. I don’t appreciate your comment concerning John Sr and John Jr. I respect John 2 and believe him to be courteous. I try to be, even now. Next time, try to spell “GOOGLE” correctly. Also, in Italian, the word for good-bye is spelled “CIAO”. Maybe it’s better if you just stay confused. CIAO.

      • John 1, gonzo and I started the baseball references, but I think taly is right. Gonzo and I find them amusing, but they probably don’t belong here, any more than the military or Japanese tsunami references do. To be honest, I found breaking out the two John’s a little confusing as well.

        I watched the second show last night (DVR’d) and I agree with taly on her observation that this board is more exciting than the show, which I think was her point. It had all of the elements that people have been asking for; little or no dramatic arguments, threats and throwing chairs, time spent on the actual builds and the same kind of out-of-shop family activities the show had years ago. But the overall effect, in my opinion, was just bland. I undersatnd these guys are not professional actors, but the video conference was awkward, and having PJD design mods for a perfectly good .30 cal for another of Discovery’s shows seemed kind of desperate.

        Next weeks show is going to be about Jr winning the lawsuit that everyone knows was settled last December? Sounds like baseball (sorry taly) will win again.

        • Tell you what. Think I’m going to exit the whole OCC debate and just let you run things. You guys are getting way too wrapped up in a situation that doesn’t really amount to a hill of beans anyway. Think I’ll join AJ. CIAO. I’m out of here.

          • Sorry to hear it, but adios.

            • awww shucks!!! PLAY BALL!!!

              • gonzo, think he’ll understand the Spanish? It’s even spelled right.

                • i dont know there 58,maybe he can google it.i think he has tapped out…..sorry for the mma reference lol

                  • No problem, I’m OK with most anything. Actually, while I didn’t agree with everything he said (as he didn’t agree with me), I thought his points were pretty well made and within the bounds of the rules for this board. I didn’t get his “hill of beans” comment; I’m pretty sure we all get that it’s a TV show and not resolving world peace.

                    • 58, it thought the same thing.while i always didnt agree with his comments,he had some pretty good points and was always well within the boundarys.i like this site because the discussion is opinionated but never really gets vulgar.you have your sr fans and your jr fans who all for the most part think there opinions are right,and thats the good thing,we live in a free thinking society and thanks to our country are able to express our opinions here and pretty much wherever we feel.but your right,we are not here to resolve world peace or even peace between the teutels.i enjoy the outlet to be able to express my opinion on something i like,which is building,whether it be a bike,car,gun.this is just a good place to do it

                  • So, back to OCC. I just re-read the article the preceeds all these comments. Pretty much every point both sides of the commentary have made (minus baseball and Bin Laden), he touched on the article. While the producers couldn’t have known, I think next weeks show where we hear about the settlement is going to be anticlimactic. The writer also says that he isn’t sure Jr and the old man will reunite this season. I think if they don’t, the only way we’ll find out about it will be on the news.

  19. DUH! WINNING!!!

  20. Writting As a fan, of David Letterman.. many many years ago ie: back when David was a guest on the old Johnny Carson Show…one night Johnny had Davids’ old rusted out, red pick up truck towed from Davids’ house and suprised David with it on stage.. (it looked to me, as if, David was really saddened about the prank)Johnny said; as it was being towed onto the stage, that it was an embarassment to him(Johnny) to have it parked on his street… any way, if there is ANYWAY you all could either find that truck or one just like it and revamp it for David I do believe it would be like icing on a cake for him!what do you think? can you do this<? alot of thanks sharon

    • i thought this was american chopper,what,s david letterman have to do with this board???

      • Good question, but I’d say at least as much as Japanese bike parts and ghost hunting does. If she’s old enough to have watched Johnny Carson, and still remembers a single show, then she’s got my respect.

        • cudos,there 58.i must be getting old too,i used to watch carson.your right though,we’ve discussed a lot of items not of bike building here,so i guess she,s good…why not?

        • funny guy…i’m not a biker however i do admire anyone whom can control one…let alone make one..i’m 63 and i just think david would be really hard to suprise or please and revamping his old truck would be a hoot ..might even bring a tear of loy to his eye!

          • I think that most of the shows the Discovery networks have had that deal with revamping anything with 4 wheels have been cancelled.

            • 58 speaking of 4 wheels.i travelled to collegetown texas this weekend to see my sons aggies play ball.thought i would go visit unique auto,the company that was building the gone in sixty seconds eleanor mustangs associated with shelby.occ built them a bike some years ago.found out they where in financial turmoil with the feds and the owner was probably going to jail or is in jail.needless to say didnt get to see the bike or any of the cars.well tonight the show looks like its going to show jr winning the lawssuit…

              • I’m familiar, through one of the Discovery/TLC car programs, “Rides”, with Unique Performance. They did a show about the Eleanor’s that Carrol Shelby appeared on. Didn’t know about the financial issues, but some folks never learn, no matter how smart you think you are, you aren’t going to beat the IRS.

                Wasn’t that bike the one OCC built that was silver gray with the Mustang-type racing stripe? Matter of fact, it was early on in the series and I think they traded the bike for a car and did the unveil at SEMA.

                • used to love that show “RIDES”.in fact i have a couple of the shows on my computer that i purchased through i tunes.the bike is the silver and grey one that was unveiled at sema,i think occ put it on the dyno and blew the motor up right before the unveil.my sons team did win this weekend pretty big,so it was a good weekend.ill be watching the game tonight also,will watch the re run most likely.

                  • It was a good show, except that I always thought the announcer was trying too hard to be cool. They were the first ones to televise the 5 Axis before it went into production.

                    Didn’t know OCC had blown the motor. I read someplace that they had supercharged it, although I don’t remember that from the show.

                    I’ll run the DVR before tonights game, but like I said, it’s all anticlimactic. If the old man got nothing out of this other than a more competent legal team to write his contracts, he’s ahead on points.

                    • im trying to remember who was the announcer,anyway he did try a little too hard.
                      hope you didnt miss last nights game.it was a long one,but a victory none the less.3 out of the last 4 is pretty good.we need to get by t.b and the yanks.
                      anyway did watch ac late last night.you can definitly tell the group hug is eminent.sr visited mikeys studio,sr made some comments that he is ready to end this,meaning,im assuming the feud now the the lawsuit is not over but finished with the courts.the final settlement is to be worked out between sr and jr.i know the show was filmed some time ago so im sure they’ve reached a financial settlement.you can now tell the stage has been set for the reunion and the end for ac. GO SOX!! hope i dont offend anyone

                  • Good points, although I think the few of us who support the old man in any way offend nearly everyone. I think there is at least one more Sr v Jr suit, although Jr may only be named as a party. I think Jr’s shop manager is the defendant. Has something to do with their non-compete agreements. If the same legal team who wrote that contract is the same one that did the 20% buyout, I don’t think Sr’s allegations will fly too far. At least not according to Jr’s attorney.

                    Did watch the game, including Crawford’s second walk off. Ditto on offending anyone with this boring baseball talk.

                    • im still around there 58,been in texas again watching some baseball.its more interesting than ac.i did catch the advertisement for the next show.it seems as though jr made contact with sr via cell phone.can you see the stage being set for the family reunion?i belieive there is only a few episodes left so the makeup has to come pretty soon.as we said before,there will probabaly be a group hug,and the teutels along with the show with ride off into the sunset.oh well,its friday…have a good weekend…some good games this weekend!

                  • I finished watching last weeks show and came away with a couple of thoughts. First, and you had to know what you were listening for, apparently the whole lawsuit deal could have been avoided. Seems that the old man tried to open negotiations for settling the 20% issue right after Jr left. Jr wouldn’t negotiate, which left Sr with not a lot of options. Jr didn’t “win” anything, except the right to now have the lawyers negotate a settlement.

                    I still think Jr’s bike looked like what the Detroit Bros. were doing years ago. And I totally agree with you that the end is near. The show, even with more hand fabrication, is just dull.

                    PS: Sox beat the Yankees last night, so all is right with the world. And why did Mikey have a Marine Corps window sticker on his Michigan sweatshirt?

              • PS: DVR’ing again. Sox game. We all knew the outcome of the lawsuit back in December. Hope your son’s team won.

        • thank you, however i do not remember the entire show :( i just have it emprinted on memory of how sad David was that night..

      • David Letternan is a fan and loves the show and has them on the show they seem to get alone greatly

        • Well then, the last part of that statement would lead me to conclude that Letterman is in no way related to the Teutels,

        • I meant they seem to get ALONG AND LIKE EACH OTHER!

          • Only kidding, Sharon. The premise of the last couple of these boards has been the downhill, acrimonious nature of the relationship between the old man and his kids, and “whose side are you on”?

            The moderator has given us quite a bit of latitude in what we’ve posted, but the subject matter generally runs to Sr being an egomaniacal has been hack/Jr personifies the Second Coming or the other way around. Your Letterman reference just pointed out a new direction.

    • What are you talking about? They build choppers fro money. You must be mistaken for Overhaulin. Besides I think David has enough money to fix it himself.Many years ago?

  21. 58,sorry for the delayed post.ive been busy racking up frequent flyer miles with southwest airlines.
    i seen on the last episode where sr wanted to reach a settlement and jr declined which obviously brought on the lawsuit.i guess jr thought he was owed more (thats a suprise).as for the marine corp logo on mikey,i must have missed that.was is on the last epiosode?we both know he isnt corp material,they dont have art class in the marine corp.

    • My favorite airline.

      Funny the way the producers set the timeline of the facts behind the story. The whole lawsuit would probably never have happened if Jr had bothered to tell his lawyers to negotiate a settlement. While no one but the family and the attorney’s know the whole story, I guess letting the old man take all the blame for the lawsuit must have been somone’s idea of good television.

      I haven’t seen the episode yet, DVR’s it again. I was busy watching the Sox walk off….again. Not only a clean sweep, but at Yankee Stadium.

      • 58,it was a pretty good episode.i have to tell you,that black 7t7 trans am bike built by occ is really nice.not over the top but clean and what ive noticed is i havent seen jason or quinn.its a lot of shaped metal with very little cnc stuff.sr,s dog gus died or was put down and i can symphathize with him there.i think his dog listened better than his kids,same as in my case.i had a golden retriever for 12 years that i had to have put down.to me its like one of my kids,so i know what sr is going through.
        anyway,did you see the other board where you can post you questions to either jr or sr?i wouldnt know where to start. after looking at most of the questions i guess you can imagine what most of them are about……..heres a clue “sr quite being a monster,why dont you give occ to your kids,they deserve it,and they made the company”

        • I’ve always been a fan of 60′s and 70′s muscle cars (I find those Asian things with the ceramic exhausts and the nitrous tanks annoying). I had a ’73 TA with an SD455, so I’m afraid I’m biased. From what I saw on last weeks show, I still think what Jr is doing looks like he’s copying what the Detroit Brothers did before AC as a series started. On the other hand, the sheet metal work in both shops was really good.

          I’ve always had dogs in pairs and generally prefer them to most people. I may have to fast forward through that part of the show.

          I’ve seen a few of the other boards and don’t find them as well moderated as this one is. Regardless of what they say on any board, I’m a little skeptical that either JR or Sr are answering questions themselves.

          • i have to agree with you on the 60,s and 70,s muscle cars.my first car as a youngster was a 69 mustang mach 1 with the 351w 4spd,which is worth a small fortune right now.currently im working on restoring a 69 camaro rs with the hidaway headlights,really nice.i say currently but its been an ongoing project for the last 5 years.thats where i had mentioned that i had tried the english wheel,trying to roll floor pans.needless to say,it takes someone who knows what there doing,certainly not me.so i have a lot of respect for those guys who can bend,shrink,shape metals in the fashion they do.

            • I began to lose faith when they stopped measuring displacement in cubic inches and went metric. I still prefer 429 to 7 litre. I also think the people who can turn sheet metal into tanks and fenders are more artists than fabricators. I’ve hacked my way through enough metal projects to have learned to leave that stuff to people who know what they are doing.

              • 58,i ran into an old friend couple of days ago who had a friend who purchased a occ splitback second hand.its the first time ive actually seen an occ bike.needless to say i examined the bike from front to back.i have to say,it was nicely done,very clean.didnt get to ride it but did sit on it.it was defintly user friendly.im pretty short,but the reach was good,mid controls for your average rider.it was ok.
                anyway im getting set for a weekend bbq.might have to wait until sunday,i believe someone said the worlds going to end on saturday. have a good weekend

                • I’ve never seen an OCC bike, but on one of the more rabid sites I read a long post by a NY mechanic who claims to have worked on a couple of them. He said the paint was gorgeous but the finish work left a little to be desired. Things like none of the holes in the frame where the wires were pulled had been chamfered and on one a weld on a mounting bracket from the gas tank cracked off (fixing that will mess up that gorgeous paint). He didn’t mention whether it was a production bike or one of the theme bikes. I will say, however, that one of the things they always seem to stress on the show is ergonomics, regardless of which shop the bike comes out of.

                  Good luck with your BBQ and that end of the world thing. I think I’ll just grab a beer and some chips and watch the show.

                  • 58,im still here.my world didnt end,how about yours?i grabbed a couple,well maybe a few beers and ate bbq.stay safe.be mindful of low flying objects

                    • Set my lawn chair and cooler out to watch the show and all I got was mosquito bites. On the other hand, that 8 run 8th inning was pretty bad.

                      Anyway, I just looked at Discovery’s upcoming AC episode guide. Looks like there will be a father-son build off, which I will bet will turn into a father-son popularity contest.

                    • albers looked like he was throwing batting practice out there,however 3 errore certainly didnt help.maybe the real curse is on those uniforms.well at least t.b. lost,the yanks hit 4 homers last night to get a win,im glad the yanks had a losing streak maybe they’ll continue

                    • Those uniforms made them look like they should be driving a fleet of ice cream trucks. I’m DVR’ing tonights AC again; playing the Indians on the road will be interesting.

                    • 58,i fell asleep on the game last night.the last thing i remember is that shot off the monster and youk on deck.looks like it turned out pretty well.
                      looks like on ac tonight its mostly going to be about sr and the deadliest catch crew.

                    • 58,you saw that heartbreaker last night?i couldnt believe crawford hit right into a double play.ducks on the pond,one out.i figured the sox would at least get a tie run accross.oh i guess it was not to be.thats baseball.need to get better on the road to have a fighting chance in october

                    • I don’t know….with last nights win, they are in sole possession of 2nd place and have the 5th or 6th bast record in the majors. And that’s with most of them still with sub.300 BA’s.

            • gonzo, your son doesn’t by any chance catch for his college team, does he?

              • 58,good guess there,he is a catcher

  22. I love the cymbals. Not crazy of Dave or Shawn. John seems super cool. Supernatural’s Cymbals Bike is amazing. This is one of my top favorite 5 OCC shows. It was great to watch considering I was there at the convention. Missed the unvieling because I arrived Saturday and it was the day before. Stupid me! I saw the bike in person and met the band. So what is the deal with the band? I want to see them live. Are they only playing events for the show? Why is this show not on DVD? I’d buy every year. I love this show. Christian is so dreamy!
    So when are they doing another music related bike?
    I’d also like to see seriously old school style large choppers with banana seats for two.

    • The OCC band actually has a CD/DVD out (“OCC-The Band”). You can find seasonal series sets from most of the shows just by doing an Internet search.

  23. 58,the only place i can post right now.but yes he does catch.how did you know?

    • He’s famous. I was watching college ball on either ESPN, NESN or VS and they were doing highlights. You had previously mentioned his school and the name wasn’t hard to connect.

      • he,s been a stud ball player ever since he was 7,been on nothing but travel teams and tournement teams and full athletic scholarship in high school.his dream is to play for boston,looks like he might make it,they,ve talked to him twice this year already.
        good detective work there 58.happy memorial day to you

        • I’m about 45 minutes from McCoy Stadium (Sox AAA). Looking forward to watching him there.

          Semper Fi.

          • 58,i did see mccoy a few years ago while on vacation to new england,R.I,BOSTON.i didnt get to go in.it looks like its a beautiful stadium,as was the east coast.i love that part of the country,lots of american history which i really enjoy.
            58,looks like we turned this site into a baseball forum…oh well,we will have something about american chopper to discuss tommorow….semper fi

            • I’m also about 45 minutes away from Fenway, and as soon as there is something worthwhile to discuss about AC, I’ll move away from baseball (not).

              I think part of the problem now is that what’s happening with the Teutel’s on the show was on the Internet 6 months ago, and is anticlimactic.

              Most of what I’m reading now on this websites AC forums is just more of the same, over and over, as in Sr is a no talent hack and Jr can walk on water. And, of course, let’s give Jr his own show.

              • i couldnt catch last nights game.i had to watch giants and pirates,good game though.looks like the wrong sox won.
                anyway,what do you think of the cadi bikes so far?
                i was kind of hoping jr was going to paint his that diamond white instead of the black.i noticed sr also painted his black.looks like theres going to be an online vote.still going to be opinion only.

                • Regarding the vote, I thought they said on the show that it would be done by Cadillac employees. If it’s done online or otherwise, I think it will be more about personality and popularity. I also think we know how that will end up, especially since preferring one of the bikes over the other is strictly subjective and it won’t be just about the bikes.

                  I had DVR’d the show and watched it before the Sox-Sox game (painful). I’ve never been a big fan of the drama part of the series, but I couldn’t help but notice that the drivel coming out of Sr seemed both forced and unusually moronic. It was like the producers were trying to show Jr off as reasonable and rational and the old man as a backwards twit.

                  The thing about the bikes that got my attention was the emphasis OCC put on their “advanced technologies”, meaning, I assume the CAD and other computer-driven stuff. Jr’s shop, on the other hand, seemed to be relying on hand-made and fabricated parts. While I’ve never been a fan of Jr’s work ethic, cutting up the tailights and including them in that hand-fabricated fender was cool (whoever had the original idea, Jr gets the credit). I also wonder who authorized cutting up a $50K car?

                  I haven’t looked at the finished bikes online, and I’m much more a fan of old school than the stuff I think Jr has copied from other builders. I do prefer the motor and nitrous that OCC did (that could run close to 200 hp when you push the magic button). That said, if you are going strictly by the terms of the build, I think Jr is ahead on points.

                  • i kinda kringed when i seen them yanking those tailights off.i was wondering the same thing about who incurred the expense.ive replaced some of the headlamp and tailamp fixtures on the mercedes cl series with the printed cicuit boards and L.E.D,S.there not cheap,upwards of 2 grand on some of the cl series.i dont know if you seen the part where someone has stated that jr purchased both of them,i highly doubt that.i do have to hand it to brendon,he is a good fabricator

                    • my K must of got stuck,meant to say cringe,i think!

                    • I must have missed that completely. I thought he borrowed them from GM, sort of like on every other build like this when the manufacturer sends boxes of stuff.

                      I guess we’ve progressed beyond run a wire from a fuse box to a switch to a light. I did see the part where the old man was so impressed with the car that he bought one (black) for himself.

                      Brendon is a good fabricator. One of the more interesting (for me) parts of the show was watching him work.

                    • you can tell brendon has a passion for what he does.he doesnt do it for a paycheck.if you’ll recall brendon was the one occ,or rather jr went to in an episode to build the tank for i believe it was the i robot bike.he works or worked at fat cats.he defintitly has talent,even at a young age.
                      i was loking at some other sites the other day,its funny how people say that occ and pjd are the best in the world……..they obviously havent seen much bike building

                    • Yeah, I think he is a very talented young man. When I saw him take that plastic (resin?) tailight to the bandsaw, I thought it was all over. I’ve cut flat Lexan in a table saw and it isn’t easy.

                      I guess if you aren’t a bike person, you think what’s on TV is the beginning and end. I’ve said this before…I would bet that within 25 miles of all these people who think Jr is “the best” that there are bike builders who do stuff at least equal to and probably better than OCC or PJD.

                    • PS..You mean he came from FatCats in CT?

                    • i heard rick ask him if he worked at FATCATS in ct and he said yes.so im guessing he does.i would speculate he,s not on payroll with pjd but rather contracted.i dont think jr has enough work to pay him a good salary as opposed to fatcats.

                    • I thought Fatcats was just sales and service. I didn’t think they’d need a fabricator of Brendon’s caliber. Talented guy.

                    • i thought the same thing.one can only assume that maybe they have a custom fab shop where they build custom tanks or fenders.im just speculating.
                      i remember when jr had the tank built for the i robot bike,jr summoned the services from brendon at fatcats.

                    • If he is working for Fatcats, then he has a good arrangement with them. Not too many places will give you time off/leaves of absence to go work in another shop. I guess on a one-time basis it was good publicity, but Brendon seems to be spending a good deal of time at Jr’s.

                    • i would venture to say,he,s probabaly getting a nice check either from discovery or pjd,not quite sure how that works.the way he fabs,you would swear he does this on a daily basis and for a long time….on a side note,whats going on with our sox??

                    • Well, Fatcats is pretty well established, and while PJD appears to be doing well right now, you have to wonder a little more long-term, especially if Discovery cancels the series with this season.

                      Even if Jr were to get his own series, I can’t see that going more than a single season. I know these guys move around a lot from shop to shop, but I think there’s a reason the Vinnie keeps wearing all that V-Force stuff while everyone else is in PJD.

                    • PS: with regard to the Sox, I think they’re fine. Had a rough stretch with the White Sox but swept the A’s this weekend. We’ll see how it goes with this road trip, but as long as they continue to beat NY…..

                    • i think our sox are going to be ok.i just get nervous when i seen them drop a few games.
                      did you see the unvail last night?
                      i must admit jr pulled out all the stops on his bike.i really liked the part where he pulled up and let the suspension drop.i think brendon did a great job on the sheet metal.i guess it goes to show that good old fashion fab can look as good as a bike built with all the modern technology thats available.

                    • No, I DVR’d it and will watch it before tonights Sox game.

                      As I said earlier, I think Jr may have won this one. Much as I liked 140+ hp and nitro tanks, if I had asked for a bike that recreated a CTS on two wheels, PJD nailed it. And as much of a Rick Petko fan as I am, I think Brendon outdid Rick.

                      I first saw the adjustable air suspension used a few years ago on Biker Build Off. This build was a good place to haul it out again.

                      And I’m always in favor of the hand fabrication over the high-tech approach.

                    • gonzo, I watched part 2 last night. I will never believe that there isn’t some scripting going on after watching the old man and Jason Poole decked out in camo and face paint. That segment was perhaps the most moronic thing I’ve seen in the entire 7 or 8 years of the series. If they didn’t have prior permission to cut that fence, I hope they were charged with either property destruction or malicious mischief.

                      I do think that in the end, PJD’s shop did a better job of representing the CTS. On the other hand, were I to choose one for myself, it would be the OCC bike hands down. It’s still a little tribal for my taste, by I think Poole dialed it down some for this build.

                      On the third hand, the Sox beat the Yankees, which made it a very good night.

                    • 58 i have to agree with you on the fence cutting.i thought it was ridicolous.i personally just thought the occ bike was too boxy and i thought the frame looked like it was pulling a trailer.i think occ should have built a softtail rather than a rigid.but again who evers bike looks better is strickly an opinion. GO SOX,YANKEES CANT HANDLE THEM.i couldnt catch the game ,had to see highlights.i hope papelbon wins his appeal.

                    • I think the boxy design was Jason Poole’s interpretation of the angular design of the CTS. I guess, by the way, he is now OCC’s “designer”.

                      I agree with you about both the length of the frame and the hard tail design. The CTS is more mid size, and in the end, it’s still a Caddy. I don’t think the old man is conversant with “soft tail”. I kind of admire the attitude, but some things require a little compromise.

                    • 58,you saw that game last night?burnett looked as though he was throwing batting practice.1st place in the east.ortiz was a monster.as long as they beat up on the yanks…im happy!

                    • Happily, I get all the Sox games on NESN. Last night, I went back and forth between NESN and VS, who have the rights to the Stanley Cup playoffs. It’s so great when two Boston teams are winning at the same time.

                      On another note, I’m getting kind of hammered on one of the other forums and could use a little help.


                    • im coming to help,no man left behind

                    • And on that note, another sweep at Yankee Stadium. I wish now I’d stayed up to watch the whole thing. You can’t get a much better matchup than Sabathia against Beckett.

                      Two Boston teams playing in Canada tonight. Hope the Sox get some sleep.

  24. I’m still waiting for the repeat of Supernatural’s Chopper episode with Mikey’s Art Opening. I loved the bike and really loved the three part painting Mikey did. Is there a DVD set od Senior Vs Junior?

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