American Chopper: Senior vs. Junior Renewed For Season 2

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american chopper senior vs junior season 2 American Chopper: Senior vs. Junior Renewed For Season 2

OCC vs. PJD – It’s on!
American Chopper: Paul Sr. & Paul Jr. Discuss The Cadillac Build-Off

While the father-son relationship between Paul Teutul Jr. and Paul Teutul Sr. may be waning, the ratings for their revamped series American Chopper: Senior vs. Junior couldn’t be better.

As the first season of the newly-dubbed American Chopper: Senior vs. Junior came to an end last night, 3.4 million viewers tuned in to watch as Paul Jr. fired the defiant, smart-mouthed Odie and both Orange County Choppers & Paul Jr. Designs revealed their latest custom motorcycle creations for Bic Razors and Universal Property Insurance, respectively.

After battling their way back from cancelation, American Chopper: The Series succeeded in breathing new life into what was becoming – or had become – a stale series genre.

Throughout the first season of American Chopper: Senior vs. Junior the ratings continued to rise, with the season 1 finale reaching a seven-year ratings peak.

During last night’s finale, Paul Teutul Jr. revealed on his Twitter that there are more custom motorcycles, hilarious hijinks and paternal conflicts to come:

I know everyone has been asking but we’re not done yet! New episodes of American Chopper on @Discovery starting this spring

The new series was such a ratings success that Discovery pulled the series off of TLC midway through the first season in order to air it on their network (the series was originally moved from Discovery to TLC because of its ratings decline). While it’s unfortunate that this new-found television success came as a result of family conflict, one can’t deny the completely captivating television that resulted from it.

Not only is there a family divided, but the entire production of the series is as well. Both Paul Sr. and Paul Jr. have their own, separate production team and neither side is allowed to talk to the other. Of course, that aspect never makes it to screen, aside from the special episode “A Crew Divided”.

paul jr paul sr American Chopper: Senior vs. Junior Renewed For Season 2

As fans now wait for American Chopper: Senior vs. Junior to return this spring, one has to wonder what the series will look like upon its return. While I’m sure many of the series elements will remain the same, many fans are wondering who will be replacing Odie at Paul Jr. Designs.

Since fan-favorite Cody Connelly has been seen at Paul Jr. Designs for the past few episodes, many would love to see him join Paul Jr. and Vinnie DiMartino in the bike building process. Although, since Cody and Vinnie own another custom motorcycle shop together (V-Force Customs), one has to wonder if that would even be possible.

Whether you’re a fan of Paul Sr. or Paul Jr., I’m sure both sides can agree that the series has never been better. Hopefully season 2 will be the same.


American Chopper: Senior vs. Junior season 2 premieres this spring on Discovery

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  1. This episode is really confusing me, some others told me it’s season 8?

    • This is the 8th year of AC as a series. First it was just AC, then became AC, Sr v Jr. It went from Discovery to TLC and now back to Discovery.

      Just my opinion, but I think the series has become pretty lame. It’s like the producers are trying too hard to respond to everything people complained about into every new episode, and it looks like they are setting up for a big family hug at the end.

  2. I think that Jr needs settle this problem he very lucky to still have his dad I don’t have my dad anymore and not a day goes by that I. Don’t think of him and all the things I never got to say to him. So paulie do the right thing and don’t miss out on the time you have left. I regret eveything that I ever said wrong or done to my dad and life sucks without him and you will to if you don’t resolve your problems with your dad.

  3. Hey Jr, you ever going to fish at that little pond at the end of that cul-de-sac by the FDNY Lt’s house? And your Dad still has his boat locked up there. Lol Good Luck with PJD.

  4. American Chopper Junior vs. Senior right? Why doesnt the Deadliest Catch episode having any Junior?? By the way, I was at the DC bike Unveil in Seattle and that is the weakest bike I have ever seen. Seriously, worst bike ever. That little gas tank on the mile and a half long bike? Ridiculous looking. Crab wheels? Bad news.

    • Discovery commisioned OCC, not PJD to do the build. Could be something there to read between the lines.

      Weak? It was a for real old school chopper, big motor, retro-peanut tank and is what the customer approved. I do agree with you about the crab wheels, they were kind of lame.

    • i hope paul jr wins hes the true artist in this show sr has to have other people design his bikes

  5. The show won’t servive without Jr, this last episode sucked without him. I’m really disapointed that Jr wasn’t on. I feel like the show is what has runied their lives.

    • I agree! Bring back Jr or I’m not watching anymore!

  6. as long as i’ve been watching, all i’ve heard is sr. putting jr. down. sounds like jealousy to me. grow up sr. if my father ever sued me that would be the end of any!! relationship period!!

    • I ‘m with you 100%, JR is the brain behind the designs of these bikes, is the reason I watch the show because he really is unique and has great ideas. SR on the other hand keeps putting his own son down, I’m a father, the last thing I want to do is make fun and ridicule my own son, SR has some serious problems.

  7. I missed seeing junior tonight. I can’t stomach senior and his lame crew. Plus, that bike was ugly! The gas tank was almost non existant! Weird! Bring back Jr. the honest one and get rid of the law suing hard ass who has his priorities all mixed up! Family is first Senior!

  8. this show reminds me of a big soap opera one member of the family against the other. you know that the discovery channel basicly has a total control over this show and they dictate what is shown and what gets left on the cutting floor. you wonder if alot of this is scripted like a movie. damn I wonder if they will make a musical play on broadway about this show?. but all in all the discovery channel in all into ratings thats what makes them money if there is not enough excitement no one would even watch the show thats why this show is like a big soap opera and you know alot of this show is scripted by the DC. the DC must have some great script writers to keep everyone watching from week to week. I am surprised they do not have a trailer at the end of each show saying “NEXT WEEK ON AMERICAN CHOPPERS!. this show is NOTHING like DC’s deadliest catch at least thats not somewhat scripted like the brothers on the time bandant are not speaking to each other so the other brother goes off on his own and buys another boat to fish on than the other brother sues him because he is using the same fish processor. just think if AC was not somewhat scripted there would not be so much drama every week and the DC would lose too much viewer ship so that they would cancel the show. the DC puts this show on to make $$$ thats what it’s all about.

    • Well, you have set up the perfect situation for us Jr. supporters…. a Broadway Play. We will use Jr. as himself and Nathan Lane as Sr. and Jr. can play himself also. Et tu (teutul sr.) Brute

      • The fly in that particular ointment, Richard, would be in the premise itself.

        Or, a falsis principiis proficisci.

    • CORRECTION Well, you have set up the perfect situation for us Jr. supporters…. a Broadway Play. We will use Jr. as himself and Nathan Lane as Sr. and Mikey can play himself also. Et tu (teutul sr.) Brute

  9. Is it possible to filter out some people (like 58K and gonzo who posts like crazy – also the same rant over and over again – seems like they have nothing else to do than hang in this forum)? That would be a really useful option to add in the future (if it doesn’ exist today.

    • Might be, dude, but it’s pretty much all been said, over and over, ad nauseum. Plenty of other forums out there.

  10. Please end the feud sooner than is incredibly too short .It’s amazing GOD.made you both with similar personalit’s.better yet a blessing.seize the moment many wish they and continue to be BLESSED.

  11. Well, the perfect spin-off of this Sr. vs. Jr. spat for us Jr. supporters…. A Broadway Play. We will use Jr. as himself and Nathan Lane as Sr. … Oh, and Mikey can also play himself. Et tu (teutul sr.) Brute

  12. I like both of the cadilac bikes so far.

    • I’m a big Junior fan and I’m completely disappointed in him with his caddy bike. OCC’s bike thus far blows PJD’s outta the water, I mean just the frame itself is ten times more badass than jr’s stock frame. And junior really showed himself as a pig headed bone head when EVERYBODY else said paint it white and he still wants black (lets just hope he doesn’t put a billion gaudy PJD logos on it like his truck), that could have redeemed it for me but I guess it will come down to the final showcase, but thus far I regret to admit it but it seems like sr’s got it in the bag.

      • Funny how that works. I generally prefer the old school stuff to the novelty bikes Jr designs. But, in this case, at least with what I’ve seen so far, PJD seemed to get what Cadillac wanted and OCC has an interesting offering that doesn’t exactly say “CTS” to me.

        As far as Jr being pig headed, look at the gene pool he came from. Aside from that, it’s nice for everyone to have their say, but at PJD, he signs the checks and he’s the one who takes the hits if it bombs (along with the credit if it succeeds).

  13. I have missed some of the show.What happened to get Sr and Jr in the lawsuit

    • Well,let’s see…..the old man gifted Jr with 20% of OCC. There was apparently a (poorly written) clause in the terms of the gifting that gave Sr buyout rights.

      Jr got canned, Sr tried to negotiate a settlement man-to-man with Jr and Jr wouldn’t come to the table. The lawyers got involved and presto…the series that’s due to be cancelled gets extended for another season.

      • Why did Jr get canned..I thought they was doing so good..Soory for all the questions,but i did really miss alot

  14. Would any of the Father or Son design a bike that would fit a filipino biker? suffice to say that an asian would look like a monkey riding an american coz of its size…i mean come on people, would you design a bike that would fit us. That would look as nice and noisy but fuel efficient? we filipinos love fuel efficient cars…no wonder Japanese and Chinese are so successful with their brands. Just sharing my point of view folks…

    • If you can come up with the cash, I’m sure they would be happy to build you a straight-piped hybrid in any scale you wish.

    • Buy a mini bike!!!

  15. though the show is great, we have to remember that these r real people with real conflict. I have a son who I love very much n I would hate to b in their shoes. God bless them

  16. With a FATHER Like SR. Id Rather be an ORPHAN!!!!!

    • When you drink and take every drug in the book, Sr’s words, what do you expect?? I’m surprised his sons didn’t all leave home at 18 and move to other parts of the country for survival.

      • Maybe because the sons were drinking and taking every drug in the book as well? They’ve both been there, done that. There have been whole episodes in the series about it.

        The difference between the old man and the kids is that the kids both went to rehab. The old man should have.

        • the old man did go to rehab he has been sober for quite a long time

          • BIG difference between sober and not drinking. Senior is a dry-drunk. He still has all the mannerisms of a drunk, but has not drank in over 25 years. Never stuck around his 12 step program (that he brags about, constantly) long enough to learn how to live in a normie world. Jr. had the co-dependent actions going on for a while. Now he has surrendered and decided that Sr needs to live with his own crap and not let him infringe on Jr’s life. Good for him. First steps are the hardest and he (Jr) done good by getting the dry drunk out of his life.
            Notice how at the PJD they don’t dwell on Sr or OCC? But at OCC, Sr still trying to prove he is better than Jr? Got all his co-dependents backing him up? With the exception of Rick. Rick does not get involved in the “Blame Paulie” game. Good for you, Rick.

            • Tex, pretty astute observation.

            • dry dunk? what ever dude. the old man was pushed to the edge when he sacked jnr that day, had nothing to do with not drinking. since then ill admit hes got issues but “dry drunk” you’re reaching dude!

          • Unless you have information the rest of us don’t, I believe he has stated on several occasions he just stopped. I don’t believe he has ever gone to rehab or been part of a 12-Step.

            • Sr. is from a different generation, and he’s just plain mean — sober or drunk.

              A lot of men from his generation think they can control their children even when they are adults.

              • A lot of children from this generation need controlling. Reaching your majority doesn’t make you an adult.

    • Senior has constantly shown his jealousy toward his son since the begining.Any normal father would be proud of His sons abilities,but paul senior clearly hates his son! Proof..he actually crashed a bike with a dummy that was supposed to be his son! Thats sick,just plain sick,no humor at all! Paul Jr. totally has been the bigger man,never attacking his father,despite all the attacks made on him! Paul Jr. totally kicked his ass in the Cadillac build!Senior and his cronies bragged there was NO WAY Junior could compete..Senior was totally embarressed, and deserved to get his ass kicked!

      • agree senior is a massive JERK. Even if this whole show is a big lie… Sr. blows. I wouldnt want hinm as my father…

  17. Is there going to be a new season of the show

  18. i thnk they should have bike off i think that they bth are vary good desighner

  19. Go Paul love the work u do give Mikey a hug brothers need that work hard ride free

  20. hi sir Paul Sr. and sir Paul Jr. im Alvin Alvarado from Philippines I always watch your show in discovery turbo. im one of your fans here in the Philippines. your company is the best bike builder in the whole world. i hope one of time your team will arrived here in the Philippines so I can see in person your awesome bike.

  21. I don’t know what has happened since the lawsuit or if bridges have been mended between Sr. and Jr. I hope they have however, regardless Paul Sr. is one of the all time biggest JERKS that has ever lived. His actions are in direct conflict with the way he espouses to be. What a sellout. What a loser!!! Sr. should have to beg Mikey and Jr. to forgive him…

  22. I wonder how much the people of American Chopper, Storage Wars and other shows get paid for their participation?

  23. I’m a woman, and I watch the show for the bike-building skills FIRST and foremost. I also prefer to TAPE the show so that when I watch it, I can skip quickly through Sr.’s time and go on to Jr.’s, since he spends his time showing us how to create! Sr. spends his time with the drama — beatin’ up on Jr. and Mikey. Jr. most always takes the high road with the whole situation. If OCC were to go away, it wouldn’t faze me one bit; I watch the show for Jr. and his genius. He and Vinnie make a great work team, too.
    Fact of the matter is, Sr. just wears me out and makes my stomach hurt!! And his little sycophants at his shop just prop him up and enable his bad behavior.
    I am looking forward to a new season of Jr., just to see him continue to TOP himself with his creations. GO PAULY!!

  24. For his boorish behavior Paul Sr should go completely broke.
    Give Jr and his group their own program.

  25. looking for a job.i see your short handed.i would luv to work for you.

  26. Oh that is so true Tex a Sr is a dry drunk. Great way to put it. I think it is very smart move for Jr and Mike to let Sr prove a few things before they let him come around them.

    • dry drunk again? honestly drinking or not drinking had nothing to do with anything. snr created this problem by hiring jnr & mikey.

  27. Hey Avid Bike Fan,
    Theres already one made just for you. Its called a “Moped”.

  28. This whole situation is sad to me. It is so painful to see two men, who obviously love each other, not be able to communicate that effectively. Jr. seems to be the more skilled of the two; but Sr. seems to be trying his best as well. It looked like they were involved as a family in some counseling (in previous seasons), and more would help, it seems. As long as the “I can do it myself” mentality prevails (specifically: Sr. comes across this way), skills needed for successful relationships can’t be developed. Jr. seems to have been saved awhile back,and his whole countenance and attitudes have changed. I wish all of PJD and OCC well.

  29. get over yourselves, you have been blessed with talent and skill and are wildly successful,do not ruin it