American Chopper: Senior vs. Junior Renewed For Season 2

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american chopper senior vs junior season 2 American Chopper: Senior vs. Junior Renewed For Season 2

OCC vs. PJD – It’s on!
American Chopper: Paul Sr. & Paul Jr. Discuss The Cadillac Build-Off

While the father-son relationship between Paul Teutul Jr. and Paul Teutul Sr. may be waning, the ratings for their revamped series American Chopper: Senior vs. Junior couldn’t be better.

As the first season of the newly-dubbed American Chopper: Senior vs. Junior came to an end last night, 3.4 million viewers tuned in to watch as Paul Jr. fired the defiant, smart-mouthed Odie and both Orange County Choppers & Paul Jr. Designs revealed their latest custom motorcycle creations for Bic Razors and Universal Property Insurance, respectively.

After battling their way back from cancelation, American Chopper: The Series succeeded in breathing new life into what was becoming – or had become – a stale series genre.

Throughout the first season of American Chopper: Senior vs. Junior the ratings continued to rise, with the season 1 finale reaching a seven-year ratings peak.

During last night’s finale, Paul Teutul Jr. revealed on his Twitter that there are more custom motorcycles, hilarious hijinks and paternal conflicts to come:

I know everyone has been asking but we’re not done yet! New episodes of American Chopper on @Discovery starting this spring

The new series was such a ratings success that Discovery pulled the series off of TLC midway through the first season in order to air it on their network (the series was originally moved from Discovery to TLC because of its ratings decline). While it’s unfortunate that this new-found television success came as a result of family conflict, one can’t deny the completely captivating television that resulted from it.

Not only is there a family divided, but the entire production of the series is as well. Both Paul Sr. and Paul Jr. have their own, separate production team and neither side is allowed to talk to the other. Of course, that aspect never makes it to screen, aside from the special episode “A Crew Divided”.

paul jr paul sr American Chopper: Senior vs. Junior Renewed For Season 2

As fans now wait for American Chopper: Senior vs. Junior to return this spring, one has to wonder what the series will look like upon its return. While I’m sure many of the series elements will remain the same, many fans are wondering who will be replacing Odie at Paul Jr. Designs.

Since fan-favorite Cody Connelly has been seen at Paul Jr. Designs for the past few episodes, many would love to see him join Paul Jr. and Vinnie DiMartino in the bike building process. Although, since Cody and Vinnie own another custom motorcycle shop together (V-Force Customs), one has to wonder if that would even be possible.

Whether you’re a fan of Paul Sr. or Paul Jr., I’m sure both sides can agree that the series has never been better. Hopefully season 2 will be the same.


American Chopper: Senior vs. Junior season 2 premieres this spring on Discovery

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  1. Love your work and the show hope Mickey stays with you I love your quote Honor your father but not what he stands for good luck

  2. looks like our post are slowing down.are we running out of stuff to talk about?if thats the case american chopper will soon end.we could always start a forum on charlie sheen.

    • I think you’re right about slowing down, although this one was a lot of fun.

      I’d like to end with this. Last night, there was a re-run of the POW-MIA buld, back when they were in the original shop, about to move into the second shop. Jr was otherwise occupied and didn’t have much to do with it.

      Sr designed it all by himself, (Jr may have helped with the exhaust). Mike Campo was still with them; he and Rick and the old man did the whole thing, with no CAD, CNC or Flow machines. Justin Barnes did the paint. The focus of the show was 90% on the fabrication and build, and Mikey wasn’t taking himself too seriously yet. All in all, completely enjoyable.

      What happened?

      • PS: I expect we’ll be back as soon as the new and improved next season begins, with Sr & Jr doing Jerry Springer while Mikey does his Oprah imitation.

      • 58,i couldnt agree more with that episode.i was watching it and saying the same thing.pure old school fab bike building.its funny to watch episodes like that and i dont know if you see the other episode after that.its when jr got fired.just to see how it was in the beggining to where,to me,it ended as far as bike building.i think myself,you and a few other people on this forum have followed the teutels and have come to feel as though we know them.i do wish them well,hope they end there feud (although wouldnt be good for tv).there is a few people on here that i can tell really enjoy the bike building as oposed to the i hope we get a show thats about bike the feuds for own,tlc or give them there own show like jerry springer….

  3. Mikey on welfare without Paul Jr/Sr? He is currently worth 2 million dollars not having an education, job, or a skill.

    • Jc, assuming that figure comes from a credible source, preferably non-Internet, the kid (and I use the term “kid” in it’s current literal, colloquial sense, forget that he’s pushing 30) is a mess. He’s irresponsible, annoying and has no grasp of reality. He’s gone from being welcome and enjoyed to simply being tolerated.

      Whatever the figure, I hope he has someone competent to do so managing it for him, because I don’t think he can find his rear end with both hands.

      • 58,couldnt agree more.even without a real job he had to hire someone to help him,a personal assistant if you will.i remember an episode where he was driving with no insurance,because obviously he didnt pay it nor did his assistant.i dont know if i believe he is worth a couple of mil.if he is,your right he better find someone competent to handle it. i know he certainly cant

        • gonzo, the only thing that lends any credibility to the net worth question is that someone has to be funding his “art” and his “studio”. I doubt Discovery is.

          And not for nothing, the food bill alone has got to be staggering. Since he’s come out of rehab, it doesn’t look like there’s any chance at all that he’s ever missed a meal.

          • yeah,your defintly right.he does look like he likes to eat.doesnt look like “starving artist”.as for the 2 mil,i have a hard time believing that.

          • I think it’s fair to say his appearances for OCC brought him money. Remember his popularity was huge on the show at least up until now anyways. He may not have earned money for shop work (ok definitely) but I think he did help in marketing to some degree. He helped mediate/lighten the mood from the Sr vs Jr feuding.

            Where does that leave him now away from OCC? I don’t know. I’m sure he is still getting paid something for the show, and Jr probably pays for his appearances. He probably gets appearances outside of the show and his family as well just being a personality.

            Ya, money with no skill. Must be nice.

            • Jc, when Mikey was first introduced, he had just been fired from OC Iron Works (his other brother’s shop). The old man hired him to sweep floors, take out the trash and answer the phones. What his function at OCC was after he proved he couldn’t handle those tasks I have no idea, beyond the OCC management staff writing some contract and changing his hours. I assume he was on some kind of salary or hourly rate.

              What or how any of these reality shows pay the personalities, beyond funding the production crew, I have no clue.

            • @JC

              Money with no skill. Nice to see that it’s not just skinny blonds with a hotel chain for a last name can make cash for just showing up!

  4. I love this show, but I have been distressed about the father-son relationship. Quite frankly, I place most of the blame on the father. Had he given part ownership and clearly defined responsibilities to Jr., along with plans for him to take it over one day, he might have shown more initiative. The father’s verbal abuse must have been too much for Jr. to take. I wouldn’t put up with it.

    • Please. It’s a television show, although your description of their relationship is a great methaphor for our country right now.

      A year or so after the series is finally cancelled and the free advertising ride stops, check in on both OCC and PJD. See who is still standing.

    • tim i have to agree with 58,its t.v…as far as sr giving jr more responsibility…heck he GAVE HIM 20%!!.the more responsibility jr needed was to be at work on time,come back to work on time from lunch.if you couldnt do that,simple instructions,how could he being jr ,take over the occ empire.look,tim ,i dont take sides on this too much,i like jr,however in the end occ is like the the pryamids in gaza,THERE NOT GOING ANYWHERE.

      • Right on.

        And not for nothing, when you’re an owner, you define and take the responsibilty yourself, not wait for someone else to give it to you.

  5. Ever notice how hard Jr. works on the show now that he has a stake in his own business? Sr. should have tapped into that before the break-up, by working Jr more and more into the business as Sr. ages. Having more of a sense of ownership in OCC, Jr. most assuredly would have shown more initiative. Sr. blew it big time. IMHO.

    • Jr’s may have a newly discovered work ethic. If so, that presumably comes as part of the learning curve along with the responsiblity of owning a busines and having employees you are responsible for.

      However, why does the old man owe either one of them anything beyond normal family obligations, however the Tuetels as a family perceive them? Both “kids” are grown men and as such, st some point, should take responsibility for their own lives. He gave Jr 20% of the business; what else does he “owe” him?

  6. Exactly when does the new season start??? anybody know for sure? I’d love a date and time and channel :) Thanks

    • No specific date, but Jr confirmed they are filming in the spring on twitter if I’m not mistaken. If I am mistaken someone will take joy in correcting me, so all are happy. :D


  7. looking fwd Paul Snr and the Teams come to Malaysia ??????????? PLS .

  8. 58,you still around? its getting rough in here.looks like we have the mikey fans coming on board.

    • I am indeeed, gonzo. Since I am apparently one of the stupid people not in Mikey’s class, primarily because I sincerely believe Mikey has become an annoying leech who resembles a recently-filled tick, I am trying to respect the moderators rules and not respond.

      I do, however, 100% support Big Bob’s right to his opinion and truly hope all his wishes come true. Sometimes though, you need to be careful what you wish for.

      • couldnt have said it better network has been down a few days,so i havent been able to look at post.what i did get to do is see that a few times a week,some of the old biker buildoffs are on discovery before the american chopper re runs are for mikey he is a useless waste and the worst part is as he,s gotten older he,s gotten worse,heck maybe im the idiot because i dont get it!

        • I think we mentioned this before….of all the differing subject matter on the website, this one has by far gotten the most responses. Soeaking of idiots, maybe Mikey, a for-real empty headed chimp-like creature, and Karl Pilkington could travel abroad together, although I think Mikey would turn Karl into a for-real moron before it was over.

          I was straight up about people having differing opinions; it’s part of what makes it interesting, although some of what I’ve read stretches credibility.

          Haven’t seen the Buildoff re-runs, I’ll look. Thanks for mentioning it.

        • PS gonzo, I found the Buildoff re-runs and am DVR’ing them. Tnanks for the heads up.

          • no problem. the other day i watched an old episode of american was the RICK BIKE.i really enjoyed was pure old school fab,nice clean water jetted tribal flames or neon stripes.enjoyed the blacksmith hammering out the spades on the sissy was just a nice,clean old school build like it should be,got to hand it to rick

            • He is the real deal, no question. I also think, within the realm of OCC and PJD, and excluding Jr’s obvious abilty as a designer that Rick is far and away the most talented person they’ve had on that show.
              That said, we’ve seen a lot more of him over the years than we ever saw of Campos, Lee or Brendon.

              • have to agree,he is the real deal and not about the drama.he just wants to build bikes and i might add he does well.i would like to see him design and build more and less of pohl on the water jet and computer,by the way SEMPER FI……DESTROYED IN 30 MINUTES OR THE NEXT ONES FREE..USMC

                • Ooh rah, bro.

                • Rick is good at carrying out the actual design, but I don’t think the conceptual aspect of it is his strength. Maybe we just haven’t seen that because the focus has been on PJD’s design ability, but Rick doesn’t appear to come up with ideas particular to a custom or theme of a bike they are doing. Once the design is made and he is told what to make, he is good at completing the project though.

                  • jc,that may be true for a theme bike.did you see him design the rick bike?beautiful bike pure old school.some of his designs where questioned,like the tank,none the less,i thought is was awesome(strickly my opinion though).as for theme bikes,he probably could design one,however its not his cup of tea.personally i think we would all like to design what we would ride,i know i wouldnt ride a theme bike,but thats for rick,he could design any bike,thats non theme with the best of anyone out there and build it too

                    • Had to respond here; no Reply button under your last two posts. If I had to sum it up about Rick, I’d say he’s a talented man in a secure position that he seems happy enough to be in.

                      I did DVR the Indian Larry build and will probably watch it tonight. Thanks again for the heads up.

                  • Or it may be simply that Discovery is funding the Teutel family odessy, not running a showcase for what the shop employees can do. The show isn’t about anything else. And OCC didn’t do a nationwide search for employees (yes, I know there was a show where they took apps from all over the country). Like every other trade shop in the world, they hired locally.
                    That said, if I owned a shop and could hire a fantasy team like they do in pro sports, Rick would be my #1 draft choice.

                    • good observation 58.never thought of it that way.i guess your right,maybe they are scared to show all of ricks talents,although anyone who has any commen sense could see ricks the best of all of them,combined.personally i dont think thats an opinion,i think thats the facts.

                    • 58,i hope you dvr’d today,indian larry is on biker build off,built a frame out of chain link….now thats talent and imagination!!


  10. It looks to me like 58 and Gonzo live on this blog. Here is the simple truth Senior dose not build bikes, Jr. builds bikes. All the fan favorit builds come from Junior. The show would not have made it one season if not for Juniors talent. OCC should now be called the “Rick Bike Building Show” with guest Mr CnC machine.

    • well davusmc,with all due respect and i see your a marine,i was in the 4th from 87 to 91.myself and 58 have been here for awhile and have some good topics.let me start by saying,i like jr,i think he is very talented but definitly not the reason occ has suceeded,maybe one of them but not the only for sr,dont be fooled he can build a bike.remember sr started the company,built bikes before jr was around still owns occ and all it sucesses.occ is still around,without jr i might add and will be around for a long time.whether your personal choice is jr and not sr then i respect that,its mine too,but look at the facts most of occ’s success came from T.V.and the rest is sr and his business skills,marketing things of that nature.

      • dav,one more thing i might commented on the the show not making it one year if not for jr.let me say maybe the show (american chopper)is exactly that a tv show.the business is question you have to ask is when the show is cancelled,who do you think is going to be left standing,occ with production and brand recognition or jr building theme bikes?…..just saying

    • davusmc, first, let me say to both you and gonzo, Semper Fi. I came out of the 1st MarDiv, probably before you and def before gonzo.

      That said, I 100% agree with gonzo. No sane person would ever argue that Jr isn’t a talented designer. Nor would anyone who has watched the show from the beginning say he can’t build. But what he is responsible for is one-off theme bikes, excepting builds like the Jet Bike, Fire Bike, etc, that are conceived by the customer and tweaked by Jr.

      Sr doesn’t build the theme bikes, although the POW-MIA bike he designed and built without Jr looked like it had a theme to me. However, most of the day-to-day production bikes, like the Greenie, came from the old man.
      And, I think I can by now speak for gonzo when I say that you are 100% correct about the CNC stuff.

  11. Ok i have been re watching the old episodes. I can see both sides of the arguments, fights, and bickering. Sr is running a business in the beginning he wasn’t treating him like a son, more like an employee. Doing so was trying to keep family and business separate. JR was taking it personal and trying to push the limits. Sr later on just wanted respect as an employer, no back talk just do as i say. For things to work they both have to find a middle ground. Personally just leave the family sheet at the door and build some sick bikes.

    • In the old episodes, there were rarely fights, mostly just back and forth BS. Go into a trade shop of nearly any kind, anyplace in the country and you’ll hear pretty much the same thing, including all the four-letter words. And within the scope of the type of bikes they built (theme), they did build some really good stuff.

      To your point, Sr is still running a business, and unless the economy in New York is a lot better than it is where I live, that, in and of itself is more than a full time undertaking. Jr being gifted a 20% share doesn’t mean he is all of a sudden calling the shots. Or even have a clue of how to. Show up on time, take breaks on a schedule, one hour for lunch doesn’t mean 3 hours and stay until quitting time.

      I think they all lost sight of the fact that they are basically blue collar guys who gained some celebrity due to being in the right place at the right time. If I recall correctly, OCC was a last minute fill in for the shop Discovery had originally chosen for a build special.

      • all correct and good points 58.they are blue collar guys that got a lucky break.if i remember correctly the show was going to be about another shop and somehow or another pilgrim films ran into jr and sr and it was supposed to be them going to a junk yard and re-doing a for jr and his 20%,a lot of people still dont understand this,99.9% of the time when you get a percentage of a business you buy into it,then recieve ROI (return on investment)well jr was gifted his 20%,he didnt buy it.with that said and i know you and i agree 58 that with jr not holding up his end,if i where sr,i would be in court also to get back whats cant go giving someone something and let them try to sell it back to you.

        • I don’t recall the specifics of the original show, but that sounds about right.

          I have kind of gotten the feeling over the years that the old man remembers where he came from and that you could still sit down and have a beer with him (just an expression, I know he’s sober and clean now). He seems to have a pretty realistic attitude.

          Jr, on the other hand, seems to think his celebrity status entitles him to be special, like he’s some kind of rock star. I’ll go on record now saying that next season will be the end of it for them, unless Oprah does a spin off with the three Teutels meeting Dr. Phil. I’d love to see where Jr ends up 5 years from now.

          • i agree,it seems like the old man has humbled himself where as i think jr for where there going to be in 5 years,personally i think occ is going to be for jr,he needs to humble himself,theme bikes(without the help of t.v)days are numbered.ive said this before ,production and brand recognition is key,……sr has it

            • Agreed. How is OCC doing with their Euro distribution? There was a lot of talk about them expandibng into Europe and Russia, but I don’t know if that ever got off the ground.

              I also agree about the theme bikes. I don’t know if Discovery underwrites any of the cost, but those things have got to go between $100 and $200K or so per bike. There are only so many companies who can (or want to) cover that in their ad budget.

              I watched the Indian Larry/Mondo show and noticed Mondo’s fabricator doing that stainless diamond tank without even a brake, never mind a CNC machine. It reminded me why I began watching those shows in the first place, and how far American Chopper has sunk.

              • i also was wondering about the euro bike and if the program ever got launched,going to have to for the price of thoses theme bikes,on 1 show,sr i think said the average price of a theme bike was in the 120 to 150 range…lot of money.
                i was able to watch the indian larry/mondo show,man that was some fab!and your right very limited tools.thats when you know you have talent.i would like to think that most people like to watch these builds and i know theres is enough builders to make a show/series,i guess re-kindle biker buildoff.while some of the stuff they do with cnc/waterjet is nice,…to me i like the ole beat it till it looks right

                • I’m sure there is plenty of money still out there for this stuff, but part of forking over that much cash for a theme bike is the free advertising that comes with having your bike built on TV. I”m also sure there is some trading of products (those Flow machines and a complete Faro setup aren’t exactly cheap).
                  Were it me, I don’t think I’d want my product associated with a soap opera, though. I also don’t think I’d want Jr building my bike while he’s badmouthing the old man, or vice versa. It’s like subliminal negative advertising.

                  • yeah,i’d have to agree.its like a war between sr and jr and the customer is right in the middle (as a marine veteran you and i know thats not a good place to be).i would guess that if jr is building those theme bikes for trade,wheres does his money come from.after all you cant pay employees with product.i guess its safe to assume that someone is underwriting.

                    • Good point about the salaries. I’m sure there is some cash involved somewhere along the line, but I saw at the end of the Faro build that Faro “gave” the device (and I assume the software)to Jr’s shop, then listened to Vinny give a testimonial to how much that generous contribution was going to help them out. Since it’s basically used for measuring and copying in 3D (the company that did my kitchen countertops used one to measure my kitchen), I just see them moving farther and farther away from old school fabricating and building.

                    • i know it was said b4 but looking at season 6&7 i miss the bike build episodes. rick trying to fab an outrageous tank. christian or mike cursing at the electrical. i relate to that, i mean im not building bikes from the ground up but ive had some restorations go like that. ive worked for a guy that was worse than sr same kinda temper with a little physical contact and if i could go back to work for him i would. the guy taught me alot and i was a stupid kid.

                      i too have alot of the build off episodes and ya you can turn out a cool bike with out the cnc or flow but the reason occ got those was so they dident rely on outside vendors. how many build off episodes the primary cover had to be modified cause the starter was hitting or the trany and motor spaced so far apart they had to order a custom primary and wait for it.

                    • ref,had to respond here,no respond button on your post.i do agree with most of what you said with the exception of stuff built in house.occ i believe still gets there frames from rolling thunder and there motors are from s/s and h/l.basically the same as most builders,not all but most.the stuff they mostly use the 5 axxis and cnc is ornamental,so they can build without those machines,fortunatly occ either has a real good line of credit or a lot of money(probabaly both)to afford those machines,unlike your backyard builder.personally i beleive (my opinion) that they built bikes better when the show first started

                    • And Refeicul (same deal with the Reply buttons), using the CNC stuff to do machining mods to save time is great if you can afford them. Using them as the basis for all your design and build work is another thing. I’m not a machinist, but with a Flow 5-Axis and the right software, I can take any image I want off the Internet and with a little work, turn it into a 3D decoration I can screw onto my bike.

                      I think that’s the point both gonzo and I have been making all along. Rick Petko, Mike Campos, etc. are for-real fabricators. Having Jason Pool do some tribal design, then having Jim Quinn (very talented man in his own right) cut them on the 5 Axis and then screw them onto the off-the-shelf parts isn’t frabricating. It’s boring.

  12. i love paul jr and mikey. paul sr. is an selfish man, he should want his kids to do well. all his does is make it hard for them. he is jealous of their popularity. anyone know what happens between him and his oldest son danny????

    • rowdy,let me play devils advocate here.first let me say i like jr as well,as for mikey????i dont think anyone really knows what happened with danny.maybe he is like jr(hardheaded).from what i understand the only one who really had a falling out with sr,was jr…mikey just decided to pick sides,he has really no argument.who really cares about mikey anyway?he doesnt do anything.personally i dont think there would ever been a separation if jr would have held up his end of the bargain,i.e take an interest in occ,show up to work on time etc,etc….just saying

      • We seem to be running out of reply buttons. Rowdy, I 100% agree with gonzo. Why do you think the old man is “selfish”? He built his first business and sold it. He built his second business and gave 20% of it away. And along the way, provided a venue for a lot of people, including Jr, to make a pile of money.

        Like 98% of the rest of the world, the Teutel’s are disfunctional. They just happen to be on TV with it. Jr may be coming across now as a mild-mannered, reasonable and mature individual who wants to take the high road. I think when reality finally bites him in the rear end, he may find that some of the lessons he’s learned from the old man are for real.

        • couldnt agree more many of us when we where young thought we knew it all(i did).only to find up when we all growed up,DAD KNEW WHAT HE WAS TALKING ABOUT.again(i did).as for sr being selfish,58 your correct,gave (GAVE)20% of occ to jr,made him pretty well off,mikey getting rich for NOTHING and im pretty sure danny is well off after sr got that business going.the question that i think needs to be asked is that,does anyone think that without sr,would the tuetal kids be this well off today.i dont think i need to answer that!

          • And I think you’re right. If you separate the public family feuding from the business side, then take away Discovery (lucky accident), they are a pretty average family.

            I don’t get the whole free ride thing. The old man made his own way, had a family and gave them a start (in the business he built). Beyond normal family obligations, why does he owe the kids anything more?

            I’d guess his long-term business plan was for Jr. to learn how to run the business, then he could retire and let Jr. take over OCC. That doesn’t mean gifting Jr, that means Jr pays like his other son did when he bought OC Iron Works.

            • I just think its interesting how Jr fired Odie for basically acting just like he himself did while he was at OCC. Maybe he’s starting to grow now that he has his own business and maybe that will be the bridging factor between him and sr. As far as Mikey, while he is fun, he is completely useless and my two year old makes better portraits than him (he only can sell art becuase of the name discovery created for him). His issues with sr seem to be connected to his emotional unstablness and prior issues with alcohol and I think personally that may have more to do with the stress of being on this show than sr himself… just some thoughts. I’m physched for the new episodes to start! anyone know when exactly they will are?

              • Can’t argue with anything you say. Honestly, I don’t care why any of them are screwed up. They are basically no different than a lot of families, except they air their dirty laundry on a TV series.

                All Discovery says about the new season is “Spring of 2011″.

                • correct there 58.i see a lot of screwed up familys that work together.maybe its for t.v. i dont know.personally i think mikey is just a follower,not talking to sr because jr doesnt,he really has no tried to make a mends but mikey keeps making more demands.its not like mikey screwed something up on the job,he doesnt do ANYTHING.

                  • I’m not sure that the Teutels are any more screwed up than any other family is, I’m just tired of watching it. The scary thing is the number of people who apparently still think that Mikey is an amazing person. Maybe I’ve missed something, or my standards are wrong, but I don’t get the whole “they’re on TV, therefore they must be rock stars” mentality. It’s all very close to drinking Kool Aid from a communal bowl.

                    • I totally agree with you about Mikey, he isn’t actually a productive member of society, he just happened to be on a show with his brother and father. Its kinda the same thing as to how I absolutly can’t understand Jersey Shore and how Snooki is famous. What the hell did she do to be famous?! (and on a more important note, what the hell is that show about?) I’m vain in that the conflict does add to the show for me, but at the end of the day I enjoy the show becuase of the fabrication, I think its amazing and very artistic. and thats probably why Rick is my favorite person on that show.

                    • geek,dont even get me started about that thing they call snooki.ive seen more class in a dog,i guess thats for another blog,not one ill be on.maybe her and mikey could get a show together.”HOW I MADE MY MILLIONS FOR BEING AN IDIOT”

                    • haha thats a great idea gonzo, only question is do we pitch the idea to discovery or MTV?

  13. After watching season 6 and knowing what i know n ow is a bit confusing. towards the end when pauly showed up with the lawyers and accountants sr said they are both welcome there at anytime, and they can work there at any time. in between 6&7 is where sr sued or is suing jr about the shares or something, and all of a sudden no one is getting along. from what i saw the kids (pauly & mikey) separated themselves. The way things looked in the beginning of 7 was tension between jr & sr but sr’s hand was still kinda reached out. I also heard mikey claim that he helped build the business which is bull, from what i saw. He did help with the camaraderie of the shop. When pauly & mikey started to voice there egos saying they are 2/3rd’s of what made occ, occ. thats when sr pulled back.

    • To be honest, when the family drama started, I stopped paying attention. They are all 3 as disfunctional as the rest of the world, but someone from Discovery thought it would make good TV. I guess I’m very much in the minority, since this was supposed to have been a record breaking season (finale?) for them.
      The only reason I watched is because it was about the only bike building show left, and there was very little building going on. I’ll say it again, I’d bet this will be the last season. Good riddance.

  14. I find the whole program a complete bore. I used to watch to see bikes built, along with build-off and build-or-bust. AC has turned into a soap opera akin to the stale gag inducing dramas on MTV, not about bikes at all. The motorcycles of both OCC and PJD are stale, silly, and crude. They are also so far behind the curve in design that they are becoming irrelevant to motorcycling overall. The corporations who have these clowns build as “show” bikes are just marketing dweebs looking for air time, paying for the bike and the show production cost, driven by non-motorcycling ad agency geeks with no clue or interest in the end product. Unfortunately, the whole reality TV bike/car genre is going flatter by the minute. Why not dump the soap opera now and build a new formula, rather than feed this dysfunctional disaster of a family and its horrid creations for yet another dead head season. I sure won’t be watching – I was on this site hoping to see an announcement of its cancellation for more interesting content. oh well…..

    • Dear Bored,
      For most of us who have been on this board for a while, you’re preching to the choir. The moderator has been kind enough to leave it up so we can vent, but that probably will do no long term good. Responding to anything you have said would simply be redundant, although it’s nice to know that however few, there are some folks who agree with our point of view. If you were looking for some healthy debate, it ain’t happenin’ here.
      Sadly, the premise of the original article Mr. Ocasio wrote was that after a record-breaking finale, Discovery, or whichever affiliate the show airs on, is bringing them back. In my very humble opinion, the show and the bikes reek of banality, but I guess it’s what the viewers want. Build it and they will come.

      • spoken like a pro

        • Why thank you. If you feel like you are missing something, there is another updated board on this website, “TLC cancels AC, Jr to get his own show”. It was written by the same writer who did the original article for this one and has gotten almost as much response as this board got.
          Someone seems to have their signals crossed, since according to Discovery, AC is supposed to start the new season “in the spring of 2011″ and the Discovery fan site doesn’t say anything abpout it being without Sr.

        • PS: Regarding the other board by Mr. Ocasio I just mentioned, it appears the only one with their signals crossed is me. I looked at the date of his original article; it was Feb. of 2010.
          Disregard; apologies, etc.

          • no problem 58,although i did go on had some different stuff on it.looked a little less mature.still some people on there also that thinks there talking to either sr or jr asking for thinking of desquising myself as sr and answering some of those people……YEAH,NO PROBLEM IM BUILDING YOU A BIKE NOW IT,LL BE ON THE WAY IN A COUPLE OF WEEKS…just for kicks

            • Great idea. You could also go on as Santa, they might buy it. I haven’t looked at it for a day or so, but I saw in my email you posted and that there is some new activity on it. Nice.
              I think the thing with this topic is that the lines are clear; you either like or don’t like one side or the other. You can almost tell the age of the folks posting by their responses. The older people, or those who have some life experience understand Sr and his work ethic; the younger ones without life experience, not so much.

              • thanks 58. and it looks like the people who dont like sr or that think everything is his fault beleive he cant build a bike.they seem to forget that he built oc ironworks (the business)more than likely was working for and by himself for a long time also started occ,not the name maybe but the company quite sure he didnt get to where he is today because he doesnt know what he is doing.jr started building bikes because and only because his dad was already building bikes,following in dads footsteps if you can build if he wants to,ive seen it.i did see one bike he built,it wasnt on a show but read an article on was an all red bobber,absolutly beautiful bike,kinda like the billy joel bike but much cleaner.

                • I think he built the POW-MIA bike while Jr was off having his nails done, too.

                  I looked at the 6 new bikes from the upcoming season and am underwhelmed. Unless it’s just the pictures, what Jr built looks pretty much like the same bike with different paint jobs. Matter of fact, they look like nothing more than updated versions of the kind of bike the Detroit Brothers or Mike Prugh build, with a little more gloss and fenders.

                  Sr.s bikes were more old school, but supposed to look like old Trans Ams and assorted muscle cars. Sorry, but they didn’t work for me. Not a chin spoiler in sight.

              • 58,got a new blog.looks like it was started of new bikes for upcoming season,im sure your excited lol…starts i believe end of april

                • Back in a minute, just wet my pants.

                • Just tried to respond to you on the other board and think I got caught up in the moderator looking at one of the other people posting. What I did manage to post was put on the board away from what I was responding to, so I’ll lay off until they get it fixed.


  15. When does the second season of Senior vs. Junior start?

  16. When does the 2nd season of senior vs. junior start?

  17. I enjoy watching American Choppers even though I would never ride one, because both OCC and Paul Jr Designs build beautiful bikes. I feel sad about the family rift, and I wish they could make amends. Life is to short to fight and miss out on the good times they could be having as a family. I can see both sides; there were times when Paul JR, didn’t work hard enough and came in late, however there were many times he was working and Senior comes down on him for no reason. In any case, yelling and swearing at your kids is not a good example of parenting. As for Micheal, He is a sweat, lovable, sensitive, funny man, and I truly wish he would find someone to marry and have kids with. Even though he has trouble finding what he is good act, I think he would be an excellent father.

    • ruth,i will agree with you about family rifts,i dont like em either,however it (according to most)makes good tv! as for mikey,before he could father off spring he needs to grow up himself if he for finding something he is good at,thats the million dollar question.he is no comedian,no artist and defintly not a bike builder.if sleeping was a job,i would say he would be a millionaire,supposedly he already is,i guess that would be his calling

    • Having differing opinions is what makes theses boards interesting. Every family in the world has problems, as well as their own personalities. Statistically, every family with more than one kid has an overachiever, an underachiever and one who is perenially lost. That makes the Teutel’s normal. What exactly does that have to do with what most of us began watching the series for, and are upset about now? That would be of course, THE BIKES, THE BUILDS. This program hasn’t grown, it’s simply mutated.
      Everyone also has their own frame of reference. From mine, Jr is talented (whether you like what he does or not is another matter) but operates under the premise that he has entitlement. Mikey is a loser who is a drain on his family. Marry? Have kids? ARRRRGGGGH.

  18. What I find so compelling about the Senior vs. Junior show is much less the theatre of 2 gigantic egos trying to hog the TV screen but the human drama of the family torn apart by an egomaniacal father lacking not only in class but also talent and vision, versus an equally egomaniacal son – with all of the talent, and probably vision. Senior’s success prior to Junior coming on the scene was most likely luck and hard work. I really don’t believe there was a story to tell without the chemistry/friction between father and son. Unfortunately, I have lived out this nightmare with my own family. I know exactly where Junior is coming from and trust me, there is no American Chopper without him. Senior is a tatted freakish bully. We have all known him or someone exactly like him. Check out their respective Facebooks. Junior’s lets anyone post anything – even when it bit him, he has the guts to just let the comments roll. Senior’s is just an advertisement for OC Choppers, he hasn’t the guts to let people post comments that might be threatening to his gigantic yet undeserved ego.

    • Meaning no disrespect, but your description of the “human drama” belongs on Hallmark or Oprah. The show was premised upon building bikes, and whether you like what they offer or not, that was why most of us watched.

      I’m sure somewhere along the line, someone conversant in psychobabble will say that watching father and son(s) live out the American dream gives hope to the rest of us great unwashed. All it’s said to me is that none of the Teutels have been able to handle celebrity status.

  19. Gonzo and 58K enjoy sucking each other off on this board. It’s quite a beautiful thing.

  20. That comment referring to the Tuetles going on Dr. Phil was hilarious.

  21. Jeez who’s the father here? Sr. constantly taking swipes at Jr. and Jr. just takes it with a grain of salt. Who’s the grown up here? Sr. has said on numerous times that he’ll come out of retirement and bury Jrs ass. I don’t think so. Sr. just does not have the talent that Jr. has. Whats even sadder is that he does not give Paul Jr. any credit. Paul Jr. is OCC’s top designer and he fires him? What a moron. This ultimately brings the quality of the bikes down. In due time company manufactures who may want choppers for their own companies will come to realize who the true talent is and will go with PJD. Especially if they watch American Chopper, any fool can see who the crybaby is over at OCC. Its fairly ridiculous that Sr. acts like such a baby. Whos the father here anyways? *Sigh*

    • I don’t think anyone, including Sr, will argue with you that the old man doesn’t have the design talent that Jr has. But, there are lots of talented designers out there. Unfortunately, it requires a little more than a one-dimensional latent ability to make it, and so far it looks like that’s all Jr brings to the table.

      Jr got fired because he was an undependable and irresponsible employee who happened to be the business owners son. Not much more complicated than that.

  22. Buy a frame. Buy an engine. Buy a gearbox. Buy an oil tank. Buy brake discs and calipers. Buy mudguards and cut them up. Cut some wheels on the waterjet. Rick makes a tank and pipes and a piece of metal for the seat base. Send it all out for paint/chrome/powdercoat/seat cover. Screw it together, add wiring and plumbing. Done. You now have an obsolete ten ton bike that handles like a shopping cart with a wobbly wheel and has a 20 mile range with the 1/2 gallon gas tank. There’s no way this show thrives as a bike building show, because they are assemblers much more than fabricators and the bikes are totally lame. It’s all about the drama.


    • All those folks who work at OCC and depend on Sr for their living might disagree with you. And anyone dumb enough to open a competitive business a mile down the road gets what they get. Welcome to free enterprise.

      The lawsuit (at least the one you refer to), was settled a while ago.

      • And the dumbest comment on the internet goes to……
        “And anyone dumb enough to open a competitive business a mile down the road gets what they get. Welcome to free enterprise.”
        The lawsuit is not over. You are ill informed and have no idea what free enterprise is about.

        • ^ lol Hi
          Joe which lawsuit are you referring to? I believe there are two. Yep that quote had to be the dumbest thing I ever heard…..

          • ^I guess 58K must not have a job.Man the dude posts here allot. We should call him 5&10 or should I say five and dime for the cheap shots he takes now and then lol…..

        • While I generally wouldn’t waste time responding to someone who registers on one of these sites with different email addresses, then has a two or three-way conversation with his or her self, I’ll make a partial exception. The “lawsuit” generally referred to when speaking of OCC is the one where Sr sues Jr over buying back the 20% gifted share of the business.

          Unless legal terminology is different in NY than it is where I live, the suit was originally settled in 2010 in the old man’s favor. Then, in Dec of 2010, the appelate court reversed the decision
          (2010 NY Slip Op 09248 [79 AD3d 851]).

      • um yeah, free enterprise, this is an act of greed, is senior on oxys? he is totally mental!

    • i agree!

  24. I can’t wait to see the grumpy old man make a fool of himself some more. Lets face it he’s just like evey other iron worker I have ever worked with loud,louder and stupid to boot. I will cry over my dog boo hoo but screw my sons ya that makes a lot of sence the dog can’t set him straight!
    I guess if sr could find a step ladder to get to jr’s level oop’s they don’t make them that tall to bad sr. What more can I say sr’s an a_ _ hole.

  25. Really sr. you couldn’t just show up at Mikey’s Art Opening to show your support? Saying Hey Mikey I was sick last time but I’m here now.

    • He wasn’t invited. Maybe Mikey the fragile should become Michael the man and invite his father, then if he doesn’t show, he can grab a clear clue as to what his relationship is with his father. But not inviting him because you don’t want the added stress, whatever. Whatever the situation, it’s the son’s onus to call his mother every week or in this case invite his father.

      • Well said. Both the sons we see on the show are near 30 and have been spoon-fed all their lives. Now, all they can do is whine about how badly daddy treats them. We all get it that daddy may have some issues. Grow up.

        • Why invite a jack— anyway!! He just doesn’t know how to shut his mouth, all he does is critiques all his sons!! Never has a nice thing to say ! What A Dad!!!

  26. Did anyone else notice in the season opener that there were 3 bikes in the background covered up. Jr. only had one shop bike, I think the other two came from the orginal lawsuit settlement, we will see I am sure.

  27. It is my personal opion that it’s time to get rid of the SENIOR aspect of this program and if it is to continue then maybe concentrate on the new sucesses of Junior. This whole thing with SENIOR and the fact that even though Junior isn’t even at the OCC shop he continues to harp on him is just getting old. Give the old man a rest and relieve him of the stress of having to be before the cameras and making up STUFF.. Enough is enough.

    • While, at the end of Season 1 of Sr whines about Jr, I would have agreed with you. The drama thickens and Season 2, Episode 2 has Senior finally making some strides forward. Maybe commons sense and the AA Program is making him see the error of his bullheaded ways? As a 20 year vet of AA, I am always hoping for SENIOR to practice the steps.

      • Tex, I don’t know of too many people anywhere, addicted or otherwise, who couldn’t benefit from the Program. However, unless his participation in the Program is new and unpublicized (the “Anonymous” part), the old man has stated on a number of occasions that he quit both drugs and drinking without any outside help. I agree with you that working the Steps would help him in his personal life.

        A.B., if you “get rid” of Sr, you get rid of half of what people are watching the program for. Jesse James is a lot more all-around talented than Jr could ever hope to be, but the one-dimensional personality format just doesn’t seem to make it as a series.

  28. Paul SR. All the way!!!! I think Cody is going to work for Jr.

    • He has been working on a part time basis for PJD since Jr got his first job in the new shop.

  29. paul s.r. give up the law suit money isnt the best thing to have around and paul j.r respect the father no matter what because blood will always be thicker then water s.r if i had a business and i had family i gave a % tono matter what how hard i worked for it and our relation ship went south i wouldnt be sueing my kid at least i would feal better knowing i was takeing care of my family and when the time comes to pass on to the after life i would of passed on to my family and it will still be takeing care of them long after im gone just suck it up the both of you let it go neither one of you ar better then the other every family has its rocky roads just patch it up and get on with your relationship as father and son