American Chopper: Senior vs. Junior Renewed For Season 2

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american chopper senior vs junior season 2 American Chopper: Senior vs. Junior Renewed For Season 2

OCC vs. PJD – It’s on!
American Chopper: Paul Sr. & Paul Jr. Discuss The Cadillac Build-Off

While the father-son relationship between Paul Teutul Jr. and Paul Teutul Sr. may be waning, the ratings for their revamped series American Chopper: Senior vs. Junior couldn’t be better.

As the first season of the newly-dubbed American Chopper: Senior vs. Junior came to an end last night, 3.4 million viewers tuned in to watch as Paul Jr. fired the defiant, smart-mouthed Odie and both Orange County Choppers & Paul Jr. Designs revealed their latest custom motorcycle creations for Bic Razors and Universal Property Insurance, respectively.

After battling their way back from cancelation, American Chopper: The Series succeeded in breathing new life into what was becoming – or had become – a stale series genre.

Throughout the first season of American Chopper: Senior vs. Junior the ratings continued to rise, with the season 1 finale reaching a seven-year ratings peak.

During last night’s finale, Paul Teutul Jr. revealed on his Twitter that there are more custom motorcycles, hilarious hijinks and paternal conflicts to come:

I know everyone has been asking but we’re not done yet! New episodes of American Chopper on @Discovery starting this spring

The new series was such a ratings success that Discovery pulled the series off of TLC midway through the first season in order to air it on their network (the series was originally moved from Discovery to TLC because of its ratings decline). While it’s unfortunate that this new-found television success came as a result of family conflict, one can’t deny the completely captivating television that resulted from it.

Not only is there a family divided, but the entire production of the series is as well. Both Paul Sr. and Paul Jr. have their own, separate production team and neither side is allowed to talk to the other. Of course, that aspect never makes it to screen, aside from the special episode “A Crew Divided”.

paul jr paul sr American Chopper: Senior vs. Junior Renewed For Season 2

As fans now wait for American Chopper: Senior vs. Junior to return this spring, one has to wonder what the series will look like upon its return. While I’m sure many of the series elements will remain the same, many fans are wondering who will be replacing Odie at Paul Jr. Designs.

Since fan-favorite Cody Connelly has been seen at Paul Jr. Designs for the past few episodes, many would love to see him join Paul Jr. and Vinnie DiMartino in the bike building process. Although, since Cody and Vinnie own another custom motorcycle shop together (V-Force Customs), one has to wonder if that would even be possible.

Whether you’re a fan of Paul Sr. or Paul Jr., I’m sure both sides can agree that the series has never been better. Hopefully season 2 will be the same.


American Chopper: Senior vs. Junior season 2 premieres this spring on Discovery

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  1. its said they had TO Make up this whole person rivalry on TMZ it showed them both in candy shot hanging out together they were ll smiles laughing paling round like nothing is wrong ..hmmm! i doubt the validity of the who;left her versus son ;e rivalry thing just like how true TV runs those faked shows like ll worked up and repo .ever notice on worked up how every episode their repo office gets trashed,people get hit or bet up no cops no arrests..its unrealistic not real .lizard lick it isn’t even listed in Carolina its me

  2. get this garbage off the air all its doing isruining a good channel whocares from what i have seen of this an yes i have watched a few shows. i cant believe theproducers aow all the lies that are told byeveryone who happens to lav JR and goes to see his father i hope he loses everything cause senior is nothing but an idiot and doesnt deserve what he has cat wattill this junk is done till then i will find another channel to watch

  3. I have to say that I have not watched thise season since they have focused 90% of the show on the split between father and son. I watched the original to see how they came up with designs for bikes, crafted and built them and the deadlines they had to make. Now they barely show the bikes being built except when they start it and when it is finished. Too much time is wasted on the “Fun Stuff” as Paul Sr likes to describe it.

  4. How can you prove the improvement in ratings resulted form conflict? I believe that many, many people – like myself – came back to the show because the conflict is what made the show stale. Now, with them in separate shops there is *less* direct conflict and more focus on bike building. Remember, that’s why we all started watching the show in the first place.

    • How can I prove the ratings improved because of the conflict? Well, because when the show was called American Chopper: The Series, the ratings were declining. When the show was called American Chopper: Senior vs. Junior, the ratings went up.

      People are intrigued by conflict, they want to see what’s going on.

      On the PJD side, the focus is very much on building bikes, but the OCC side still focus on the conflict.


  6. Now That Sr. Is Off The Roids!!! And His Rage Has Shrunk.. Like His Tats!!
    Make A Real Bike Building Show!! With Jr. Vinnie And The Ricker!!

  7. The old man (SR.) is nothing but a cry baby. Paul Jr. and Vinnie have more talent in one finger than he has in his whole body. Then he lets that little PUNK odie come back and act like he is the greatest thing since sliced bread. I hope he does go bankrupt the idiot.

    • C’mon, you know Odie was an amazing bike builder.. look at the great job he did on the quad.

      • Are we watching the same show? He took it apart, had it painted, then put it back together. Oh boy.

        • Which, by the way, is the formula for most of the OCC/PJD “builds”. Off the shelf frames, drivetrains and swing arms they bolt together and paint, then screw on some tribal decorations they’ve cut out with a CAD and a water jet. If Rick Petko ever calls in sick, they’re screwed.

      • odie was acted like a little 5 year old and thought he was cool and alls he did on the show was mouth off and whined. I am really surprised paul jr. did not can him earlier than he did. as far as when he did the quad he screwed around so much he could not get it done on time and also he did’nt take care of business with getting the parts back to put the quad back togather from nubby. 2nd thing is he crawled to paul sr. and bitched about paul jr. and said abunch of bogus things about PJT and whinned about the way he was treated. do you see odie working for OCC this season?. NO. I bet he worked for OCC maybe about 3 days than paul SR got tired of his lazyness and than canned his ass. odie was a BIG LOSER. GOOD RIDENCE!. hey anthony maybe if you like him so much maybe you can hire him if you like him so much???.

  8. Odie is a punk wiseass and liar…you quit???? What part of “get out of my shop” didn’t you hear? Sr deserves him…obviously SOMEONE is playing the instigator….who is the “someone” that tells the people at Srs. shop what happens in Jrs. shop? Its either Odie…Nubb..OR the producers of the show…maybe Jr should have a talk with Nubb and force him to sign something where he cannot divulge what he is doing to another shop. Since OCC is worth zero…Jr should offer sr zero as a settlement of his lawsuit…how could you sue your son for a million plus for a company worth zero???? You Zero… Hey SR…you messed up….Jr has the creative talent your out of your league. Go Junior….kick the old mans butt!!!!

  9. Rick is without a doubt the best chopper builder i have ever seen !
    Now he’s the one who should open his own bike shop !

    • I don’t know, Brendon is pretty great…

      • uhm im pretty sure there is no comparison between rick and brendon. Rick is a master bike builder. Brendon is a metal fabricator.

        • Huh? If crafting tanks makes you a “master bike builder”, I guess I’m wrong. Pretty sure though, that the shear, break and English wheel Rick uses pretty much classes him as a “fabricator”.

          • Quite possibly I am, Mr. Stamos. But, just between us girls, could you please point out anyplace where he has done anything, at least on this series, beyond casually and occasionally setting up a front end, and assuming you understand the term, that cannot be construed as “fabricating”?
            As long as you can line up the little hole thingies between the motor, tranny and frame, pretty much anyone can “build” these formula bikes. Rick is the only one, beyond the obvious talent Jr. has as a designer, with any real skills. The rest of them are pretty average and representative of what you’ll find in any trade shop of it’s kind.
            He has raised those skills, in my opinion, to an art form. While I am certain he is a competent mechanic, etc, to waste his talent as a fabricator doing anything as mundane as simply turning wrenches would be a huge waste.

            • People, The show is not only the bikes or who does what that is the question here. We watched afamily build some of the best show bikes out there and yet in their own family life just do what they wanted. Take cars and trucks and just drive them into stuff and find it so funny to them. Also destory things just because you could and think it is ok. Some of us knew that it would come down to this very spot. Sr. is old school and jr. went to school to learn design so which is which here people. Old and New always need eachother. One learns from the other and things and the way you do them change. Rules apply to all and when you push them to far things happen. Family is Family is want they need to learn. Work on being that first and then show us what all of you can really do. Please the people that come to see your work and remember they watch to see the best do what they do…

              • In a perfect world, you’re probably right. In this world, Jerry Springer and Howard Stern have set the pattern.

                • yeah 58,it amazes me to see,the more they argue,the more the ratings go up.go also gives us reasons to post on this forum.

                  • Which has turned out to be a lot more interesting than the show itself.

                    • cudos

                    • Thanks gonzo, but I think I am fundamentally wrong.

                      If you go back and read the original article that began all these postings, the writer states as part of his heading that the new and improved Sr vs Jr had record breaking ratings. They were on the way to being cancelled before the soap opera started.

                      Maybe that’s what people want, but if you look back at both Monster Garage and Monster House, both of them seemed to die when the focus shifted from the builds to the personality differences. I don’t get it.

                    • yeah,me neither.i guess,maybe we are hoping or rather i think we are hoping that we,ll see jr and sr shake hands and move on to building bikes,however,on the other hand im not so sure thats what people want.i cant figure it out.the ratings drop,so they (the teutels)start a feud,ratings go up,and then you have all these post that condem i guess what im saying is,according to ratings if they make up,will the ratings drop?by looking at most of the shows on tv today,it seems as though people like the drama,just to give them something to talk about…i dont know

                    • It would be nice to see them grow up and move on. Maybe it is time for the series to end; everything does eventually.

                      While the ratings may not have been record breaking during the middle years, if they’d stuck to the builds and maybe ratcheted down the hype about what an honor it was to do whatever, maybe things wiould have been different.

                      I still can’t see the series going beyond whatever they have planned for next time around.

                    • i agree.maybe it is time for them to call a truce,ride off into the sunset and call it a day……and maybe,just maybe..everyones happy?

                    • I would still watch a PJD show if OCC was no longer involved. Seeing someone build up a company from scratch is pretty interesting, and their personalities are more watchable. Rick is a low key guy but cool to watch when Jr is with him. Christian bugs me for some reason, so I wouldn’t want him back. Really Paul Jr, Mikey, and Vinnie are interesting enough to watch for a show. Oh and keep Cody, he has a good attitude for a young guy :up: Obviously they can’t just pick characters for a show as it is a functioning bike shop. Just from the tv viewer perspective I think PJD having its own show would be great.

                    • Jc, didn’t I hear on one show that Rick has a one-way, 2 hour commute from wherever he lives (CT, I think) to OCC? He is low key, but I also think that if he is unhappy, he would have gone when everyone else bailed. I would also imagine, given his level of talent, that he isn’t in the same boat, as someone else posting here phrased it, the “$15 to $18 an hour” shop guys.

                      I’m not sure about a spin-off. Nothing really new beyond a shop down the street from OCC.

                    • I thought Rick lived in PA, but I did hear that he was commuting. I certainly hope he’s doing a lot better than $18 an hour, Rick has real talent. You have to look at Rick and Lee and Brandon is the same boat. They have some unique skills that aren’t readily replaceable. Jr was willing to fly Lee in and pay him a premium rate because there are only so many guys out there that can do tanks well. Lee then did a bad job and quit when JR didn’t like his work. I think JR is flying in Brandon from NC or somewhere just to do the tanks. Obviously JR wouldn’t be paying a premium if he could get a comparable person locally. Now that the show is continued for another season, it looks like PJD will survive. I’d love to see Rick quit OCC and go to work for PJD! FREE RICK!

                    • ski, I think you’re right about PA. Regardless, a 2 hour commute is a 2 hour commute. What that says to me is that he’s making it because he wants to be there. He’s certainly talented enough and has a demontrated work ethic that would allow him to work pretty much any place he wants.

                      I can’t help but wonder about your comment about getting a comparable person locally. That would be obviously be Rick, and Rick is FREE and can make his own decisions and choices.

                    • 100% correct,rick isnt under any contract and his talents could dictate where he wants to work and how much he wants to make and the fact that he does drive 4 hours a day says dedication and looks like he enjoys his job at occ.rick obviously loves his work,it shows and fits in well at occ.pjd,s work ethic wouldnt sit well with jr,

                    • Speaking of contracts, haven’t I heard on a few occasions that some of those guys were required to sign non-disclosure or non-compete contracts as a term of their employment? That’s standard stuff with businesses with proprietary production, at least for their managers.

                      I wonder if the Discovery attorneys threw that in there to make for more contention?

                    • Mikey on welfare without Paul Jr/Sr? He is currently worth 2 million dollars not having an education, job, or a skill.

                    • I agree with you. I believe Rick should go PJD, the last episode that I watched Rick make a comment about the one guy they like to get to PJD is Rick, and he’s good.


                    • Jr will make it because he has a personality,and has good communication skills with his fellow crew members.


                    • Ha ha ha! You’re a riot! None of that will happen though and Jr. will be very successful because he builds better bikes!

                      Keep the humor coming!

                    • i would love to see rick petco move to PJD that would definately shut the doors on OCC and that is exactly what SR deserves. for any one who has watched the series as i have does know that JR built and maintained OCC with his ungrateful and unappreciative father doing nothing but spend money on his toys o yea an none of those he sold to save an employyees job when times were tough instead he blamed JR

                    • Not to throw water on your fantasy, but let me suggest a couple of facts.

                      1. Rick is arguably the most talented fabricator on the series. If he left OCC and went elsewhere, it would certainly affect the ratings, but there are lots of fabricators out there who are equally good. OCC would just find another one. You seem to be confusing the TV series with real life.

                      2. Last time I checked, I didn’t see any chains on Rick. Any contractual agreement he may have with OCC notwithstanding, he can probably go anyplace he wants to go. He has, however, over the years stated on any number of occasions, that he is a dyed-in-the-wool old school fan and is happy working at OCC. He has also stated that he has a two hour one-way commute. Since I’m sure there are shops closer to where he lives that would hire him in a heartbeat, I suggest that he is exactly where he wants to be.

                    • Rick’s a fabricator, not a designer. The real talent in that type of business are the designers and the sales crew. With the brand recognition they’ve got, they don’t need sales anymore. I’m sure they have an order book that would keep them busy for a long while.

                    • I’m pretty sure that’s what I’ve been saying about Rick all along. OCC hasn’t ever really really needed sales, since they’ve had Discovery providing that function for them for years.

                      What I find curious is that the Greenie, which was their main production bike and was pretty well received and reviewed by the custom motorcycle press, has been out of production for quite some time. Since they are put together 100% from off-the-shelf parts, nothing custom, and the profit margin on the sale of one of them would require a large number of T-shirts and hats to equal, I don’t get it.

                    • Rick is fine where he is. Besides that, he shouldn’t be rumors about threatening to quit. That’s why Sr. sat him down to find out the real deal. Like him or not, Sr. took good care of Rick so Rick is the one at fault here for spreading all those rumors. As for Mikey, he better stick to his “art”.

                    • Then maybe move it from Discovery/TLC/Discovery to OWN?

                    • I think it’s easier than all that. Guys watch for the builds and their wives / girlfriends watch for the drama. Much larger market share.

                    • Then, Stretch, by the looks of last season, it appears to me like the wives/girlfriends got the better end of the deal.

              • “People, The show is not only the bikes or who does what that is the question here. We watched afamily build some of the best show bikes. . . ”

                YOU, sir, got it right. Show Bikes. Not a one would I trade from my trusty 1994 FLSTN.

                Again, you are right. Old and New are both desirable – TO LOOK AT.

    • glenn,no doubt rick is good,BUT THE BEST???? come on!do you know indian larry,no longer with us,how about arlen and corey ness,dave perewitz even jesse james.i give credit where credit is due,but NO WAY is he the best,not even close,also gotta say paul yaffe,these guys are the real deal,, just sayn

      • gonzo, I think far and away that Rick is the best FABRICATOR on this particular series. I’d go out on a limb and say he is talented (talent, which you are born with as opposed to skill, which can be learned) enough to work in any of the shops you mention in your other posts.

    • can we all say rick petco now employed by PJD that would be awesome

  10. I believe V-Force Customs is more of a bike restoration/improvement verses building new custom bikes.

  11. Go paul doing great job like your logo where can I get a hat also your making great bikes good luck

    • maybe he can get you a red pair of paul SR’s skimpy underware that OCC sells and he will sign them for you?. would’nt you like that better than a hat?

  12. Jr. should go back and watch some old episodes and see how similar his own behavior was to OD’s. Regardless of family or friendships, you don’t disrespect the boss by coming in late, mouthing off and not meeting crucial deadlines. It got both Jr and OD fired. Hopefully Jr. will understand this and make amends with Sr. They clearly can’t work together and are better off on their own but blood is thicker than ratings and money. Hope they figure out what is really important.

    • @ yardhorse56;

      There is one big difference between Odie and Jr. Odie was an employee. Jr. was a partner. Regardless of how he acted, Jr. was/is an owner and the time constraints are/should be different. Being an owner, I am certain that he had other responsiblities. Also, with him being an owner, if his work got done, it shouldn’t matter what time the arrival is as long as the work was being done. Odie, on the other hand was simply an employee. He didn’t have a stake in the business….

      Jr. = apples
      Odie = oranges

      They are not the same thing.

      • Any more on the rumor that Paul Sr. has been on Steroids it would
        explain his bad temper and his now “scranny” look could be because he is now off them ???????

      • Ask a “junior” partner at a law firm if he could do what Jr did at OCC. Again Jr was given 20% He earned nothing. If anybody should have gotten 20% it should have been Rick.

        • Ask that same gofer if it makes a difference, in a legal sense, what the methodolgy was for Jr acquiring his percentage. Doesn’t matter.
          All we know is how Discovery and the Internet have spun it, not what really happened.
          Apparently Sr won the first round, then Jr won on appeal, and His Honor made the final decision. According to the court website, the case has been disposed of.

        • lets see JR made the logal for OCC plus he did alot of imput on the bkes when they were built as OCC grew. HMMM… I think JR deserved the 20% of the business considering with his idea’s on each of the choppers they build he was a big part of making OCC alot of money. sure rick helped later on but JR was the one that helped OCC grow to what it is now.JR is amazing on how he can put a idea into his head on how a bike should be built and when it’s built it’s a amazing bike. SR never said a word that with the way PJ ideas on the bikes they built he was a big force in making OCC. now that JR is the owner of PJD and has nothing to do w/ OCC rick will be the one to keep OCC compeditive and make them money. if rick ever left OCC you might as well close the doors because rick is the one who makes OCC click after JR left OCC. but all and all you have to admit if there was no american choppers show OCC would not be world wide known.

          • So basically, what you’re saying is that because Jr. helped out initially with the family start up business, then more or less did what the business hired him to do, he’s entitled to more than any of the other employees who contributed to OCC’s success?

  13. Some of you good folks who want to canonize the PJD crew might want to review some of the early episodes. For example, the one where Sr. gave Cody, who is apparently the product of a broken home, his own chopper, then later on paid and sent him to school (think it was MMI in FL).
    Mikey’s funny enough, but is in need of a major tune up. Jr. is extremely gifted creatively, but wouldn’t have made it a week working outside the family. The old man is the one who built the business (all of them), and he did it without the benefit of Discovery.

    • Thanks for your comment Senior! LOL…

    • 58k,how can you say senior built the business??go back and look at all the episodes.have you ever seen senior build a bike??? its a joke when he the early days jr built them all,not rick or vinny.occ is what it is today because and only because of jr.look at the show today,occ bikes are off the shelf,mostly of stuff that jr designed from the splitback to the production web bike.did you see the bic bike occ did?pay attention to the front forks…….paul jr…wendys bike

      • correction,i think im refering to the hair club bike with the forks not the bic.i really dont pay much attention to what occ builds.i think we need a show on PJD only.awesome bike far as occ bikes….lol who cares!!

      • Meaning no disrespect, where do you think Orange County Iron Works and Orange County Choppers came from, pre-Discovery? Sr. started Iron Works with a portable welder and a pickup. He started building bikes in his basement at home when Mikey and Jr. were in diapers. He didn’t have CAD or a 5-Axis Flowjet.
        Jr. is an extremely talented designer. But he hasn’t gotten his hands dirty much since he built the original Black Widow. Mikey’s just a mess.

        • granted 58,however dont you think without jr and discovery channel that occ would be what it is today.lets face it sr has no creativity nor mechanical skills.jr was hired as CHIEF DESIGNER not builder,there is a difference,so when people say jr is not a great builder,he may not be,i dont know.what i do know is he designs good,maybe not a dave perewitz of arlen ness,but he is young and creative.lets face it great people surround themselves with great people thats what makes them look good.i just believe that without jr,occ would just be a bike shop in new york……just saying

          • I concur, gonzo, that OCC would not be where they are today without several years and uncounted millions of dollars of free Discovery advertising. However, I think saying the old man has no skills may be overlooking where OCC started, which was in the basement of Sr’s home, as a hobby business. The fact that Sr. doesn’t do tribal water jetting or care much for new school doesn’t mean he has no skills. And for the record, giving a corporate officer a grandiose title doesn’t take away from in the beginning, that was Jr, the old man and the occasional mechanic doing wrenching and wiring. I seem to recall Jr. manually bending and welding pencil rod all by himself for the original Black Widow bike.
            Further, I maintain that Rick Petko aside, the rest of the guys who work for both OCC and PJD are merely competent, average and representative of who you would find in any bike or metal fabricating shop. Being on a TV series doesn’t improve whatever skills you were born with.
            Dave Perewitz by the way, isn’t of Arlen Ness. He has his own business in Bridgewater, MA

            • my fault ,i meant to say dave perewitz OR arlen ness.i am big fans of both of them,i think those are the 2 top builders a lead tech at a one of the biggest automotive builders in the world,i think i could be famous on discovey or tlc,i would probabaly need 8 kids or named snooki or something…lol

              • Sorry, I figured out it was a typo about 10 seconds after I posted.
                You know what would settle this whole debate really quickly? Ask Discovery to resurrect Great Biker Build-off and put Jr, Sr and Mikey up against guys like Perewitz, either of the Ness’s or Billy Lane (very sad that Indian Larry isn’t still around).
                Level the playing field by taking away the CAD and Flow machines and leave the time limit in place. That way it comes down to concept and skill sets.
                I think everyone would find out very quickly that being TV “personalities” doesn’t necessarily mean you can cut it and hang in the real bike world.

                • i do agree 58,biker build off was a great show with real TOP NOTCH BUILDERS,THE BEST IN THE BUSINESS.personally while i do like watching american chopper i dont think any of the teutels are even in the same league as those guys like perewitz,lane and especially indian larry,pure old school fab

                  • I’d love to see a bike build off between SR and JR and some of the other bike builders out there. JR would have 25% of his bike built and SR would not even have the back tire on yet. you noticed on alot of the newer episodes that when SR helps out with building a bike he puts the part o backwards like when on one of the newer episodes he was putting a part on in the wheel spokes and he put it on backwards if he did not have rick there to tell him what he did that bike would of been the laughing stock when the public saw it. SR needs to stay in his office and let rick and the rest of SR’s employees build the bikes.

                    • That idea has been floated on these forums many times. Be careful what you wish for. Jr is a designer and can do some metal fabrication. Without the CAD and the high-end water jetting equipment, he’s lost. Beyond the original Black Widow bike build, he’s not even on the same planet with other guys who have come and gone on Discovery, like Jesse James, Dave Perewitz, Billy Lane or Indian Larry (RIP). He is a TV personality, not a for real, start to finish bike builder, and most of his success comes from being that, not his building skills.

    • I seriously doubt that you would have ever heard of OCC without Discovery. OCC was lucky that it was picked as the subject of the TV show.

  14. didnt i hear that sr sued cody over the bike or cody sued sr becouse he took the bike

  15. senior is a dry drunk his behavures are still there he is a whining piece of crap.junior has his act together I think hes gonna make it Mikey is awesome and makes the show im glad to see him with his brother.Cody needs punched in his freakin head lieing piece of crap.i want to see junior make it hes creative and doing a good job starting out his own buisness seniour is a jerk talking bout his son like that it just aint rite.I like vinnie hes a cool dude and a good mechanic.Paul junior is working over there and senior is a lazy dude alls he does is walk around and complain he doesnt no how to be a father what a shame.I think he should go back to the bottle freaking jerk man he erks me.

  16. Like most of you my husband and I began watching American Choppers to watch how bikes were designed and built. Through all the conflicts we continued to watch sometimes in horror as to how Paul Sr. treated his family. Now that they have split we can really see how Paul Sr. is nothing more than a bully. He has tried time and time again to sabatoge Paul Jr. He continually bad mouths not only Paul Jr. but puts down Mikey as well. Paul Sr. is a jerk and that is about the only thing he does well. The bikes he has built on the new show I think are terrible. No cool designs or colors. The bikes that Paul Jr. and his team build have been just absolutely awesome. This last insurance bike was the best I have ever seen sinc watching any of the show. Congratulations Paul Jr. you and your team are fantastic. Also glad to see you got rid of Odie, he fits right in with Paul Sr. and his crew, he has a rotten attitude, foul mouth and is a liar..just what Paul Sr. requires to work their..

    • mjones,you said it all.that insurance bike has to be the best bike ive seen since american chopper began.truely amazing!!and as far as senior goes.look whos being the adult.all senior can do is put down jr and mikey.we all know he cant build a bike.pjd is too busy to return the jokes that occ plays,they build bikes,real bikes.senior how about calling up jr for a job when occ fails,which it will

  17. Its really bad and disheartening whats going with the Teutel Family. Both The sons and Paul have their faults and yet has anyone noticed how each shops’ products are evolving- Paul Sr. has to remember that bad karma always come back and bites you in the ass in the end – the bikes that are coming out are more creative and more badass one right after the other…
    Whats up with the guy/employee (Odie) that was being disprectful to Paul Jr. on more that one occasion who was finally fired snd then going over to Paul Sr.’s shop telling everyone that he walked out . Still have the feeling that Paul Jr Designs is going to be the one is who going to be around in the years to come…

    • Dude do Paul Sr. know we’re looking at whats going on? And that they can sit down and watch the show later!! So that means you’ll see odie for the two face punk that he is!!! Sr. get your head out your A_ _!! Stop trying to find fault in Jr. He’s not even concerned with you anymore he’s making bikes and having fun doing it!!! Off camera work on your relationship with your two sons!!!

      • Both my husband and I say the very same thing. Doesn’t Sr remember that he is on camera and his lies and contradictions will be out there for all to see and hear? And a correction for several postings:
        It’s three sons and a daughter that ALL have no relationship with Sr, not just Paulie and Mikey. He burned his son Dan too in a bankruptcy court case where senior lied to the bankruptcy court and was caught. He blamed his son (of course!) and his son was fined a huge amount. Senior walks away letting his kid hold the bag… just the kind of guy he is! He’s going to be a lonely old man. (rather, is)

  18. First and foremost, this stuff is (allegedly) good TV. The Jr. vs Sr. stuff is the only reason you aren’t seeing the Teutels in reruns as 2:00 AM filler. Second, these guys are grown men. Psychobabble aside, if they are letting the old man “bully” them, well, wahhhhh. Give them each a box of Kleenex. Third, “cool” bikes? Please. With very few exceptions, they are all off the shelf frames and motors; they’d be no place with the Flowjet and a CAD. Rick is a very talented fabricator, but the rest of them are pretty much run of the mill. You want cool, go find Biker Build Off in syndication.

    • Yeah cause its not like OCC won an award for their split back frame design.

      • Infinite Monkey Theorum says that if you give an infinite number of monkeys an infinite number of typewriters, one of them will eventually write War and Peace or King Lear (depends upon whom you quote).
        Probably applies to bike builders as well.


          • Thank you. All a matter of perspective. While it may be repetitive to say it, we all know that OCC as a TV show was due to be cancelled. If it weren’t for the (alleged) firing and subsequent bickering and on-air disfunctional behavior, the Teutels would be nothing but a memory. The bikes have become a secondary focus, and while they have been renewed for another season, I doubt they’ll do much beyond that one.

  19. As a parent, I raised my children to be independent. I wanted them to go out and make their own way in the world. Paul Sr. should be proud of his sons (all 3) for learning valuable trades from their father and putting those lessons to use in life. It was way past time for Jr to leave the nest. Hope it all works out for both sides.

  20. OK
    Paul Jr. is just playing the part of another spoiled little rich kid riding the old mans dollar and cluelessly believing he is on his on. There are hundreds of better and more tallented builders out there in their garages like Pual serior was to begin with. If it wasn’t for the show Paul Jr.and Mikey would be living under a bridge some where in New York. Let’s hope it’s just TV and they are all sittting around laughing at us for believing this stupidity.

    • oldman……Amen, bro.

    • The Teutuls are playing the audience for a bunch of fools. They are airing their “dirty laundry” on TV to keep the ratings up (and to keep getting paid). I assume people realize the Teutuls DO get paid. This show is little more than a soap opera. It should have ended after Season 6.

  21. Senior is ALWAYS attacking Junior with negative comments-and yet,at least on camera, Jr. hardly says anything negative about OCC EXCEPT that work enviroment was toxic. He(Jr.)never comments about the other guys in the OCC shop either even though Mike and/or sometimes even Jason say bad things about Jr. I guess what surprises me is that the guys really believe EVERYTHING Sr. says he heard from Jr.,like Jr. doesn’t care about supposed layoffs caused by the lawsuit initiated by Sr. If all Sr. says Jr. is saying is true,then Jrs. crew of editors for the show are damn good in protecting him but Srs. crew continues to let him look like ass and instigator.

  22. Senior makes me sick. He acts like a spoiled child and seems to live in his own world. Sueing your own child, TWICE, is unimaginable to me. The episode where he fashioned a dummy to look like Jr. was disgusting and sad. I have to resist the urge to fast forward through the segments where Senior speaks. Truely a sad and pathetic old man.

    • But you did manage to resist the fast forward, didn’t you? Truly a sad and pathetic family, who had their contract with Discovery picked up again.

  23. I really think it is sad what has happened to Jr. and Sr. Not like we didn’t see all this coming but it sucks that there is still so much drama and cheap shots and lies going back and forth. I love the show and have been watching it pretty much since day one and its been amazing to see how popular and how fast OCC has grown in what seems like such a short period of time. They ask what side are you on but when it comes to them its hard to choose. Both make good points against each other but at the same time they still say and do things that just seem so pointless and ruin what progress you think they are making. I hate that they make Sr. out to be such a monster and make all these stipulations for him even when he’s tried to reach out but at the same time I hate how Sr. Acts like the victim and wants to work things out but say so many nasty things. You cant have it both ways you cant be the A hole and the victim at the same time. I just really hope that eventually they drop their attitudes and egos and sit down and give the apologies that are due, the credit that is do and leave the other crap behind for a change.

    • Would anybody watch the show if it weren’t for all the disfunctional behavior? The show’s model has shifted from 90% building bikes, 10% Jr & Sr insulting each other (which was fun) to the family nonsense between the old man and the kids and having the camera and sound guys occasionally pass by where an off-the-shelf frame and motor might be having some water-jetted decorations bolted on.

      • yep,i agree.if i want to watch shows about people arguing all the time,icould just watch bad girls club,jersey shore are cake boss.i want to see bike builds,real bike builds.BRING BACK BIKER BUILD OFF!!!.THOSE GUYS BUILD BIKES WITHOUT THE DRAMA!!

      • I disagree, I would definatly watch the show to see Jr build bikes. When senior is on I change the channel or ffwd unless I think he’s gonna put his size twelves in his big ignorant childish mouth.

        • OK Grod, I’ll rephrase. You take Jr, I’ll take, say, Billy Lane. We’ll keep it on the same coast. Just the two of them; no mech or electrical or fabricating help. Manual metal fab tools, no technology, no outside help beyond paint. 3 weeks.

          • Fred, if this is not a tv rating stunt, than jr and senior need to realize family is more inportant than business. respect is two sided.(with the father on top feeding his kids with positive things , not nagitive). any story there with senior and oldest son?

  24. The family, starting with Sr. should drop any lawsuits, make amends, and count their blessings that their family is prosperous in these difficult economic times.

  25. The Teutuls are playing us all for a bunch of fools. They are airing their “dirty laundry” to keep a TV show on the air. This show has devolved into little more than a soap opera. It is a sad reflection upon our society that viewers are tuning in to see a family air their differences in front of TV cameras. They are laughing all the way to the bank.

  26. Too much drugs catching up with snr – Greed and Self centered alphamanic – selling family out for money. There can be only one !- Wont even be around for long with that much yelling his blood pressure will be his downfall.
    At least this soap opera isnt corney .Not much to laugh at really for them but sure still gotta tick them dollars over while the sun shines .Reality tv in its rawest state

    • tt,first let me start by saying,IM NO SR FAN.with that said there is a lot of people saying sr is/was on steroids.i disagree.he has always been a pretty big guy as is jr and does or did work out a lot which would make him look as though he was on steroids,and he may have well i just think age,stress and dedication to work out has probably just playing sr,s devil advocate.i dont like sr,at all.i do like pjd and wish them well and wish he would get a show of his own.occ has definitly gone down since he left.personally i hate all the arguing and drama,JUST PLEASE SOMEONE STOP THE CRAP AND JUST BUILD BIKES.

  27. Sr. should be ashamed of himself. How could he put anything before the happiness and well-being of his family? Clearly, his sons love him, but it seems that he is revengeful, and Jr. and Mikey are bewildered. Sr. plays the macho part, but he is just a big child. He’ll regret his ridiculous behavior someday, for sure. He should be helping his sons, not hurting them. Frankly, he’s being a jerk.

    If I were to order a chopper, I’d go to Jr, and I hope the businesses that can afford these bikes will send their business to Jr as well. His designs are beautiful, and he is the better man.

    • If we assume for a minute that the 3-way fractious relationship is for real and not being manufactured for ratings, then I go back to an earlier comment. These guys are all grown up (chronologically, anyway) adults who shouldn’t need Dr. Phil.
      Helping his sons? The old man spoon fed them and led them by the hand right up until he got tired of Jr being an overindulged little prince. In the real world of business, Sr has a responsibilty to every one of those OCC employees you never see to ensure they get a paycheck every week.
      If you mean he should support them finacially for the rest of their lives, well, that’s a magnificent metaphor for what’s happening in our country right now. And how’s that working out for us?

  28. Okay I can only imagine what people are going to say about how I feel. I am 110% on Paul Senior side. I have been in the corporate world I entire life and sometimes things change and business must go on. Paul Junior needs to stop whining show up to work when he is scheduled regardless if he is a business owner or not.

    Whether Paul Senior uses steroids that is his decision. Why is it that steroids cause such negativity. I have used many supplements (steroids) of many varieties in my life and I am alive today with no medical complications.

    Senior has never said or did anything that I did not disagree with. As for Mikey, he needs to realize that he is not an artist and he needs to either go back to school get an education and start his own career and stop being a fly on the wall at his brothers business. I know that Paul Junior is trying to start his own business however I am quite shocked that he did not understand nor no the ins and outs of a contract when it came to “right to compete”

    • well gary,with all do respect,the only whining going on is paul sr,jr isnt whining,he is just building bikes.jr has a 20%claim on occ,its his.senior didnt build this business by fact occ is what it is today because of junior and discovery one theme bike that wasnt designed by junior in the beginning.jrs designs got them on the far as the no compete contract,jr did honor that by not building bikes for one year,as for joe,faro came to junior because of his creativity,didnt think occ could build the bike and there probably right.if it isnt off the shelf im not so sure occ could assemble a jr the 20% which in time occ will have to,they are only delaying the inevitable

  29. Gonzo, I are disputing the fact that Junior is not creative. And he did get the business off the ground and where it is today. He has found his niche and has made a very successful career out of that. What is disappointing and not tolerable when it comes to a business standpoint is his work ethics. Now I understand that I am only going by what I see from TV so you kind of need to take that with a grain of salt. Junior does own 20% of OCC still And the day will come when a decision from the courts will need to be made. Weather that decision has been made yet and Paul Senior has paid Junior his 20% I do not know. However senior has assembled a very capable team of giving Paul Junior a run for his money.

    In my own opinion I see all the efforts that Paul Senior makes trying to repair things between him and Mikey but Mikey continues to put conditions on everything that they do. Now forgive me but I am not a parent and nor do I want to this is a decision that my wife and I have made but discussing this with my father we can see that Paul Senior has made several attempts to repair the damage that has been done.

    • gary,i do agree sr has made some efforts to repair his relationship with mikey,however i think he needs to make an effort with all his kids,not just one,lets face it siblings stick together,and im quite sure it isnt all of sr,s fault.i think ALL of them need to make an effort.i just think theres a lot of pride on all the teutels too much so to settle and move on hopefully as a family as im a family man and cannot fathom the thought of fighting with my business or money is worth that…PERIOD.i kinda agree with 58k,a lot of this is for tv

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