American Chopper: Senior vs. Junior Renewed For Season 2

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american chopper senior vs junior season 2 American Chopper: Senior vs. Junior Renewed For Season 2

OCC vs. PJD – It’s on!
American Chopper: Paul Sr. & Paul Jr. Discuss The Cadillac Build-Off

While the father-son relationship between Paul Teutul Jr. and Paul Teutul Sr. may be waning, the ratings for their revamped series American Chopper: Senior vs. Junior couldn’t be better.

As the first season of the newly-dubbed American Chopper: Senior vs. Junior came to an end last night, 3.4 million viewers tuned in to watch as Paul Jr. fired the defiant, smart-mouthed Odie and both Orange County Choppers & Paul Jr. Designs revealed their latest custom motorcycle creations for Bic Razors and Universal Property Insurance, respectively.

After battling their way back from cancelation, American Chopper: The Series succeeded in breathing new life into what was becoming – or had become – a stale series genre.

Throughout the first season of American Chopper: Senior vs. Junior the ratings continued to rise, with the season 1 finale reaching a seven-year ratings peak.

During last night’s finale, Paul Teutul Jr. revealed on his Twitter that there are more custom motorcycles, hilarious hijinks and paternal conflicts to come:

I know everyone has been asking but we’re not done yet! New episodes of American Chopper on @Discovery starting this spring

The new series was such a ratings success that Discovery pulled the series off of TLC midway through the first season in order to air it on their network (the series was originally moved from Discovery to TLC because of its ratings decline). While it’s unfortunate that this new-found television success came as a result of family conflict, one can’t deny the completely captivating television that resulted from it.

Not only is there a family divided, but the entire production of the series is as well. Both Paul Sr. and Paul Jr. have their own, separate production team and neither side is allowed to talk to the other. Of course, that aspect never makes it to screen, aside from the special episode “A Crew Divided”.

paul jr paul sr American Chopper: Senior vs. Junior Renewed For Season 2

As fans now wait for American Chopper: Senior vs. Junior to return this spring, one has to wonder what the series will look like upon its return. While I’m sure many of the series elements will remain the same, many fans are wondering who will be replacing Odie at Paul Jr. Designs.

Since fan-favorite Cody Connelly has been seen at Paul Jr. Designs for the past few episodes, many would love to see him join Paul Jr. and Vinnie DiMartino in the bike building process. Although, since Cody and Vinnie own another custom motorcycle shop together (V-Force Customs), one has to wonder if that would even be possible.

Whether you’re a fan of Paul Sr. or Paul Jr., I’m sure both sides can agree that the series has never been better. Hopefully season 2 will be the same.

American Chopper: Senior vs. Junior season 2 premieres this spring on Discovery

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  1. I think its a shame that Mikey and Paul Jr don’t respect their father. Where would they be if it wasn’t for him. Its was OCC to begin with not 2 shops. Grow up Paul Jr and Mikey!!! You are both grown men. Forgive your father and get this show back to OCC. Fire Vince he is a trouble maker!!! No respect.

      • You have got to be the dumbest mother F**ker ever! ” respect sr?” your an idiot, jr has done nothing but respect his father while sr takes his son to court and tries to take everything he’s ever worked for but and let alone talks more sh*t and heart renching smack that I’ve ever heard in my life. Firing jr is gonna be the stupidest a d worst thing he could of done. He’s gonna lose everything, even his health and oh my you have got to be a complete moron to thing Mikey and jr are bad people

      • Obviously you don’t watch the show much. Respect goes two ways and it is EARNED not just given.

          • I was not impressed by Mikey’s excuses for not going to see his dad. Sr. was doing some gig with army vets learning to paint (something Mikey could have benefitted from!) and he just blanked him. Fathers and sons – okay it’s difficult sometimes but Jr. and Mikey aren’t little boys any more, they’re both grown men & old enough to have kids of their own.

            Instead of seeing their old boy as some big old boogey-man, they need to take a step back & see him as a man, just like them, who’s doing the best he can. No one’s perfect in this world. The pair of them sure aren’t.

      • how can you say that sr is a piece of crap that never does anything jr makes better bikes anyway

    • Really??? Sr. is just a smack talking muscle bound blow hard, Sr. would have never got to where he is at without the creativeness of Jr. All that biter old man can do is tear Jr. down at every turn he gets! The Cadillac build off proved hands down in votes as well as the auction price who the better builder is.

      Vinnie and the others that have joined Jr’s team are there to build bikes, the creativeness of the early episodes are back when you see these guys build bikes, while at O.C.C. you have a computer nerd in a dark room that has no idea of function that is required in what he designs on the computer.

      Mikey is really there for comic support in the earlier shows,, but more now to see him for the real person he is,,, the artist as well as the person having to deal with rehab,,, its another side of Mikey. Mikey as well as Jr. are doing fine on their own and I think it is great! And I am sorry but if my father tore me down as much as Sr. does Jr. I sure as hell would not want to work for him either. If any one needs to apologize i needs to be Sr. ,,,, after all who sued who?

        • WRONG!!!




        • So when you hear Mikey putting his father down, do you pray for Mikey to get some brains?

          At least enough brains to get a real job, instead of being an “artist” (whose formal training consisted of getting Jason at OCC to show him how to draw animals on the tarmac outside in the car park …)

          Mikey ought to get down on his knees & thank his father for what he has in this life, because without him he’d have nothing.

          The least he can do in recognition of what his dad’s done for him is man up and go and have a burger with him, instead of hiding behind his brother – or worse, some “therapist” – how old is he again?

    • There is a lot of talk about respect. I have watched this show from the very beginning. I recall Junior saying how much he respected his father for being a self made man. He said he started with just a pick up and a welder and he said this with a great deal of pride. And in a rare moment Senior even acknowledged Junior’s talent for designs. But it is true that self made men tend to be a bit ego maniacal. Senior did not seem to possess the ability to talk to someone. He screams and demeans people. He pulled his son into this venture so he should have learned to talk to him. He could have pulled him into the office–alone–and told him what his expectations were. But instead he told his son he was worthless and lazy. Forgive me but my father was exactly the same way. I tended to walk away from the situation as well. There is only so much verbal abuse one can endure. especially when this abuse has been a lifelong thing. Now don’t get me wrong–Junior should have manned up and done what was right but being told he was worthless does tend to make a person not care.
      What I am saying is that it is the height of ignorance to demand someone be unilaterally respected when they don’t earn that respect. Just because you are someone’s father that is not an ironclad guarantee. That being said, if you treat someone a certain way, why on earth would you expect them to behave another way? I think Paul Jr. is learning the importance of work ethics at his own company–he has people depending on him and he feels that strongly. As far as Mikey is concerned, well perhaps he needs to just grow up a little. Senior is set in his ways–either you accept him and prepare yourself for his behavior or you leave him alone.

      • I totally agree with you Steve. Bill, you have got to be a complete moron. It’s hard to watch someone treat their son like that when it’s so obvious how much Jr. looks up to his Father and loves him so dearly. Its funny, everything Sr. says about Jr. Is what he actually is. Sr deserves everything that’s coming his way. I’ll bet money on it that Sr loses everything including his wife. You wanna feel bad for him but he’s so rude and oblivious. Hes

    • I agree 200%. We used to love the show because they built beautiful bikes. Now we don’t watch it cause its so depressing. Mikey is just lazy and worthless and is able to be that way because of his fathers money, and jr seems to not be able to do anything by himself. He takes Mikey and his wife and whomever else will go with him everytime he does anything. What does his wife know about motorcycles. LOL Sr is the only one trying to make ammends and get back with his sons. He may be gruff at sometimes, but none of us are perfect at parenting. Wait till Mikey and Jr have children and lets see what mistakes they make. I think they should just take the show off and quit letting any of them make money from being awful to each other.

    • You really gotta be kiddin right how do you deal with an abusive nut

    • The real shame is the way that Sr, talks about his son and tries to do and say what ever he can to make his children look bad. It just shines the ugly yellow light on his own inadequacies.

    • Ummm dude, have you seen the past episodes? If you had you’d see how Paul Sr. is a total d*ck. He has said things that no father should ever say to his kids. Paul Jr. and Mikey are both incredibly mature compared to their father. He should be ashamed of the not only the way he has treated them on past shows but also the way he continues to talk about them now that they are not around. On one episode you even hear Rick say something to the effect of “Hey stop that, don’t forget, that’s your son” Mikey and Jr. are better off NOT having him in their lives. I know though, that once Jr. and his wife have a kid, they will feel sorry for dear ol’ dad and because Jr. is more of a man than his father, they will rekindle the relationship for the sake of the grandkid…just watch.

  2. i like both of them its just the bad time let go what ever is the problem you both make a were good pare you can do lots of things better than others
    it is just that you love each other more than any one in your life you respect each other from your bottom of your heart it also happens between my father and me but at the end of the day we smile over that problem and help each other to word hard and make some thing different and we are always happy with the work or the design we make one you are happy with your word or design the client is double satisfied than you which helps you to grow

  3. i love to watch jr. design,s and his father also but now they are going up against that scum bag jessee james just for ratings, i wont watch their show any more, bye bye

  4. Love the show can’t get enough of it. Keep up gr8 work. How much did cadalac auction for.

  5. I think its a big scam to make money for the tv channel what do you think?

  6. I’m at a loss, I like all three family members, I’m at a loss for senior because he keeps talking crap about the boys, junior has been very repectful towards senior, mickey is at a loss emotionally, I would like to see them as least speaking but words will have to change from senior.
    By the way, I can’t stand seniors wife, there is just soemhting about her that is weird (maybe the muscles) N-E way hope senior got a pre-nup! vinnie is cool and so is rick, jason is just an ass, I wish they would get rid of him! he talks and he should really just shut the F up!

  7. Everyone has their own opinion, I think Jr is a lazy punk and a disrespectful son that only wants money. Sr really needs to cool it with the yelling,he has lost so much weight. They may not have a shop together,but they really need to make ammends with each other.

    • Jr built OCC. He did what his father never did in all his years in business. It’s his creativity that got them to where they are. Senior doesn’t deserve to have them in his life. He has 2 other kids that he has mentioned on the show once and admitted he doesn’t have a relationship with them either…hmmm, I wonder why.

  8. Watching Sr. & Jr. is literally like watching a show about my father and I. I’ve actually had friends confirm this thought. People who support Sr’s views obviously have no idea how damaging a relationship like that can be. I was just like Jr; I loved my Dad and did everything I could think of to get his acceptance and approval. Why did I do that? Because he’s my father, and the only one I’ll ever have. My father was jealous of my success as well. He would belittle and patronize me whenever he had the chance. I looked up to my Dad when I was young, but when I became a young man and had my own ideas about things, he instantly became threatened. All I can tell you is, a dog can only tuck his tail and take the abuse so long; one day he will decide to bite back, no matter who it is. Once the love, trust and respect fade, you see things from a whole different perspective. You learn over time that people don’t change, and if they do, it’s usually from something traumatic. You need to cut the toxic relationships, even if it’s a parent, or you will end up angry and bitter, just like they are.

    • Finally, someone with sense. Thank you for this post. You nailed it. Now, those that are like Senior, in denial or dementia, will post in how he is the one that is wronged. Tait – this was a “dead on” post. Thanks

  9. The Old Man has issues, he was an acute alcoholic. Sr. has persisted and been successful in business. He did get carried away beating down Jr. but a good deal of it was to sauce up the show. Senior has a good heart…he looks after and cares for his pleasant step-mom. Sr. loves animals, a trait that most kind people exhibit. Junior has talent, but is prfoundly LAZY. Mikey is the poster child for birth control. Without the Old Man,giving them a leg up, neither of the kids could get a job at Burger
    King. Vinnie is a back stabbing snake that isn’t capable of following basic instructions. The accepted format to success is to please the man that signs your pay check. The common denominator all of Jr’s brigade are people with minimumal motivation and extraordinary greed! Mikey will be making a “circus” appearance this weekend, only way I’d want to see him would be on the seat of a dunk tank!

  10. It’s a fact that Sr. is no longer the angry yelling character we all saw when he was working with Jr. A couple of weeks ago the programme makers made that point by having several of the OCC employees say it – thereby making sure that Jr. would see it when he watched the programme.

    All Sr. tried to get Jr. to do was turn up on time, set a good example for the firm’s employees, and tidy up the workshop. Jr. just wanted to please his damn self though.

    It’s a different story now that Jr. has his own workshop. It’s immaculate – and Jr. has already sacked one young man for not doing as he’s told.

    If Jr. now understands what it is to run a business, to keep a workshop tidy & to have his employees turn up on time, maybe he’ll reassess his former employer’s efforts to get him to do those things.

    No wonder Sr. used to lose his rag.

  11. It has to be said that Mikey is just a sad case, and if he hadn’t been brought in to OCC by his dad, he’d have no money in his bank account whatsoever – he certainly wouldn’t be able to open an “art gallery”.

    That’s a real joke, too – remember Mikey getting Jason to show him how to draw an elephant out in the OCC car park? Now he’s an “artist”? Give me a break.

    As for his shenanigans with his dad – he needs to man up instead of hiding behind some so-called therapist, or his brother, & just go & see his dad. One day he won’t be able to, because his dad’ll be gone, & he’ll regret his actions then.

  12. The episode with Jr “designing” his “special features” for the Coleman Grill, says a lot about his abilities.
    I quit watching after that. I figured he would be attaching his “brand” on to refridgerators next. It’s all about the money for Jr.
    I figure if someone wanted him to design a wheel borrow, he wouldn’t say no if the money were waved in his face.
    Sr seems to have mellowed some since Jr left.
    maybe if Jr would have shown up on time, or in some cases ,at all, the old man might not have been so hot headed.
    Mikey goes where ever he’ll get a free hand out and a pat on the head for contributing nothing.

  13. Paul will your wife get her dress shop and have some of your bikes displace there?

    • I do hope the show comes back,but maybe with “more bike building,and less fighting/or disrespecting!I do realize that it may be hard to write for a show,where just about everyone likes to see,a father and his sons,always at odds,over something!I would like to see some good old fashioned “bike building”,like it was way back when the networks were loaded with those types of shows!Does anyone still remember “Biker build-off?”Or,how about when the cameras were allowed to go into the competition`s shop,just so we all could get a close-up of how “the other guys` ” were doing it?!Sounds good doesn`t it? No cussing,no fighting;just good plain old bike building!Hugh “the chopper” King ,where are you when we need you?Thanks to all,for listening! Bye for now! sincerely,Big Jim

  14. I have the 2007 Web Bike Prototype that was built on “American Chopper” the series Season 4 Episodes 5 & 6. The bike is for sale on ebay; take a look if you’re interested!

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