‘American Chopper: Senior vs. Junior’ Season 3: Is The War Over?

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american chopper sr vs jr season 3 American Chopper: Senior vs. Junior Season 3: Is The War Over?

Now that the highly anticipated build-off between Paul Sr. and Paul Jr. (as well as Jesse James) has come to an end, will the Teutuls finally find peace when American Chopper: Senior vs. Junior season 3 premieres on Monday, February 13? Probably not.

Even though the much-talked-about American Chopper: The Build-Off finally saw father and son take the stage together, there hasn’t been much of a change in Senior and Junior’s relationship. While Paul Jr. may have told Paul Sr. that he loved him during the live show, there hasn’t been any follow-up since.

Upon reflection from Senior, he does acknowledge that his son built “a nice bike” and that it had “nice workmanship.” That being said, Senior still prefers the bike that Jesse James built, simply because it fits within his preferred style for bikes.

Looking back at the live show, Junior touches upon the much-discussed hug and “I love you” comment that had fans believing their relationship would be repaired. While admitting that it was uncomfortable to hear his father being booed on stage, he doesn’t take back what happened during the build-off.

Explaining that his love for his father isn’t what’s in question, Junior states that it’s the subsequent actions of his father that’s the cause of their rocky relationship, not because he doesn’t care.

american chopper build off winner paul jr2 American Chopper: Senior vs. Junior Season 3: Is The War Over?

With Paul Jr. Designs taking off and Paul Sr. joining the cast of NBC’s Celebrity Apprentice season 13, both shops are busy on their next bike build: Junior working on a bike for a customer in Poland, and OCC focusing on a custom bike for Donald Trump.

But when Donald Trump makes a visit to Orange County Choppers, does the famed mogul do more to hurt Senior and Junior’s relationship than to help it? Leaving Senior with the advice of “Don’t leave him anything; don’t leave him 10 cents,it certainly seems that way.

Will Paul Jr. and Paul Sr.’s relationship ever return to the way it was when American Chopper: The Series began 9 years ago? We’ll have to wait and see.

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You can check out clips from Donald Trump’s appearance below:


American Chopper Senior vs. Junior season 3 premieres Monday, February 13 @9pm on Discovery

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  1. it’s really sad what this show has come to. i used to watch it years ago when the show focused more on the builds and “senior vs junior” consisted of arguments about getting to work on time and cleaning the shop. i really hope that these guys can repair their relationship.

  2. They might start talking again eventually, but I doubt that it will ever be like it was during the first few seasons of the Show. Also, Senior needs to shut up and stop bashing his son. It shows a complete lack of class. Junior doesn’t say bad things about his Dad and always comes off as the better man on the show. I can see why Mikey and Junior don’t trust their Dad. It’s sad that their family has fractured in this way.

  3. I don’t think they will ever mend their relationship. Senior keeps on talking smack about junior and he just does not want to apologize or try to reconcile, instead blaming junior for everything.

    Oh and Donald Trump is a dumb ass!

  4. Repair their relationship? They never had one, unless you call yelling, screaming, slamming doors, and verbal abuse a relationship. Personally, I was on the side of the father. His son was a total loser while working for him. Once he left and formed his own company I actually was surprised it survived. Both of them do much better when they are apart.

    • anon1: you’re surprised because you believed what Sr would say on the show about Jr not doing any work and never there and not liking bikes and not a fabricator etc. Sr convinced himself that all of OCC’s problems came when Jr got a cut of the business. So, naturally, Sr sued and tried to get the 20% back for nothing. OCC is not doing that well. It got too big and couldn’t sustain itself doing custom choppers. PJD is a small shop and can live off of the show $$ and 1-2 choppers a month. Sr will sometimes slip and talk about all the bikes that Jr designed at OCC, but he is always quick to assert that PJD can’t do anything as good as OCC and Jason is the best designer etc.

  5. First,I’ve watching the show for years and Sr. has always been all about Sr. If he can’t see what Jr. has done for him, well he’s not real bright. If Jr. wasn’t any good like Sr. says, he would not be doing as well as he is.

  6. Great Show as usual! kind of let you wandering about granma Teutal and if they had family services for her. Can see why fences are not being mended when Senior continues at every opportunity to put Junior down, he had no reason to comment about Junior to The Trump but his mouth got ahead of his brain again. Do not look forward to seeing Jesse “Jerk” James getting involved in the show again, he had his shot now let sleeping dogs lie. Mikey did not appear much in this episode which is ashame because he truly is a key element in the success of this series, would have thought he would have mentioned his grandmother at least.

  7. ps paulsr ive been waching yuor clips off u on t.v just go back to where u were when u got sober and talked to your sponcer what did he say; turn it over to a power graeter then are selvs!my sponcer said if it dont afect yor breathing u dont need to let it worry u!!!if it dont afect your your well beiny its not worth it! keep strait god bless u and your famely a friend terry eckenrode

  8. Sr. is a tool!

  9. The shame is that Sr is such a jerk. Keeps blaming everyone else for his problems. It’s always Jr’s fault that he has no relationship with Mikey and it’s up to Jr to come back. All he wants to do is dog Mikey and Paul, Jr. If my father treated me like Sr, I would have punched him out and walked away. Did I say, what a Jerk? Sr sux


  11. paul sr. is the biggest wynner and cry baby that i have ever heard. he say, i just want what is mine. well he got it,and now he is wynning about paul jr. and all his kids done want anything to do with him. he trys to stick it in their butt, everytime they turn around.

  12. I have over 20 years sobriety and what Sr. is what we call a “dry drunk.”
    I have watched the show since it started and I have to admit after watching Sr. last week he is at least making an effort to make amends. It all takes time and Sr. has come to the conclusion that time is slipping way.You can not change a person,you can only change yourself.
    They say on this weeks upcoming show that Jr. calls Sr.to tell him how sorry he is about the Death of his Mom. Thats a start.
    I think they all Love each other but their EGO’s just stand in the way.
    One thing I learned in AA is that no matter what happens you “Can Not Put
    A Price on a Hug.”

    • I agree. Paul Sr has been trying over and over and over again to find a way to have a relationship with his sons. While I get that Paulie and Mikey feel hurt over how their Father handled things, how he’s behaved etc etc – and all the past family dynamics that have played a part in this story…the fact of the matter is both Mikey and Paulie are beginning to really look like real dillweeds these days.

      How many more times do we need to hear Mikey basically say, ‘my father hasn’t changed, he’s this and that blah blah’ and Paulie act as if his father is playing the victim so HE himself doesn’t have to assume Any responsibiilty at all for any part of his own behavior. Paulie and Mikey have justified their choice to ignore their fathers request to try to work things out. Egos! Please stop it before its too late, your Father is so clueless in so many ways, but one thing is patently clear HE LOVES HIS CHILDREN!

      • I agree with you. Sr. may not be perfect but neither is Mikey and that’s an understatement. Mikey never takes responsibility for anything and never lived up to his end of the bargain when he changed his contract!

  13. what happened to danny at the Ironworks in all this?
    And paul senior has a daughter too,Where are they?

    Snr seems to fall out with everyone in his family,have a look in the mirror mate

    Perth western australia

  14. Actually Sr. is getting on with his life and his bikes are getting better! His team is now tight-knitted and things are running smoothly over there. Mikey should stop blaming everything on his dad. He didn’t do anything in the shop and should have been cut a long time ago.

  15. Paul Jr. should be ashamed of himself for not calling his dad when Helen died. it’s not all about him all the time. He is selfish and disrespectful and maybe one day he will be treated by his kids like he is teating his father. Take Trump’s advice , dont leave him a PENNY. Spend what you’ve earned and enjoy your life Paul Sr.

  16. Trump wants to get his filthy hands on Orange county chopper so he would have something to leave his children because right now the only thing he can leave is a loan to pay off. lol lol. Trump shut the hell up you f****** leach

  17. One more thing about Trump he has turned into the ugliest mother fu—- on earth bar none

  18. i only watch to see them build bikes…and thats what i enjoy most…the craftsmanship….the soap opera part is laughable…but is programmed by the producers for the more people who watch? maybe im wrong? but in any case im also alcoholic, have been a dry drunk for many years. and know that unless you work to clean your house it doesnt change..i heard at a meeting them say……if your a drunk chicken thief, and you sober up, you become a sober chicken thief? but miracles happen everyday……so i still enjoy the builds and totally amazed at thier builds, would like to get a bike someday…casey

  19. I think this show is fake but I like to watch it still cause theres really nothing else on around that time

  20. I like Donald Trump, but what he said to senior was wrong; cut him pout of your will. That was the Dons advice, I expected more out of Trump than that. Its family Don not Money, it’s his baby boy who actually looks just like Sr. in his younger pitchers. Did you ask once to see their birth certificates? Or suggest a good place for them to get their hair cut?