‘American Chopper: Senior vs. Junior’ Season 2: Featured Bikes & OCC’s Foreclosure Plans [Updated]

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american chopper senior vs junior season 2 American Chopper: Senior vs. Junior Season 2: Featured Bikes & OCCs Foreclosure Plans [Updated]

OCC vs. PJD – It’s on!
American Chopper: Paul Sr. & Paul Jr. Discuss The Cadillac Build-Off

The rivalry between father and son is about to begin again, as American Chopper: Senior vs. Junior season 2 is set to premiere April 25th on Discovery.

Instead of having to wait all those weeks to see what Orange County Choppers and Paul Jr. Designs will be creating in American Chopper: Senior vs. Junior season 2, we have photos of 6 complete bikes that are going to be featured this season. But before we jump into that, it’s only appropriate to update you on what has transpired between seasons.

The court case between Paul Teutul Jr. and Paul Teutul Sr. has been settled – well, the first one (no news on the second one). While the details of the settlement have not been disclosed, many people are reporting that the Black Widow bike has mysteriously disappeared from Orange County Choppers HQ and its website. Fans are currently speculating that, as part of the settlement, Paul Jr. will be receiving the Black Widow bike.

In regards to Orange County Choppers HQ’s foreclosure, things don’t appear to be looking up for the company. While in the series it was portrayed that things between OCC and their mortgage lender would end well, that isn’t exactly happening – at all. In fact, it appears that OCC is looking to build a brand new headquarters and allow the current one to be foreclosed on. Interestingly enough, OCC would like to build the brand new headquarters right next to the current one.

Plans for the new OCC HQ, which were presented to the Orange County Industrial Development Agency in March, list the new building as being a three-story, 25,000-square-foot facility (down from the 100,000-square-foot one they currently occupy), and would include a 20-seat café – in addition to spaces for manufacturing and fabrication, a retail store, offices, and warehouse space.

orange county choppers headquarters American Chopper: Senior vs. Junior Season 2: Featured Bikes & OCCs Foreclosure Plans [Updated]

Because of the tourism and publicity that OCC brings to the town, it’s likely that the IDA will be forced to approve the tax-breaks required to build OCC’s new HQ, but they’re not exactly happy about it. More than once in the meeting IDA board members commented on the shadiness of the proposition. One board member remarked, “Don’t we then become a party to avoiding a foreclosure? Moving from building A to building B could probably be a way for a business to protect their business from a creditor.” Acknowledging that fact, the chairman of the IDA noted that this project created the appearance of inappropriateness.

To make matters worse, the spokesman presenting the building to the IDA wouldn’t acknowledge that the new building would, in fact, be used for OCC’s new headquarters. Instead, one of the board members had to continuously question the spokesman in order to get him to even acknowledge that Paul Sr. was a part of the deal.

Here is an excerpt of said questioning (G&M Orange is a company owned by Paul Sr.):

Spokesman: “G&M Orange is not Orange County Choppers”
IDA Board Member: “What is the product the company will produce?”
Spokesman: “Fabrication of motorcycles.”
IDA Board Member: “Is this going to compete with the existing facility?”
Spokesman: “No.”

Eventually, the spokesman did acknowledge that Paul Sr. was the owner of G&M Orange.

If news of a settlement between Paul Sr. & Paul Jr. had you hoping that American Chopper: Senior vs. Junior would revert back to American Chopper: The Series, this recent foreclosure predicament and mysterious new building certainly seems to kills that notion.

paul jr designs anti venom American Chopper: Senior vs. Junior Season 2: Featured Bikes & OCCs Foreclosure Plans [Updated]

Even if things between Paul Jr. & Paul Sr. were wonderful, I highly doubt that Paul Jr. would want to return to Orange County Choppers. From the looks of it, Paul Jr. Designs appears to be doing well on its own.

Alright, now that you’re caught up, let’s get to the bikes that will be featured on American Chopper: Senior vs. Junior. In total, we have photos of 6 bikes: 3 from Paul Jr. Designs and 3 from Orange County Choppers. In addition, it has been announced that OCC will also be creating a bike for Deadliest Catch.

Continue for Paul Jr. Designs bikes….

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  1. Well looking at the Deadliest Catch bike its now obvious to me that OCC doesn’t think their designs through at all! Had they done any research into their paint theme, even watched an episode or two they would have realized that lightning is extremely rare on the bearing sea very nearly nonexistent. That simple oversight compromises the entire build in my opinion, and makes the whole team look ignorant. Just the $.02 of an Alaskan.

    • N, correct me if I’m wrong, but doesn’t whoever commisioned the build have to approve design, including paint before any build goes forward? Meteorological conditions in the Bering Sea would seem to be a pretty arcane point for guys living in NY to know about.

      • and i believe they do these bikes(the paint)for effect not accuracy.if it looks good,do it.and you are right,a rendering is submitted to the client for approval before a frame is even set on a lift.so i guess the oversight would have to be on the deadliest catch crew,maybe they dont know there meteoroligical conditions.thats just a little 2 cents from where im from

        • Your first sentence sounds remarkably like the story line for the show’s upcoming season.

  2. man,no post in the last few days.either everyones busy,like myself or losing interest in ac.should be excitement for some ,new season in 2 weeks

    • May have something to do with the radiation/car parts thing that went on here. There has been some minimal activity on the other boards, but what I’m finding is that by now, it’s pretty much the same thing being said over and over.

      Only so many times and ways you can have the Jr-is-a-saint/the-old-man-should-receive-capital-punishment-and-he’s-a-no-talent-hack discussion before it starts to get old.

      • couldnt agree more 58.like i said,i dont know where that came from and wasnt about to get involved in a discussion about japans glowing parts in a american chopper forum,nor ghost hunting.on a side note,i did watch american chopper,i believe friday.it was the billy joel build.the bike i had reffered to a while back was shown.it was a red bobber built by sr(not the billy joel bike).its probabaly my favorite.nothing too fancy,just a clean,clean bike.it was never shown as a build on the show,probabaly because its not a theme bike.however i researched it and found that it was designed and built by sr some time ago.just wanted to mention that to all who believe sr CANT build a bike.by the way it took first place i beleive 3 times in a number of bike shows

        • I mentioned ealier that I had watched a rerun of the POW-MIA bike that the old man did while Jr was off having his nails done. I think it was Campos who did some of the detail fabrication; didn’t see anything computer generated.

          It’s pretty much why I stopped responding to other people when they write about Sr can’t do this or doesn’t know how to do that.

        • That bike had an Indian motor, not an S&S, by the way.

      • Sorry about the rant… …let me start with that.

        I do Think the lack of comments is primarely based in the fact that this show has lost its spark for most people on this site (that doesnt mean it has decreased its value for the fans/viewers, it means that the normal reader of SR is more intresseted in creative typed show, then a reality show).

        Just my opinion.

        Again sorry for my occasional rants, as i stated to another commenter in here, i Get easily bored sometimes, and then i comment(i try not to Get trolled into meaningless arguments but it is sometimes verry difficult).

        Have good one

        • jf,no problem.ive been lured into a couple of times myself.ive for the most part have enjoyed this blog because of its maturity level.there hasnt been a lot of dissrespect to anyone save a few.most of it has been opinionated with respect to all.i agree ac has lost most if not all its spark,and i guess some are hoping it returns.myself i just enjoy the builds and can stomach some of the drama,like it was in the beginning.i cant watch shows like cupcake wars,hoarding,yes to the dress jersey shore,its just not me.so i guess im hoping,we get a show like biker buildoff,not holding my breath beacause it seems im in the minority here about whats broadcast.just want to see some cutting,hammering,welding of metal without the drama,….shouldnt be to much to ask….have a good day jf

          • How about if we cut, hammer and weld on the CAD and CNC stuff? Then put a broom head on the FARO Arm and sweep it all up.

        • In addition to whatever “spark” it lost, I think it also lost sight of the show’s original premise, which was two guys (who happen to be father and son) building bikes

          Some may say the show is just following the course of things as they evolve, but I think the builds have just become a means to focus on the rather deplorable (and boring) behavior as it plays out on both sides. They could just as easily be baking cupcakes as building bikes and the focus of the show would not be altered.

          • 58,had to laugh at that first comment with the sweeping up,i needed it anyway.and i believe your right about the cupcakes,quietly remove the bike lifts,cnc,faro and install some commercial convection ovens and for the most part i dont think most people will notice.

            • Which is what has kept me wound up. I simply want to see these guys build bikes and be successful. Doesn’t matter whether I like or don’t like Jr or Sr’s personal styles, it was about the builds. It seems now, like I said before, the bikes have become secondary to the family drama and are now just part of the backdrop scenery.

              • and 58,i think we agree that occ is far from the best builders out there.however its what they give us.im sure you like myself would much rather see,lane,ness,perewitz or indian larry(if still sround)even paul cox.

                • I saw an ad last night for the “new” OCC season which I guess will start in the next week or so. According to the ad, it looks like it’s going to be build-offs between Jr and Sr.

                  • yeah, i seen that.that appears to be what there going to try and deliver.i guess we’ll have to wait and see.they kind of billed that way last season also.i hoping we get 90% builds and 10% drama(i know there has to be some).i guess next week we’ll have a lot more to discuss

                    • Well, reading the hype on the Discovery fan site, “the fireworks continue” sort of implies that “the back and forth cheap shots continue”. I hate to be cynical (not really), but I doubt they are referring to 90% builds, 10% drama.

        • if you truley like watching the show and really enjoy what comes out of a build then you wouldn’t get bored. If your that bored watch the nannie. This show is for real people who love art and what the hands can do.

          • well edna,if you truley enjoy the builds then you would understand what we have been discussing on here for the last few months.the builds are almost non existant.its more about family feuds and drama than about bike builds.most of the people who watch the show today,rather than when it first started dont understand.it appealed to the builder,like biker buildoff,monster garage and then just went in a whole different direction.i myself like builds,but the last couple of years,there few and far between.i dont know if you know much about bikes,no disrespect but i obviously dont know you,but the bikes occ builds are not top shelf,by a long shot.ive seen better builders a block from my place of employment,who have been on biker buildoff.

            • gonzo….ever feel like you’re just going in circles? The new board about the new show is up now, by the way.

              • yeah,i do 58.didnt know the new show was up.thanks for the heads up

          • Meaning no disrespect, but aside from screwing on the parts that were designed on a CAD machine and cut out on a CNC water jet, where exactly do you find the “hands” part? Rick Petko and Jr’s temps aside, there’s very little “art” happening on the shows I’ve seen in the past couple of years.

  3. “I do Think the lack of comments is primarely based in the fact that this show has lost its spark for most people on this site”
    Well yeah, most people on this site are more concerned with Batman, Superman/smallville, Spider-Man, Harry Potter, Thor, IronMan, Deadpool, Wolverine, Green Lantern and who will play them, who will play the villains , where’s it going to be filmed, who’s directing and trailers we need more trailers.

    • Uhhhh……isn’t that pretty much the overall focus of the website as a whole? This is a pretty complex interactive site; I rather doubt it’s being hosted and maintained as someone’s after-work hobby.

      I haven’t gone back through their archived stuff, but I haven’t seen any other reviews that have generated the number of responses, or have been posted to for as long as the OCC-related ones have.

      Not much controversial you can say about Harry Potter beyond the fact that the kid with the glasses is getting too old to play the lead role. With the OCC topic, the lines are pretty clearly drawn and there isn’t a lot of ambivalence.

  4. Any of you guys ever see the movie, “The Worlds Fastest Indian” starring Anthony Hopkins?

    I’ve got it on dvd but haven’t watched it yet.

    • 790,cant say ive seen it.i usually try to watch anything with anthony hopkins in it,but havent seen that one.you can probably guarantee its going to be good with him in it

    • Yes, its good as far as i remember.

  5. I have not kept up with the new seson, but tonight they ran like 2 or 3 shows in a row. I know I missed something. Jr is selling or sold his shop I take it. Anyway there was this scene where Mikey goes in and tries to dress down his father for squeezing him and JR out of the business. This had to be some of the most pitiful stuff I have ever heard in my life. I use to be critical of Mikey for just being a general screwup but I’m convinced now he is either mentally slow or so burned out on drugs his mind isn’t quite there anymore. And yes it’s drugs. This rehab for alcohol is just pr. He needs help really really bad.

    • According to what’s available to the public, the old man is an alcoholic/addict who got straight and sober without any programs. That doesn’t include the (alleged) steroid use.

      Jr. had a drug problem, went to rehab, got involved with his church and has supposedly stayed clean.

      Mikey had an alcohol problem, went to rehab and is apparently staying sober, although it would appear he has replaced that addictive behavior with an eating disorder.

      I recall the conversation and agree totally with your assessment. Looked to me like the old man may have lost it for dramatic effect, or just has a serious anger management issue. But if you listened beyond the argument, the subject of the discussion was an employer trying to deal with a problem employee. If it hadn’t been for the father-son relationship, he’d have been canned anyplace else during his first month. 5 weeks vacation and 67 no-show days in a year?

      • that was the first time ive seen that episode.where mikey approached sr.mikey couldnt have been more wrong.given(by sr)a golden spoon,countless positions,missed i believe you said 67 days,comes in at 9 and then questions sr about being squeezed out,hell he squeezed himself out!how many of us could do any of the number of things mikey does and still have a job.maybe that was a rehearsal for his comedy show. squeezed out….PLEASE!

        • Exactly. The old man’s ranting aside, I don’t see how anyone who has ever worked for a living, in any capacity whatsoever can question why Mikey got canned.

          Correct me if I’m wrong, please, but didn’t he start, then get fired from OC Iron Works (by his brother, not the old man), then go to work at OCC sweeping floors and answering phones? He got “reassigned” when he couldn’t handle that, apparently to do the OCC website, then did nothing with that.

          If I further recall correctly, the old man then turned him over to OCC’s personnel guys, who put Mikey on a contract, which is where they tracked his time and attendance over the life of the contract and based on his performance (5 weeks vaca, 67 no-shows, couldn’t make it in by 9 AM)), chose not to renew.

          All the old man ever asked of either of the two kids was to show up on time, adhere to the same break and lunch sched the rest of the shop does, and stay until quitting time. Oh yeah, and do what you were hired to do in the meantime.

          • i agree 58.at my job im expected to be here on time,do what i was hired to do,no exceptions or they will find someone else to do it.jr and mikey had the mentality that dad would always spoon feed them.like sr said,its time to grow up be a man and accept resonsibility for your actions.as front men of the company should,ve led by example,not expect daddy to carry you your entire life.my dad instilled in me good work ethics and had i done what jr and mikey has done,he would have probabaly acted the same way.they where supposed to be the future of the company and im sure sr,s frustration was due to his kids not steping up.mikey needs to stop whining whoa is me.i believe he is around 30,step up and be a man……..maybe his calling is a judge on that show they had a while back pitmasters,taste testing…seems to be good at that

            • And while we’re at it, before the new season begins, all the people who think Jr has a halo and a set of wings while the old man signals the Apocalypse might want to review some of the older seasons as well. Especially the ones who think the old man is “jealous” of Jr.

              Didn’t the old man bring Jr into the business because of his talent as a designer? Wasn’t the series built around the father-son team building bikes together? Didn’t the old man make a pile of money based on the theme bikes Jr designed and the shop built? I rather doubt the old man, who is responsible for the business decisions, canned Jr because simply because he was “jealous”.

              Just barely possible there might be another explanation

              • i dont believe 58,that one second that jr was fired because of jealousy.jr worked for sr,not the other way around.i think it is what it is,jr didnt do the things he was asked to do.if i remember correctly,he was even given a contract just to come in as a consultant/designer after a falling out with sr and didnt live up to that,similiar to what mikey tried to do.

                • Then it would appear that we are both in the minority, if you read a lot of the posts that complain about the old man being both a tyrant and a bad father.

                  Didn’t know about any contract with Jr beyond the 20% gift (which was apparently written by Dewey, Cheatum & How; I hope OCC has upgraded their legal staff). I don’t get the whole “contract” thing anyway, except that time seems to have proven that they were necessary when working with the Teutel boys.

                  • i dont recall exactly if it was in fact a contract that jr signed,or if it was just an agreement between them.it was at least 4,5, years ago.jr and sr had one of there many dissagreements,if you will.jr didnt want to return and supposedly it was agreed that jr was going to come in as a consultant,maybe no contract but another position change,again.i just dont get a lot of these post 58,as an employee,your expected to do a job and work the hours assigned.as an owner your expected to do a job,above and beyond a non vested employee,work more hours.so i can to some extent understand sr,s frustration.so everyone who is making sr out to be the villian,put yourself in his shoes.he is definitly no angel but neither is jr nor mikey

                    • Like I’ve said before, I don’t think anyone will ever nominate the old man for Father of the Year. Absent his sons, I don’t even see that he’d be that bad to work for. Every time I’ve seen him get wound up and yell at anyone, it’s been because one of his sons, who are also employees, have done something first. May not be “fair”, but it’s not uncommon.

                      Granted, he is a father and they, like every family, has their problems. But the old man is also a business owner. He has to protect the business and the emplyees he’s repsonsible for.

                      Jr is a talented designer, but I wouldn’t want to need to depend on him for anything, including a paycheck.

                    • lost your replay button there 58.as you said,absent his sons,sr doesnt seem that bad or different from any other business owner/boss.i wouldnt have a problem working for him.a lot of his rants from what ive seen is egged on by jr.when sr used to come out in the shop and ask jr for a timeline or what jr had planned to do that day,all jr had to do was give him an answer,very simple.sr also had customers to answer to and besides the theme bikes there where also customer bikes,production bikes and various other business to tend to,people seem to forget that.i dont think the old man was asking much,just do your job,on a schedule and answer to the boss.i dont see him ranting on anyone else,because they all know there place ,which jr seemed to have forgotten

                    • not anyone says that jr or mikie are angles but having a father like sr id rather not have a father at all. He has nothing to do with any of his kids he wasn’t there when they were growing up so they have issues already. to have all of them in a so called family business it shouldnt of happened. Sr has made statements more than once he is retired and the company is both sr and jr. well i think his attitude sucks at work and out of work. Do you see him with his new wife I think sence ive watched the show maybe 2 or 3 times. All i see her do is clean his house and feed the animals. When he couldn’t even go to his own sons wedding he is a jerk and goes to that idiot that makes the sketches wedding i was not happy with that situation. Family is suppose to be there through thick and thin but this family is so screwed up.

                  • If you hit the Reply button from the first entry in the post you are replying to, it seems to work.

                    There was a show from early in the series where Vinnie got dumped on and I think, sent home for a day when the old man put him in charge of keeping the shop clean. That is not an unusual request from anyone who owns a shop, whatever the place produces. Anyway, Jr was aware of what Sr was doing, and Jr was the one who made the messes and didn’t clean them up in the first place. Then Jr continued to leave his trash all over the place and let Vinnie get beat on (he may have finally said something to the old man, but too little, too late).

                    Point is, Jr was the cause of Sr blowing up and it bounced back on another employee.

  6. 58,tonight is the season premier.im sure your excited,lol.i read the episode title.it appears as though this episode is going to show mikeys art opening and jr meeting with his attorney.nothing on there about a bike build.here we go again.i guess the sr against jr must not be about bike building.oh well,will i see you on this episode at mikeys art opening????

    • I can hardly wait. I don’t know much about art, but I’m pretty sure what Mikey is debuting isn’t.

      I think I’ll DVR it. I’d hate to interupt a perfectly good baseball game for a full hour listening to two grown men who were handed pretty much everything whining about how mean old daddy did them wrong.

      • going to watch the yanks and the sox tonight huh?ive been watching all weekend.missed the reds game last night.i was blessed this weekend with some college ball on espn.i have a son that plays for texas a&m.i’ll probabaly catch the second run of ac at 11.

        • I assume you are referring to the Red Sox, not the White ones; they didn’t play last night. I DVR’d the first new show anyway, although from reading the new review, it looks like there is somewhat less drama, at least on the first offering. We’ll see.

          PS: I can’t discuss the NYY without using language that the moderator would prefer not be used on tbhis site.

          • another item we agree upon there 58,the yanks!im personally a red sox fan,so i guess you know what i think about the yanks

            • Amen.

  7. When the show started i really loved watching it. I still watch the old ones but now i see how things really are. I think jr got a raw deal and no matter what his father shouldn’t have gone to the extreams that he did to jr. I love mikie but sr diffently showed favortizum to him and not jr. Jr works hard weather he is there at 7.00 or not he shouldn’t always ride his butt every episode. The bikes that jr make are out of this world. Sr may own the company but in the last 3 years or so jr has made the company. It’s too bad it had to come to this but i saw it coming along time ago. Vinnie is a hard worker and so is rick but rick took the easy way out thinking that jr wouldn’t make a go off his shop wrong answer. I wonder if rick is thinking about his choice now. Im glad that jr has started a family he deserves to be happy and the new shop and the ones that are working for him make him have a smile on all of there faces. At the begging they ask who you are siding with i chose Jr. And as far as his bike that sr is suppose to give him give it up old man it belongs to him he built it not you and he deserves it. Rick you should go see your friend it doesnt matter what sr thinks you have your own mind. use it. I can’t wait for the new show tonight. I love the deadliest catch bike im a fan of them too. great job.

    • well let me say edna,jr didnt make occ,sr did.if you are referring to american chopper (the show)they all made it with the help of course of pilgrim productions.as far as the bike that you say belongs to jr,who paid for the material,the shop where it was built and so forth.i build stuff for the company i work for,but it isnt mine,it belongs to the company im employed with.dont forget that sr GAVE(GAVE,GAVE)jr 20% of occ,he didnt buy into the company.put yourself in sr,s shoes.you own occ,but heck you have one son who isnt good at anything and another who thinks he is mick jagger(a rockstar)and can do what he pleases when he pleases.how could you let them get away with that while your trying to get your other 50 employess(which sr is responsible for)to do what you want.sr is no angel,i think jr is a good designer.come in to work on time,stay the whole day,take 1 hour lunches like everyone else,lead by example……just my thoughts

      • That’s about as well said as it can be. I’ve asked this question before and I’ll ask it again. How can anyone who has ever worked for a living for anyone else put any faith in Jr’s ability to be an employer?

        I will concede again, whether you like his stuff or not, he’s a talented designer. That’s what his father HIRED him to do at OCC. However, as an employee, he has a long history of being both unreliable and undependable. I don’t see that changing anytime soon.

  8. nice money bike

  9. delighted to see paulie got the black widow bike, he love’s that one, at the same time paul snr is a jackass for letting paulie go, lovely to see that your business is taking off paulie, good luck for the future from me, and family, you deserve so much more than you have got from your dad, if it wasn’t for you there would’nt have been a business in the first place.

    • The old man didn’t “let Paulie go”, he outright fired him. Maybe it had something to do with Paulie being unreliable, immature and irresponsible, along with having a rather over-inflated sense of his importance. Ignoring the family issues for a minute, Jr is a very talented designer. That’s more or less what he was hired for. If you’re a business owner, it’s tough to be paying your help to stand around and wait for your designer to show up and give direction.

      And meaning no disrespect, but OCC was just another start up business, producing a salable but otherwise mediocre product. Jr didn’t “make” OCC as a business. Discovery made it with AC as a popular television series.

  10. younguys sem to know about bikes, although iam a woman i used to love the series, the bike building fascinated me, and the finished product was always amazing ,is the last of occ? i hope not, it is dificult in this economic climate to get a job never mind run a business, paul snr if you value your business, work at itthe guys you have with you depend on you don’t let them down.

    • Don’t you think that his responsibility to those guys might have something to do with his getting rid of Jr, who, when all is said and done, was a problem employee?

      OCC found their niche doing those theme bikes. But in the end, they are not necessarily “amazing”. Maybe “imaginative”. They are nothing more thyan stock frames, stock engine and drive trains, stock front ends with some screwed on decorations.

  11. I don’t like any of the designs.
    The black bike that paul sr. is on is way too stretched out. You look like a fool if you can’t reach handle bars. blah

    The red and white car themed bikes look like crap from the front.
    Cars are known for there front ends they neither convey the look or feel of a camaro or gto. blah

    get a new designer

  12. Why does Paul Sr act like he wants to reconcile with Jr and Mikey but continue to bad mouth and put them down ?
    Sr looks like an jerk and I would not want to make amends with someone who always talks smack about me. Sr tries to
    Act like a tough guy but he comes off like a weak minded, insecure bully. Good luck to Pauly and Mikey – they deserve all the props for keeping it real.

    • Maybe because it’s about the only thing that’s keeping the show on the air?

  13. This is a joke, the old man does’nt design any bikes that I have seen since 2002 its alway been paulie jr that did. Then jason poole came along, still Jr redid every thing. Jr still designs on the cuff !! When will the old man wake up? Im a paul, my father was Jr, my grandfather was senior, im the 3rd, my father was the same as senior, never an up from the old man always a down… If he goe’s on with OCC on tv I won’t watch any more, if Jr gets a show I will watch, now I have at least 25 people that watch and they all say the same. Let the old man design a bike and not just yell or srew on a few bolts…. Wake up paul sr.

  14. great post thank you very much…. have a nice dayyy.

  15. I’m so sick of hearing mikey always Wants everybody to feel sorry for him when he was at occ what did he do

  16. juniors bike no.1 on my vote!!!!

  17. Paul’s Jr’s Cadillac bike is the best!!!!!!!!!! It gets my vote.


  19. Been watching the show for years. Love it. Just wish Paul, Sr. didn’t fuss and cuss Pauly so much. I don’t think he would have ever left. I think Sr. will be misable the rest of his life. He’s becoming fixed on what he can do to Paul, Jr. next. Paul Sr., why can’t you just love your son. You will be sorry one of these days when it’s all over. You made a remark that your sons would just sell the business when you die because they didn’t want to build them. Why does Paul, Jr. have his own shop if he didn’t want to build. We had a problem with our son at one time, but everyone got over it. Lefe is too short and there is not anything leke your own flesh and blood. By the way, I liked Paul, Jr. Cadillac bike. It was cool.

  20. paul jr. made himself very important at occ and he made some abuses of his position,sr. always angry at jr. because he is always late or disappear at work and sr. always weary of the deadline.thats the bottomline…

  21. i like the show, but all the bikes look pretty much the same. granted the designs are neat, but it’s the same rake, engine, frames, front end, etc. i’d like to see a bobber or an old school chop. no, haven’t seen all the episodes, so if they did any of that, then apologies, just seems when i do veiw it, it’s always the same style of bike. gets a little boring to watch the build.

    • Most of what the old man built the business on (and what Rick Petko prefers) are old school bikes. There have been a few of them built on the series.

      It would seem, however, that those of us who prefer that are way in the minority, as popular opinion seems to dictate that tribal cutout designs from a water jet bolted onto a stock frame and front end are what make up a (pick any new-age adjective you like) New Millenium custom.

  22. Paul SR has been in the business longer than JR so he gets my vote

  23. paul jr.was pretty good at. design. but he could not build a square box. with six pieces of wood . the same size. vinnie was always my fav. sr. gave him a start.when. he had nothinging. everyone.knows he left. occ because he was tired. of carrying paul. jr.vinnie tried, again. on his own, failed.he was heard to say he would .never work with paul jr. again.

    • Not exactly true. Before he came to work for his father at OCC, Jr did metal railings, etc for OC Iron Works. You don’t make it 10 minutes in that trade if you can’t do square, level and plumb. Go back to the very first episode. He hand rolled and welded all of that pencil rod for the Black Widow bike all by himself. He is not a mechanic, and he can’t do sheet metal like Rick Petko, but he’s a talented designer and he can weld and fabricate.

  24. Great drains great rivalry.happy to see jr. Succeed on his own. Really like both companies and hope they both stay successful, hope to see more build offs. My son and I both big fans it is both our dreams to visit both companies and meet the crews. We have been following series from day one and hope to enjoy more seasons

  25. Who won Cadillac bike contest.jr was. Ahead by about 80 thousand is it over

  26. The old man is a very sick dude in my humble opinion. Any GOOD Father would love his Son and want him to succeed. If they wanted a build-off, put Jr. against Sr. one on one. The old man has no design knowledge and his fabrication skills are questionable at best. The poor guy relies on everyone in his shop to do the work, while he takes the credit and trashes Junior & Vinnie’s work. my first car was a 51 Merc Convert that i picked up for 80 bucks and cars are my passion. i’ve never been into motor bikes at all and seldom watch the show anymore. Too much swearing and too much garbage being thrown around. The old man is nothing but a sad sack….

  27. The old man is one sick dude. Every GOOD father would want his son to succeed and do everything in his power to help. my 1st car was a 51 Merc Convert that i bought for 80 bucks back in Bismarck. Never had any desire to have a motor bike and seldom watch the show anymore. Too much swearing and too much garbage being thrown around. The old man constantly trashing Junior and Vinnie’s work is sickening. If the producers really wanted a “real” show, put Jr. against the ol man, one on one. Let’s see what the ol guy can do BY HIMSELF….

  28. before i comment i want to say i don’t own a motorcycle and i have never even drove one but i have seen every episode from day 1 and i know as much as you can know about this family. paul senior is a pathetic old man who is watching his business crumble. slowly he will have zero employees and friends if he keeps dogging his kid on tv. on the other hand paul jr took a chance and put everything on the line and started up what looks to be a successful business basically didn’t skip a beat when it comes to pleasing customers and building kick butt bikes.

    • Paul Jr. got fired because he is an irresponsible, unreliable, immature kid in a grown mans body whose ego is way out of proportion to his talent. If it weren’t for the notoriety he’s gotten from several years of being on TV, he’s still be installing wrought iron railings.

  29. it does make me feel good that almost all of america agrees that paul senior looks like a terrible person when he puts down his son and actually makes fun of and wishes his son bad luck. very few people probably less than 15% agree with seniors tactics and the way he handles himself.

    • The majority of America also elected the current administration. How’s that working out for us, and what does it say about their decision making processes?

      • What’s far worse is the majority voted for Bush (oh wait a second the majority voted for Gore didn’t they?). Anyhow the majority voted for the Tea Baggers — how’s that workin.