‘American Chopper: Senior vs. Junior’ Season 2: Featured Bikes & OCC’s Foreclosure Plans [Updated]

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american chopper senior vs junior season 2 American Chopper: Senior vs. Junior Season 2: Featured Bikes & OCCs Foreclosure Plans [Updated]

OCC vs. PJD – It’s on!
American Chopper: Paul Sr. & Paul Jr. Discuss The Cadillac Build-Off

The rivalry between father and son is about to begin again, as American Chopper: Senior vs. Junior season 2 is set to premiere April 25th on Discovery.

Instead of having to wait all those weeks to see what Orange County Choppers and Paul Jr. Designs will be creating in American Chopper: Senior vs. Junior season 2, we have photos of 6 complete bikes that are going to be featured this season. But before we jump into that, it’s only appropriate to update you on what has transpired between seasons.

The court case between Paul Teutul Jr. and Paul Teutul Sr. has been settled – well, the first one (no news on the second one). While the details of the settlement have not been disclosed, many people are reporting that the Black Widow bike has mysteriously disappeared from Orange County Choppers HQ and its website. Fans are currently speculating that, as part of the settlement, Paul Jr. will be receiving the Black Widow bike.

In regards to Orange County Choppers HQ’s foreclosure, things don’t appear to be looking up for the company. While in the series it was portrayed that things between OCC and their mortgage lender would end well, that isn’t exactly happening – at all. In fact, it appears that OCC is looking to build a brand new headquarters and allow the current one to be foreclosed on. Interestingly enough, OCC would like to build the brand new headquarters right next to the current one.

Plans for the new OCC HQ, which were presented to the Orange County Industrial Development Agency in March, list the new building as being a three-story, 25,000-square-foot facility (down from the 100,000-square-foot one they currently occupy), and would include a 20-seat café – in addition to spaces for manufacturing and fabrication, a retail store, offices, and warehouse space.

orange county choppers headquarters American Chopper: Senior vs. Junior Season 2: Featured Bikes & OCCs Foreclosure Plans [Updated]

Because of the tourism and publicity that OCC brings to the town, it’s likely that the IDA will be forced to approve the tax-breaks required to build OCC’s new HQ, but they’re not exactly happy about it. More than once in the meeting IDA board members commented on the shadiness of the proposition. One board member remarked, “Don’t we then become a party to avoiding a foreclosure? Moving from building A to building B could probably be a way for a business to protect their business from a creditor.” Acknowledging that fact, the chairman of the IDA noted that this project created the appearance of inappropriateness.

To make matters worse, the spokesman presenting the building to the IDA wouldn’t acknowledge that the new building would, in fact, be used for OCC’s new headquarters. Instead, one of the board members had to continuously question the spokesman in order to get him to even acknowledge that Paul Sr. was a part of the deal.

Here is an excerpt of said questioning (G&M Orange is a company owned by Paul Sr.):

Spokesman: “G&M Orange is not Orange County Choppers”
IDA Board Member: “What is the product the company will produce?”
Spokesman: “Fabrication of motorcycles.”
IDA Board Member: “Is this going to compete with the existing facility?”
Spokesman: “No.”

Eventually, the spokesman did acknowledge that Paul Sr. was the owner of G&M Orange.

If news of a settlement between Paul Sr. & Paul Jr. had you hoping that American Chopper: Senior vs. Junior would revert back to American Chopper: The Series, this recent foreclosure predicament and mysterious new building certainly seems to kills that notion.

paul jr designs anti venom American Chopper: Senior vs. Junior Season 2: Featured Bikes & OCCs Foreclosure Plans [Updated]

Even if things between Paul Jr. & Paul Sr. were wonderful, I highly doubt that Paul Jr. would want to return to Orange County Choppers. From the looks of it, Paul Jr. Designs appears to be doing well on its own.

Alright, now that you’re caught up, let’s get to the bikes that will be featured on American Chopper: Senior vs. Junior. In total, we have photos of 6 bikes: 3 from Paul Jr. Designs and 3 from Orange County Choppers. In addition, it has been announced that OCC will also be creating a bike for Deadliest Catch.

Continue for Paul Jr. Designs bikes….

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  1. ahh,we have a new blog.lets see how long this one goes.new season coming up.im sure you excited 58 lol!!

    • Like I said, I’m wetting my pants. But I’m happy to see the debate is alive and well.

  2. Wow, ugly bikes on the OCC side.

    • Happily for you and the rest of us, there are still factories cranking out all sorts of choices, as well as lots of custom shops. Some better than others.

  3. pauls bikes are looking good, occ’s really got genic and ugly looking

    • Funny, I looked at Jr.s bikes and think they look like he’s tried to copy the stuff Cory Ness was doing 7 or 8 years ago.
      Sr’s don’t exactly remind me of 60′s or early 70′s muscle cars, but at least they are more original.

      • 58,its funny you say that.me and a buddy where looking at the pjd bikes and he said the same exact thing,and now that you said it i can see the same thing also.the lines are very similiar.

        • Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Not only do the lines look similar to what other guys did years ago, but aside from one of Jr’s bikes having a flat paint job and the other having a glossy one, with minor differences, they look remarkably like the same thing.

  4. a freind of mine had a dad like senior, i remeber it was always hard for him to believe that everyone else would be given praise yet his son was always dumped on ny his dad I remember when he graduated from UCLA, dad never said a word, to miss your own sons wedding, i dont care whats going on, you have to be a miserable person inside

    • So he’ll never be Father of the Year. He raised his kids, educated them and provided his 3 sons the opportunity for fairly secure careers. The whole family thing is a two-way street, and they are a fairly typical disfunctional family. They are all grown men and at some point should start acting as such.

      That said, what does any of it have to do with the original premise of the TV show, which was building bikes?

  5. Damn, had I had wrote what you wrote 790, I woulda been called out for it as being trollish/flame remark lol.

    • Anthony,

      I just now saw the comment and it’s been deleted. 790, you are on the hairy edge of being banned. You’re as close as we have to a troll here on SR not just due to this comment but your “contributions” to the site in general.


  6. Its my robothead charm,,,


  7. I’m sure by tomorw morn my racist comments will be removed.


    Who knws.

    • I like the fact that they leave it up to show your small mind ignorance.

      • What can you expect from a sexually frustrated robot head that’s in love with a dead guy?

  8. 790, I’m sitting in my trailer, stealing a signal from the next door trailers’ unprotected wireless router, with my feet up on my dog who died a week ago but makes a great foot rest, and think I may be insulted by your post. As long as my neighbor doesn’t find the coax I spliced into her cable box, we’ll see how many people actually say they hate the show, but tune in anyway. Like you probably will.

    • 58,as i said before,looks like we have some hostility here.790 is probably ac biggest fan.im gonna watch from my trailer also,as soon as i fix that ole car thats been sitting up on cinder blocks for a couple years in my yard.right next to my chained up inbred pit bull

      • I believe this is what the shrinks refer to as “digressing”.

  9. Break out the rabbit ears and fill the generator with that thar gas-o-line Pa….we is gonna be watchin’ some ‘Merican Chopper soon! Yeeha!

    • Be very careful what you wish for. Or suggest.

    • Be very careful of what you wish for. Or suggest.

      • 58,dont know if you are seeing this,for some reason i cant get on any other site related to screenrant.wanted to give you my email so i dont lose touch.i enjoy our conversation….email usmc6520@yahoo.com

  10. My queston to Paul Senior would be, does he not realize that we are in a recession and people arenot rushing to buy a $70k chooper? They went way over board with all expansions and merhcandising that wasnt keeping up with the money the bikes were bringing in. He still doesnt seem to realize that he waste too much money on personel and business space.

    • aleric,i dont think we where in a recession when they built the new facility,maybe we where i dont know.as for all the merchandising,he has to do that,more so in a recession.personally i dont believe occ is going anywhere as ive stated many times,i believe its for tv.as far as personel,he really dont have that many employees for the size of the shop.im a tech at a autodealership and with about the same size space we run 17 techs on first shift and 15 on the other,not including service mgrs,service consultants,service logistics.i think occ will weather the storm.i would like to know how much jr took from sr in the settlement.it appears as though the black widow is back with jr

      • An attorney for the IDA mentioned that Orange County Choppers has 50 employees.

        • wow,thats a lot more than i thought.i guess you only see the select few on tv.im sure some of those are some pretty big salaries

          • Beyond the immediate Teutel family, I’d bet you’d find they are not paid much more than average local scale.
            And, as we’ve discussed before, once the lights and cameras are shut off, the old man is ultimately responsible for all of the salaries, benefits and morale for every one of those 50.

            • and 58,thats the part that jr didnt understand or wanted to understand.it isnt just about building bikes,its the responsibility to the company,to all the employees.when you own a business,it isnt 9 to 5 monday through friday,its 24/7 365,i think thats the frustration sr had with jr.as a person who was supposed to inherit the business,he really showed no interest(thats what i see on camera).

              • To 790′s point about it being scripted. I don’t know anything about media production, but I’d guess if there weren’t tension between the two main players, it wouldn’t do much for the long term ratings. There may (or may not) be a formal “script”, but it wouldn’t surprise me to learn that the producers reshoot the parts where they don’t think the anger or emotion comes through strongly enough.
                To your point, while there is, for lack of a better term, a symbiotic relationship between OCC and AC, OCC is a business that has to be run, as you say, 24-7. While I wish PJD and the guys who work there well, with Jr’s track record, if I worked there, I would have only taken a leave of absence from my last job.

                • You have it a bit flipped.

                  The parts that are scripted (I say that loosely) & would be re-shot are the pick-ups. Things such as, “We here in [insert city/state here] to meet with [insert company here]. Sometimes the talking head pieces (close-up interviews) might be re-shot (occasionally), but I wouldn’t call them scripted. The producer knows what they want the people to talk about, so they just ask them questions focusing on that.

                  All of the emotional stuff is captured as it happens and then edited to fit the story of what’s going on and/or what the episode focus is. Things of that nature aren’t manufactured. They possibly could be, but in the realm of television production it would take too much time, cost too much money and wouldn’t be as easy and just capturing what actually happens.

                  The elements that do lend itself to being “scripted” (again, I use the phrase very loosely) would be the more comedic/stupid moments. Shooting stuff through doors, knocking doors down…various stunts and “adventures.” Whether or not the idea to do some of these things comes from one of the field producers remains to be seen, but I’m sure there’s some coaxing.

                  Considering PJD’s film crew is new (to him) and OOC’s crew has been around for a while, that’s why you’re used to seeing the OCC crew do more “stunt-ish” activities.

                  • Thank you. Paraphrasing the Roosevelt character from “The Wind and the Lion”, you’ve spoiled a thing of beauty with facts.

                    I for one could do without the redundant destruction of the ubiquitous black 6-panel door. It was amusing (once) when they were moving from the first shop and drove the Explorer around inside. Beyond that, I question the “reality”, as time really is money, and all those guys standing around watching a dummy get launched off a steel frame someone took several hours to build doesn’t strike me as “realistic”.

                    With regard to that particular incident, don’t the cast have any say when something like that is “scripted”? According to the comments I’ve read on your other OCC articles, the old man seems to take quite an ongoing hit for that one.

                    • i believe that in the beggining the show was less scripted than it is today.i know there is thousands of hours that are edited for each episode.if you look at sr verses jr now,its hard for me to believe,aside from the 5 minutes of fab work they show that most of this stuff is not MADE for tv ratings.the ramp that occ built took countless hours and material to build.this kind of stuff has to be planned(scripted if you will).i also found some of this to be funy in the begginning,the door busting,running the truck through the old shop and my favorite,steve pulling the old blue chevy through the woods with the 1 ton dodge ram.those things where done when everyones happy and life is good.now the supposed animosity between shops,its not so funny now because now its directed personally at certain people,a personal attack as so it seems.drama equals ratings

                    • Out of reply buttons again, gonzo. With regard to the “scripting”, I think that’s pretty much what Mr. Ocasio said.

                      You’re right about the ramp gag; it took a while to build and set up, and while it certainly got a strong reaction, I don’t think it was what the producers were aiming for. If they stop breaking down those black doors, which ceased being funny after the third or fourth one, the local Home Depot will probably go under.

                      Since they are about the only bike building show left, why don’t they simply transition to letting the two shops go head to head? I hope that kind of drama you describe equals cancellation.

              • I think sr has a problem with jealosy when it comes to his son. Clearly, OCC wouldn’t be where thet are without jr. JR has his faults, but compared to SR—he’s more humble.

                As far as these bikes are concerned. I’m sure JR could do more if the price was right. Either way, Jason Pohl can’t match JR.

                • apachi,first of all the tv show american chopper made all of them.i dont believe for one second that sr wouldnt want a good working relationship with jr.he,being sr has given all his kids multiple opportunity for them to all be succesful together.jr never (and im not trying to beat up on jr)took the BUSINESS OCC serious.he has always mentioned that he was the DESIGNER.well thats all well and good,but sr GAVE him 20% of occ,now he is an owner.i belive sr gave him this so he would take more interest in the business and someday he would be president and ceo.now he is humble because he now owns pjd and see,s what it takes to be responsible for p/l statements,employees,its not easy,now he is seeing this

                • Jr has every reason to be humble. He was basically handed a dream position and future, along with (as gonzo says) 20% of a thriving business. All that was asked of him in return was that he do his job and adhere to a schedule. I’ve used the term before, I’ll use it again. He began to think he was some kind of rock star. Not.

                  You aren’t the first person to make the jealousy observation. The old man doesn’t care much for the new tribal-style stuff, but is smart enough to follow the money. The old man, despite what most of the Jr lovers/Sr haters think, can design and build. He just prefers old school. Sorry, but I don’t see it as jealousy, I see it as frustration, and Jason Pool is doing just exactly what he was hired to do.

        • anthony,how valid is the rumour with the black widow?i do know jr wanted it back as part of a settlement.what about the dream bike(the green web)?

          • I’m not sure how valid it is, but there’s enough evidence to back it up. The Black Widow Bike has been removed from the showroom at OCC and every mention of the bike has disappeared from the OCC website.

            Not sure about Pauly’s Dream Bike. I think Black Widow might have more significance to Paul Jr. than the Dream Bike.

            • How about the Fire bike, Commanche bike, Jets Bike, and host of others which created by JR.

              • Try substituting “designed” for “created”, then remember that “designing” is what he was hired to do.

                • excellent termanalogy there 58.created is a big word.also apachi needs to understand that these other bikes in question that where “DESIGNED” by jr where built at occ,designed at occ using material from occ while occ was owned by sr,so rightfully they,including the black widow which is said to be in jr,s possesion belong to occ

                  • I’d say at this point it all comes down to what His Honor says. I believe the court records with regard to the settlement are sealed.

                    I also believe that the Jets bike was contracted and paid for by an OCC client (the Jets?). Don’t know about the other two. Jr may have gotten more air time than anyone else during all those builds, but between his work ethic and the deadlines, I doubt he didn’t get a lot of help.

                    • OCC has it in their contract for the custom bikes that they hold on to the bike when it’s not used for promotion by the company that commissioned it. They refer to it as “storage,” but it usually ends up on the showroom at HQ.

                    • ive always wondered why every theme bike occ built is always seen on there showroom.so i guess my question is who owns the bikes?i know the bikes are mainly built for display or promotion however if i,as a company president or ceo paid more than 100 grand for a bike,i would at least want it displayed on my property.i guess its kind of like buying the farrari fxx evo,you can (if your selected by farrari)buy the car for a couple mil,comes with farrari assisted techs and race days on there approved tracks but you cant take it home.

                    • WOW,anthony,58.did you see that first page with jc and 790.where the heck did that come from.we went from bike builds,family fueds to japans radiation concerns.im gonna try to stay on point,dont want to get involved in world news.its a no win situation on here.anyway looked at some of occ,s new stuff for the new series.not to bad,not my style but o.k.

                    • If you think about it, that’s not a bad deal all around. The commissioning party get’s a show’s worth of airtime, the cost of which would probably be more than what they pay for the build. Plus (I assume) future rights to display the bike on an as-needed basis? It would be interesting to know all the terms and conditions of that agreement.

    • Actually, Aleric, there are a lot of folks who still have the means to buy custom bikes. There are a lot of very talented builders out there who are not on TV, still making a living. Matter of fact, I’d bet within 50 miles or wherever you happen to live, you can find a custom shop whose work is at least equal to that of OCC.
      I am not privy to the facts of the foreclosure, but I would bet two things. First, that the old man isn’t making these decisions himself. He has a group of attorney’s and financial advisors “helping”. Second, I’d go better than even money that it had less to do with OCC cashflow and more to do with strategic decision making.

    • I tried to respond to this a while back and think I got caught in 790′s issues. Anyway, Aleric, there are a lot of folks who are still able and willing to fork over that much and more for custom bikes. I would bet that within 50 miles of wherever you live, you can find builders who are as good or better than OCC or PJD.
      As far as going overboard, I also think you’ll find the foreclosure isn’t due to OCC’s cashflow, any more than I think that the old man made all those decisions without a lot of input from his attornies and financial advisors.

    • I agree. He is making a smart move to downsize. Putting in a cafe can help make more jobs. The question is with that is how well will that be with the cafe? He can start making choppers on the lower prices as well and to start customizing more bikes that people already owns. He could maybe start customizing rims and put them on market and auction as well. Also buying old bikes and fix them up to sell them at a reasonable prices? He needs to be defiantly more careful with spending money on High dollar materialistic things. He has made a great idea of relocating but he picked the worse time to make his business bigger than it has been.

      • I’m not 100% sure downsizing was the first plan, and I don’t think it was totally a cash flow problem. If I understand it correctly, OCC wanted their monthly nut reduced based on falling property values, fast forward to the foreclosure.

        If you look at their website, they do offer quite a number of services along with the T-shirts. Wherever you happen to fall on the Jr vs Sr argument, one thing I wouldn’t be too concerend with is either of their bottom lines.

      • I’m not sure downsizing was the original game plan. I think OCC wanted the terms of the loan restructured when property values reduced the value of the building, then fast forward to foreclosure. I don’t think it was a cash flow problem for OCC. They did have some layoff’s, but then, if you believe the show, hired people back.

        If you look at their website, they do offer goods and services beyond the ubiquitous hats and T-shirts.

        • and from what i inderstand,occ does offer a product line as well as production bike line,by product line i mean bolt on accessories.as far as building there new headquarters,it wasnt built at the worse time,it was built or concieved when business was booming.im pretty sure sr has people around him that know what there doing as well as he himself,he,s no dummy.and 58,your correct,i dont think sr is worried about his bottom line.im sure its pretty strong.maybe not double digits at this time but im sure he will make necessary adjustments as needed

          • Gotta love those bolt on accessories. Nothing improves performance like a water jetted tribal cutout of someone’s interpration of barbed wire.

          • Sorry about the double postings, but sometimes when I hit reply, nothing happens. You’d think I’d learn.

            • 58K,

              No need to double post. For some reason some of your posts are being caught by the automated spam filter but I go through several times a day to find valid comments and publish them.


              • Got it; thank you.

  11. I was just joking around with the white trash comment. That term is not really an insult where I come from.
    (Los Anegeles).

    OCC is a scripted show gang. If the tension didn’t exsist it wouldn’t draw in the viewers. And no I don’t watch the show. :)

    • 790,any comment made about a persons skin color is racist where im from,furthermore how do you know the show is fake if you dont watch?and last where the heck is los anegeles? anywhere near los angeles?

  12. Well words are just words gonzo. I’ve heard a lot worse in my day. Even in films. Currently there are several tv shows that glorify “white trash”.

    I don’t recall calling YOU a memeber of a white trash family specifically. I was just making one of my usual outbursts. Not really aimed at anyone, I few people got the joke.
    The show IS scripted because I work in tv in Los Angeles and know how these shows are produced.
    Just because I’m not an avid follower doesn’t mean I’ve never seen the show. :)

    • Uhhhh…..I’m not sure this is the forum for a civil rights debate or defense.
      High road, gonzo….Semper Fi.

      • correct there 58,high road taken…..semper fi

        • Yeah, well, I started it when I responded to the first trailer post. Should have thought a little more before I hit the Submit button. My apologies to you and 790.

          • same here 58,my apologies.i like these blogs because this one (screenrant)has been respectful and mature.im too old for that.anyway back on topic,your right about jr,s bike,pretty much simliar different paint.the occ bikes dont look as bad as everyone is saying.i guess we will wait and see what the season brings

            • I see you found your Ferrari.

              • yeah,i had a hard time affording this one

  13. This show is so full of sad family drama, but it advertised as such. A father sueing his son is as shamefull as it gets. But the whole premiss of all these guys building undesigned, and untested machines should be banned for actual highway use. Nice works of art, yes. But how many ways can you make an old clunker of a Harley design? How about inovation. Work on a performing machine. A street-fighter design has more to work with, a hundred times over! Look up a Britten. One man built a machine, out of this world, and beat every big factory in every way! All by himself, in his little garage.
    Then I watch the crew at OCC talk about the radical “shift leavers” on the Headrush bike. Excuse me. Every rider knows that those are Cluch and front brake levers! Do they actually know anything about bikes? I think not. Embarassing to watch!

    • The lawsuit was sad, but what was the old man’s alternative? Let Jr completely kill morale and ruin the business? As I’ve mentioned before, Jr wasn’t responsible for the livelihood of all the OCC staff you don’t see, Sr was (and still is).
      “Old clunker of a Harley”? I think some of the other builders around the country, Perewitz and Lane on the east coast, Denver Choppers on the west, might take exception to what you state.
      Regarding the Headrush, I think they simply mis-spoke and it was never edited out. I think they were referring to line abd cable routing and the actual design of the lever (another CNC cutout).

      • harley davidson is an AMERICAN icon.no offense to the imports,but there is only so much you can do with plastic.these bikes as you mentioned 58 from perewitz,lane,ness are works of art,its a passion and if you dont have it you’ll never understand,my opinion of course

        • One can only assume that mobike is referring to the Ninja/Katana genre that the youth of the world are spreading themselves over the planet’s countryside with when they find their ego’s exceed their abilities.

          While I have always been a fan of Brit and Italian bikes (and cars), nothing else is a Harley. Period. It’s like people saying their whatever is faster than my Corvette (don’t have one, just an example). Or is more comfortable or has more ground clearance than my Jeep (do have one of those) So what? There can only be one original.

          All these guys like Perewitz, Lane, James, the Ness’s, Indian Larry and even the Teutel’s have done is raise the bar. But they are all based on a V-twin.

          • 58,you and agree big time on the italian stuff.ive always loved the ducati.as for there auto’s…im a farrari nut!love the sounds!…but dont own neither.i daily go to michael schumacher driving his fxx evo just to here the sound

            • If I recall correctly, in ’09, OCC signed with Ducati as a dealership. Don’t know what happened with it.
              I have a guy up the street who drives his Ferrari by the house a couple of times a day and you’re right, nothing else sounds like one. Kind of like when people drive by with an unmuffled V-twin, you just kind of smile.

              • ive noticed in the second to last episode,there where 2 duck 1098,s and it looked like 1 monster with the ducati banner in the background.dont know if they are still a distributor.

                • Orange County Choppers is not listed as being a dealer on the Ducati website.

                  • i guess that answers that

                  • Early to mid 2009, Ducati announced Ducati Hudson Valley was opening. It was apparently contracted between Ducati and the old man as an adjunct to, not part of OCC. I do not know any of the facts beyond that I believe it has closed.

                    There are pictures of a Monster that Jr allegedly “gave the OCC treatment to” still floating around. In my opinion, that’s tantamount to having the graphics staff from Mad magazine touch up the Mona Lisa.

                    • that is scary just to think about.im sure davinci would agree

  14. I would like to see Paul Jr. build more user friendly bikes. He seems to dwell in the artistic realm which is not where the common bike user lives (and that would be to have the freedom to cruise cross country). For instance, the anti-venom bike’s gas tank is too small and I hate it when they combine the gas tank with the oil tank. Use more emblems on the side of the tank (example Billy Joel bike).

    • well frank,thats what he does.he doesnt build bikes for production or the every day user.could he?thers too many good roadworthy bike builders out there which i hate to tell you,forgot more than jr knows.thats why on these blogs we have stated time and time again that without a production line,down the road he is going to be in trouble

      • Frank, I don’t think the primary function of any of those bikes is to actually be ridden. They would probably take modification to be street legal. Every now and then, when they actually show a build, you can hear the mech’s talking about it. They are one-off theme bikes, basically used as advertising, even if you hear about how comfortable they are and how well they handle when Jr or the old man test ride them. I imagine those bikes spend a lot of time as centerpieces in booths at trade shows.

        I agree with gonzo about Jr doing production bikes. I know exactly zero about how TV decisions are made, but I can’t see the OCC series going beyond the next season. That would mean the end of the free exposure, and the world is quick to forget.

  15. I saw the Deadliest Catch Bike yesterday. Paul Sr unveiled it at Catch Con in Seattle. I have video of the unveil here:

    Nothing special on the bike, really cool paint though. I have some good hi def pics of it as well. Hit me up if you like.

    • There are pictures available online now. Looks pretty old school to me. Guess that means all the Jr fans won’t like it.

  16. Deadliest Catch and American Chopper are both shows produced by Pilgrim productions.

    What I mean by scripted when it comes to this show is that the central characters create tension “deliberatly” during the course of the season.

    Sure it looks real, lawsuits etc, but its not. Its these guys acting trying to keep the show interesting while at the same time staying focused on watching them building cool looking motorcycles.
    That’s it, they either get ratings or they go back to just owning a custom bike shop, in a bad economy. Of course they heat things up. They have to.

    • 790,like 58,i dont watch either of those shows and wasnt aware that pilgrim did them.i dont believe in ghost,so ghost hunters to me is fake,and a show about catching crabs doesnt do anything for me.i like building,whether it is cars or bikes or whatever.i do believe in the beginning that the show (AC) was real,a blue collar father and son shop,but like anything else.they got on tv,kinda like those kardashions,probabaly spelled there name wrong but who cares.fame with ratings.

  17. They tried to do this same thing on Ghost Hunters (also a Pilgrim production) seasons 1 and 2 were full of tension between several of the cast members.

    Eventually they stayed focused on the actual ghost hunting, but for a while it was turning into OCC Ghost Hunters. :)

    • My knowledge is limited, and I don’t watch any of the shows you mention. But, I did watch both Monster Garage and Monster House and it seems that when ratings dropped for whatever reason, the producers tried to save the shows by filling time with arguments and personality disputes. I don’t recall any of the contentious behavior being done to the extent it’s done on AC, but it seemed to be done as a last-ditch effort to save the shows.

  18. I just found this website, its the best FYI I have a relative that works with PJD most of the tutel family was used to seniors outbreaks, and somewhat tolerated it, the two sons that are doing good senior loves to put down and its been like that since i have known them all, but whats changed after the firing is that senior has tried to destroy junior in business and in his personal life the shows shows some not all the attacks/stabs at pjd, and the show has only brought up a couple of the personal attacks/back stabs, all i know is that junior was crushed when his dad did not show at wedding and what i hope never happens is that the show ever shows some of the other things that senior did that were extremly hurtful towards paul nobody wants it aired, even the production company thinks it would put a very bad light on senior also the show was spot on when they showed what a back stabber lee and odie are lee played games with paul and odie was and is the back stabbing king, again they did not show everything

    • 1. People watch the show so they can get angry at him when Sr. blows up. Probably would affect the ratings if Sr tried to be a reincarnation of Mr. Rogers. Or, if the production staff sent him to anger management.

      2. AC as entertainment notwithstanding, PJD is a new business in the same zip code and now in direct competition with OCC. Sr still has those 50 employees he has to pay every week.

    • BB
      Learn how to use a period once in a while.

  19. @Gonzo, you don’t believe in Ghosts?

    Wow. :)

    • no 790,dont believe in ghost.im one of those people that have to see to believe.never seen a ufo neither

  20. Ah well, I can tell you there real. I’ve seen some weird stuff and collected many evps. :)

    • 790,you see,i went and got me a new avatar! now thats real!i gotta see it,touch it,smell it, FARARRI FXX EVO,PURE ITALIAN SUPERCAR!

    • You should stop smoking that wacky tobaccy… And begin to be sceptical, There is no magic beeings, no god, no devil, just a moment of life on this earth…

      Ofcourse if you going to continue to believe that you see things, you should do some studies into string theory to explain these “sightings”as this will make you sound sane, and not as an insane troll you keep showing yourself to be…

  21. i think a lot of the discussion on this blog is getting off base.i would like to see some comments on the occ forclosure and the proposed new building.lets here some thoughts on that.i personally dont know any of the details other than what mr occasio has posted.

    • Well said.

      OK, I think the foreclosure is American free enterprise at it’s finest (the NY Yankees notwithstanding). The Orange County IDA board can wring their hands and sound pious all they want, but as was stated in the article, the whole OCC operation brings a lot of money to the region. Shady? Please. They are either incredibly naive or simply up for re-elction.

  22. Hey BB,

    its TH, your right about everything, still can’t beleive lee crapped out on paul, he was not as bad as odie the turncoat but he did some back stabbing too, pauls lucky he did not scam him for to much dough the big difference I noticed was that odie on camera was not cool, but the other snake Lee did allot of back stabbing off camera hey who did jason say was fed up with senior mondo would not tell me, he is waiting to figure it out with lawyer he signed a bunch of stuff that senior made him do
    FYI I heard that seniior stopped by his old house, but mikey would not open the door and senior said some pretty mean stuff, cody said that mikey could was kind of broken up, I thought that would make pauly fight back but he just won’t go there I heard LLJ was was pretty hot looking at pauls wedding

  23. Ghessshh

  24. On a side note:
    Anyone that owns a Japanese bike may want to stock up on any parts you may need.

    Your going to see Japanese products vanish from the shelves very soon.

    • Once again you just spew out random thoughts that enters your ‘walnut’ Thinking you Are smart/clever/funny…
      Forgetting, or beeing totally ignorant to the facts…
      It took Japan less then a week to rebuild theire highways, i guess japanese bike parts Arnt that high on the goverment list of things to do, but less then a week for a highway… …it took manhatten(ny) two years to complete a bridge, so i aint worried about getting any parts for my kawasaki 454ltd…

  25. @jf, I don’t know if you heard but Japan is more or less broken and highly radioactive at this point. Ah its going to have a very real impact on spare parts for your bike.
    Here’s a brief clip I read from a wacky online source today,,,,
    Customs officials in Vladivostok Russia, seized a radioactive cargo of 20 cars from Japan. Their level of radiation is two times higher than normal. Intensive beta-radiation was discovered during a checking of the “Asian Ice” ship.

    The cars are currently being kept in quarantine and will most likely be sent back to Japan.

    This is the first large shipment of radioactive second-hand cars from Japan.

    Earlier, heightened levels of radiation were found on several private vehicles.
    Here’s a comment from one of the readers,,,
    @iwokeup Says: April 12th, 2011 at 8:38 am

    I sell Japanese cars. Latest memo says from the manufacturer says we are going to experience limited supplies. I guess they forgot to mention we may be exposed to radiation when they get to the showroom…..If the cars can absorb and retain the radioactivity….what about the people who build and ship the cars? ( what / who is more expendable? cars or people ) I think I know the answer.
    Do you think I’m making this stuff up? :)

    • How many type of radiation do you know, There Are all kinds of radiation, some kind of radiation you litterally have to breath in, or eat, so dont eat your car….
      if you Are so afraid of radiation, you really should not go to dentist or cardiology, you know There is a reason they stand behind a leadfilled wall when they take picture of your teeth, radiation is in everything,
      Frightening the people saying that the level is 1,5 to 2 times higher then recomended doses, does not really say anything if they dont say whats recomended, and how they came to that recomended number…

      By the way, the american military, is using radiictive material all the time, im not talking about the bomb, im talking about There depleted uranium metall in Bomb Shell, just a fact, nobody seems to care about that dry dust radiation that your soldiers breath in…

      No i do not Think you make stuff up, but you sure swallow everything, as we say in norway, sink, line and bait…

      Use your brain, try and seperate fact from fiction, but most importantly seperate usefull information out from the gutter called the internett, one source is nothing, ten sources with fact checking everything…

      You sir may continue believing that japanese parts Are getting cut because of radiation, some incidents of this has obviously happened

      how many Cars where on the boat? There Are currently 20 beeing detained did the boat only carry 20 cars? And is that all that has been detained from the cargo ship from japan? Have you ever seen a cargo ship?

      Believing in iwokeup… …well i sell whores to congressmen and they pay topdollars, but only if they have mad cow decease… Do not believe in comments, whatever he believes is NOT a fact, it is his believes

      • Sorry got cut off…

        Believe in facts, not one source, and never ever in the Wild speculation of a commenter…

        One source=BS, ten sources=fact/propaganda.

        You may continuing to believe that the spare parts Are not comming because of radiation, i believe it is because the structure is still beeing rebuild, i wouldnt care less of kawasaki parts to europe if clean water was still a problem…

        NO i do not believe you Are making things up, I DO believe you have a problem understanding what is actually happens to be the problem(that doesnt make you stupid, just ignorant, which is better because you can do something about that).

        But arguing over the net is like trying to piss in toilet at night, it always leaves something out…

        I will quit this discussion, by Bowing out gracefully(or so gracefully i can be writing english this bad)

  26. Jf, where do you get your fact checking news from?

    • ItAr tass( a News agency, which sold the News to wherever you read it)
      Ass press

      You know the News agencies arround the world…

      Have my sources…. Ap member myself you see;)


  27. I’m hardly arguing with you jf,,, you seem to be intellectually frustrated more then anything. :)
    Japan reactors Are Not being rebuilt. The radiation levels are so high they can’t even clean up the dead. Japans local ground water and food are already contaminated. That’s not scaring the people that’s the facts. Witholding those kind of facts is criminal and dangerous. Imo.
    So your reasoning is more sources on a story equal facts? Would that be internett sources or tv news sources. You already said that the internetts full of bs so witch is it jf,,,? Is that what your trying to type here:
    “One source=BS, ten sources=fact/propaganda.”

    When has fact become synonmous with propaganda? (I mean I know it has in the mainstream media but where else?)
    Usually when I’m called out by some guy in Norway, I only provide one or two links. I need 10 to prove to you that Japan is basically destroyed and the radiation levels Will Effect the nations (japans) economy? Are you insane ???
    Also again, (reading skills, get some),,, I never said spare parts are not coming I said they are going to be hard to find.

    • This hardly the forum for this discussion, so i answer briefly.

      Yes im frustrated, mostly at politicians, but more on whats called democracy, it is not democracy, Even though we have a vote every four year.

      i have no information of them not cleaning up, i have to take your Word for that(Even though the dangerous areas is expanding 30+km from the reactors, and Japan is bigger then that)

      Yes more sources=more likely to be facts

      Yes the web is full of bad sources, but all thumbs Are fingers but not all fingers Are thumbs(if you Get that analogy)

      Fact is never written in stone, fact: jehova is god, fact: Allah is god, fact: krishna is the creator of all, you have to study the clues

      • At least your first sentence was accurate.

  28. @Jf, here’s some posts on an AP press site,,, that’s one your sources correct?
    Japan equates nuclear crisis severity to Chernobyl
    IMF cuts Japan growth forecast due to quake
    Japan ups nuke crisis severity to match Chernobyl
    Ford says Asian operations may face part shortages
    Toyota warns US dealers of summer car shortages
    Here’s the link where you can read any of those stories.

    • Yes that is correct, i seem to loose my connection so im sorry that the ansette Get so gutted..

      Yeah i remember Tsjernobyl, not that bad, still can not bade in the swamp water nearby, but they have already started to use it as a tourist attraction.

      IMF- DO NOT LISTEN TO THEM! EVER! But sure i can see growth forecast beeing cut of this

      Part shortage yes, but most country has a stockpile, some thing may COME on backorder ofcourse

      Summer car shortage, that is Three months of shortage, not Three months of nothing, showing that the land still deliveres.

      Ap.org has good sources, but News Are News, its been a Long time since News where hard hitting journalisme


  29. I’m not trying to insult you jf, however you should be frustrated by politicians, they’re the ones controlling what you consider news/facts.
    Thanks for the dialog,,,

    • Yes, i actually sad that earlier, worded it differently but basicaly the same sentiment.

      This is not a forum for these discussions, SR should be about movies, i am digressing as much as anyone but just for referances i try not to write(i do not always succed) anything not film related, i try to bite my tounge.

      I have thick skin, you need to do more then insult, beat me up to break me, i break down only for reasons that can not be argued.

      You should read globalisation of poverty, and always have this fresh in your memory(you dont have to believe what the author said but always try to listen)

      And remember unpopulare ideas has always been prececuted Even in the state, which bur ed Toms of Toms of booke in the fifties, just because a reporter didnt like the idea of one of the authoers idea…

      I will from now on try not to be baited into these typed of discussions