‘American Chopper: Senior vs. Junior’ Season 2: Featured Bikes & OCC’s Foreclosure Plans [Updated]

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american chopper senior vs junior season 2 American Chopper: Senior vs. Junior Season 2: Featured Bikes & OCCs Foreclosure Plans [Updated]

OCC vs. PJD – It’s on!
American Chopper: Paul Sr. & Paul Jr. Discuss The Cadillac Build-Off

The rivalry between father and son is about to begin again, as American Chopper: Senior vs. Junior season 2 is set to premiere April 25th on Discovery.

Instead of having to wait all those weeks to see what Orange County Choppers and Paul Jr. Designs will be creating in American Chopper: Senior vs. Junior season 2, we have photos of 6 complete bikes that are going to be featured this season. But before we jump into that, it’s only appropriate to update you on what has transpired between seasons.

The court case between Paul Teutul Jr. and Paul Teutul Sr. has been settled – well, the first one (no news on the second one). While the details of the settlement have not been disclosed, many people are reporting that the Black Widow bike has mysteriously disappeared from Orange County Choppers HQ and its website. Fans are currently speculating that, as part of the settlement, Paul Jr. will be receiving the Black Widow bike.

In regards to Orange County Choppers HQ’s foreclosure, things don’t appear to be looking up for the company. While in the series it was portrayed that things between OCC and their mortgage lender would end well, that isn’t exactly happening – at all. In fact, it appears that OCC is looking to build a brand new headquarters and allow the current one to be foreclosed on. Interestingly enough, OCC would like to build the brand new headquarters right next to the current one.

Plans for the new OCC HQ, which were presented to the Orange County Industrial Development Agency in March, list the new building as being a three-story, 25,000-square-foot facility (down from the 100,000-square-foot one they currently occupy), and would include a 20-seat café – in addition to spaces for manufacturing and fabrication, a retail store, offices, and warehouse space.

orange county choppers headquarters American Chopper: Senior vs. Junior Season 2: Featured Bikes & OCCs Foreclosure Plans [Updated]

Because of the tourism and publicity that OCC brings to the town, it’s likely that the IDA will be forced to approve the tax-breaks required to build OCC’s new HQ, but they’re not exactly happy about it. More than once in the meeting IDA board members commented on the shadiness of the proposition. One board member remarked, “Don’t we then become a party to avoiding a foreclosure? Moving from building A to building B could probably be a way for a business to protect their business from a creditor.” Acknowledging that fact, the chairman of the IDA noted that this project created the appearance of inappropriateness.

To make matters worse, the spokesman presenting the building to the IDA wouldn’t acknowledge that the new building would, in fact, be used for OCC’s new headquarters. Instead, one of the board members had to continuously question the spokesman in order to get him to even acknowledge that Paul Sr. was a part of the deal.

Here is an excerpt of said questioning (G&M Orange is a company owned by Paul Sr.):

Spokesman: “G&M Orange is not Orange County Choppers”
IDA Board Member: “What is the product the company will produce?”
Spokesman: “Fabrication of motorcycles.”
IDA Board Member: “Is this going to compete with the existing facility?”
Spokesman: “No.”

Eventually, the spokesman did acknowledge that Paul Sr. was the owner of G&M Orange.

If news of a settlement between Paul Sr. & Paul Jr. had you hoping that American Chopper: Senior vs. Junior would revert back to American Chopper: The Series, this recent foreclosure predicament and mysterious new building certainly seems to kills that notion.

paul jr designs anti venom American Chopper: Senior vs. Junior Season 2: Featured Bikes & OCCs Foreclosure Plans [Updated]

Even if things between Paul Jr. & Paul Sr. were wonderful, I highly doubt that Paul Jr. would want to return to Orange County Choppers. From the looks of it, Paul Jr. Designs appears to be doing well on its own.

Alright, now that you’re caught up, let’s get to the bikes that will be featured on American Chopper: Senior vs. Junior. In total, we have photos of 6 bikes: 3 from Paul Jr. Designs and 3 from Orange County Choppers. In addition, it has been announced that OCC will also be creating a bike for Deadliest Catch.

Continue for Paul Jr. Designs bikes….

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  1. I could care less about the drama between Jr and Sr and the loser Mikey and his substance abuse problems… They make great bikes and I’d wish they concentrate on builds and keep the personal problems private.

    I always change the channel when they start talking about something else not related to bike builds… HINT to producers

  2. I love the way Paul Jr.’s bikes look it’s great.

  3. let’s face it Senior is an abuser. His personality stemming from drugs and alcohol shows an anger that never abated so he takes it out on his kids. I don’t know how any could stand being with the man for five minutes. Having said that he had a son who could build $150,000 bike and yet he screams at the guy for not sweeping the floor. If Paul Jr. wasn’t there he’d probably hire someone to sweep the floor at base pay. I think the bottom line is the business got too big, the demands too constant and with Sr.’s personality they were doomed. I hope Jr. goes on his own and as for Mikey, get a damn haircut and start looking like a man instead of a teen. People don’t respect men who still act like little boys, i.e. short pants.

  4. How did Paul Jr afford all the Capital equipment he has in his shop? My guess is he got all of it for free in exchange for product placement on tv, that includes his two Toyota trucks. Anyone could have a successful business if they didn’t have to pay for anything ..

    • I’m not sure he didn’t have to pay for anything, but I’d bet better than even money he got some very attractive terms. I’ve never seen a start up shop where they can afford to roll in a 5 axis water jet machine before they even get the power turned on.

    • What matters is that it was jr’s idea to do “Theme Bikes”–which put OCC on the map and made the company millions. Hopefully, one day SR will be mature and humble enough to say that it was his son’s creative vision for bikes that brought him all of the millions. I don’t get it how a father can act the way he does, and come across as very jealous. He seems to have a bad inferiority complex and isn’t in touch with reality. Tomm many but kissers in his shop. Jim Quin, Jason, Amarati wouldn’t be there if it was for Jr. The whole thing is pathetic.

  5. The father son bickering is just pointless and I could care less about it. But no matter what you think about either individuals as persons or workers, the one thing that stands out plain as day are the bikes. And Jr.’s bikes are just second to none, they are bad ass. The kid is talented.

  6. I am impressed by Paul Junior’s attitude in not saying anything derogatory about his father. He remains focused in producing a quality product and not paying any attention to what his father says or does.
    Good luck Paul Junior you have the right attitude to become one of the best bike builders in the world.

  7. Does Senior recall anything? The Pontiac Bikes we’ve never built 3 at a time before. Byron Nelson Bikes you steroid using moron. If he doesnt lie in every episode now I am shocked. And his main Yes BOY Thats right Moreau I said Boy you drove one business underground now you help the Old Man again

  8. They need to get more hardcore designs

  9. all i can say is how can a&e go after jr with all the companys that dont want them and put it on tv when you know occ has the same thing but isnt on tv? a&e if you keep doing that by chosing sides its gonna get messy. find another way to up your ratings. you better watch your cars!!!!

    • I think Paul Sr. Needs to shut the f*** up,and let his son be a man and let him alone on his co.

  10. Junior puts out awesome bikes, no doubt about it. But he does NOTHING himself. He brings in that kid to do all the sheet metal

  11. JR puts out great bikes no doubt about it, but he doesn’t do anything himself anymore
    He hires that kid to build all the tanks and do all the sheet metal work. He buys his wheels and just bolts them on. He buy all his frames in front ends. He has great ideas and is a great assembler, but he doesn’t build anything. It is what it is.

    • Bob I don’t think we look at the same program but the one that I look at shows me that JR has a lot of talent because when he start to buildt a bike he has no real design but design as he goes along where SNR uses tegnolegy but still JR buildt’s better looking bikes than SNR and regarding the work he does?????????????? who buildt’s SNR’S tanks and frame’s whether some one else buildt’s the tank JR is the designer

    • Do Nothing? Paul Jr is the Creative Director. The idea man. He gets it done. Go Pauley, I got your back.
      From one Creative Director to another

  12. Jr wouldn’t even have a company if didn’t get all that free equipment from companies that want product placement on TV, including the Water Jet machine. If he had to use his own money to purchase the capital for his company, he would be out of business….

  13. I agree, he is a great Creative Director, he puts out great looking bikes, but he’s nit a bike builder, he doesn’t fabricate anything himself, he buys all the accessories and bolts them on, or hires someone else to fabricate gas tanks.

    • Bob, I totally agree with most of what you say regarding PJD as a startup business. I also agree with you that he has a lot of talent as a designer. However…

      Before you say that he’s “not a builder” or “doesn’t fabricate”, go back and watch some of the very early AC shows. He did the Black Widow bike almost completely by himself. That includes cutting, reshaping and re-welding both the tank and fenders, rolling and welding the pencil rod (which, if you know anything about that type of metal work is extremely difficult to get right) and then he did a lot of the mechanical assembly. And he did it, by the way, without a water jet, CAD or any other of the higher tech toys both PJD and OCC have in their shops.

      That he chooses not to do that kind of work now is, I expect, a business choice. I am most definitely not a fan of his, but he is most definitely capable of doing the work.

  14. Hi it Fred I am wording if there is a Paul jr designs DVD coming to austraila

  15. Pray you guys get back together. Love to watch you all on t. v.

  16. Pray you guys get back as Dad and Son. Please show love to one another. You guys are a example to a lot of children. We love to watch you guys on t.v. without hate .

  17. I have the 2007 Web Bike Prototype that was built on “American Chopper” the series Season 4 Episodes 5 & 6. The bike is for sale on ebay; take a look if you’re interested!

    2007 American Chopper OCC WEB BIKE PROTOTYPE Bike Built on Discovery Channel

    Item number: 281107989581

  18. Both Senior and Junior have issues, faults and talents and egos….. they are human. They both build some nice bikes…. all of the bickering is planned and well executed for publicity, which has resulted in an exceptional show with an exceptional following. My only issue, is many of the bikes themselves? They often have pointy and sharp objects protruding from the handlebars and risers, blades and spears mounted on the tanks aiming at the riders private parts, the rotating back tyre inches behind the short seat ready to disembowel the rider if he crosses a speed hump too fast and he bounces back off the seat? Am I the only person to notice these dangers? I mean, motorcycles do sometimes crash…. having spears and spikes for the rider to be impaled on, hot pipes to be burned with and various blades and spikes welded to guards and things? I can only think that these bikes are not designed to be ridden…. more show pieces. Do they not have registration inspections or rules to follow for manufacture of a vehicle? They seem to finish a bike with dangerous protrubences then immediately test ride it on public roads with no number plates (tags)? There seems to be no regard given to rider or other motorist’s safety or any design rules? Here in Australia, you cant just build something then drive it on the road…. it has to pass inspection and at least be safe, similar to the English MOT? What about emission controls? What about the horrendously painful riding positions some (most) of the bikes have? Dont get me wrong, I like the show, and some of the bikes are awesome to look at…. most I wouldnt dare ride tho….