American Chopper: Paul Sr. & Paul Jr. Discuss The Cadillac Build-Off

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american chopper senior vs junior season 2 American Chopper: Paul Sr. & Paul Jr. Discuss The Cadillac Build Off

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The moment that American Chopper: Senior vs. Junior fans have been waiting for has finally arrived!

On May 30, American Chopper: Senior vs. Junior will begin its two-part Cadillac build-off that will pit Orange County Choppers against Paul Jr. Designs to see who can build the better bike for the same company.

With both Orange County Choppers and Paul Jr. Designs using the Cadillac CTS-V Coupe as inspiration for their bikes, Paul Teutul Jr. calls it an apples to apples build: Paul Jr. Designs to OCC.”

Unfortunately, Paul Teutul Sr. doesn’t see it that way, saying that this wasn’t a build-off, but that “it was just a bike that we both built for Cadillac.”

Of course, you wouldn’t know that from seeing the episode. From the moment that Paul, Sr. and Paul, Jr. quickly passed each other in the halls at the Cadillac headquarters, everyone – including Senior himself – made it sound like this was very much an OCC vs. PJD event. Even Bob Boniface, Director of Exterior Design at Cadillac, said that everyone at the car company is “expecting a pretty good shoot-out,but that “nobody is taking sides.”

american chopper senior vs junior build off American Chopper: Paul Sr. & Paul Jr. Discuss The Cadillac Build Off

The Inspiration: Cadillac CTS-V Coupe

Besides the highly-anticipated build-off, that both companies are taking extremely seriously, Cadillac upped the ante by making Paul, Sr. and Paul, Jr. unveil their bikes at the same time – in front of each other.

Paul, Sr. explains further:

“They made us meet in the center – bikes face to face – and I had to talk about my bike and then I had to hand him the mic and he talked about his bike. It was very civil.”

Paul, Jr. describes things from his side:

“You know, it was a little awkward, but we took alot of pride in the build and, obviously, I think it upped the ante a little bit for both sides. It was an awesome opportunity and we took full advantage of it, and it was a good unveil.”

Proving that even though they’re currently at odds, they’re still father and son, Paul, Jr. also downplayed any aspect of a build-off, but his comments in the episode say otherwise.

Explaining to me how he sees the event, Paul, Jr. said:

“You know, it was ok – it was fine. I mean, it’s business. We had the same client, Cadillac, [and] they commissioned both of us to build a bike. We were both commissioned to build a bike for Cadillac and [were] given alot of creative freedom; at least we were on this side in the fact that we didn’t have to submit drawings – I think they submitted drawings on their side. So, it made sense in that its business, so we were able to do it.”

Without giving anything away, I will say that both Orange County Choppers and Paul Jr. Designs put a lot of work into both of their bikes. For fans of PJD’s residence tank-builder, Brendon Thompson, you’ll be happy to know that he sticks around the entire build.

Not to leave out OCC, if the episode stays in its current form, fans well be treated to a montage of curse-riddled rants from Mike Amorati that would make Joe Pesci blush at the end of the episode. (the version I saw was partially uncensored, but will obviously change when it airs)

First time since the series’ shift, it’s now safe to say that this is no longer American Chopper: The Series, it’s American Chopper: Senior vs. Junior.

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American Chopper: Senior vs. Junior airs Monday @9pm, on Discovery

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  1. Nobody cares about JR and his daddy ragg’en about their money….move on.

    • Most of the comments posted here are about who is the better builder, They have nothing to do with how much money Jr. or Sr. is bringing in. check your facts before you comment.

      • So true !!!!!

  2. Just saw online that American Chopper has been cancelled and TLC will air the finale Thurs at 9PM. Will sure miss the show now that JR is finally coming into his own, as well as not being shut down creativly.

  3. I’m an OB/GYN in Morris, IL and unbiased. Congrats to Paul JR, no question the clear cut winner. Way more creative and on theme! You can teach mechanics but design is an innate talent and is an artist creation, a God given talent that you JR has been gifted with!!!!!!

    • non sono appassionato di moto, ma tifo per PJD, è il migliore. ho visto tutte le puntate

  4. Jr is a true designer he is a visionary when it comes to designing these bikes. Where with Sr and with all due respect, but he is relying on a kid with a computer drawing pictures and no creative vision,most of OCC’s bikes are too similar to one another. JR understands what a theme bike really is.

  5. I want to say this to Jr. I know you want your dads respect and he was hard on you, but look at you. Yoou are great at what you do and he taught you everything you know and your crew. You should give him that respect. He made you strong and tallinted. Love him for that. He wont be with you forever.

  6. Sr. should perhaps get credit for teaching Jr. the basics of bike building and bringing him up in the business. However, Jr.’s innate sense of artistic creativity and innovation is something with which one is born and cannot be taught. OCC is successful because of Jr.. His ideas, his creativity and his vision. While his father walked around ranting and losing his temper, Jr. built one of a kind bikes of which his father could never dream of building. Which, personally, I feel is the root of much of Sr.’s anger. He knows that the student surpassed the teacher and he can’t cope. Jr. should have left years ago! Sr. now relies upon a kid with a computer and a team of builders to do the work for him. He doesn’t build bikes, his crew does. And their ideas are usually Jr.’s ideas from previous bikes with a little bit of a twist (like the wrench fender supports on the Grangier bike to name just one). It’s sad that instead of embracing his sons talents, Sr. fought him tooth and nail. Bad parenting all around, I think. And Rick is a dick for not leaving with Jr.! And the Cadillac build off was no sort of competition. Jr. blew that P.O.S. from OCC away! PJD is fresh, young, innovative and cool, the polar opposite of OCC. I wish them all the success they deserve.

    • I just read your post, and I agree 100% nothing more to add. Your said if all for me..Thanks.

  7. Paul sr and jr y don’t non of y’all make real bikes all yalls bikes r fake make a bike that people would want to ride not just sit there in the room for dust to collect dust!!!!!!!!!

    • Hey way to parrot what Jesse James said. Have you ever had an original thought?
      As for who built the better bike I think all three bikes are #1 for their class’s
      I will quote Jesse James here when I say “To compare the styles of bikes that each company produces is like comparing apples and oranges”.

      If I was a company looking for a good ay to promote my company I would go to Jr. before going to Sr. But if I was looking for cool ride to head to Sturgis on I would give some serious though to having Jesse James build me one. Having said that I voted for Jr. Because I liked his innovation in design. Sr.’s team built to me what comes closer to a snow mobile then a bike and as for the bike Jesse built even though I like it,As Vinnie said “you can go to any bike show and see 100 just like it”. All in all a good competition.

  8. Paul jr designs is the future of bike designs . GO jr

    • ho registrato tutte le puntate e devo dire che PJD è il migliore in assoluto sia per tecnica che fantasia

  9. listen up paul sr. and jesse james next time you compete in a bike build off ask paul jr. for help for a good design i’m sure he would give you some great design ideas just ask him hear goes paul jr. you are number one best design in the bike build off jesse james bike is ok seniors “toy” looks like it would be fun for play but for a bike build off i daught it no competion jr. wins way to go number one our vote hands down randy and iris keffer from elkridge

  10. When is senior gonna build a bike? He hasn’t got his hands dirty in a long time. Sure, he built his empire and business from his very own hands, but he needs to understand that American Chopper the series is a great way to advertise his company, and for the last 2 years he has been lacking. He needs to get back to where it was in 2003 and start raw and start fabricating. He’s not going to grow or recover when the show advertising) blatinly shows him uncrating a 1/2 a snowmobile and tracks that was built by a different company. Why would someone want to buy a $30k snowmobile from a motorcycle business that has no R&D on the snowmachine industry?

    Jesse’s bike looked great, but I think Jr will take this buildoff, and not because of a popularity contest, it will be because of innovation and what came out of Jr’s brain for the design.

    PS, Jesse, email me some pics of Sandra/

  11. Forgot to add, Rick needs to move to PDJ where he can use his talents.

  12. Jr n his team are a class act. They sick to what the show is about. A bike build off. N yes I know that Paul Jr is going to take this one too. So stop all the of the cry-en hater’s. Jessie, your bikes all look the same. All your talk is BS. Jr build’s everything the same n better than you. You said from the beginning that YOU ALONE WHERE GOING TO BUILD THIS BIKE. HMM! I c a team just like the others. Stop already! Go back to getting chas-en tail n leaving them. Oh! go back to hidden.

  13. jr won hands down

  14. If u ask me Jason at occ does not have any design skills at all

  15. Where did Jr order his parts from to build that bike? Remember it’s a bike build off.

  16. Jr smoked em! Congrats to the whole team…….

  17. Did anyone else notice Juniors old lady checking out Jesse ?

    • Junior’s crazy for bringing her anywhere near that guy. Just look at the kind of cake he serves his guests!

  18. Hey Paul,
    You may never come across this but if you do…hey man, it’s not easy to take the high road, but you keep tired composure better than the better of men I know. I’ve been through it all and, integrity and respect of self is paramount, but it takes a true man to stand and rise above it all. Your steadfast, and you keep your cool when you could rightly lose your mind…hats off to you…and your wife is gorgeous…as should she be for a proper good man. F those rejects, You’re only going up.

  19. I got a chance last night to sit down and watch the complete build off again. I have to say that as big an ahole as Jessie is and as much as he needs to tweek his tank designs a bit so they all don’t look the same.
    His bike was pretty damn nice! Yes you can see the same basic style of bike just about anywhere, but when you look close of what was done by Jessie’s “team” and the fact that he did build his own “Frisco” style frame out of stainless steel is no easy feat. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t like the guy and have felt that way long before Sandra Bullock thought she could “fix” him and get him to walk without his knuckles dragging the ground. But Jr’s was totally out of the box and a work of art!

  20. Why doesn’t Discovery publish the actual vote totals for each bike????

  21. This for all you brain washed T.V. zombies out there ( GET IT STRAIGHT ) that former O.C.C. pampered punk is no designer or “true” bike builder and here is to proove it. A true builder builds from the heart from the emotion of what motorcycles personally mean to that individual and “ABSO-F’N-LUTELY” not stolen ideas from theme bikes. I can give my third grade son a piece of paper and a No.2 pencil and say make me a Sponge BOB Square Pants bike , I would be easily impressed with what he came up with but the truth is that anyone can stand up a Christmas tree and hang ornaments on it , because it’s blatantly simple to use a theme and build around that , but in no way in the realm of common sense does that make it a true motorcycle and if you don’t understsnd that you never will and you don’t deserve to comment on the subject and that makes you a “POSER FOR LIFE”


  22. Hands down a true class act PJD wins over the much lower class rejects ( maybe Sr and jj can go on a bromance w/ kidrock down to mexico + seek a little more outsourced talent )

  23. Paul jr. Is a better builder. OCC may have all the latest machinery but they don’t have the heart that PJD has. Jason is a jerk and a hack.

  24. Sr & jr both have bikes I like and dislike and Jessie builds nice bikes too but there is dozens of builders who build way better bikes that don’t get the fame or recognition

  25. To Paul Sr as a son that Dose not get a long or talk to his dad there are thing in life that seem to go bad to worse in life my dad was never there for or show me any thing only told me I. Was no good well that gave me the straight to prove him wrong it hard to be the bigger person and keep trying you do have some grate kids and that came from all the love you gave them growing up so keep on trying and dont give up

  26. I have the 2007 Web Bike Prototype that was built on “American Chopper” the series Season 4 Episodes 5 & 6. The bike is for sale on ebay; take a look if you’re interested!

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