American Chopper: Paul Sr. & Paul Jr. Answer YOUR Questions

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american chopper senior vs junior questions American Chopper: Paul Sr. & Paul Jr. Answer YOUR Questions

OCC vs. PJD – It’s on!
American Chopper: Paul Sr. & Paul Jr. Discuss The Cadillac Build-Off

As American Chopper: Senior vs. Junior rides into its second season, viewers still can’t get enough of television’s most famous battle of father versus son. With the ratings continuing to climb as this season progresses, one thing remains certain: the fans have questions.

Now that Paul Teutul, Jr. is beginning to make a name for himself with Paul Jr. Designs while Paul Teutul, Sr. continues to be the driving force behind Orange County Choppers, this precarious relationship allowed Discovery Channel to spin-off their long-running series American Chopper: The Series into the ground-breaking American Chopper: Senior vs. Junior.

But not everything is shown on camera and, for the fans, questions always remain. As each new episode comes to an end, the internet buzzes with American Chopper fans discussing what they had just seen. With message boards filled with fans asking questions of Paul, Jr. and Paul, Sr., it’s clear that the fans of American Chopper: Senior vs. Junior are yearning for more information.

To help fans get their questions answered, Screen Rant will be talking to Paul, Jr. and Paul, Sr. for the sole purpose of providing answers to YOUR questions.

Whether it be Vinny and Cody’s involvement at Paul Jr. Designs, the aftermath of Odie, news of the settlement, rumors of the Black Widow bike, the status of Orange County Choppers, Paul, Sr.’s relationship with his sons, the cost of replacing office doors, or how long someone can stay in a room with Jason Poole before going crazy – all questions will be accepted.

Submit YOUR Questions

  • To submit your questions for Paul, Jr. or Paul, Sr. you may either leave your questions in the comments below or email questions to with “American Chopper” in the subject line.
  • Not all questions will be answered but we will include as many as possible.
  • All questions must be submitted by Monday, May 16th @12pm EST.


American Chopper: Senior vs. Junior airs Mondays @9pm on Discovery

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  1. Why did Dr. Pepper recently change the Paul Senior tv ad, so the kid at the end of the spot is no longer beaten up??????

  2. To Paul Sr., how can you sue your own child?? My father has been nothing but a drug addict A-hole my entire life. He got clean…then I developed my own problems. We have done NOTHING but fight for 15 years. He has threatoned to cut me off and I have threatoned to disapear from his life totally. …but in the end…neither of us could do either…because THAT’S my dad…and IM his daughter!!! What you’re doing isn’t healthy AND it won’t soon be forgiven!!! Trust me!!! No matter HOW old our children get…YOU are the PARENT!!! And you are acting like a CHILD!!! Poor Mikey is stuck in the middle not knowing WHAT to do…this is just stupid. Be successful…be HAPPY that Pauly is successful…support your children…AND DROP THIS LAWSUIT CRAP!!!!! …only a coward gets the LAW involved in a FAMILY DISAGREEMENT!!! Grow up Paul. If you don’t…you will die a bitter, lonely, angry, poor excuse for a man…very much like MY father. What’s more important?? Huh?? You look so petty acting the way you are. …

  3. Is very sad to hear Sr. till talking badly about his son, and he continues to say that Jason is a better designer than Paul Jr. How stupid is that, as if we the viewers are not able to see that Jason’s work could never be compared to Paulie’s. Love Paulie’s work, he is the better designer, all Jason does is kiss Sr’s ass. Maybe he is expecting for Sr. to leave him OCC on his Will. I dislike Jason bad mouthing Paulie, turning Sr. against his son, shameful, more shameful is Sr’s accepting bad talk about his son.

    • yeah where would jr be is not for his father?
      jr is like a baby.
      i would not care what my father was saying about me.
      i would just keep my mouth shout.
      paul jr be a man,
      that’s your father your alway bad mouthing

      • i think jr is doing a much better job of being quite then sr evr will.

      • Frank, Just read your comment about Paul, Jr. Are you watching the same shows the rest of the world’s watching? By your comment I would say NO! See where he is now? Making money and building bikes. Pop is out of business. As Dandy Don would sing ” Turn out the lights Sr. the party is over.”

    • one mionute sr is talkin bad about paul jr the next hes saying how he wants to make up with him .

  4. paul jr
    really you know and everyone who has watched that show knows jr is no designer,the man can’t draw a straight line.
    yeah every thing is in his head ha ha ha,
    jr is a toy builder and his bikes are a joke

    • Hey there are Artist and Designers… So what paulie cant draw… His ideas are in his mind that is original and unique…’I know people that can’t read music but can play the hell out of a instrument and some have become some of the greatest musicians.. Taking no credit from sr but he was past and Jr is the present… It’s the way of life.. And yes Jason is a jerk if he wants to be a good friend to sr then he would stand up to him and tell him he wrong… And Jason is a CPU designer fabr.. I can take a few courses and do the same

      • Well Cindy I agree but one thing. Sr being business savy. If her were he wouldn’t have let his building get foreclosed on and nearly gone OOB. That just isn’t a very business savy mind to me.

    • What are you talking about Frank? How come i have watched Paul Jr build bikes for years, he is succesful made a tone of money and has more than one business. I have never heard of you!!!

  5. before series ends i suggest jr. build a cadillac bike for senior and the real catch is mikey paints the bike. however, nub paints the tank, finders and oil pan cadillac white, then mikey uses his “splash technique” with black and red paints. finally signing ” to dad with love, mikey and paul jr.”

  6. Hey folks… I think one person alluded to it, but if any of you want to gain an insight into the psyche of Paul Sr., do the following:

    1. Watch the latest episode of OCC vs. PJD (Cadillac build: Part 1). Pause the program when Sr.’s e-mail to Jr. is on the screen. Note the sentance structure (or lack thereof), spelling (or lack thereof), and general tone of his writing.

    2. Read and compare that e-mail to posts in this thread from “Lisa B.”, “Around”, “Gonzo”, and “William Whetsone”.

    I’m pretty sure you’ll all agree that each of these aliases is, in fact, Paul Sr. himself, likely posting from his shop while waiting for the clock to hit closing time.

    I know it sounds nuts for a man Senior’s age to go around internet message boards and use alter-egos to try to give his mind-numbingly stupid opinions credibility, but we should be thankful that he’s given us this insight into his mental state… shocking how well his kids have actually turned out in light of it.

    Oh, and Sr: Sorry for letting the cat out of the bag here. I know you thought you were really convincing and all, only you’re not bright enough to mask your writing style to impersonate others. I’ve read thousands of people’s writing, and yours has a calling card all its own …kind of like a fingerprint. And your act won’t fool anybody with a modicum of operating grey matter.

    • AMEN, great Comment and true no doubt. :)

  7. This question is for Paul Sr.
    Where did you get your leather covered helmet at? The helmet you use show sits down on your head. I like that style of helmet and want to get one but haven’t found one yet. All the helmets that I see here in Puerto Rico that are DOT always sit high on your head and look really dumb.

    Please let me know so I can get one.
    Scott D. Woodward

  8. Paul Sr. you are disgusting, talking dirt about your son in front of others, employees, and on NATIONAL TV. I do not care what your differences are, this is unacceptable. Maybe it is for the almighty dollar you get from Discovery, this will end some day and your will be a lonely person. You probably don’t read these post, but even if you do I am sure you would not be man enough to give a manly reply.

  9. Sr. is a bitter, jealous old man who cannot stand that his son has more talent than he does. When any father can not get along with ANY of his sons, he needs to look at himself. He has to be the problem, not them! He has no idea how to be a father. A real father wishes only the best for his children and doesn’t wish for them to fail. A true father is happy when his children are successful and sad when they fail. Sr. is childish and not capable of designing a bike like Jr. Without the help of his employees he would be a total failure. He needs to stop talking crap about his sons and start wanting the best for them. Crying over his dead dog when he never has a nice word to say about Paul Jr. just shows his stupidity. He is a mean and nasty man and I for one am sick of him!

  10. It’s like Uma Thurman’s comment upon catching Sean Penn stealing a trinket in “Sweet and Lowdown” He asks her, “Are you going to squeal on me?” She laughs, and says “. . . not only are you vain and egotistical, but you show signs of genuine crudeness.” This description fits Paul Sr. perfectly, but the show wouldn’t be much unless he exhibited those qualities. He’s not all bad, however, e.g., his relationship with his dog he had put down. Warning, Paul Jr., you are an improvement, but have some of the same makings, so don’t go there

  11. Sr,’s comment about Jr.’s design for Cadillac not being put on paper so it would be “out of head or out of his a$$” is typical Sr. He forgets that Jr.’s designs “out of his a$$” are the designs that put OCC’s name on top of the list for bike designs…NOT his!!! I never saw him design anything or do anything except for one thing…YELL! When the students took their tour at OCC, they asked Sr. what his job was…he said his job was yelling! For once this old man has finally told the truth! That’s all I’ve seen him do for any builds that have ever been shown at OCC! Sr. talks about Jr. being paranoid but he’s the one that drives by checking on what’s going on at PJD! There’s is no way the wounds will be healed as long as he keeps making all those nasty remarks. He says he doesn’t care about what Jr. is doing but he’s the one that sneaks around trying to see what Jr. is doing and he has his spies telling him what is happening there at PJD! AND that guy Jason is the most nosy, immature, disrespectful, butt-ki$$er ever! He needs to keep his nose out of the problems between Jr. and Sr.! Does he think he’s gonna get controll of OCC if something happens to Sr.??? What a dumb-butt!!! What a team…Sr. and Jason!!! Going on a “recon”??? What’s up with that crap??? They both act like their about 12 years old!!!

  12. I am a jr i have watched your show off and on for a while i also have been in business with my father for 25 years now he is a very hard driving person no excuses type of dad i am always not in agreement with him in the way we do things but he is now 73 and still working with me 60 plus hours a week i have a 5 year old beautful little girl and would like to spend more time with her i believe my dad is sick and is going through something he doesnt want to let anyone know how sick he is we have never been a very emotional family however i am trying to change that with my family my daughter nerver goes to bed without me telling her i love her and a kiss except for weekends when i am usually out of town working i dont know if it is tv ratings or what but i hope jr and sr resolve your differences because i believe i am about to loose my dad and every difference is insignificant when the ones we love arent there anymore so think about that and bury your differences for the good of both of you abd your families signed similar in illinois ps i am not as religous as i probably should be but think of this when you ask god for the answer on how do i fix my problem with my dad/son does he give you a solution or the oppurtunity for a solution

  13. paul sr if you think your better tha your son design your own bike then everything is go

  14. Senior- are you bi-polar? Your behavior shows serious symptoms of bi-polar.

    • I wonder the same thing. I’ve known a few folks that suffer from BPD. It’s a sad deal for them, because everyone involved ends up a victim. A lot of good friendships have been scrapped due to the effects of it. If it’s the case, hopefully it gets treated before more damage is done. Watching the show – you can tell all three guys are hurting and they still love each other.
      Make some peace dudes. Life is short.
      – Weels

  15. Someone mentioned that Rick should “move-up” and join Junior. Rick is so very good at his creations – gas tanks, etc. How can someone with Rick’s talent stay at OCC? Senior has a serious ego problem. A negative self-concept person has to continually put-down others to make themselves look better. Hopefully Rick will leave before he is also “fired.”

    I wonder how OCC gets any business at all. After watching the show, I wouldn’t buy a bolt from OCC.

  16. Sr. Needs to grow up, he is a little boy in a big boy body!!
    JR learned from his so called Dad and is 20 times better than him. Sr. should be proud but he is not.. he is envious. KARMA is a boomerang! Duck Sr.

  17. Senior will never grow up, the man has deep seeded issues and can not stand to think he raised smarter men than he could ever be. It’s sad to see a father act like this, when he is part of who his sons have become, it’s a no wonder Mikey is so screwed up, can’t understand how the other two became so successful with a father like this.

  18. why do they discriminate the veiwers by letting only facebook blog it seens unfair if someone dont want to join facebook,they cant express how they fill,just goes to show they dont care about the veiwers point

  19. Notice how “Lisa S.”, “Around”, “Gonzo”, and “William Whetsone” have stopped commenting since it was known who really was behind it (Paul Sr). I really can’t understand how stupid the man is to try and convince himself with alter-egos. I feel sorry for that man.
    Paul Sr.=ok builder.
    Paul Jr.=Crazy, amazing, outstanding builder!!
    Good luck Paul Jr. I hope to be able to get one of your bikes in the future.

  20. Has everyone lost sight of the origin of the conflict between Sr. and Jr.? It was never about who could build the best bike. It was about Jr’s attitude, attendance and work habits. In order to compete with Sr., Jr. has had to conduct himself professional in his own business. Had he done that while at OCC there would have been no problem. Jr. even fired Odie for back talking him the way he used to backtalk Sr. The irony would be for both Jr and Sr to think Jr ‘won’ by acting the way Sr wanted him to act all along. Jr could not have succeeded had he conducted himself in his own business the way Sr objected to him conducting himself at OCC. Jr’s success is to Sr’s credit.

  21. Dead nuts on Brother.
    I agree and I’ve often wondered if forcing the kids out of the nest was senior’s method of turning them into self sufficient men. If so – then kudos to him (even though it is a pretty harsh/crude way to treat blood).
    I wish them both the best and hope we all get to see some peace in the valley this year.
    – Weels

  22. Meenkia!
    Do any of you people know how to bell?
    I mean spell?

  23. Did we all see Sr ignore Jasons tantrum and give him a big hug?!?!?
    If Jr ever even looked at him the wrong way he went beserk. This Sr guy is a sad,sad example of a father. All his kids hate him.
    Hope he enjoys lonely times in that big house that his kids earned for him.

    • I so agree.. What Jason got away with in his tantrum and Sr.’s response… It was crazy.. He should treat his own sons like he treats Jason. Rick is right Sr. should have punched him in the head.

  24. My question to Paul Sr. is what were you thinking building a machine for the biker build off with Jesse James? I mean the title was biker build off not machine build off. You didn’t even build a bike for it!

    For Paul Jr., Jesse’s whole thing with the build off was that you and Sr. didn’t build bikes that people could ride. Why would you build a show bike instead of a bike to ride daily? Enough with the theme bikes! We know you build better bikes than Sr. but build something that someone can actually ride on a daily basis!

  25. Will sr. Keep using jason pools bad designs an continue to ruin his company. Why cant he just admit the geek is not as good as jr.