American Chopper: Paul Sr. & Paul Jr. Answer YOUR Questions

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american chopper senior vs junior questions American Chopper: Paul Sr. & Paul Jr. Answer YOUR Questions

OCC vs. PJD – It’s on!
American Chopper: Paul Sr. & Paul Jr. Discuss The Cadillac Build-Off

As American Chopper: Senior vs. Junior rides into its second season, viewers still can’t get enough of television’s most famous battle of father versus son. With the ratings continuing to climb as this season progresses, one thing remains certain: the fans have questions.

Now that Paul Teutul, Jr. is beginning to make a name for himself with Paul Jr. Designs while Paul Teutul, Sr. continues to be the driving force behind Orange County Choppers, this precarious relationship allowed Discovery Channel to spin-off their long-running series American Chopper: The Series into the ground-breaking American Chopper: Senior vs. Junior.

But not everything is shown on camera and, for the fans, questions always remain. As each new episode comes to an end, the internet buzzes with American Chopper fans discussing what they had just seen. With message boards filled with fans asking questions of Paul, Jr. and Paul, Sr., it’s clear that the fans of American Chopper: Senior vs. Junior are yearning for more information.

To help fans get their questions answered, Screen Rant will be talking to Paul, Jr. and Paul, Sr. for the sole purpose of providing answers to YOUR questions.

Whether it be Vinny and Cody’s involvement at Paul Jr. Designs, the aftermath of Odie, news of the settlement, rumors of the Black Widow bike, the status of Orange County Choppers, Paul, Sr.’s relationship with his sons, the cost of replacing office doors, or how long someone can stay in a room with Jason Poole before going crazy – all questions will be accepted.

Submit YOUR Questions

  • To submit your questions for Paul, Jr. or Paul, Sr. you may either leave your questions in the comments below or email questions to with “American Chopper” in the subject line.
  • Not all questions will be answered but we will include as many as possible.
  • All questions must be submitted by Monday, May 16th @12pm EST.


American Chopper: Senior vs. Junior airs Mondays @9pm on Discovery

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    • Mickey(sponge bob queer pants) is worthless

  2. Saw Michael’s art gallery opening on a recent episode. Is it still in business? What has been the fan reaction to his artwork? Are they willing to support him–monetarily? JUST CURIOUS=How does Michael make a living otherwise? What is his level of education? Does he get royalties from the tv show and OCC merchandise?

    Also, just read that the OCC company is trying to build another building beside the original world headquarters in Orange County NY–and foreclose on the original building. Please expain. Is this some kind of scam–which will take advantage of taxpayers and tax breaks in Orange County New York?

    • Yes, Paul Senior and his attorney said on the show that they were intentionally not paying the mortgage on the Headquarters to force the Bank to revised the amount owed and reduce the interest rate, Paul Senior and his Attorney all but admitted banking fraud on National TV, I for one want to know if he gets a mortgage reduction and interest rate reduction since Paul Senior and Attorney said “This is what you have to do to get the bank to negotiate a better deal for us” WOW, I could not believe this was said on National TV and no back lash from the media, banks or anyone. Does anyone have thoughts on this issue besides me and Michela above?

  3. Are Mike’s brother Dan and sister–who are not on the show–and Paul Jr.–now upset with the fame and fortune that Mike’s father allowed him achieve as a major, prominent castmember on the tv show? Does Sr. now really feel like Mikey betrayed him?

  4. What I want to see is both of you designing and building–all ALONE (No help whatsoever)–from scratch a CHOPPER–SAME THEME, both of you. You could have a month to finish.

    Let us see what you actually can do. No relying on the employees who do all of the real work.

  5. Hey Paul Senior, will you go get therapy? You keep saying the problem is with your son, but you don’t have one family member speaking with you, do you think maybe it’s “YOU” that is the problem?

    Wake up from your dream world and seek out some help with that anger and resentment of your sons success.

    Thank you, JP Michigan

  6. Paul Jr does not give SR credit for anything. Jr would have none of what he has or is without his Dad. Sr started them all (including Daniel)in the family business and not one of them is grateful. Paul Jr wants to take all the credit and give his Dad none. His Dad started all of this and without him Jr and Mikey would not be a household name. JR constantly belittles everyone and talks smack. If he wants his Dad to stop, he needs to stop too. Vinny needs to shut up and stay out of it. He is not family. Vinny has ridden both Sr and now Jr’s coattails. SR loves his sons and his sons love them. They all need to step up.

    • Without Paul Junior, Paul Senior would be a NOBODY, they would have never been recognized for anything, Paul Senior would still be a bum working out of his garage, his sons motivated him he just never wanted them to be more successful than him, he is jealous of all his sons, the true reason he demeans them every chance he gets, wake up Lisa S.

  7. Paul Sr., hope you are well.
    On one episode about a year and a half ago i saw you with a team traveling around the globe trying to set up international sales chain. You even been to the Finland trying to convince local guy to sell choppers to the filthy rich Russian oligarchs. Have you got any luck with that effort? Any European offices running?

  8. Paul sr. You should be ashamed of yourself. That business should belong to your children. And you should not be talking down to your children to the rest of your employees. You have an ego problem plus other problems. And you cant handle it getting older. Your cutoff sleeves is part of your problem. My wife and I started a business 25+ years ago and we turned it over to our oldest daughter and her husband. I still help at times but it is their business. Why dont you grow up and act your age. Start enjoying what you built and enjoying your children and grandchildren. You get to the point where I cant stand the sight of you. No wonder your kids cant stand you…………………………………………Joe sr.

    • Well Said Joe Sr. :)

      Jeff Michigan

  9. JP Michigan, you are way off. Paul Sr who was already building bikes and had a thriving iron works comapny, did not need his son. Jr is a great designer, but if Paul Sr had not recognized that Jr would be nowhere. They are both talented and are both exactly alike in temper. Even Paula and daughter Cristin said Sr was hardworking, never missed a day even while dealing with alcohol and drugs. Paul Sr. built those companies recognized the talent of Daniel and Paul jr. He wouldn’t have encouraged them if he didn’t care. Jr is a jerk who thinks he is entitled because he is a good designer. Yea, he is, but he should do more than just design. Paul Sr. was designing bikes before Jr was a thought. I don’t think it is too much for Sr to expect his sons to come in everyday to WORK, like he did. Paul jr even admitted on Letterman, that his dad had to keep him focused because he does tend to play around too much. So you get over it. They are both right and wrong and are exactly alike. They both love each other, but Jr needs to give his Dad credit. He NEVER does, where Paul Sr. gives his son credit. I have seen through the years, giving him bikes, trucks, patting him on the back. Yes he is a hard ass bully, but he has show Paul Jr he loves him. I have never heard JR once give his dad credit for starting the business.

  10. I would like to know if you guys could help us raise money for wheelchair van for our son, Brandon is 2 has muscel neoropothy, duanes sydrome, mitochondrial diease, autorial delay, seizuires. Brandon loves your show and he loves motorcycles

  11. Hey Paul Senior, is Lisa S that is typing on this site your new young wife that married you for the money and the company when you kick? lol Who else would stick up for you? Go Paul Jr. Designs, the New Place to get a really nice Chopper. :)

    JP Michigan

  12. Question: Would Sr and Jr consider merging OCC and PJD under the following conditions?

    PJD be absorbed into OCC where Jr would assume a full partner in OCC as a 50 / 50 partner with Sr.

    PJD would assume all responsibility for the theme choppers with Paul Junior running that portion of the business. Senior would only act as a consultant.

    Senior would continue to run the production and custom portion.

    • so owen let me answer your question with a question.
      would you expect sr to GIVE jr more of the company (occ)?
      occ still builds theme bikes,they didnt quit when jr left.
      so what would occ stand to gain by merging the 2 companys?
      furthermore,that was jr,s job in the first place at occ (theme bikes)and it didnt work out.
      sr owns occ (gifted,not sold 20% to jr)so why would sr give away more of what he already owns?
      personally i believe sr is a good business person and surrounds himself with good people i.e rick,christian,jim quinn,thats what good business people do.
      jr,a very talented designer,very creative and young.
      both have there own shops now with different views and should stay that way.
      just my opinion

  13. For Sr and/or Jr

    In a perfect world, how would you like to see this family rift resolved?

    • i would like to see them put all anger and tension aside, with the egos and do this thing together. like i always say, time is to precious to waste. my husband knows that first hand. so lets see the bikes you all will build together, starting with my custom Harley! now wow!!!!! that was awesome! wish i could have bid on that one! loved it!

  14. Would there perhaps be a bike build-off in the future between OCC and PJD? I thi;nk it would be very cool!

  15. Would a bike build-off between OCC and PJD ever be something we can expect to see in the future?

  16. Question for both shops: Do you consider the theme bikes to be rideable, or are they more for show, so that looks are the main thing? Do you know of any of the theme builds that are used on the road?

    Question for Paul Sr.: Do you build duplicates of the bikes? Because you still have a lot of the theme bikes in the showroom at OCC headquarters. Or do you just store them for the companies they were built for?

  17. I LOVE yalls show my favorite baike of all time would have to be the black widow it was amazing to watch u make it!!! and i do think you and your father should try to work things out there is nothing like the bond between a father and son but i really love the show and i would love to see a superman bike im pretty sure you wouldnt have a problem with that paul jr lol

  18. I’m an addict of your show.
    I have some ideas for a “Zero Gravity” production bike(Having to do with a custom fit)and also a 25-49cc motor link-up to any bicycle. Under a certain HP rating, some states allow motorized bikes as if they were regular bicycles. (No registration or insurance necessary)
    I am from NYC, and even lived in Danbury, CT for a time, though I am living in Cali right now. I might consider moving back your way to work on these, and other, designs, details to be refined later.
    Let me know.

  19. Initially I liked the idea of the show, because I love the bikes. But now I am more and more disheartened by the way Paul Sr. acts towards everyone on the show, and even more so by the way Jr. acts towards his fatehr in return.
    My concern is mainly that my son seems to emulate both Paul Sr and Jr in his treatment and the way he talks to myself and his mother. There is a total lack of respect shown LOUDLY on this show. It is my opinion, and the opinion of many other parents of teens who watch this show, that it should no longer be rewarded for displaying this kind of behavior, but should be pulled from the air, until they can clean up their act and make a public apology to all the families of America and an unmistakable disclaimer to the teens apologizing for displaying this bad example.
    If there is not enough good content to the show without this, then that is all the indicator you need that it needs to be pulled.
    If it is cleaned up, I have no other problem with the show.
    And please show the families of America some respect by listening to what I have said.

    • Wouldn’t it work a whole lot better if you just banned them from watching the show?

    • It’s called PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY ! Look it up. What would your parents have done ? If your the parents and don’t like it, CHANGE THE CHANNEL. Stop asking for someone else to manage your household.

  20. I know it’s late but I have a question for Sr. To be blunt, How in the world can you be so cruel and cold-hearted to your boys, ESPECIALLY Jr.? I am not trying to attack you but this is the image YOU created for yourself. It almost seems as though you’re jealous. I have watched the show for years and I have never seen you be very nice, never a very kind word to them, never a thank you. In my opinion All you ever do is sit on your butt whining to and about every one else. You have done nothing for Mikey but push him down and purposely keep him immature, child-like and leave him with zero self esteem or self confidence. It’s clear Jr’s talents have exceeded yours and that’s something you should be proud of, not continually try and “beat” out of him (so to speak). After all YOU had a huge part in Paulie’s talents and success. Seems you need to stop doing what you’re doing, which CLEARLY isn’t working, give your son’s a hug and tell them you love him. So that said my question is simply to explain yourself??

  21. I am 37 years old and HAD a verbally abusive father. He is no longer apart of my life and I am very greatful for that! My father tried to sue me for land that was given to me so I can understand JR’s frustration. Sometimes it is necessary for us children to go on down the road without our parent in order to be happy. Children are a gift not a possesion and I feel that is exactly what Sr is a possively dominating person.

  22. To comment first on the show: I believe people have to understand that they may never mend their relationship. And that’s ok.
    My mother and sister never mended theirs. They were always cordial when they met. Even helped one another (when really needed). I was the “Mikey” of the relationship between the two.
    My sister passed away a year ago. It was harder for me then my mother (who by the way was a very loving woman). She’s still in mourning but understood that there was nothing she could have done to make things better. As I saw it, this is true.
    I believe this is what is going to happen to Senior and Jr.

    Question for them both: Do they believe they could ever work together again (under their own companies)?

  23. Dress code!!! Every employee dresses in t shirts ect. Why cant paul senior have some business class and dress the part. Come on. The man owns OCC and dress like a out of work mechanic. I would never present myself to the corporate world in that manner

  24. Jr., would you ever go back to OCC if Sr. gave you complete control of OCC

  25. I would like to see Sr and Jr build a bike with the same theme. The catch is They have to do it pretty much on their own from design to build with only person helping with each build, Just a person in helper status just handing tools. Unviel together and let the public deside whos the best. Then shake hands and bury the hatchet to become father and son again.

    Thats what I want to see,

  26. Question:

    Paul Sr,

    Do you think you could ever respect Paul Jr as an equal in the bike building industry?

    Paul Jr,

    Do you think you could ever give your father a hug and really forgive him for putting you down these past 2 years?


    I think the situation between you guys all boil’s down to respect. If you guys could just Respect each other as Father and Son, I think the rest would work itself out.

    Just my 2 cents,

  27. I agree with “around”. My husband is an ARMY vet and his biggest cause is POW/MIA. If u have a bike made for that cause why don’t they have it to raise money??? If you do still have it my opinion of u went from just being a self absorbed jerk to a total scumbag. I’m sure other servicemen and their famies will agree. Grow up Sr.