American Chopper: Paul Sr. & Paul Jr. Answer YOUR Questions

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american chopper senior vs junior questions American Chopper: Paul Sr. & Paul Jr. Answer YOUR Questions

OCC vs. PJD – It’s on!
American Chopper: Paul Sr. & Paul Jr. Discuss The Cadillac Build-Off

As American Chopper: Senior vs. Junior rides into its second season, viewers still can’t get enough of television’s most famous battle of father versus son. With the ratings continuing to climb as this season progresses, one thing remains certain: the fans have questions.

Now that Paul Teutul, Jr. is beginning to make a name for himself with Paul Jr. Designs while Paul Teutul, Sr. continues to be the driving force behind Orange County Choppers, this precarious relationship allowed Discovery Channel to spin-off their long-running series American Chopper: The Series into the ground-breaking American Chopper: Senior vs. Junior.

But not everything is shown on camera and, for the fans, questions always remain. As each new episode comes to an end, the internet buzzes with American Chopper fans discussing what they had just seen. With message boards filled with fans asking questions of Paul, Jr. and Paul, Sr., it’s clear that the fans of American Chopper: Senior vs. Junior are yearning for more information.

To help fans get their questions answered, Screen Rant will be talking to Paul, Jr. and Paul, Sr. for the sole purpose of providing answers to YOUR questions.

Whether it be Vinny and Cody’s involvement at Paul Jr. Designs, the aftermath of Odie, news of the settlement, rumors of the Black Widow bike, the status of Orange County Choppers, Paul, Sr.’s relationship with his sons, the cost of replacing office doors, or how long someone can stay in a room with Jason Poole before going crazy – all questions will be accepted.

Submit YOUR Questions

  • To submit your questions for Paul, Jr. or Paul, Sr. you may either leave your questions in the comments below or email questions to with “American Chopper” in the subject line.
  • Not all questions will be answered but we will include as many as possible.
  • All questions must be submitted by Monday, May 16th @12pm EST.


American Chopper: Senior vs. Junior airs Mondays @9pm on Discovery

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  1. why do you guys fight all the time? and Do you guys talk to each other at all?

  2. I have been watching since the very beginning, and I was just wondering; how much longer do you think you you will continue to do the show?

  3. Hey Sr. and Jr.!

    I’ve been a fan for a while, and I love all of your bikes!
    I have a question for Paul Sr.
    How did you decide to start that awesome handlebar mustache, and how long have you had it for?

  4. can either of you ever see yourselves reconsiling,even though,in my opinion (since i bought the final episode of the original series on itunes) that Senior was the one who instigated all of this by making outlandish demands,Paul Sr needs to be more flexible,especially when it comes to what time Paul Jr comes into work in the morning,like Paul Sr’s never overslept a day in his life,please

  5. Paul Jr. – Do you golf? if so, are you any good?

    • Hey Ken Jones, yet you are still watch the show and are commenting about it on the internet. LOL Caught up in your own lies, eh?

      • why do you build bikes for say the pow then keep them?

  6. I just don’t get it. Paul Sr. just kept fighting Jr. because he arrived late in the shop, but Jr. worked his ideas and never missed a deadline. So, how come he didn’t take this into consideration or, if he did, what else aggravated him that much that he fired Jr.?

  7. All the lawsuit stuff aside I’d like to ask Paul Jr. if he’s ever given any consideration to the fact that the reason he fired Odie is the reason Senior fired him. Odie was very disrespectful to Jr., telling him he didn’t know anything about what he was doing, coming in late, etc. Jr. you were doing your dad the same way. You didn’t tolerate it from Odie and Senior wouldn’t tolerate it from anyone else at OCC, finally couldn’t tolerate it from you.

  8. Wanted to know if either of u guys are hiring any welders. I have been a welder for over 15 yrs. Tig welding is my specialty and i know i could impress u guys with some of my mad pipe welding skills with Tig.

    • Hey senior how much ya benchin nowadays? More than Jr?

  9. paul sr do you ever think you will be working with your son paul jr again?

  10. How much do you two make for doing this show? the reason i ask is that if there were no paul sr vs paul jr were would the old show be? in the can maybe. also, Why can you buy occ and pjd clothing in the occ store??? I find that part very strange…. Also I would like to see a poll on how many fans think this is all an ratings act??? “I do”, but i’ll always watch because I love the bikes…… just man up and tell us what we all know.

    • I agree, it is all fake and all about the mighty dollar bill. All they need is another FAKE, Sarah Pallen to make the show real phoney.

  11. So will there be a Family Reunion? And if so who will be in attendance? Just would like to see the entire family together again. Life is too short! Love the bikes! (:

  12. What is your favorite nut in a can of mixed nuts?

  13. What is your favorite show on Discovery or TLC besides your own? The Cake Boss is awesome.

  14. Is there an advantage to open belt drive over enclosed chain drive?

  15. Hi Sr. and Jr.
    I have a question for both men first one is for Sr.
    - Please don’t be offended and I hope your Mother isn’t either but did you have a tough childhood or upbringing? I think there was more to your anger that what we seen on TV.

    -Jr. my father was a hostile man and his father was the same. I told myself I would break that cycle. (NOT) I had to finally seek counselling after almost losing my wife and kids. My question is have you had to seek counselling and have you had to catch yourself from becoming as hostile as your father. (Have you broken the cycle?)

  16. My question is for Paul Jr if you and your dad reconcile would you consider taking the black widow bike to Paul Jr designs or would you leave it at occ since that is where it was originally designed and built ,love the show and the bikes hope you and your dad can put the past behind you and find some neutral grounds and reunite the Teutul family

  17. Paul Senior is a complete ass, he is always trying to convince his sons he is much smarter than he is when he should be hoping his sons are all better off than he was starting off.

    Paul Senior goes into work everyday so early because he has no life and then he creates friction within the company, I can not believe it survived this long with that kind of management, constant harassment, he does nothing else productive in the company.

    Paul Junior has made that company, his designs made that company, now all I see is the same bike coming out of OCC in different colors and they are not good at all.

    Paul Junior did the right thing, the old man Senior needs to be put to sleep, he is like a dry drunk.


  18. Paul Junior owns 20% of OCC and you need to keep that and get checks each week or month, I heard OCC was expanding show rooms internationally and that 20% is worth quite a bit of money, especially with the show on Bravo and the continued free advertising you all have gotten by the show airing daily on national and international TV.

    Paul Junior, suck it up for all it’s worth, a million is not enough, 5 million is not enough for that 20 percent share.

    Bleed that company dry for your 1/5th of that company.

    Hey Paul Senior, you LOST the court battle, no matter what you try to believe from you and your lawyers, it was a 4 to nothing decision on Paul Juniors behalf and to hear you say it was a wash, was a kick in the teeth to everyone that was watching the show. Grow up and admit Paul Jr. KICKED your nasty butt on National TV in court. lol

    Thanks JP Michigan USA

  19. Paul Sr,
    Now that Paul Jr LEGALLY owns part of OCC, Will you finally grow a set and do the right thing. I mean YOU SUED, YOU LOST, Yes, you LOST! So now you gonna pay back royalties, and maybe actually admit OCC is worth something? Maybe make an offer to buy it back that’s based in REALITY, not the Fantasy land you seem to live in. Or how about just be a REAL father to your sons and admit you’re a douchbag?

  20. Just curious as to what brand helmet Paul Sr. wears.

    • If I ever talked to my father like Paul JR does he would have kicked my ass.

    • I think they are family you retard… there are always going to be “family” problems espically when family works/starts a business together.

      • You must have a real disfuctional family!

    • Just a little bit of reality here for you. Paul jr cofounded OCC and is 20% owner of the company. Sr can’t just treat jr like anybody else. Furthermore, Jr never started any of the conflicts. It was always Sr because he, i think, is jealous and really did not have the same talents as his son. That being said. I hope he will invite God not his life. I don’t what your talking about when you say or infer jr has bad working habits and has things handed to him. that kid is an artist and he gets the job done.

      • Well Said Ellis, I hope Lisa S., reads your comment along with the others, Paul Jr., put up with a lot of crap being a owner of OCC, he finally got out of that abusive relationship with his deranged father Paul Senior. Now look at the bikes coming out of OCC, what a joke. haha

    • Did you people ever think YOUR WATCHING A TV SHOW!!! ITs all scripted.. the show didnt get picked back up so they staged a fight duh to get interest back .. so smartin up “ITS ONLY A MOVIE”!!!!

    • for sure wht a jerk

  21. has paul sr always been a cry baby lol

  22. Will Vinnie finally be rewarded for his contributions–with a significant share in Paul Jr. Designs?

  23. paul sr and paul jr need to have a biker build off my idea would be to have a fan design a bike old school or new school bike and have the fans deside who would be the winner and the winning design would be given to the person who designed the winning bike…

  24. Be honest-how much of this is real? Are you simply trying to cash in, due to (recent seasons) poor ratings? How could the cameras NOT affect what you do or say?

    Are you not acutely aware of the people around you during filming–and what you know will occur during editing?

    What past episode makes you most ashamed of your behavior?

    Will you make a diesel engine bike?