‘American Chopper Live: The Revenge’ Bikes Revealed – Who Do You Think Won?

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american chopper buld off 2 American Chopper Live: The Revenge Bikes Revealed   Who Do You Think Won?

UPDATE: Find out who won the build-off HERE

With only a few episodes left after being canceled, the American Chopper Live: The Revenge has turned into a so-called swan song for series fans. Once again bringing together Junior, Senior and Jesse, as well as introducing Discovery newcomers Fast N’ Loud, it’s now time to decide who built the better bike. Will Junior take home the trophy again?

Like in last year’s episode, fans watched a two-hour lead-in to Tuesday’s live episode, allowing viewers to see the process that each of them goes through when building a chopper. And, as expected, Jesse James doesn’t disappoint.

Not only has Jesse James returned with another hand-forged motorcycle, but he’s decided to build it his own way, with no faux television deadlines to worry about. While the rest of the group had 6 weeks to build their bike, Jesse James had at least 8 and, according to Discovery, just finished, leaving Austin, TX on Saturday afternoon. Last year’s critics should be happy that James lowered his rises this time around, making for a more plausible bike ride.

As for Senior, he surprisingly stepped up this time, swapping out his interest to build a barely functioning track-machine “thing” for a twist on an old school bike. The front-end, though large, certainly commands attention, while the gas tank shows OCC stepping out of their comfort zone. Can Senior finally take home a win?

american chopper build off winner paul jr2 American Chopper Live: The Revenge Bikes Revealed   Who Do You Think Won?Last year’s winner: Paul Jr. Designs

For Fast N’ Loud, arguably the most accommodating bike builders, having finished their bike early (unlike James), their approach was to stick to a strict old school design, which admittedly looks better than James’ entry for last year. However, with Fast N’ Loud being the “new kids on the block,” one has to wonder whether the popularity of the others will hurt them.

Finally, Junior returns once again, this time basing a bike on a hot rod for the Susan G. Koman foundation. While some fans may complain about Junior using a charity to tip support in his direction, it’s impossible to not appreciate what was accomplished with his flat-black, pinstriped ode to the hot ride style. Hopefully, this time it’ll hold more than ¾ of a gallon of gas.

That being said, it’s up to you, the fans, to decide who built the better bike. With online options being removed this time around, you’ll need to text 97979, including your choice for best bike:

“1” – for Team Junior
“2” – for Team Jesse
“3” – for Team Fast N’ Loud
“4” – For Team Senior

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[poll id=”474″]

You can check out photos of the build-off bikes below:

American Chopper Live: The Revenge returns Tuesday for a live reveal of the winner.

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  1. They were are cool except juniors which was a blindingly hideous and perfect example of trying too hard, adding too much, and ignoring basic design principles.

  2. Innovation Function Design is what build offs are about. Discovery took all the essential formats of bike building and made a parody of it. Jesse has a great attitude toward the dysfunction of what its all about. He is a world class builder and took his knowledge to higher levels. Craftsmen such as that need not take a back seat to Jr or The Texas car flippers. Sr took his skills and ventured into a mass producer of real motorcycles taking himself into a business man and remained true to the trade in technical and production of genuine innovation and design. He deserves to stand among Ness Lane Indian Larry and the other greats of the industry. Jesse speaks the truth and a bunch of babies find it hard to swallow. Jesse deserved 1 and Sr 2 in this showing. Unfortunately bling babies who dont ride voted these last two Discovery parody’s.

  3. I think first and second place made perfect sence. After all it is an American chopper build off. Senior and james got away from there roots and confused there fan foundation.

    • maybe if Jesse could get rid of his inferiority complex, he could get projects done in time.

  4. who got last ?????

    • DK- you don’t know WHAT THE F YOU ARE TALKING ABOUT! The GOAT BOYS FROM FNL DID *** Buy Their” Motor also- DUMBASS! They got it from Dale Walksler- ( the owner of Wheels through Time in Maggie Valley NC ). I’m a North Carolinian and have been to Dale’s “museum” twice- great guy & amazing Place. Too many ignorant people on this “Thread”!! CJD

    • The Fast and Loud crowd did not build their own motoer. Aaron MODIFIED a shovelhead, cutting grooves where the top oil passages were. It was once a common practice. But keep in mind, they RESTORED and MODIFIED an existing bike. I’d really like to know how many parts were actually produced in their shop for that bike…probably none. Even the sheet metal was stock. I tried watching their show a few times, but it seems like Richard does nothing except buy and sell vehicles…and that appeared to be his contribution on the bike as well. I didn’t see him doing any work on the bike at all. Meanwhile, Jesse James, the ‘cheater’, made his own transmission housing, which in turn became a frame member. Do you have any clue how hard that was to do? Maybe he shouldn’t have tried it on this project with the time line, but that is true craftsmanship.

    • AND WHAT DOES OUR PRESIDENT HAVE TO DO WITH THIS SHOW AGAIN? (talk about sounding stupied.)

    • Dude change your name to owner of an ugly Duck. Desmosedici is the name of a Ducati motor (desmo) sedici is Italian for sixteen. Sixteen valve motor you freaking goober. Get your s*** straight before you throw up all over yourself. Btw you trash Eric Buell but then want to work for him? He doesn’t need you. Did you forget his 1000rr won Daytona and then everyone else cried about it and put him out? Guess not because you’re too caught up in yourself. If I was an “engineer” making coin I would have gotten a 1098 or the Beemer rr. Obama? He rides bikes?

    • Desmond Duche… I’ve been reading all your posts, man are you a character. I’ve been laughing for the past fifteen minutes! Nothing funnier than an angry man that retains too much unnecessary and useless information. Thank you Cliff Clavin for that. And wanting to have my daughter give you a blow job is just too much! Saying that you’ll hit it in five years is no excuse. You want a blow job from a child! You’re siiiiiiiiiiick!!!!!!!

  5. All of these shows are for people that cant build or design anything. This show was weak, some laughs, but jesse is so good why even show to be judged? Based on his opinion he doesnt care what anybody thinks so why bother? Paul senior must have some other fan base becuase it looks like the real talent of the organization went with Junior. As far as fast and loud, very cocky but a likeable pair. Having owned and built custom stuff, where I live its broken dreams and no money. Unless you live in an area where the median income of 100k a year, all you get is people coming in to the shop wanting to hang out and waste your time. Even buiding engines everybody wants a million mile warranty, then they go to put their own motor in and cant figure out how to time it. Bottom line is this show was for the nobodys for business promotion, thats all. No one can afford these guys bikes anyway, all of them talked way too much trash for nothing.

  6. I voted for Jr. because of the following. First its american chopper, both Sr. and Jesse built sports bikes. 2nd, Gas monkeys bike was a cleaned up Harley Davidson, but they didn’t build it. All bikes were great, but only Jr.’s bike fit the theme.

  7. Paul Jr Designs built an amazing bike. He deserves his own show. If the producers of Discovery were smart they would do just that!

    • ^^^^

    • Junior does have some amazing creative ideas, but not the skill set to make a lot of his own parts. I really think that him spending a few months with Jesse in either shop would result in some amazing machinery being created in the future. For that to happen though, Jesse needs to let go of a little of that anger.

  8. Sadly a “reality” TV crap production that focused on everything I could care less about and only a couple of minutes on the actual building of the bikes, which is what I wanted to see. When the viewers can’t see all that is going into these bikes then it’s really hard to judge a winner on anything but how well you like the builder and that’s what happened.

    That said, I can still appreciate all of the bikes and they reflect the builders fairly well:

    PJD: Take a frame and accessorize it with a theme, rinse and repeat. They do this really well and Paulie has a good sense of style which is critical to make this kind of approach work.

    Senior: Nuts and bolts approach backed up by a LOT of high dollar technology. Ended up being an impressive example of a no budget machine shops capabilities. Sadly no artist in the house to change that front end and really just a showcase of what his machinist could do vs. Senior himself.

    Fast and Loud: Cool example of a bike you could build in your garage. Straight forward and well executed, but really not the work of a world class bike builder. If this is worthy of second place a lot of guys sitting at home were screaming, “put me on the next show, I can do that”!!!!

    Jesse: Skilled artist type who wants to build his vision with his own hands regardless of circumstances. Very impressive bike, too bad we didn’t see all of the details, him riding it, etc. Instead the producers take the opportunity to use him as an antagonist and the guy that will say, “F-You” to the world in order to add “Drama” to the show. That’s what we get and Jesse never stands a chance.

    • I agree…

      • Jesse: A decent builder with a mammoth chip and a hell of an inferiority complex. No one told him what to complain about the whole time, he did that all on his own.

  9. Having watched all the American Chopper shows i have noticed one thing.
    Paul Jr is leaving all his competition behind.
    After watching the show where Jason Pohl had a blast at Jr about how to design a bike, Jason show be really embarrassed by his actions as Jason is know where near Pauls Jr’s ability, you can use all the latest software in the world but you still will never be good enough to reach Jr’s designs
    In my opinion) i think Paul Sr has noticed that Jr. is moving forward and ahead as a company and is trying to just on the band wagon.
    Jr. should cut all ties with Sr. with anything business and just have a family relationship with him.

  10. I used to actually enjoy watching Jesse James build stuff and his approach. He does have a lot of fabrication skills but I am sick and tired of hearing him brag about it all the time. Also, just because someone else doesn’t have his exact skill set doesn’t make the a piece of s**t. But that’s what Jesse thinks and says WAY too often. Also, his f**k the world attitude is beyond old. If you don’t want to have anything to do with biker build offs or whatever then don’t do them.

    I’m glad to see Junior win again. I appreciate his sense of style. It’s not a bike I’d want to ride but it is a gorgeous piece of design. I’d love to see a competition where the bikes had to really be riden. Kudos to the Fast N Loud guys. I really liked the clean design that Aaron came up with and it’s a real bike that can actually be riden.

  11. All the bikes were cool for different reasons…all the participants have skills and talents…having said that I think that many of the votes were based on the participants personalities…Jr did the least trash talking…Sr is still being blamed for the friction between father and son…Jesse is a loud mouth jerk and proud of it…Garage Monkey benefited from it.

  12. well jr. designs built a true chopper. the gas monkies had a very ridable chopper, but not built from the ground up. at least they had a chopper. Paul Sr. had a kind of sports bike thing, but i don’t think the engine was sports bike performance, so not a chopper. Jesse James built a high performance crotch rocket super bike, which still isn’t a chopper. so junior wins, gas monkies get second. pretty simple

  13. I don’t even know why that gas monkey bike was in there anyone could have built that bike nothing really special about it for the other three great job guys

  14. They were all great but I think Fast and Loud was the best looking Harley. Their was no looser . They were all winners. Except for the bad mouth of jessie.

  15. Another reality show. And we all fall for it, lets keep watching it to make them richer. I think all the bikes sucked.

  16. Can’t find any site with vote results

  17. J.j is the only true bike builder period. Occ and pjd are bike assemblers no different than the kid in the back of walmart putting bicycles together gas money just bought a bike stripped it and had it repainted thats a joke a used car salesman and a junk yard mechanic at best the 2 best bike builders are jesse james and was indian larry

  18. I would love to see someone punch seniors design guy ( jason poole) in his mouth . He is without a doubt the most annoying fat retard I ever seen on tv

  19. Does anyone know why paul jr ran out and got vinny back its because he couldnt even assemble a bike on his own the one helper he fired said it on the show he is not a bike builder he is a design guy thats it without vin and cody and his tank guy no pjd give credit where its truly deserved

  20. The best bikes there was jesse james and seniors except those front forks on seniors they were just awful looking. paul jr’s bike same old stuff it was a stripped down cadillac bike. long and boring the best part was the header vinny made

  21. Everybody wants to call it a popularity contest, but maybe its just everyone voted for the one guy who is not a complete douche bag?
    Imagine that, be a decent guy and not talk crap about everyone else every other second or brag about your skills every time you open your mouth and you win.

  22. JJ says no one has built a Harley sport bike. Hey Jesse-check Buell out! Dumbs..t!

  23. So much passion in some of these rants. You really need to remember this was a Discovery Channel made for TV event using their network celebrities. They got what they wanted, viewers, commercials and face time for FnL and JJ. As for all the hoopla over skills, they all have them, just not the same. Its simply a question of where to priortizing time and doing what you enjoy most.

    I make quality furniture as a hobby and I am pretty darn good at it. But I don’t go out into the woods to hand pick a tree, cut it down, dry it, and cut it into boards before I even get started on preparing the materials to become the furniture I want to make. I probably could, but then I would be more of a lumber jack and wouldn’t ever have time to actually make furniture. If JJ wants to make parts from the rawest of materials as a blacksmith I am fine with it. But in the end it doesn’t make the bike “better”, it just takes a heck of a lot longer to finish it.

    I also remember as a lad having to go to an out-house. Lo and behold, my parents had indoor plumbing installed. Using the logic many have expresses, I guess I would be much better at crapping by being nostalgic and using an out-house and Sears catelog than an indoor lavatory. The industrial revolution passed us by a long time ago. Today is all about specialization.

  24. Wake up Senior, you have a wonderful son and your losing precious time. Someday that boy is going to give you a grandchild and you’re going to miss out on the greatest experience ever! And, quit listening to your staff buddies, their jealous and don’t want you to have a relatioinshp because their afraid of their positions and they like the trauma

    And to the producers nobody really likes Jesse and he will not bring you ratings.