‘American Chopper Live: The Revenge’ Bikes Revealed – Who Do You Think Won?

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american chopper buld off 2 American Chopper Live: The Revenge Bikes Revealed   Who Do You Think Won?

UPDATE: Find out who won the build-off HERE

With only a few episodes left after being canceled, the American Chopper Live: The Revenge has turned into a so-called swan song for series fans. Once again bringing together Junior, Senior and Jesse, as well as introducing Discovery newcomers Fast N’ Loud, it’s now time to decide who built the better bike. Will Junior take home the trophy again?

Like in last year’s episode, fans watched a two-hour lead-in to Tuesday’s live episode, allowing viewers to see the process that each of them goes through when building a chopper. And, as expected, Jesse James doesn’t disappoint.

Not only has Jesse James returned with another hand-forged motorcycle, but he’s decided to build it his own way, with no faux television deadlines to worry about. While the rest of the group had 6 weeks to build their bike, Jesse James had at least 8 and, according to Discovery, just finished, leaving Austin, TX on Saturday afternoon. Last year’s critics should be happy that James lowered his rises this time around, making for a more plausible bike ride.

As for Senior, he surprisingly stepped up this time, swapping out his interest to build a barely functioning track-machine “thing” for a twist on an old school bike. The front-end, though large, certainly commands attention, while the gas tank shows OCC stepping out of their comfort zone. Can Senior finally take home a win?

american chopper build off winner paul jr2 American Chopper Live: The Revenge Bikes Revealed   Who Do You Think Won?Last year’s winner: Paul Jr. Designs

For Fast N’ Loud, arguably the most accommodating bike builders, having finished their bike early (unlike James), their approach was to stick to a strict old school design, which admittedly looks better than James’ entry for last year. However, with Fast N’ Loud being the “new kids on the block,” one has to wonder whether the popularity of the others will hurt them.

Finally, Junior returns once again, this time basing a bike on a hot rod for the Susan G. Koman foundation. While some fans may complain about Junior using a charity to tip support in his direction, it’s impossible to not appreciate what was accomplished with his flat-black, pinstriped ode to the hot ride style. Hopefully, this time it’ll hold more than ¾ of a gallon of gas.

That being said, it’s up to you, the fans, to decide who built the better bike. With online options being removed this time around, you’ll need to text 97979, including your choice for best bike:

“1” – for Team Junior
“2” – for Team Jesse
“3” – for Team Fast N’ Loud
“4” – For Team Senior

[poll id=”473″]

[poll id=”474″]

You can check out photos of the build-off bikes below:

American Chopper Live: The Revenge returns Tuesday for a live reveal of the winner.

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  1. I want to see junior and senior and Jessie build a bike all by themselves without there people doing all the work for them.
    Throw the wrench on every part , build every part themselves. That’s what I see Aron doing. It’s not realistic to have all those people doing the work for you and calling it your bike or your design. I don’t think they got the talent. Arron built a bike that I could attempt to build and is that not the intention in the first place, then call it the fanticy bike build off.

    • @Milty

      At least most of them actually give credit to their team. Jesse James is the only one that disses his own team and tries to take credit for his builds himself…

  2. They are all losers – not one real “chopper” – two are sport bikes, one is a phoney “east LA” POS, and the last one is barely a custom – just an FLH with a quicky strip down. I wish I could vote for “none of the above”.

    • f*** you

  3. Indian Larry would dig the Fast and Loud Pink Passion!

  4. JJ sucks Jr an gas monkeys the bomb JJ sucks with bikes like he does with women lol

    • Jesse Lame ahhhh I mean James… Lived up to his loser hype, and got his A.s wooped once again by Paul Jr.. What a loser. Jesse calls himself a bike builder yet can’t build a bike. When called on the carpet Jesse loves to put quirky spin on his lack of ability and points the finger at everyone but himself. Why do they keep offering this guy shows and allow him to compete. He has no respect for anyone and even less talent.

  5. All the bikes were great…but i would love to see jesse punch richard…don’t know why he is there anyway …

    • Same reason senior is. He writes the checks!

    • Same reason senior is. He writes the checks! Love the sweat Senior broke out in wiping the finger prints off his tank!

  6. fast and loud bike is a bike like most riders would build. most guys and gals buy a bike and they customize it to make it their own. that’s what these guys did. they took a bagger and made it unique. jr’s bike is a work of “art”. senior made a cool bike but it never would be a production bike. jesse he was just showing off his skills as a builder. I vote for any bike indian larry would have built.

    • Robert, I have several posts on this “thread”. I live in NC but was born in NYC- Indian Larry died in Charlotte( I was there :(.. The closest thing to an I L BIKE was not there- but was the bike SR built for himself recently using a custom “Sugar Bear ” front fork setup. Paul Cox & crew should have been on stage NOT THE FNL GOATBOYS FROM DALLAS! I hate the Cowboys and FNL – 2nd place for a Pink restoration= PUKE!! CJD

  7. I dont understand who decides that these guys are the only bike builders that are qualified to be in this competition. There are hundreds of other builders out there that could probably build bikes ten times better. If not ten times, they could qualify no problem. Just ask a few people who have gone to Sturgis.

  8. Paul Jr should win just cause his father gets along so well with jj

  9. Paul Junior Rocks nobody can touch him

  10. Junior wins again! I’m hoping Sr. didn’t get last, his bike isn’t bad. Jesse James DESERVES last place. CONGRATS to Gas Monkey and Jr.!!!

    (Posted in the wrong article just now, LMAO!!)

  11. Bull and fake, Junior your such a fake. Nice time to use a charity. Jesse cheated once again, he builds it all from scratch this show is rigged and voted by a bunch of kids with cellphones. Maybe, it’s time for a different voting system where the bikes are based on by judges. Were the bikes will be based on performance more than just looks. Discovery disgust me! I mean come on this isn’t American Idol have some self respect for your show and make it a fair fight, not some system based on cell phone and looks, thought your show was better than that. Just lost another viewer in my point…

    • I so agree with you, this show is rigged.

  12. Looks like the straw pole on this site held up. I wonder if FnL benefitted from what appears to be a bias against JJ and Sr.

  13. I think Jesse was trying throw it to help Senior out.

  14. Another STUPID POPULARITY CONTEST= Paul Jr wins the teenage girl vote AGAIN & wins= PUKE!! OCC has the COOLEST BIKE- It’s a real shame all you Guys won’t vote for Senior BECAUSE then you are saying f___ you to Rick Petco & Jim, Nick, Christian etc……… FNL could have done better than a (PINK? 😉 chopped Harley- BTW to the guy that said THEY rebuilt the engine( YOU ARE FULL OF s***- I live in NC & they bought that engine from Dale Walksler fully rebuilt at ( Wheels through Time/Maggie Valley NC). Jesse built a nice bike too- it’s TRUE No other competitor has his Skillset but that is NOT a reason to win( TRY- “Skillset Live” :). Oh Well – Pretty Boy wins again RIDING the Teen Chick & GirlyMan Vote…….. DOUBLE PUKE ;o

  15. I would totally watch a show about Jr spending time at Jesse’s to learn fab. Then Jesse spend time with Jr to get an imagination!

  16. All the bikes were cool for what they were. I think JR built a very nice bike but I don’t think he won this competition. This is more of a popularity contest. My opinion is that SR had the best bike althought I didn’t care for the front end. JJ bike had excelent craftsmanship but looked a little funny I beleive JJ is probably the best bike builder of the four. The F&L bike was nice for but they didn’t build it just modified and existing bike.

  17. Lost all respect for Jesse James. I could give a rat’s ass if he’s got the “skill-set” he does. So do plenty of others and I’m not referring to the Buildoff participants. The difference is they’re not douche bags that have to remind the world at every chance that they have such skills. One can have all the skills in the world but they’re worthless if they’re possessed by some egomaniac flop.

  18. Remember the biker build off shows? The contestants had to complete a bike in a given time. Then they had to ride them 800 or 1000 miles to the shows Just to prove they weren’t trailer queens. They had to build something real world. Not like Eric Gorges’ bike with the one gallon tank that had to stop every gas station. Or Billy Lane lighting his ass on fire with the exhaust under the seat. That’s what this should be about.

    • Agreed

  19. GO PAUL JR TEAM # 1

  20. I like jr bike it the best

  21. All the way for Paul, Jr and and his crew!!!!

  22. Jesse is real, builds real. Other guys use outside help or have tons of people doing the work for them

    • LoL. Jesse uses a team of people to build his too, then takes all the credit and disses his team. Hell, then he had to fly in more folks to get his store bought engine and transmission working together too.
      Jesse is NOT that great a fabricator either, and his bike is a rip off dirt bike.

  23. jj set is not even there gmg bike is well done but not what anybody is in to now mister t bade a bike alot likr jj and both of them look like someone made it for a 15 year old
    im sorry but jr has done the work that i would drive

  24. set should have been seat and bade should have been made
    go beer

  25. Sr’s bike is a cool, innovative bike that could easily be used in a movie, but not a pratical rider (he missed it)!
    Jr’s bike has a great design, sexy bike, gorgeous colors & could modify to be a rider easy enough and going to a wonderful cause at Susan Koeman foundation!
    JJ’s bike is rough, boxie looking, didn’t run and should be dis qualified, he and his bike is just not good enough!
    Fast & Loud, has a cool old school bike, these guys are skilled and do all the work pratically with there bare hands in a small garage and deserve this win or at least second. I have mad respect for them! go Gas Monkey and regardless of how you place Gas Monkey is number 1!

  26. Here is my thought if and only “if” a biker build off show some how happens ever again. I said it and will say it again, A NEW VOTING SYSTEM.

    1. Text should never be the only way to vote
    2. A winner should never be based on just text
    3. I do not believe how actually built the bike should not be shown until a winner is decided. This way the vote is based on the bike and not the face behind it.
    4. Every “builder” should be given the same materials and equipment needed to build the bike. This way it levels the playing field to were no one is able to use money or outside resource to build/assemble the bike.
    5. The winning bike should not only be based on looks but also performance.
    6. Voting can be one factor to winning; However, I also believe an expert panel of judges that score the bikes based on a series of different aspects and determine a winner by the highest score.
    7. A better host… preferably one with a motorcycle background.
    8. Show the placing of all the bikes not just 1st and 2nd.
    9. Each have the same deadline from start to end during the same time.
    10. Voting can show which bike the viewers pick as the winner
    11. Judges also show which bike they pick is the winner
    12. The winner is either by my number 10 idea or by the number 11 idea or somehow a combination of both. I believe number 11 is the best way but to keep viewers interested and tuning in to keep ratings up I’m sure we all know viewers will most likely decide…
    13. All bikes most run by the deadline and followed by the rules or will be disqualified .

    Well that’s my idea. Please if anyone agrees or has better ideas post or even disagrees please comment. This is not for me this is just do to the fact that I think Discovery did a terrible job on this one. We the viewers need justice. Thank you that is all

  27. this DEFINETLY was a popularity contest, NOT ABOUT the best bikes. but I give honors to all of the builders, all of the bikes were AWSOME! and I think all of them deserve 1st place! good job guys! Every one put out thier best stuff!

  28. Jesse Lame ahhhh I mean James… Lived up to his loser hype, and got his A.s wooped once again by Paul Jr.. What a loser. Jesse calls himself a bike builder yet can’t build a bike. When called on the carpet Jesse loves to put quirky spin on his lack of ability and points the finger at everyone but himself. Why do they keep offering this guy shows and allow him to compete. He has no respect for anyone and even less talent.

    • Hi Chez, I am all over this stupid “thread” and JJ is NOT LAME. His Dad gave him Nothing but trouble. He is Self-Made( his NET WORTH IS 200 Million Dollars) SR- about 25M & Jr- about 20M. So, ask Shakille, or Keanu Reeves if they dig their JJ Customs( Not THEME BIKES)- Lame/ LMFAO. 😉

      • Jesse has proven the A-hole doesn’t fall far from the tree in that he is just like his dad nothing but trouble. Also He made his money through getting alimoney when he cheated on his wife and got his ass kicked out of his marriage. He didn’t earn it himself. And just because shakille and keanu reeves also have no taste in choppers doesn’t mean squat, a real bike builder would take any of these 4 apart and no Jesse is not a real bike builder, he is an incompetent wanna-be