‘American Chopper Live: The Revenge’ Bikes Revealed – Who Do You Think Won?

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american chopper buld off 2 American Chopper Live: The Revenge Bikes Revealed   Who Do You Think Won?

UPDATE: Find out who won the build-off HERE

With only a few episodes left after being canceled, the American Chopper Live: The Revenge has turned into a so-called swan song for series fans. Once again bringing together Junior, Senior and Jesse, as well as introducing Discovery newcomers Fast N’ Loud, it’s now time to decide who built the better bike. Will Junior take home the trophy again?

Like in last year’s episode, fans watched a two-hour lead-in to Tuesday’s live episode, allowing viewers to see the process that each of them goes through when building a chopper. And, as expected, Jesse James doesn’t disappoint.

Not only has Jesse James returned with another hand-forged motorcycle, but he’s decided to build it his own way, with no faux television deadlines to worry about. While the rest of the group had 6 weeks to build their bike, Jesse James had at least 8 and, according to Discovery, just finished, leaving Austin, TX on Saturday afternoon. Last year’s critics should be happy that James lowered his rises this time around, making for a more plausible bike ride.

As for Senior, he surprisingly stepped up this time, swapping out his interest to build a barely functioning track-machine “thing” for a twist on an old school bike. The front-end, though large, certainly commands attention, while the gas tank shows OCC stepping out of their comfort zone. Can Senior finally take home a win?

american chopper build off winner paul jr2 American Chopper Live: The Revenge Bikes Revealed   Who Do You Think Won?Last year’s winner: Paul Jr. Designs

For Fast N’ Loud, arguably the most accommodating bike builders, having finished their bike early (unlike James), their approach was to stick to a strict old school design, which admittedly looks better than James’ entry for last year. However, with Fast N’ Loud being the “new kids on the block,” one has to wonder whether the popularity of the others will hurt them.

Finally, Junior returns once again, this time basing a bike on a hot rod for the Susan G. Koman foundation. While some fans may complain about Junior using a charity to tip support in his direction, it’s impossible to not appreciate what was accomplished with his flat-black, pinstriped ode to the hot ride style. Hopefully, this time it’ll hold more than ¾ of a gallon of gas.

That being said, it’s up to you, the fans, to decide who built the better bike. With online options being removed this time around, you’ll need to text 97979, including your choice for best bike:

“1″ – for Team Junior
“2″ – for Team Jesse
“3″ – for Team Fast N’ Loud
“4″ – For Team Senior

[poll id="473"]

[poll id="474"]

You can check out photos of the build-off bikes below:


American Chopper Live: The Revenge returns Tuesday for a live reveal of the winner.

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  1. I don’t understand what f*** Jessie build that took longer than other contestant. He is full of s***. Fast and loud built a girls bike. They all full of s***. Senior got money their built shows that without creativity or design.

  2. Jesse James needed two weeks because he couldn’t figure out how to get his motor to work with the tranny. He called in two experts and flew them in to finish his bike. Btw Eric Buell already built that bike JJ… Nice try and stop repeating yourself about how you build everything by hand. That was an HD motor and trans. Not yours.

  3. The OCC (Team Senior) bike looks soooo awesome. And Junior’s bike looks pretty cool as well. I could take or leave the other two bikes.

  4. ill be honest, i loved 99% of PJD bikes he made, but this one is just not cool.., i think he was trying to hard for a style that just doesn’t fit on a bike..

    and senior.. well they have a few good designs in the past, but this bike they made is really well done.. really clean, and looks fast.

    the rest… are just wrong.. senior should win, but i think fans will vote for there favs then the bikes itself

    • Agreed. Most fans will vote for their favourite Person (which usually means Paul JR.)
      I definitely think all the bikes (except for Fast and Loud’s) are really cool and original. I’m ver pleased with Jesse trying something out of his comfort zone this year.

    • Man, I think jr bike is one of the Bad ass bikes he has ever made.He’s got true talent…..I bet he wins it all buddy.

      • Of course he did- All you Girlymen voted for him(the sand in their Gina crowd). Popularity Live-PUKE

    • Jr will win it all AGAIN

  5. Also, it kinda sucks that I can’t vote since I live in Canada. I can’t enter most contests, or vote for most competition shows because they’re only open to US residents. You’d think that these huge corporations would find a way to let people from Canada (which I admit isn’t the biggest market), in on that sort of stuff.

  6. Susan G. Komen foundation. Just an fyi.

  7. Jr. And Sr. Knocked it out of the park, Jessie James should be disqualified. He really is fos!
    If he really felt the way he does, he wouldn’t be part of this. It’s all about the money. Those gas monkey dudes suck. If it wan’t for the tv show they would be bankrupt!

    • I agree that its between Sr and Jr, but I’m willing to bet that Jr takes it all by a Landslide.

  8. WTF is that piece of crap Jesse James built???

    And I don’t know how Senior is last in the polls so far, his bike is definitely cooler than Jesse James’ bike. But once again, Junior’s bike is the best one, it’s like nothing I’ve ever seen, but at the same time, doesn’t look ridiculous like James’ bike. Gas Monkey put in a great effort considering they are not bike builders, but that definitely does not stack up against Junior’s bike…

  9. Jesse James is DESPERATE for attention. You guys notice how he tries to get on Discovery Channel every chance he gets? He even commissioned an expensive gun build with the Sons of Guns gun shop just so he can be on that show for an episode. That guy is so desperate for attention it’s sad…

  10. I think all the bikes look great, but like the earlier comment, it’s really a contest of the builders personalities.If I could have one of the bikes, it would be the gas monkey bike

  11. Honestly it might not be the flashiest or the Grandest bike around but the FnL guys’ bike is cool. To take a rare bike and do that is fun to watch. Esp since they dont have the machines and budgets that the others’ have.
    JJ needs to just give up. Enough said.
    Senior’s bike is awkward feeling. Neat looking if youre looking for something for IRobot 2 but thats it. But its better than last year’s. I just can not stand that Jason kid. He’s not funny, immature and arrogant past even Jesse James. I think he isnt in the right field of work.

    Jr’s bike is another theme bike. Wah Wah. Kinda boring if you ask me. The only think I like is the pinstriping.

    All in all this competition was abit boring though. I do enjoy watching FnL now though. American Chopper is All New “reruns” if you ask me.

  12. Vote going to PJD again this year. I think senior is 2nd love that bike too. It you have to give a 3rd (Jesse James). And nice job to the gas monkey’s first motorcycle but looks too much like a bicycle and needs your own customizations no just total originality.

  13. Team Jr all the way.awesome bike

  14. Don;t like all the smack talk. JJ has to much to say. I hope Jr. or senior win as they have shown more class. Their bikes are better as well

  15. What is wrong with Jason it seam like ever since jr made up with senior Jason has become a big jerk. What’s the matter senior does’t love you any more.Jr is very talanted but is stly is getting old,and senior desn’t really work on the bikes very much his crew does 98% of the hands on labor it looks kile his job is to sign the checks.Poor old Jesse looks to be a very good hands on mechanic but he also buys his motors and trans like most builders his bikes are a matter of what some one likes personly I voted fore him last year because he built a usable ride. this year my vote goes to fast&loud because they built a bike the old way something the average mechanic could build.

    • To Ron- get a grammar checker.
      However, you hit the nail on the head with the big jerk Jason with Sr not ‘loving him anymore’. LOL. Well said. FNL did build a nice bike. JJ should not be eligible since he broke the time rules and he and SR built similar bikes that are just shiny and look like mini-bikes and out of proportio. JR built a cool bike again trying to emulate a car and is leading in the polls because of it. I think people voted/will vote this year based on the bike and not personality.

    • Ron “Poor & Old”JJ???? His NET WORTH IS 200 Million= SR x10! Also he is the 2nd YOUNGEST guy on the Stage! Duh SUCKA

  16. I voted for Gas Monkey Garage. They hunted down old school bike and old school parts. True biker style. Rebuilt the engine, not purchased off the shelf. Met the deadline unlike JJ and rode it there to Vegas. These are the true winners whether they win it or not.

  17. Aren’t they suppose to be building choppers not bikes? RE: American Chopper

    • Haha, very true. JJ and SR didn’t build choppers. They will lose.

  18. Jr is an idiot so is senior.jj full of himself. Fast and loud nice try. senior and jj bikes are crotch rocket with harley motors.Hopefully all the hype of Jr and Senior will end for good.

    • And Mother Theresa is a liar, I saw Ghandi eat a giant bowl of ice cream every night, and Einstein just stole his ideas from his college roommate. Anyone else you hate?


  19. Just my $0.02…

    This build off is like two different build off’s in one. On one hand you have a new style chopper in an older style theme vs. a traditional 60′s chopper. On the other hand, you have two sport bikes to compete against one another.

    PJD – All style. As a hot rodder by heart, I love the theme, however, the fabrication in 2012 pales in comparison to 2011. I speculate this has to do with the original timeframe of 6 weeks, and the last minute idea to have another build – off, as compared to last year. The metal fabrication really sets this bike apart from the rest. The smoothness of the sheet metal is similar to older Arlen Ness designs. Definitely a PJD design using the same Pro-Street, collector box exhaust, big tire design as as shown on other builds throughout the year. Without knowing who was the builder, or watching yesterday’s show, any follower of AC can pick out this bike as Jr’s. That can be good or bad as it has brand recognition, but is also been done enough to become redundant. Some of the extras like the hood ornament, and the “Made in New York” cover are over the top, and not necessary. With the V8 painted on an engine cover, and using a header exhaust, this bike would have had a much larger impact if an actual V8 engine was used, instead of a standard 2 cylinder. On TV the style of the bike will really project well as will the red rims, with the faux-white walls will really pop when contrasted with the satin black paint. Since the build off is an offshoot of AC, Jr should be the favorite.

    FNL – Nice bike, and built with the resources they had available. As a life-long resident of Milwaukee, I really appreciate they used a vintage HD, and chopped it in true “chopper” style of the 60′s and 70′s. This bike fits their style of work they normally like to do with their cars. With really only Aaron and possibly 1 other helper, completing the bike within the 6 week time frame needs to be commended. They did everything they could. Really simple bike, which I think wil be drowned out by the machining and fabrication of the competition. Moreover they modified an HD frame and did not manufacture or purchase a new frame. To some viewers, this discredits their bike, as the other 3 builders made or had made to order a frame. The pink and white will pop on TV, but will their work project well on TV? I don’t think so. Moreover this bike has been done by others, can be done by a mechanic in their own garage. What makes this one special? Good effort, but I think they finish second.

    JJ – This bike build off is two parts – design and fabricate a bike, and completed it within a time-frame. JJ did not complete the bike within the original or extended time frame. Therefore, this bike should not be considered eligible for the “win”. A cafe racer is out of the box thinking for JJ, and that is a welcome sight compared to last years stale design. By the looks of the pictures on the website, the bike now looks completed, just in time for the live show tonight. JJ talks about all the fabrication done on his bike, but if the person in the 1st row cannot see the intricate work, what good is it for a made for TV build off? Moreover JJ’s attitude is off-putting, which in a popularity contest like this build-off, will hamper him. The bike design looks like a Buell. Since OCC also manufactured a sport bike, JJ’s bike will be visually compared to OCC first, then to the others afterwards. Obviously JJ did not know OCC would produce a similar sport bike design, but it is still a negative. Providing he is not DQ’ed, I do not think he will finish higher than third.

    OCC – What is that? The proportions are all wrong, like it is 7/8′s scale. If JJ’s bike is a Buell, OCC’s is a Buell Blast. While riding the bike, Sr. towers over the bike. Moreover the front fork is way too massive and wide for the style of the bike. Look at JJ’s bike for now to create a front end for this style of bike. The lack of color is a real negative. The red shown on the drawing should have been followed, as all the machined parts blend in together when looking at a distance. In the same vein as FNL, OCC used all their resources available to create the bike. Unfortunately the result is what an unlimited budget and a skilled CAD and CNC programmer can produce. Where is the hand metal fabrication? This skill set sets apart the haves and have nots. OCC failed in this aspect. There is no hand fabrication, other than the exhaust pipes, which extend too far. For a company that is Orange County Choppers, building a sport bike for a Chopper build-off is ridiculous. OCC has lost their vision. At least OCC actually made a motorcycle this year.

    • What he said…

    • All good points. I also felt that Seniors bike looks awkward when he rode it. Juniors bike looks mean. It’s a beast. Gas Monkey’s bike is too common looking.

  20. Did Jesse James ever get his bike running?

  21. It just comes down to what you would rather..
    An old school rare chopper
    Another future bike
    A theme bike
    or a Buell

  22. Seniors bike lacks length, which is usually not a good thing lol.
    Jesses bike is interesting.He could have done better. It doesnt look like it has a soul.
    Garage Monkeys bike is so girly it needs pink roses painted in the side of the gas tank and even a little girly girl like me would look cute riding it. Juniors bike is BEAUTIFUL !!!!LOVE IT!!!LOVE THE GRILL< LOVE THE CLASSIC CAR THEME< FREAKIN GREAT!!!!

  23. Gotta respect the talent of Jesse James and if you dont you probly flip burgers for a job!!!

    • He just doesn’t need to be such an ass about his talent.

  24. Have to say that I have watched Sr. & Jr. for years and see them as humans with genuine issues many families have to cope with unfortunately. That said, they both are true genius’ in their own right. Their bikes are truly killer. My choice however rests with Paul Jr.’s original design, hands down. Jesse James has great skills if only he could control his mouth. The guy is a total jerk. He apparently doesn’t play back what he says. Perhaps if he did, he would learn that the world does NOT revolve around him! I really like the boys from F & L. They are genuine bike builders with old school style. That is to be respected. Unfortuantely, they needed to step outside the box to compete on this level. Nevertheless, I respect the end product and that they rode it to Vegas!!

  25. Well- Another popularity contest ;0- BLOW CHOW!! P Jr already wt. Over 1/2 the UNOFICIAL VOTES… What a CROCK- BLACK & chrome= Always looks good(that’s why even a Ninja 250 comes that way:) The Cadillac Bike with a Chevy Grill & a “Taann” Seat!! Spoiled Rotten Pretty Boy WINS AGAIN= he cornered the teenage Girls VOTE: ROTFLMAO!!! 2nd place to a PINK HARLEY wt. (WHAT??- an expensive USED vintage motor***** Bought from Dale Walksler)/PATHETIC- Not in my Driveway!! I voted for SENIOR******BECAUSE the BEST MOTORCYCLE is a TIE BETWEEN OCC and JESSE JAMES -AND because I think Rick Petco, & Jim, Nick, & Christian etc. Deserve BETTER. JIM MACHINED ONE “Damn nice Frame” – ( not “store bought”, Richard/Dick & Jesse!). American Chopper should have several more Seasons- ( SINCE the Japanese/Italians & Germans “OWN” the Sportbike/Superbike “GAME”… I think Jesse & Senior will be shaking hands & their heads- as BOTH built Great “Sporty” V-Twin bikes- If ONLY THEY HAD PETE TOWNSHEND’S & KEITH MOON’S Stones/Balls they would KICK Jr’s & Dickard’s Bikes OFF THE STAGE!!!( Then FREEBIRD could Close Out a Really Great Event ;)!! LAST- Jesse & Senior are THE ONLY TWO actual BIKERS on stage. Ps. – Best wishes to Rick Petco Designs……. PEACE OUT, CjD

  26. First of all,how can any bike builders dis or hate on the Teutels.If it wasn’t for them there would be no shows like Fast N Loud,Monster Garage or Biker Buildoff. Second of all, Paul Jr. Is an artist and an innovator. it’s not about how you make the bike or if you can ride it to West Buttfuck because I’m sure he can completely fabricate a bike that rides like the f***** wind. Its all about creativity, the WOW factor,style and innovation. Third of all and finally, this is entertainment for the people,not about personal goals and egos and Paul Jr gets that and that’s why he will when again.

  27. I think gas monkey should they built a awsome bike, they went by the rules and they rode there bike all the way there, the others didn’t, the pink was a great color to choose the bike is beautiful. I wish u the best of luck and hope u win u deserve it, U both did a great job, espeically Aron. P.S. I love your show it fun to watch, Love Marilyn Price

  28. CJD….really dude? You rip a Ducati motor name for a screen rant and you can’t tell that both Sr and JJ “borrowed” designs from confederate motorcycles and Eric buell? Btw your rant makes no sense. You write like my thirteen year old daughter. Just saying.

    • Steve O – I have a Masters Degree in Electrical Engineering. If I write like your daughter I assume that to be a compliment…..- Unless you are Dissing your own progeny?? I am sure YOU VOTE PJD JUST LIKE YOUR 13 yr. Old daughter- check my 8:08pm post- I SAID THAT PRETTY BOY is riding the Teenage Girl & GIRLYMAN VOTE to ANOTHER WIN. ***£****Lastly- I own & RIDE a 2012 Ducati Diavel- So BACK OFF SUCKA!!! CjD

    • I can’t resist adding another reply to Steve O(Dumbshit AH)! Desmosedici is NOT A F ING MOTOR- It is Ducati’s $80,000 Flagship Bike. Study up on Desmodromic Valve Technology, get a life & Then TALK MORE s*** TO ME. 5 years from now your 13 yr old Daughter CAN BLOW ME! CJD

  29. @ CJdesmosedici – Agreed on some of what you got going on but not others but wgas right? All the builders purchased engines, Jesse failed, yes failed to get his done on time. Less smack talking = more wrench time. OCC’s thing has the wrong stance, Sr looked like a monkey f***g a football riding it. Jesse’s and Occ’s look like Buells. Jr’s thing, well I don’t even know what to say about it other than he used the breast cancer card before the build – yep gotta get the pretty boy vote on. F&L built a true old school Shovel in a Pan frame with no waterjet crap or annoying Jason Pohl to design it. Kudos for the frame though. The only hands on Sr got was putting or actually helped put the gas tank on. This isn’t a biker build off its a popularity contest. F&L got my vote due to the fact they chose an old Shovel and actually rode it there like you had to do on the real build offs with the chopper king. Opinions vary. I’d take the shovel anyday – New paint scheme on a proven reliable untrailered scoot that gets more than 10 miles a tank. And yeah Best wishes to Rick Petco designs.

    • old school got my vote jrs bikes are for teenagers ’13 to 15 year old’

      • I hope Jesse James runs over Jason Pohl! Someone please push that troglodyte off a cliff please!

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