‘American Chopper Live: The Revenge’ Bikes Revealed – Who Do You Think Won?

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american chopper buld off 2 American Chopper Live: The Revenge Bikes Revealed   Who Do You Think Won?

UPDATE: Find out who won the build-off HERE

With only a few episodes left after being canceled, the American Chopper Live: The Revenge has turned into a so-called swan song for series fans. Once again bringing together Junior, Senior and Jesse, as well as introducing Discovery newcomers Fast N’ Loud, it’s now time to decide who built the better bike. Will Junior take home the trophy again?

Like in last year’s episode, fans watched a two-hour lead-in to Tuesday’s live episode, allowing viewers to see the process that each of them goes through when building a chopper. And, as expected, Jesse James doesn’t disappoint.

Not only has Jesse James returned with another hand-forged motorcycle, but he’s decided to build it his own way, with no faux television deadlines to worry about. While the rest of the group had 6 weeks to build their bike, Jesse James had at least 8 and, according to Discovery, just finished, leaving Austin, TX on Saturday afternoon. Last year’s critics should be happy that James lowered his rises this time around, making for a more plausible bike ride.

As for Senior, he surprisingly stepped up this time, swapping out his interest to build a barely functioning track-machine “thing” for a twist on an old school bike. The front-end, though large, certainly commands attention, while the gas tank shows OCC stepping out of their comfort zone. Can Senior finally take home a win?

american chopper build off winner paul jr2 American Chopper Live: The Revenge Bikes Revealed   Who Do You Think Won?Last year’s winner: Paul Jr. Designs

For Fast N’ Loud, arguably the most accommodating bike builders, having finished their bike early (unlike James), their approach was to stick to a strict old school design, which admittedly looks better than James’ entry for last year. However, with Fast N’ Loud being the “new kids on the block,” one has to wonder whether the popularity of the others will hurt them.

Finally, Junior returns once again, this time basing a bike on a hot rod for the Susan G. Koman foundation. While some fans may complain about Junior using a charity to tip support in his direction, it’s impossible to not appreciate what was accomplished with his flat-black, pinstriped ode to the hot ride style. Hopefully, this time it’ll hold more than ¾ of a gallon of gas.

That being said, it’s up to you, the fans, to decide who built the better bike. With online options being removed this time around, you’ll need to text 97979, including your choice for best bike:

“1″ – for Team Junior
“2″ – for Team Jesse
“3″ – for Team Fast N’ Loud
“4″ – For Team Senior

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[poll id="474"]

You can check out photos of the build-off bikes below:


American Chopper Live: The Revenge returns Tuesday for a live reveal of the winner.

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  1. Billy Lane could build a better bike than these jokers. He built some of the coolest bikes on Biker Build Off that were real riders. Anyone who thinks differently…just google him.

    • arlen ness was called the chopper king made some awesome designed bikes that would have fit along the lines of pjd’s bikes.have seen a lot of build off bikes have problems on the ride to their destination. too small a gas tank parts breaking off . it’s all part off building a bike.give them some more specific rules and a short deadline & see what happens . none of these builders got to participate in biker build off but ride their own bikes to sturgess & are very popular there. rip indian larry a very unique & talented builder. liked his bikes as well as many others.bring back the build off with some “new”blood so to speak. have just witnessed 4 new entries

    • dont think so

  2. Please explain.
    Junior bought his frame, engine, fenders, car parts. He then lightly modified the fenders, and built a tank.. Lastly put a bunch of garbage on it.
    Gas Monkey bought a frame, motor, fenders. Modified the frame, fenders, engine.

    Just because one bought new parts and one bought used parts I don’t see how one could say gas monkey didn’t deserve second place. It takes more skill to get a 45 year old bike going than putting new pieces together.

    • I agree

    • Are you kidding me gas monkey took 2 bikes apart and made one.How is that fabricating? Anybody with a little knowledge could do what they did. Not even in the same class as Jesse junior or senior. They shoulda stayed in Texas with that pos Fred.

    • Open your eyes dumb dumb his team are in a class of their own

  3. Let’s face it, like someone already said, this was entertainment, not a show about fabricating bikes, because there wasn’t a “whole lotta fabricatin’ goin on”

    • @John S- There WAS. ALOT of fabrication(SADLY BY THE 2 “LOSERS”). OCC- Jim codesigned and FABRICATED DAMN- NEAR the whole bike(first with a WOOD MODEL = Smart/Shrewd, Then he DESIGNED the PROGRAMS to WaterJet the frame,Swimgarm, Forks & CNC’d most of the other parts). Cmon man- THAT is FABRICATING at the Highest Tolerances. What KILLED me is when Jr talked s*** onstage about the REAR SUSPENSION- The damn THING was a semi- hydraulic suspension with a CARBON FIBER COMPOSIT SPRING used by*** FORMULA 1 Cars & the US MILITARY= First EVER in a MOTORCYCLE/ =more innovative than even JJ). SO OK, we all knew thiS was just another POPULARITY CONTEST from the Get-Go=PUKE!!! AND we all knew Jr was going to win it again( because “pretty boy” Had the Teenage “SAND IN THEIR GINA” Vote & the GIRLYMEN VOTE) – Now he can “cruise” Orange ” County NY on his CHEVY/Chopper- Woop, Woop!! ;O/PUKE. I personally WISH Industry Professionals had Judged the Bikes Also- LIKE THE FIRST TIME.( NOT, NO 3rd & 4th Place wt. a Stupid FADEOUT to “Amish “KKK”!!!). WE NEED A NEW SHOW CALLED “AMERICAN MOTORCYCLE”!!! ERIC BUELL – took his shot and MISSED(ALSO HE GOT FU__ED BY HARLEY DAVIDSON/SHAME!!( That is why I sold my Heritage Softail ClassIc & BOUGHT a 2012 DUCATI DIAVEL-***** and will NEVER GO BACK!!$)….. We are the GREATEST COUNTRY IN THE WORLD ( But you would Think JAPAN won WWII) Watching Moto GP & World Superbike! NO AMERICAN BIKES/TEAM= (WTF)???!!! I can’t STAND ROSSI FANS( SAND IN THEIR GINA- Like PJD FANS)-So Australia, GO CASEY!!! ANYBODY WANT TO DRINK SOME BEER( I’ll Buy) at LAGUNA SECA OR IN AUSTIN this year/2013 at Moto GP, Just Reply and leave an Email address-I’ll get back. PEACE OUT, Charles/ CJD

  4. All that maters is that the show had a enormous amount of vewers. No mater what we say nothing will change the results.I think that eather Sr or J James should have won. Nobody but discovery knows whos blowin who.

    • Well put. ‘Biker Build Off’ was so much better than this stuff.

    • Also agree, though I disagree on who should win. Is it just me or did the show spend 99% of air time on talking smack and pranks and hardly 1% on the bike builds? It is really hard to judge anything when you have basically nothing to go on but what you see as a final product on a stage covered in smoke.m

      • If they ever do another Build Off show, they should bring about a dozen or so of the builders from ‘Biker Build Off’ to be the judges, have a real competition, and not a popularity contest. Don’t get me wrong, I like Junior, but when is the last time he built a frame? And why are so many of his theme bikes in storage at his shop? (Same question about OCC)I remember Indian Larry (RIP) building a frame by welding the links of a chain together…again I’m not trying to detract from what Junior does, or most of OCC’s bikes (this bike was a huge exception, I think the powertrain parts were the only thing NOT machined in house for that one), but it’s like comparing apples and oranges…one group throws a rolling chassis together out of stock parts, while another builds the roller…and a lot of the voters sitting in their living rooms at home have no idea what the difference is. This is my last comment, I promise.

    • ChuckRay, Right on man! Sr’s crew & JJ FABRICATED NEARLY EVERYTHING- check my other posts ( If you attend any US/American Moto GP events Just contact me( AllConnectors the BEER is ON ME)- FOR REAL!! Go Paul Sr, Outlaw Garage, & RPD****** Rick Petco Designs!! PEACE OUT, Charles/CJD

    • You are 100% correct. This was just a popularity contest. Not a contest judged upon bikes but popularity.

  5. Jesse built a humpbacked mini-bike. Great fab skills. And no clue about design. None. Designers are artists, fabbers are monkeys.

  6. What a bunch of spoiled brats(being polite). None of them gave this any effort. Put out a call to bike builders who have something at stake and you will have an audience and some interest. These bikes all suck. You have lost interest in the show because the builders feel entitled. That is not the biker mentality. I could not be more dissapointed.

  7. paul jr beat them all at there game .car guys didn’t saw that 1 comin hands up jr

  8. jesse is trying to put a show he doesn’t even have a garage no more too bad

  9. while it may have been a popularity contest jj’s bike didn’t look well thought out on his design which created most of his build problems. sr.s bike was a crafting marvel of a sport bike but front end didn’t look at all correct, as jj’s didn’t either.f&l built a simple bike.but not a lot of fabbing.pjd’s bike had the best lines & theme . sr & jr started out building & selling choppers that were riders. they know to do it. this should have been along the order of biker build off & we would have seen some different bikes. look @ the bike jr. & sr. built the early one they sold & the last one.

  10. I voted for Paul Jr. because I like the bike, him and his team. I am glad the Fast & Loud bike came in 2nd because I like the bike and their team. I cannot stand the sight of cheating and lying Jessie James and could care less what he built, I would NOT vote for it and Sr’s bike was simply way over the top and I would not ride it or vote for it, although I do like him and his team. I wish Sr. had stuck to his roots and made a glorious old school chopper. Too bad the show got cancelled.

    Richard Perkins
    Bath, Maine, USA

  11. What’s a chopper and what’s a custom? While Jr’s bike was a beautiful custom ride and Sr’s bike an interesting concept type custom and Jesse’s looking like a rice rocket V-twin cafe racer, I think the Fast and Loud boys got the true meaning of chopper. Fabrication schmabrication. A chopper is a leaned out ride. Period.

  12. Even though Jesse needed more time. He may have received more votes if he wasn’t such an immature A#$-Clown. Junior was the clear winner. Senior did a much better job this time around. (He is an A#$-Clown too though) Fast & Loud did a beautiful job, but it wasn’t innovative enough.

  13. I think the Fast & loud guys build a nice bike. but it’s like a baker using a box mix to make a cake from the store. It’s not from scratch! Everybody else build their bikes from the ground up. I voted JR. 1st, Senior 2nd, Fast & loud 3rd, Jesse 4th. Jesse didn’t finish on time and play by the rules. All Jesse did was run his mouth. Frankly I hated it! Senior finished last not because he build a bad bike, some people just don’t like him. I have great respect for him. Senior bike needed a front
    fender to finish it off.

  14. who has the longest peepee wins, enuff said.

  15. First of all Im diying because my show was canselled;we bikers need another biker show and not reruns;senior;I have nothing but respect and admiration for the man;junior,I knew it way to go;jesse you are one of my all time chopper guru heroes;monkey garage,I expected nothing less,great job.But again we bikers need another new program,not reruns.So how about a show that Discovery gets a diferent bilder or cuztomizer every time,piks a biker submited entry, and get his or hers bike cuztomized.Sort of like a pimp my bike thing.Iknow people are goin to kill me on line for this.Any way food for thought.Bikers rule.

  16. Anyone who thinks Jesse didn’t build the best bike and show the most creativity and talent has clearly NEVER been on a motorbike.

    • The Fast N’ Loud guys were correct when they pointed out that Jesse’s bike was completely unrideable with the oil tank right under that little seat, your nuts would be roasted in no time. And Jesse’s bike – not the first person to do that either. Check out the Wakan 1640 bikes. The French have been doing that for almost 10 years.

  17. to each its own Paul Jr. is one hell of an artist anyone can build bikes just for riding sake but as far as showpiece bikes the ones rich guys put up in their garages just to look at Jr. has it on lockdown. No offense to the biker build off legends but Jr. is ushering in a new wave of creativity taking something and completely changing your outlook on what’s possible.He never gets the credit deserved but for the last ten years i’ve yet to see him do something mediocre and he’s always stretching the limits of imagination like a full grown child in his design schemes. Keep up the Great work Paul your amazing and I have enjoyed watching your genius over these past years and the way you handle the adversity with such poise has taught me a thing or two about patients. If only we all can show that much restraint after years of verbal abuse to compliment one hell of an output of artwork. Your hands were a gift to us from God and I wish you and your family all the best.

  18. Jesse James’ ego is bigger than any person in history… The Fast N’ Loud guys were correct when they pointed out that Jesse’s bike was completely unrideable with the oil tank right under that little seat, your nuts would be roasted in no time. And Jesse’s bike – not the first person to do that either. Check out the Wakan 1640 bikes. The French have been doing that for almost 10 years.

  19. Seems like most people are forgetting this was a “Chopper” Build Off, not a “Sport Bike” Build Off, so the only true choppers was GMG and PJD with GMG staying true to what a chopper really is.
    Results should have been:
    1st. GMG
    2nd. PJD
    JJ disqualified (no chopper)
    OCC disqualified (no chopper)

  20. Fast N Loud should have won by default as they were the only team to finish on time.
    Biker Build off was much better & a fairer test their bikes had to be riden & alot of the build off bikes were far ahead of of the American Chopper Build off bikes.

  21. I have the 2007 Web Bike Prototype that was built on “American Chopper” the series Season 4 Episodes 5 & 6. The bike is for sale on ebay; take a look if you’re interested!

    2007 American Chopper OCC WEB BIKE PROTOTYPE Bike Built on Discovery Channel

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