‘American Chopper’ Series Finale – Senior, Junior & Mikey Give Their Final Thoughts

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american chopper sr vs jr season 3 premiere American Chopper Series Finale   Senior, Junior & Mikey Give Their Final Thoughts

After 10 years on the air, American Chopper has finally come to an end. Fortunately, Senior, Junior and Mikey came together last night for the “real” finale. In it, all three Teutuls reflected on their experience making the show, good and bad, as well as revealed their final thoughts about the entire “American Chopper experience.”

When the Teutuls reflect on past events, fans can typically expect to see familiar scenes of fighting, laughing, building and destruction – and in that respect, this episode wasn’t much different. What this episode did have, however, was new interviews with the three Teutuls sitting next to each other, reflecting about the recent events which almost tore their family apart. For a final episode, the reunion of all the Teutuls is what fans most hoped for, no matter whose “side” they are on.

You can read the Teutuls’ final thoughts below:

Senior: I think if I could change one thing over the last 10-years, it would my relationship with my sons. Thanks for sharing your living room with me over the last 10 years.

Junior: As for my father, I love him. This thing started out with the both of us, and it’s been a great 10-year run. We’ve been living the American dream and, for that, I am forever grateful.

Mikey: I’m definitely very grateful for the past 10 years. The overall is that I’ve learned a lot from it, and I’m probably one of the luckiest people alive. I mean it.

Of course, American Chopper wouldn’t be American Chopper without the familiar cast and crew who stood behind the Teutuls throughout their television adventures.

So as the entire crew of American Chopper, both PDJ & OCC, left for one last bike ride, everyone else gave their final thoughts:

Vinnie DiMartino: You know, thinking back on all the things we’ve done… It’s great, man. We’ve done a ton of stuff, made a ton of fiends, and it’s been a great ride.

Rick Petko: I never came here to work on a TV show, let alone to do what I do in the capacity that I do it. And then to have people appreciate it – and to have fans? I never would have thought in a million years that everything would have exploded like this.

Cody Connelly: I was there from the get-go. It was just, basically, Junior, Senior and I in the shop. To be a small-town guy and to have this kind of thing happen… it really was surreal.

Jason Pohl:  The best part of American Chopper, really, for me, was the ability to work with a great team. I gained an experience here that you just can’t get anywhere.

Mike Ammirati: I never really expected that, myself, being on TV, that people would recognized me. It was another experience in my life, you know… One that I never thought that I would ever have.

Rachel Teutul: It’s been 10-long years of this. It’s made history. It’s been a phenomenal thing for Paul, for his father – for both companies, really.

Towards the end of the final episode, Mikey mentioned how he believes everyone will get along much better without the television series being filmed. While this is most likely to be entirely true, it will be sad to no longer be able to catch up on what the Teutuls are up to, good or bad.

american chopper senior junior mikey American Chopper Series Finale   Senior, Junior & Mikey Give Their Final Thoughts

As American Chopper Live: The Revenge showed, Junior and Senior are likely the calmest bike builders Discovery had working for them, thanks to Jesse James and Fast N’ Loud almost fighting each other. But now that American Chopper has come to an end, one has to wonder how long, exactly, will the Teutuls be off the air.

Even after all these years, American Chopper can still draw a large audience for its shows. Although these audiences are smaller in size than they have been in the past, there’s still more than enough interest from fans to see Junior and/or Senior return to television.

If that does happen, will you still be there to watch it?

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American Choppers aired from September 29, 2002 – December 18, 2012, on Discovery and TLC.

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  1. I’m gonna miss those guys. The chopppers they built ran the gammuet. From WOW to What the hell is that. But with the pressure of the show and Jr’s and Seniors personalites I’m suprised they lasted ten years.

  2. Well, the Teutels had an incredible run.

  3. I really enjoyed this show and the people in it. I look at everything else on TV today and wonder why anyone in their right mind would cancel it. It had soap opera drama, technical know how and followed true life time friendships that were very interesting. I just hope some Network out there has the sense to bring it back,even on an occasional show basis. I think a lot of people would be interested in just how everyone from the show is doing and seeing a couple of new builds. I mean watching a show about a bunch of Amish people with machine guns is the most idiotic thing I have ever seen on Tv. Just total nonsense.

    • I agree with what you have said. We have watched the show for 10 years and we were so sorry to see it come to an end. We used to live in New York State and less than 15 miles from the OCC shop and store. We met Paul Sr, Paul Jr, Mikey, Vinnie, Rick, and Cody in person. Genuinely a great goup of gentlemen and an asset to thier community. I hope they come back on the air with a new series of shows or specials from time to time. We miss them.

  4. Great show that travelled well, I’m in the UK. I guess the network felt they had run out of new idea’s although I DONT agree and looked forward to each episode. Perhaps they they could have gone international with the bike themes and made the show even bigger!

  5. Sorry to hear the show is cancelled.

  6. I live in the uk and I watched every episode I thought it was brilliant some of those bikes were amazing from pjd and occ hope 1 day you make a reunion show

  7. i am from the uk loved the show from day 1 all the drama and bike builds i hope the family sort out there problems they will be missed god bless .

  8. i’ve been an avid fan for the entire time the show has been on…. from the very first build up to the last… hate to see the guys go and i’ll surely miss the show… just have to settle for reruns … if any. wish you guys all the luck

  9. I am not a biker not interested in owning one but always enjoyed the show I will miss it

    • i am in australia and watched the show right from the start.i allways backed paul jnr and i hope his shop has not gone under.he had a different style of doing things,really hope he still has .bring paul jnr on with his own show.

  10. Will miss this excellent show

  11. I thought the show was amazing and will be getting the box set and will watch all over again. Wish them some day Soon.

  12. It was a pleasure to watch nature at work . Growing up , rebelling , taking a risk by going it alone , proving yourself worthy and ultimately love between a father and son prevailing . Sad to not be part of it any longer .

  13. Just a great series Wish my Dad and I had sorted things out before He died

  14. i enjoyed your show awesome bikes sad that your show got canned but we the viewers have still got your dvds to watch

  15. Please Paul start your own show,discovery suck without you guys.I have been waching american chopper from day 1 and wil miss you guys.best of luck to all of you

  16. I do think Jason had too much say in what went on in OCC and Senior should not have talked about his sons the way he did. I do hope they come back onto the screen, I know we in the UK are way behind the viewings but it is the highlight on my Wednesday evenings to watch an hour of American Choppers.

    They will be greatly missed

  17. Will miss the show tons. Loved it, Vinnie and Rick are top boys and Paul junior so innovative with his designs,I’m not a biker but the machines both junior and senior built were something else. Think about another series boys

  18. The greatest reality show … PERIOD. The only value @discovery channel… and they cancelled it? Unbelievable. Best wishes for the teutuls from Indonesia.

  19. i love to see paul senior and paul juion get on beter becus thay bild good bikes to geth and its a shame thay cannot see eye to eye thay are the world best at there jobs with the team thay have to gether and its a shame to let it go i life in the uk and i love the bikes thay make to geth so dont let that go me and my wife sit and watch the prow gram to geth we are bikers to i have a gsxr 750 so dont give up on your self try to make it work betwn the both of u i like to say good luck to u both and all the best

  20. the last series has just started in Australia, cannot believe Junior wants to work with OCC again, after all the crap he went through. Also Vinny & Cody left OCC with issues., feel sorry for them….BUT I feel the whole show was a SET UP, I would what other people think….

  21. Thanks for the many many hours of entertainment. Take care.

  22. I continue to be amazed by the number of folks who indicate Jr. owes everything to Sr. for who he is or has become, thus should be beholding to him in some exagerated manner. I can agree on one point, Sr. contributed 50% to his DNA composition. Beyond that I must disagree. As a teen, Jr. and his 3 siblings (Michael, Daniel & Cristin) endured life with an alcoholic resulting in divorce from their mother Paula. A basement hobby when Jr. was 16 transitioned into a very small motorcycle building buisness with a 20% interest allocated to Jr. No doubt Jr. learned a great many things about metal work from his father, but his greatest strength (artistic design) clearly did not come from his father’s loins. A few years latter happenstance dropped a TV show into their laps and American Chopper was born with the intent to center on bike restorations. But the family dynamics immediately became the program’s focal point. With Sr’s propensity to enter fits of rage when his ‘my way or the highway’ attitude isn’t met with instant compliance, it isn’t suprising all 4 of his children have estranged themselves from him for years on end. Program editing doesn’t tell the real story, one we may never know. A hard and vendictive man open to devious business tactics and simple greed appear to be linchpins in Sr’s approach to business management. One that has garnered him intimate experience with lawsuits. Iron Works fraud case, Jay Leno bike breakdown, Justin (the painter) copyright infringement. Cody – remember the heartwarming episode where Sr. gave Cody the bike they built together before his mother and millions of viewers? Not only did Sr. keep the bike, he didn’t pay Cody for appearances, numerouse episodes he appeared in and used his likeness on memoralbilia without compensation. Nub hasn’t sued, though likely has several legal rights. When Nub declined to close his shop and work exclusively for OCC, Sr. severed connections and promised to have his shop “blackballed”. Vinney, to my knowledge didn’t sue either, but left for pay and compensation reasons also. And then the one everyone knows about with Jr. What an ingrate – refusing to hand over his 20% of OCC (4 companies) for absolutely nothing. Sr. is such a great man, I wonder why Jr. hasn’t said he owes everything in his life to having his father as a mentor and role model. Just maybe it is because he is like most everyone else, his own man.

    • I agree with all that you have said, you got it right on the nail

      • Don’t think dragging up the guys past is helpful Jnr is more talented then his father but snr is a hard working guy no doubt

  23. Jnr more talented than his father but snr more determined to be a success that’s what all the fighting was about

  24. TV is not the same without them! I will always be a fan!

  25. I’ve grew with this show from previous partner to new partner in my life the teutels need to get a grip with family life forget about buisness Paul senior remember wen your sons were born that bond wen u touched them its the same now it’s your flesh never mind work when it comes to your kids hold them cuddle them they will always tell you they love you

  26. Ur show was the best it made a very happy man on a Monday I just want 2say a big thank you

  27. To be honest, I feel a loss……. I hope they come back in some form, but if it heals them as a family if they don’t, I wish them well.

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  29. du bonheur de l’amour et une grande longévité à tous
    de la guyane française