‘American Chopper’ Canceled (Again); Creator Talks Possible Return & Firing Paul Jr.

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american chopper senior junior season 3 finale meeting American Chopper Canceled (Again); Creator Talks Possible Return & Firing Paul Jr.

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After ten years on the air, Discovery has decided to bring their long-running series American Chopper to a end. And even though this is the second time that the network has canceled the series over the past two years, they mean it this time: American Chopper is done! That is, unless you talk to series creator, Craig Piligian.

News of American Chopper’s cancelation comes weeks before the Teutuls are expected to be in Vegas for American Chopper Live: The Revenge. Unfortunately, after today’s announcement, the live build-off will now serve as the final episode for the series. Not exactly the type of final episode you’d want from American Chopper, but it appears that Discovery’s decision may have taken producers by surprise, thus limiting their ability to prepare an alternative conclusion. But could the series end up returning in some form?

While it’s highly unlikely to happen anytime soon, the Teutuls have been a staple of the Discovery channel for quite a long time, making their potential return something that could happen sometime in the (likely distant) future. But for fans of Paul Jr. Design, a new show featuring only PJD might soon be in the pipeline, with Paul Jr. taking to Twitter to encourage his fans to tweet their interest to Discovery Vice President Christo Doyle.

Here’s what Discovery had to say about American Chopper‘s cancelation:

After 10 years and 233 episodes of incredible, riveting reality television, ‘American Chopper’ will be ending its run. This series was one of the very first family-based reality programs on television. Special thanks to Pilgrim Studios for over a decade of great producing. The Teutuls have given us really innovative bike builds and real drama since 2002. We wish both Orange County Choppers and Paul Junior Designs the best.

Obviously, that’s the type of statement you expect to see from the network. However, American Chopper has always been about honesty – and for that, we turn to series creator Craig Piligian. While speaking with Entertainment Weekly, Piligian opened up about the cancelation and (potential) return of American Chopper:

I have mixed emotions. It’s had a great run. We had a lot of ups and downs. There’s been so much that’s happened to this family over the last 10 years. We’ve seen them grow to a huge motorcycle shop. We’ve seen them fight bitterly. We’ve seen them sue each other. And recently we’ve seen them come together to open up a new business. I think the show has come full circle.

‘American Chopper’ was cancelled before and we came back even stronger. It’s been a resilient, powerful show. Right now they’re telling me it’s cancelled. I can only comment: ‘Who knows what the future holds.’

The last time American Chopper was canceled, it was because Paul Sr. and Paul Jr. had a falling out, which led to the actual production of the show being halted. Fortunately, after coming to some form of working agreement, Discovery un-canceled American Chopper and labeled the subsequent seasons American Chopper: Senior vs Junior. After three years with that title, Discovery switched the title back to American Chopper for this final season.

american chopper paul sr2 American Chopper Canceled (Again); Creator Talks Possible Return & Firing Paul Jr.

But what about American Chopper’s final season? Was it as happy as everyone made it look on-screen? According to Piligian, he actually fired Junior and kicked him off the set:

It’s a very tumultuous relationship, not only between the father and son, but between us as well. Junior and I would have it out, and at one point awhile back, I said, ‘We’re done with you.’

Of course, after that happened, Piligian and Junior soon made up, thus allowing production on the series to continue. But could it impact that chance of Junior getting a new show on the air? We’ll just have to wait and see.

Even though American Chopper has had its up and down, it was still enjoyable to watch after ten years on the year. Admittedly, the family drama may have been bit too heavy-handed at times, but the show was about a family building motorcycles together. And as anyone should know, anything involving family is often complicated and messy. So while fans of the series will go to their respective corner, championing their favorite person, let’s not forgot that it wasn’t just Senior or Junior who made it American Chopper - it was the Teutuls, too.

Now how about we let them get back to fixing the relationships?

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American Chopper Live: The Revenge airs December 10th on Discovery.

Source: Entertainment Weekly; Paul Jr’s Twitter

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    • if i were JR. I would never speak to jason pool ever again , and senior should be ashamed for ever allowing ANYONE to bad mouth his son.

  1. Love the show & loved the work they do

  2. The show can be so much more, especially with PJR and Paul Jr own initiatives. We loved his involvement with the children playground and the bicycles. I have an excellent concept that will further market the show worldwide. Should you be interested please reply, nothing ventured nothing gained.

  3. I think Senior has lost the plot…as Junior has become bigger now I think senior wants a part of the action….I never liked the way senior insulted Paul behind his back in front emplyees. Forget about senior…concentrate on Junior and his bike building

    good luck for the future Paul Junior


  4. pjd el mejor disenador de moto der millenio. soy su fanatico numero uno. I’m his number one fanatic

  5. paul jr to big for his own shoes stardum gone to his head the show is much bigger than him hope he dont get his own show occ made him he shows no respect for the show nor his father who put him where he is today paul senior rules with paul jr everyone else does the work and paul takes the glory please dont give him a show you will make him think that he is the best in the world far from it if your a custom bike builder you make the frames engine everything not order them from surpliers we in uk say no to paul stuck up jr

    • i disagree jr. is a humble guy very mild manured senior should be proud of Jr. and encourage him,on the other hand, rather than laugh at Mikey and his inability to do virtually anything, senior should use that size 12 on him! just sayin’

  6. I used to watch Monkey Garage only as a warm up to my favorite show American Chopper with Paul Jr’s builds being the highlight for me. I have not watched Discovery since the show’s departure.

  7. It was a great show. I think everyone was amazed at how junior and senior
    worked together at the begining. Sadly their working relationship broke down and thus the end of the show. What do you say about the death of a show. It’s like giving a eulogy at a funeral. I suppose Junior is the only one who still has a head for business and the show. Senior has lost his mind; probably due to his alcoholism. I hope senior seeks professional help before he drinks himself into oblivion.

  8. Also what happened to the Cadillac Guilford results

  9. I love the show, even if its just a show with only Jr. That’s great. Don’t get me wrong Sr. Is awesome but the show must go on. Why put a stop to what everyone loves, you wouldn’t put a stop to Christmas should you…

  10. I heard rumors that senior actually doesn’t have a real mustache.
    The mustache he’s wearing is a fake that is glued on. Is this true?

  11. Take senior off the air and put jr on his own show

  12. Motorcycles are great period that’s why i watched… could care less bout what happens wit the fam. so either put them back on or just jr. either way lets get something on discovery that has to do wit 2 wheels and an engine.

  13. i say give jnr his own show i just want to see the bikes he builds they destroy occ bikes he pushes the envelope and occ bikes are the same old bikes we seen since jnr left sorry occ jnr’s bikes are some of the best looking in the world.

  14. No sr vs. Jr for me. Editing and production killed the show. I actually enjoyed seeing bikes evolve from concept to finished product. The latter shows became little more than a soap like Days of Our Lives with minimal air time on the bikes. I’d love to see Monster Garage come back with Jr using his creative juices in that.

  15. I continue to be amazed by the number of folks who indicate Jr. owes everything to Sr. for who he is or has become, thus should be beholding to him in some exagerated manner. I can agree on one point, Sr. contributed 50% to his DNA composition. Beyond that I must disagree. As a teen, Jr. and his 3 siblings (Michael, Daniel & Cristin) endured life with an alcoholic resulting in divorce from their mother Paula. A basement hobby when Jr. was 16 transitioned into a very small motorcycle building buisness with a 20% interest allocated to Jr. No doubt Jr. learned a great many things about metal work from his father, but his greatest strength (artistic design) clearly did not come from his father’s loins. A few years latter happenstance dropped a TV show into their laps and American Chopper was born with the intent to center on bike restorations. But the family dynamics immediately became the program’s focal point. With Sr’s propensity to enter fits of rage when his ‘my way or the highway’ attitude isn’t met with instant compliance, it isn’t suprising all 4 of his children have estranged themselves from him for years on end. Program editing doesn’t tell the real story, one we may never know. A hard and vendictive man open to devious business tactics and simple greed appear to be linchpins in Sr’s approach to business management. One that has garnered him intimate experience with lawsuits. Iron Works fraud case, Jay Leno bike breakdown, Justin (the painter) copyright infringement. Cody – remember the heartwarming episode where Sr. gave Cody the bike they built together before his mother and millions of viewers? Not only did Sr. keep the bike, he didn’t pay Cody for appearances, numerouse episodes he appeared in and used his likeness on memoralbilia without compensation. Nub hasn’t sued, though likely has several legal rights. When Nub declined to close his shop and work exclusively for OCC, Sr. severed connections and promised to have his shop “blackballed”. Vinney, to my knowledge didn’t sue either, but left for pay and compensation reasons also. And then the one everyone knows about with Jr. What an ingrate – refusing to hand over his 20% of OCC (4 companies) for absolutely nothing. Sr. is such a great man, I wonder why Jr. hasn’t said he owes everything in his life to having his father as a mentor and role model. Just maybe it is because he is like most everyone else, his own man.

    • BINGO!!!!!! You said it my friend!! I AGREE 110%

  16. Having watched the very first episode of American chopper while I was on holiday in New York I have been hooked ever since. It’s been amazing watching them guys build bikes, laugh, cry and fight with each other. Truly an amazing 10 yrs of pure gold. Big respect to Paul jr who has in my opinion been the most fascinating one of all to watch, so creative, thoughtful, sensitive. Can’t believe it’s all ended. INCREDIBLE 10 YRS!

  17. Don’t ever show sr’s. face on television again. That guy was the reason I quit watching the show. Junior is the one who built up that business. Senior tried to run it into the ground. If anyone deserves a show it’s junior. The only bikes I ever liked of OCC were the ones Paulie designed. Sr. has no imagination and neither does that doofus jason. I rolled on the floor laughing when they built their version of the Cadillac bike. They are all a bunch of sycophants at OCC. I hope to see Paulie, Vinnie, Cody and that other dude in the future.

  18. We hope to see PJ Designs (Paulie) along with Mikey, Vinnie, Cody, Rachael and the rest of his crew this fall once again reunited with Piligian and Discovery Channel. Bring back Mikey who added personality, compassion and love to the show. Piligian and Discovery Channel you are making a big mistake by not continuing your affiliation with PJ Designs. We have watched them all transform and adjust under the watchful eye of the camera and done it with class! As the summer comes to and end people will be looking for Paulie and his wonderfully talented crew! Please reconsider! We also wish the best to OCC and especially Rick!

  19. This sucks one of the best shows on tv discovery have let us all down occ forever and pjd rocks to come back soon

  20. Hi it was really sad when I turned on my tv to see the end of occ I hav been watching it from the start as it reminded me when I used to build fireplaces with my dad here in Ireland and we used to argue and fight daily just like Paul jnr & Paul snr well I hav lost my dad he has died and I wud give anything to hav him back so all the best to the lads at occ and thank you for a great reality show. God bless

    Ciaran mooney
    Derry city
    N Ireland

  21. I loved the show and I don’t think it could have been as great without both Jr and Sr.
    What would have give the show a real boost, is new faces and joint work with other talented builders to bring it up to a whole new level. Due to the show I have even started building bike parts with 27 years of medieval armor building/blacksmith experience. So in my personal opinion a return of American Chopper would be best done with more builders.

  22. No but seriously you gguyys are hellascious fun to watch, i lie the rivaalry between jr and sr also the trips with crew and lets not forget mikey! The give aways are great andd home vids are good, miss gma Tt she was funny sweet,behind scenes r fun jjjames i can do without has moments, trrrump got his dink wet funny, joel etc missit, great bbq in kc srcould use a coupon lol thanks for hours of fun hope to see u ALL. SOON

  23. i HOPE the show comes back , especially PJD , no telling what creativity paul jr has hidden in that mind of his and now that he is free from negative input from you know who , his amazing skill as a designer will finally be seen

  24. Paul Jr. is nothing but a cry baby !!! If not for Paul Sr. starting the “family” business many years ago there would not have ever been an “American Chopper”. Paul Sr. should be applauded for being a smart business man, while his wimpy, cry-baby sons ( Jr. and Mikey) got a free ride on his coat-tails !!!

  25. boas, aqui em portugal também se vê o show à muitos anos e pelo que vi, o Paul Senior foi e será sempre uma pessoa focada unica e exclusivamente no dinheiro. pois para ele fica aqui uma verdade indesmentivel: o dinheiro não é tudo meu amigo. tens 64 anos, pode ser que ainda te reste algum tempo de vida saudavel, por isso aproveita para viveres o tempo que te falta em harmonia com todos os teus filhos porque quando fores desta para melhor, vai cá ficar tudo, no teu caso pode ser que ainda consigas que fiquem cá algumas boas lembranças.
    pedro correia

  26. Personally I believe the fight that split the Teutuls had much to do with Paul Sr ability to see the economy tanking with one eye and seeing Paul Jr easy going work practices as not helping. I believe Sr should have been able to express how he fell without screaming and shouting like a mag man, but also Jr should have known that his old man was overly outrageous and asked what’s the problem instead of descending into a crap fest.

  27. It’s about us too. bring Jr back! Or at least an occasional special.