‘American Chopper’ Canceled (Again); Creator Talks Possible Return & Firing Paul Jr.

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american chopper senior junior season 3 finale meeting American Chopper Canceled (Again); Creator Talks Possible Return & Firing Paul Jr.

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After ten years on the air, Discovery has decided to bring their long-running series American Chopper to a end. And even though this is the second time that the network has canceled the series over the past two years, they mean it this time: American Chopper is done! That is, unless you talk to series creator, Craig Piligian.

News of American Chopper’s cancelation comes weeks before the Teutuls are expected to be in Vegas for American Chopper Live: The Revenge. Unfortunately, after today’s announcement, the live build-off will now serve as the final episode for the series. Not exactly the type of final episode you’d want from American Chopper, but it appears that Discovery’s decision may have taken producers by surprise, thus limiting their ability to prepare an alternative conclusion. But could the series end up returning in some form?

While it’s highly unlikely to happen anytime soon, the Teutuls have been a staple of the Discovery channel for quite a long time, making their potential return something that could happen sometime in the (likely distant) future. But for fans of Paul Jr. Design, a new show featuring only PJD might soon be in the pipeline, with Paul Jr. taking to Twitter to encourage his fans to tweet their interest to Discovery Vice President Christo Doyle.

Here’s what Discovery had to say about American Chopper‘s cancelation:

After 10 years and 233 episodes of incredible, riveting reality television, ‘American Chopper’ will be ending its run. This series was one of the very first family-based reality programs on television. Special thanks to Pilgrim Studios for over a decade of great producing. The Teutuls have given us really innovative bike builds and real drama since 2002. We wish both Orange County Choppers and Paul Junior Designs the best.

Obviously, that’s the type of statement you expect to see from the network. However, American Chopper has always been about honesty – and for that, we turn to series creator Craig Piligian. While speaking with Entertainment Weekly, Piligian opened up about the cancelation and (potential) return of American Chopper:

I have mixed emotions. It’s had a great run. We had a lot of ups and downs. There’s been so much that’s happened to this family over the last 10 years. We’ve seen them grow to a huge motorcycle shop. We’ve seen them fight bitterly. We’ve seen them sue each other. And recently we’ve seen them come together to open up a new business. I think the show has come full circle.

‘American Chopper’ was cancelled before and we came back even stronger. It’s been a resilient, powerful show. Right now they’re telling me it’s cancelled. I can only comment: ‘Who knows what the future holds.’

The last time American Chopper was canceled, it was because Paul Sr. and Paul Jr. had a falling out, which led to the actual production of the show being halted. Fortunately, after coming to some form of working agreement, Discovery un-canceled American Chopper and labeled the subsequent seasons American Chopper: Senior vs Junior. After three years with that title, Discovery switched the title back to American Chopper for this final season.

american chopper paul sr2 American Chopper Canceled (Again); Creator Talks Possible Return & Firing Paul Jr.

But what about American Chopper’s final season? Was it as happy as everyone made it look on-screen? According to Piligian, he actually fired Junior and kicked him off the set:

It’s a very tumultuous relationship, not only between the father and son, but between us as well. Junior and I would have it out, and at one point awhile back, I said, ‘We’re done with you.’

Of course, after that happened, Piligian and Junior soon made up, thus allowing production on the series to continue. But could it impact that chance of Junior getting a new show on the air? We’ll just have to wait and see.

Even though American Chopper has had its up and down, it was still enjoyable to watch after ten years on the year. Admittedly, the family drama may have been bit too heavy-handed at times, but the show was about a family building motorcycles together. And as anyone should know, anything involving family is often complicated and messy. So while fans of the series will go to their respective corner, championing their favorite person, let’s not forgot that it wasn’t just Senior or Junior who made it American Chopper – it was the Teutuls, too.

Now how about we let them get back to fixing the relationships?

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American Chopper Live: The Revenge airs December 10th on Discovery.

Source: Entertainment Weekly; Paul Jr’s Twitter

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  1. Would be good to see this show work with the unemployed turning them lives around learn to weld ,fab work build bikes

  2. The show has been a favorite of mine for the past 10 years and also of most of the modern world. It’s a shame to see it end but honestly, the storyline is getting very old. After 10 years there is very little they can offer in the way of renewed interewst without a major focal shift which indeed would be welcome.

  3. Paul jr. Is hands down the most creative bike builder of all time. Discovery channel will regret canciling the show & their ratings will show it. Good luck to jr.&the rest of the cast & god bless him & his fathers relationship rfast44

  4. I can’t argue about Paul Jr. design talent but the show illustrated business and organization problems that would make investors run away. He had good ideas but poor planning skills. You can run or grow a business without a proper business plan and good organization skills. The short lived business with his father showed that Paul Jr is not a business man. Look what happened to V Force Bikes , same problems, same results.

    Maybe Paul Jr should have agreed to design bikes and Paul Sr. to take those design ideas and make then feasible and marketable. For example, the use of a hard tail frame for the general public is a bad marketing idea. Paul Sr knew it and Jr ignored it and that is how you go out of business.

    Can Paul Jr. make bikes that the public will buy, and make a profit? Jesse James did before Motorcycle Mania in Long Beach, Paul Sr did but look at the family fights that broke out. Now they are off the air and that revenue stream is gone. I hope Jr can find his business mind before all of what he has earned is gone.

    OCC is established and will survive but how long can PJD run on design fumes and poor organization.

    One last thing on the build off, PJD and Gas Monkey both built old styled bike that appealed to an old audience and they were nice but nothing very innovative. Jesse James and Paul Sr are looking to the future with bikes that will appeal to the younger market and therefore sustainable over a much longer period of time, good business sense.

    • Us a fool n don’t have a clue of what your talking about pjd is the second bike company JR built Occ being the first


    • I dont think he has much personality ,MIkey did but he left,PJ is not even a real biker like Jesse James and hes not even a true bike builder, he does none of the fab. on the bikes the guys who work for him do it all, he just comes up with ideas for the build.

      • Paul Jr. is it #1, Sr. second and Jesse James 3rd. I still have not figured out what the heck fast and load did, except dress up a Harley. Was not the contest to build a bike? Bike Build Off not modify off a Legend bike. And please Jesse has little to no personality, he is a classless wonder. Listen to him talk, it’s all trash talk he say he don’t care about the show or the fans. Good we don’t care about the has-been that screwed up with that wonderful actress for the cat woman. Jesse needs to go to the wood shed and then grow up, he is such a little b****.

  6. It’s so depressing with no more American Chopper. How are we gonna know now if the family gets together and what motorcycles they will be building?

    • discovery would sooner put show,s on about guns as if any one in th uk would watch ???????????????????????????????????????

      • Guns, guns, guns – all Discovery is doing is nurturing some future mass killer.

        Or you can have fish. Sharks, crab, sword, tuna or ugly fresh water things from Jeremy.

        In Asia all we have had is bl ody reruns, which Discovery in their ignorance call ‘Premiers’ hell some idiot king in Malaysia is having his ‘premier’ coronation for the fourth time.

        Then there’s how to crash an airliner. Not happy with reruns, Discovery dices and slices old programs thinking it’s viewers are dumb. We have memories, Discovery.

        So, Discovery, no OCC – no subscription. I’ve cancelled. In fact I cancelled the cable as it was just about the only show I wanted to see.

        Discovery has no respect for it’s viewers.

  7. Myself and all my friends fastward O.C.C parts of American Chopper, not because we dislike them or favor Jnr, they are just not entertaining anymore. its the Jason and Snr show in OCC rather than a family show about building choppers. we all missed and liked the good and bad times this family has gone through, mikey’s humor, the pranks, Bikes and even the fights were bad for the family, but still entertaining to a degree. Jnr clearly has all the design talents from the Black widow, jet bike to the present day Build off car themed bike. OCC has the construction side of things down pat, but their bikes are cold, machine generated, their is no love put into their bikes. If Jnr gets his own show I’d watch it, be more entertaining then a show about building guns thats for sure.

    • i think in the next 6 mouths or so jr will have a show just him and his team it mite be on discovery if not there i think spike or speed will be a good network for him

  8. PJD bikes all look the same except different bits and paint jobs added, i prefer occ bikes over his and i prefer senior also, junior is agrogant and without the show his overpriced samey looking bikes wont sell,occ will also suffer.

    They have both become millionaires off the back of the show ,some of the bikes are good but like Jess James says they are not real bikes for bikers ,just showy gimmicky advertisements, all for show not go!!

    • i think your wrong i think people will pay the price for PJD bikes over old and boring occ bikes that jason designs. look back 2 years ago occ almost had to close the doors on there shop beacuse sr stop making payments on the HQ probley beacuse no one was buying there boring bikes

      • I have watched from the start and really enjoyed the show. Occ was getting to be boring SR wasnt really involved in the bikes. Jason poole acts like a baby when things dont go his way. They should have done something with JR. designing a bike with SR and jason staying out of it. I hope that JR,vinnie,cody and the boys get a shot at their own show. Put mikey in there and lets see what they can do.

    • OCC designs are stale.

      Dumb Jason jumps on his computer and picks a frame. Then he picks some other item – from some on-line catalog.

      It’s almost like building a bike using Visio.

      Junior, on the other hand, can’t use computers – that’s Vinnie’s forte, as is ability to translate Juniors dreams into realistic drawings.

      Junior, as others have said, has the design talent. Rick is an artist in metal – he turns a flat piece of steel in to a work of art.

      I mainly looked at the technology – the plasma welding, water cutting, etc.

  9. Jr rock on go all the way with or bad self and team the last bike 1in a mill good luck

  10. I’m not unhappy to see American Chopper finish – sure I enjoyed the series, to a point – but for the past season or two, I have found myself skipping the OCC over-dramatised tripe to watch the PJD sections.

    Everyone at OCC just seems to be so bitter and negative, whereas there was a different vibe at PJD.

    Whilst Paul Jr was indeed the manger/owner of PJD, it was very much a team environment.

    OCC was all about bullying and negativity, and that has permeated their entire shop.

    I would DEFINITELY watch a PJD dedicated show, as I found the shop atmosphere to much more enjoyable.

    As for the initiative previously noted about helping unemployed persons gain skills and experience etc – I would MUCH prefer to see that in an environment like PJDs, that encourages team-work, input and initiative than oe like OCC that is all about negativity, and the ‘Look at me, as I am Lord’ from Paul Snr.

    My thoughts anyway, but based upon the ratings of other ‘entertainment’ (I use the term loosely), my opinion of not wanting to watch over-dramatised is not one shared by the populous…..


  11. My farts smell good.

  12. Jason what an ass the occ crew was always jealous. Of paul jr the dad let it happen

  13. i loved american choppers. i hope one day it will come back on tv cause i loved watching occ and pjd build bikes.it was a interested show.i will always be a big fan of the show.thanks for 10 years but hope it makes a return to tv.thanks

  14. Paul JR shows the type of leadership that is so needed on tv for our youth. Honesty, Integrity, Professional

  15. My sons and I have watch the show for ten years Sr has a lot to learn at his age it is to late no one at occ should come before his family and at the end of the day Jr has made a lot of people MONEY He will have his own show and at his age he is just getting going .

  16. Jr. Deserves to have a shot at having his own show and sooner the better.

  17. One of the best shows about building bikes & broken father-son relationships. Powerful for men.

  18. Paul Jr is pushing people to demand a show because his career as a bike builder wont survive without it. These companies built these bikes because it was two hours of primerime advertisement. With no show, people arent going to Paul Jr for some lame theme bike.

  19. American Chopper was a good show I look forward every Monday what were you guys thinking discover channel has really screwed up like the Amish an African gold rush nobody watch those I don’t know were you guys are getting your your stats whatever t.i talk to where I live well I think Discovery Channel’s gone downhill

  20. I think if Paul SR and Jr could get along and build bikes the old school way kinda like Jr does now that would be great!

  21. I’m hoping that DSC wakes up and puts Paul Junior designs back on the air ASAP! Paul Jr is great at designing and don’t forget Vinny, one of the best Mechanics I’ve seen 30 years! American Choppers had a great run for a decade, But it’s time for the next generation to take their place! Let Us see how the “New Guy’s” on the block and their families are doing!

  22. If the show was making money and had the audience each week, I wouldn’t give it up. For me it was show gave you a true life story, challenged my mechanical abilities, and showed a unique creative process. Don’t make the mistake and throw away a winner!

  23. If another channel picks them up it will! Be your loss ,I have been watching the show from the start. It is interesting to watch there creations . My wife and I love the show !!!!!

  24. I absolutely loved the show, my wife & I would sit down & watch it together,(would also set my dvr if I knew I was going 2 miss it) we watched it from the beginning, even though it was sad to see father & son argue so much like they did, it was very entertaining. I hope they bring it back in some way because we loved it & will miss it deeply. Maybe this time away can bring father & son back together again. If canceling the show is the only way they can have a healthy relationship, then they should not bring it back. I wish them the best & thanks for a wonderful 10 yrs. God bless.

  25. Bring back occ & pjd you did a good job discovery with this show I miss it I”AM a 65 year man with ms can”t do much but watch tv help me out Thanks Ron Wolf Sr

  26. Bring back Pauls wife…screw the rest of the show

  27. Bring the show back please


    • Jesse jame is a pathetic chump and can’t hold a candle next to jr.s tallent if it gonna talk know what it talking about

    • I agree this pilgrim guy needs to get his head out of it n get jr back on tv n forget occ tired of watching sr and that Jason Poole fool cry about how much better they Wish they were jrs whooped there ass 3 times now Cadillac and the 2 build offs it’s been proven who people wanna watch
      Jr jr jr

  29. For some, the show was starting to become repetitive. How much longer could they make bikes that were unique? Even if the series stays cancelled, they should consider an annual build-off show.