‘American Chopper’ Canceled (Again); Creator Talks Possible Return & Firing Paul Jr.

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american chopper senior junior season 3 finale meeting American Chopper Canceled (Again); Creator Talks Possible Return & Firing Paul Jr.

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After ten years on the air, Discovery has decided to bring their long-running series American Chopper to a end. And even though this is the second time that the network has canceled the series over the past two years, they mean it this time: American Chopper is done! That is, unless you talk to series creator, Craig Piligian.

News of American Chopper’s cancelation comes weeks before the Teutuls are expected to be in Vegas for American Chopper Live: The Revenge. Unfortunately, after today’s announcement, the live build-off will now serve as the final episode for the series. Not exactly the type of final episode you’d want from American Chopper, but it appears that Discovery’s decision may have taken producers by surprise, thus limiting their ability to prepare an alternative conclusion. But could the series end up returning in some form?

While it’s highly unlikely to happen anytime soon, the Teutuls have been a staple of the Discovery channel for quite a long time, making their potential return something that could happen sometime in the (likely distant) future. But for fans of Paul Jr. Design, a new show featuring only PJD might soon be in the pipeline, with Paul Jr. taking to Twitter to encourage his fans to tweet their interest to Discovery Vice President Christo Doyle.

Here’s what Discovery had to say about American Chopper‘s cancelation:

After 10 years and 233 episodes of incredible, riveting reality television, ‘American Chopper’ will be ending its run. This series was one of the very first family-based reality programs on television. Special thanks to Pilgrim Studios for over a decade of great producing. The Teutuls have given us really innovative bike builds and real drama since 2002. We wish both Orange County Choppers and Paul Junior Designs the best.

Obviously, that’s the type of statement you expect to see from the network. However, American Chopper has always been about honesty – and for that, we turn to series creator Craig Piligian. While speaking with Entertainment Weekly, Piligian opened up about the cancelation and (potential) return of American Chopper:

I have mixed emotions. It’s had a great run. We had a lot of ups and downs. There’s been so much that’s happened to this family over the last 10 years. We’ve seen them grow to a huge motorcycle shop. We’ve seen them fight bitterly. We’ve seen them sue each other. And recently we’ve seen them come together to open up a new business. I think the show has come full circle.

‘American Chopper’ was cancelled before and we came back even stronger. It’s been a resilient, powerful show. Right now they’re telling me it’s cancelled. I can only comment: ‘Who knows what the future holds.’

The last time American Chopper was canceled, it was because Paul Sr. and Paul Jr. had a falling out, which led to the actual production of the show being halted. Fortunately, after coming to some form of working agreement, Discovery un-canceled American Chopper and labeled the subsequent seasons American Chopper: Senior vs Junior. After three years with that title, Discovery switched the title back to American Chopper for this final season.

american chopper paul sr2 American Chopper Canceled (Again); Creator Talks Possible Return & Firing Paul Jr.

But what about American Chopper’s final season? Was it as happy as everyone made it look on-screen? According to Piligian, he actually fired Junior and kicked him off the set:

It’s a very tumultuous relationship, not only between the father and son, but between us as well. Junior and I would have it out, and at one point awhile back, I said, ‘We’re done with you.’

Of course, after that happened, Piligian and Junior soon made up, thus allowing production on the series to continue. But could it impact that chance of Junior getting a new show on the air? We’ll just have to wait and see.

Even though American Chopper has had its up and down, it was still enjoyable to watch after ten years on the year. Admittedly, the family drama may have been bit too heavy-handed at times, but the show was about a family building motorcycles together. And as anyone should know, anything involving family is often complicated and messy. So while fans of the series will go to their respective corner, championing their favorite person, let’s not forgot that it wasn’t just Senior or Junior who made it American Chopper - it was the Teutuls, too.

Now how about we let them get back to fixing the relationships?

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American Chopper Live: The Revenge airs December 10th on Discovery.

Source: Entertainment Weekly; Paul Jr’s Twitter

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  1. I have watched AC since the beginning and I can relate to what they had gone through. I too was in business with my father and we had a huge blow out several years ago over money and had not spoken since. I heard through facebook that he died last month. I was happy to see Sr and Jr talking again but I never got the chance. Obviously, Discovery cancelled the show due to the fact that Mikey has not returned.
    Network TV is horrible! Lifetime channel could pick up the show and we could see all the main characters going to church, shopping, having dinner and playing with their kids.
    Or the SiFi channel could pick the show up and we could see them build a chopper space shuttle and fly into outer space and fight alien bike builders.
    By the way, most of the bikes that they built are for show, advertising, promotion, trade shows, malls, showrooms. They ride the bikes to make sure they run and operate fully before they are handed over to their clients. All of their designs are approved by their clients before they are even built, unless otherwise noted by them on the show. They do make choppers and motorcycles that can be riden daily.
    Whether or not any other network picks up the show in its current format or just with PJD, I would like to say thank you for all they did and I enjoyed every show. Good luck to the Tutels.

    • dude sifi would be a very bad network for a chopper show big time. the only networks i can see a chopper show would work is speed spike those 2 netwoks are mostly about building stuff.

  2. I realize that most won’t believe what I have to say but the following is the truth:

    I’m involved with this show behind the scenes and knew this was coming. Other than the feud (which is legit) the way the show has played out has been pretty much scripted. Cancellations followed by renewal is a method in which to bolster publicity/ratings.

    Although I’m not privy to the ongoing negotiations (until they’re finalized) it wouldn’t surprise me in the least for another form of this show to reappear, most likely featuring Jr.

    Without the exposure of a TV show it seems inevitable that corporate sponsored bike builds will cease which means that OCC and PJD will have to either build some sort of regular production bikes, scale down operations or close up. PJD is in the best position to survive as a custom builder due to the size of his operation, whereas OCC is more suited to series production. The issue that OCC would face is that the market is oversaturated with bikes and frankly their designs lack any interest from a visual or feature standpoint, plus they’ve already been down this road and didn’t have great success.

    As for Sr and Jr starting a new bike company, that will not happen and that’s straight from Jr himself.

    • Errr. I am glad to hear that FINALLY Jr. has wised up to refuse to EVER start a company with his father..ever again! THAT MAN will not change, he refuses to, as he sees nothing wrong with him. Hah! The whole world can see it but he won’t..and THAT is what has led to such unncecessary turmoil. IN stead of being GLAD that his sons were able to help him build up this ‘empire’ (as some call it)..all he does is put Paulie down PUBLICLY!! OMG! I would just DIE for my parents to do that to me., OCC would NOT have suceeded w/o Paulie..and Mikey. SR is a greedy, cold-blooded person, and I feel so badly for Paulie; he never deserved the treatment he got from SR., and he tried sooo hard to try to get along., but a person can only take so much., I am proud of Paulie for all that he DID take..but all this ridiculous “feuding” is what made me STOP watching this once great show., its been like over a year for sure that I stopped .. probably longer., and its so sad cuz I really really liked it., I hope to see a show starring PJD (and with Mikey as well) only..in the near future, I would definitely return to see that., SR needs to just plain ole RETIRE, go enjoy his millions that he would’ve never had without the ingenuity of his sons., and stay far away from them, preferably.

      • i could see in the next 6 mouths to a year for jr to get his own show on discovery or even spike or speed network the only reason i keep watching the show when jr got fired from occ is for PJD i always skip occ parts.the only thing i dont agree with you thatwhen you said mikey help made occ suceeded that wrong what mikey did is help the show to suceeded and i do like mikey alot.

    • I have a word for Paul sr and Paul jr(NOT THAT ETHIER ONE OF THEM WOULD PERSONALLY RESPOND TO ME)…..Family is everything,money(and from the looks of your homes and toys nobody is hurting)is nothing without the love of ALL your family.I think this cancellation should be a real reality check for the entire family.Does anyone ever think of the other brother and don’t they have a sister as well?It’s because of the family BS we stopped watching the show…..and the best part of the show was Mikey and Vinnie. Paul Sr and Paul Jr have let the fame and celebrity status swell their egos and the heads,which has taken away the pleasures of watching them build some amazing bikes.

      • well danny and there sister Cristin didnt want anything to do with the show but we saw him on the show a few times over the years and we seen her on the show a few times over the years the first time it was before they started to build the fire bike then the next time it was when mikey build his first bike along side with the kids mom. and the last time we saw her on the show when jr and rachel was engaged then saw her again on the show called say yes to the dress.

  3. enjoyable to watch? Really? Yawn. god what a thoroughly dumb show. I can imagine whats being said about jr and barbie in Napa. A sad comentary on american “culture.”

    • Yet you come here to bash the show? Hmmmmz smell the irony…
      Why bother coming to a site to bash the show if you don’t like the show? Your wasting our air… Move on already and go breathe somewhere else!

  4. i only watch because Jr’s wife is smokin hott if anyone should get there own own show it should be her!!!!

    • THAT chick is tooo BONY…needs some real woman MEAT on her., but that WILL come with the years., as it does for almost all women., lets see how desirable she will seem THEN, eh? BESIDES gals like her are a dime a dozen.

      • Let me guess you are overweight? Those are the only ones who bash women who are in shape…

    • what can rachel bring to a show sup been hott nuthen eles dude

  5. A great 10 year run. We enjoyed watching the 10 years its been on. We do realize it is intertainment kinda like wrestling but in a building bikes platform. We liked the first 5 years becasue it was nice watching them build bikes and having fun as a family buisness should. then they years where the fighting got more in your face that was sad to see. We where glad that sr got fired by sr so it would set up jr to do what he is doing now building the best bikes and having fun while doing it. Jr has a awesome team that he brought back together. jr& sr doing buisness NO WAY! there is still to much going on at the occ building with some of there employees that have a hard on for jr and anything he does. Jason is one of them that has a problem and sr should not have had jason in there on this last show when they where talking about the design and sr and jason where being a ass and that is why no way in hell jr should ever have another buisness together. I think jr & sr can have a great relationship out sode of there buisnesses and that is awesome. It was awesonme when they buiilt that bike at sr house.. Anyway Great intertainment and WE pray that sr & jrs can keep buliding there relationship together. We would support a PJD tv show and I am sure you will have sr fans support a show of there own. M

  6. paul jr should get his on show his dad is a ass jealous of his own son bikes im a hugh fan of the show give paul jr his own show rating would go up no paul sr

  7. This was and is the best reality show on TV. I used to have discovery as my favorite button on my remote. Most of the other programming on this channel absolutely sucks and after this show is cancelled I will not be watching Discovery at all. I can only hope some network out there has the sense to continue to air this show in one form or another. It seems like all the best shows on TV lately are being cancelled. Heres to the Teutul family, good luck to you, I have enjoyed the 10 yrs,hope to see you all again.

    • I agree with this 100,000%! Everything else on discovery sucks! AC was the only thing keeping ratings on this channel.

      • I am floored by the as Discovery channel was all I ever watched anymore… Deadliest Catch and American Chopper were my shows… Hopefully App tv (roku2) takes off soon. I finally got one of those and I plan to do away with cable all together after this final straw. Discovery really pissed off some people with this move…

    • the only way for another network show american chopper if the company buy the rights to the show thats the only other way to see it come back or discovery change there minds and put it back on next year. but i dont think thats going to happen

  8. I feel sad about seeing the show come to an end. I’ll miss seeing the different designs and while the ups and downs of the Teutals made for cringe-worthy-but-can’t-turn-away viewing, at the end of the day ~ they show themselves to be very human. Last nights episode ended with Paul Sr.
    saying he respected Paul Jrs decision not to do a business together. Thank GOD for small miracles!!! Finally, the Father says he respects his son…and finally we see Rachel open her mouth wide enough to form words that make sense to her husband. Work on the relationship, not on a business venture together!

  9. Jason and all his CHEST BARING at Paulie last night really disgusted me. He’s was immature, vindictive, inappropriate and unprofessional. Of course Paul Sr forgot about the “relationship” in that moment, like the good old days and further fostered the behavior.

    • Jason should not have been in the meeting, 100 percent correct. In fact, Jason should have been punched in the face and thrown out of the shop the day he pushed a bike off the rack. Spoiled little brat, but his presence shows how insecure in his own design abilities Sr. really is (tolerating such a punk in his shop). The only good thing about last nights show was Jr. finally saying, no thanks to another joint-business venture with the selfish old man. Mikey got it right afterall, quitting before the axe fell on all of them. Who would have guessed that one!

  10. I have loved the show since day one. I hate to see it go. It was one of only few shows that I watched. And to the people saying it was stupid and blah blah blah, ain’t no one asked you to watch it. It’s not the only thing on tv.

  11. I’ll miss AC. For all ‘reality show’ aspects of it, I really enjoyed watching it. I think Mikey looked fantastic when he was recently on. Not being on the show seems to be helping his health, I think he has lost a tonne of weight. It was great seeing how he’s cleaned himself up.

    I will miss the series in that I do enjoy watching the builds. Yes you can only ‘innovate’ so many new things for a bike, but the end products do look awesome.

    I am hanging onto the hope that they A. Get picked up by another network(like Dog) or B. DC changes their mind or relaunches it next year!

    • from what i have read on other sides that discovery has no plains for relaunching american chopper in the next 2 years or so. the only way for another network pick the show up if the network buy the rights to the show from discovery channel

  12. It was the only show I watched on Discovery channel. I’ll probably contact my cable provider and see about dropping the channel now, maybe pick up another sports channel instead. Too bad.

  13. The only reason I upgraded my dish package is to see American Chopper, so I guess I can downgrade now and save money! I could care less about all other shows on Discovery! In short if Discovery cancels American Chopper I wish them the best, but I will be canceling them!

  14. I’m going to really miss this show. We’ve seen some classic battles but we’ve also seen some fantastic bikes. I don’t think that they should go into business together though. We they should do is continue to work on their relationship as father and son. While Sr has changed a bit , he still needs to work on his communication skills. Jr has always been open with his father about how he talks about his family and puts them down and that should be something he needs to stop. I also give credit where credit is due Sr did try numerous times to reach out to Jr to try to start mending their relationship. The way the show is ending really sucks. I would like to see Sr and Jr support each others business and also see Mikey reconsile with Sr. Word to the producers and Sr, if chopper is brought back, dump Jason Pohl. I don’t care how much I’m mad at my son, no one else would ever say anything negative about my family. Jason doesn’t build, and take away that computer and he’s nothing. Jr designs and builds his bikes and he’s good at it !!

    • snr needs to fix up, how can he let jason fool talk to his son like that
      snr should be ashamed of himself. jason wouldn’t even have a job if it wasn’t for jnr and to all at occ revell in that.

  15. Please! What else is unauthorized to watch but America chopper? Please no more I can buy it & make money off it. Show men building
    machines men love!

  16. It’s way past due. American Chopper is and has always been pure drama and sensationalism to get people to watch it. No reality in this show. Wish Discovery would pursue more actual reality shows to put on TV, thought this is what Discovery was all about so please get rid of this stuff and bring back us veiwers who want to see more of what the word Discovery stands for. Thank you a veiwer hoping to come back to Discovery some day when the soap opera drama shows are dropped.

  17. Dear discovery channel:

    Just found out that you have canceled the American chopper show. What a blunder!!!! That is or was the best show you had left running. I loved your programming and it seems you have gotten rid of most of your fan popular programs over the last few years. Don’t know where or what your bottom line is about, but it seems to me if you want the viewers back and the financial benefits you better bring that show back in some format before a bail out from Obama is your only hope.

  18. I am deeply saddened that my most favorite show ever is going away. After 10 years, all of the people involved have become family to me. I love them all and I need to continue this relationship. It is going to affect me terribly.

  19. Very Disppointed that AC is being cancelled. Has been very interesting watching all the turn of events over the last 10 years. Should be someway to continue watchiing the family, the business’s evolve expecially Jr.’s design business and his relationship with his father. It sometimes really hits home. Try to keep it going.

  20. Sr does nothing but perpetuate an anti jr sentiment !!! And jason pohl just wants to be sr spare son, sucking up srs ass, and starting s*** with jr ! Total assbag !!! Hope pjd comes back with a new show !

  21. I watched every show because I really liked the bikes they built. I disliked all the characters, except Rick, at Srs shop because they seemed to be there to boost Srs ego. They never disliked any suggestions Sr offered. Rick just kept quiet and kept working. The personnel at Jrs shop worked and contributed to the creativity. I would like to see a show featuring PJD only that also included Rick.

  22. I too will miss AC. I got hooked after watching the pilot show – jet bike. Regardless of personal feelings toward Jr or Sr, the dynamics of the show worked because it was real, raw and emotional. For me it was a breath of fresh air compared to traditional scripted TV. I do think the reason for cancellation by DC has to do with the family dynamics no longer being a big part of the show – e.g. Mikey leaving and both Jr and Sr agreeing that in order to have a personal relationship, they can’t work together.
    If the show returns to TV, there will need to be a new spin to it if the family continues to get along or at least keeps their personal business separate from the show, in order to keep viewers interested. I think a show featuring Jr would be the most compelling because his business is small, but growing, and isn’t just based around bikes. The guys in his shop are “likable” which could be potentially boring for viewers since the dynamic of AC that worked (at least for me) was the honest, raw emotion.
    I truly hope that both OCC and PJD can continue on TV in some form. They’ve grown up, and so have the viewers who have grown up with them.
    Best wishes to OCC, PJD, AC and DC (TLC for a couple of years) and thank you for 10 great years of honest entertainment that has ever been on TV.

  23. Hey Discovery Channel if you not seeing what we all are seeing .. then when your Channels Rating Bottom out .. you will see many were trying too tell you .. for on monday nights .. AC was the thing too watch with it Gone i guess i can go back too Watching WWE wrestling .. make it Paul Jr Designs Building the Bikes and your Rating will go up .. not DOwn .. go Paul jr all the way he has won both of your Build offs .. whats that tell you ..

    • Ditto Brother..put PJD on a new show. If someones gonna do a bike-buider show why shouldn’t it be a builder that has won two in a row. Wanna cancel someone..fire Jesse. He may have skills, but no class. PJD and team have skills AND class. Why should Discovery Channel execs be any different than most politicians…they don’t listen to their fan base either. Aw well, that’s another story!

  24. been watching occ since it came on yes after a while i couldnt stand all the fighting,but once it came back as seperate shops it got better.I agree that sr & jr SHOULD NOT be in business together but as a family.Would love to have jr go on with a series and hopefully see sr and family now and then as well> go JR go..congrats on the bike off ur the man…

  25. I would like to see Paul Jr. Have a show of his own. Jr. was right when he said that his dad was going in the wrong direction. After Jr. Left who I think was the main designer. Paul sr. Doesn’t really do anything on the designs’ any. I know PJD has a big future ahead of him.

  26. If it wasn’t for senior there wouldn’t be a junior. Family is all everyone has, don’t throw that away for money or some stupid show. Also,let us know how Mikey’s doing,he was a big part of their popularity

  27. I’ve watched American Chopper since it started. Watched Jr. be as much as wrong as Sr. at times too and not be repossible for it he more often would blame others for his blow-ups. Seems like a Very Spoil Brat as had too much his way than thinks it is. He needs to look at his faults alot closer, quit shifting blame. Be repossible. Truth.

  28. Reality TV sucks, I liked American Chopper because of the designs, but everything has to come to an end eventually. Discovery Channel on the otherhand has become to much “Hicks, Hosers and Hillbillies, if I see one more Swamp/Moonshine show I will puke. Anyway I hope this is the end of Reality TV too… no more Survivor, No more Idol. I can’t believe I pay for this crap…sometimes I miss old style peasant TV.

  29. My husband will miss the show &surprisingly enough so will I always thought I was such a girl no way could I would ever watch. Boy was I wrong. For some reason I watched one now I’m hooked. Gonna miss u guys! 10 years way to go!! I would have watched 10 more. Best of luck!!!