‘American Chopper’ Canceled (Again); Creator Talks Possible Return & Firing Paul Jr.

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american chopper senior junior season 3 finale meeting American Chopper Canceled (Again); Creator Talks Possible Return & Firing Paul Jr.

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After ten years on the air, Discovery has decided to bring their long-running series American Chopper to a end. And even though this is the second time that the network has canceled the series over the past two years, they mean it this time: American Chopper is done! That is, unless you talk to series creator, Craig Piligian.

News of American Chopper’s cancelation comes weeks before the Teutuls are expected to be in Vegas for American Chopper Live: The Revenge. Unfortunately, after today’s announcement, the live build-off will now serve as the final episode for the series. Not exactly the type of final episode you’d want from American Chopper, but it appears that Discovery’s decision may have taken producers by surprise, thus limiting their ability to prepare an alternative conclusion. But could the series end up returning in some form?

While it’s highly unlikely to happen anytime soon, the Teutuls have been a staple of the Discovery channel for quite a long time, making their potential return something that could happen sometime in the (likely distant) future. But for fans of Paul Jr. Design, a new show featuring only PJD might soon be in the pipeline, with Paul Jr. taking to Twitter to encourage his fans to tweet their interest to Discovery Vice President Christo Doyle.

Here’s what Discovery had to say about American Chopper‘s cancelation:

After 10 years and 233 episodes of incredible, riveting reality television, ‘American Chopper’ will be ending its run. This series was one of the very first family-based reality programs on television. Special thanks to Pilgrim Studios for over a decade of great producing. The Teutuls have given us really innovative bike builds and real drama since 2002. We wish both Orange County Choppers and Paul Junior Designs the best.

Obviously, that’s the type of statement you expect to see from the network. However, American Chopper has always been about honesty – and for that, we turn to series creator Craig Piligian. While speaking with Entertainment Weekly, Piligian opened up about the cancelation and (potential) return of American Chopper:

I have mixed emotions. It’s had a great run. We had a lot of ups and downs. There’s been so much that’s happened to this family over the last 10 years. We’ve seen them grow to a huge motorcycle shop. We’ve seen them fight bitterly. We’ve seen them sue each other. And recently we’ve seen them come together to open up a new business. I think the show has come full circle.

‘American Chopper’ was cancelled before and we came back even stronger. It’s been a resilient, powerful show. Right now they’re telling me it’s cancelled. I can only comment: ‘Who knows what the future holds.’

The last time American Chopper was canceled, it was because Paul Sr. and Paul Jr. had a falling out, which led to the actual production of the show being halted. Fortunately, after coming to some form of working agreement, Discovery un-canceled American Chopper and labeled the subsequent seasons American Chopper: Senior vs Junior. After three years with that title, Discovery switched the title back to American Chopper for this final season.

american chopper paul sr2 American Chopper Canceled (Again); Creator Talks Possible Return & Firing Paul Jr.

But what about American Chopper’s final season? Was it as happy as everyone made it look on-screen? According to Piligian, he actually fired Junior and kicked him off the set:

It’s a very tumultuous relationship, not only between the father and son, but between us as well. Junior and I would have it out, and at one point awhile back, I said, ‘We’re done with you.’

Of course, after that happened, Piligian and Junior soon made up, thus allowing production on the series to continue. But could it impact that chance of Junior getting a new show on the air? We’ll just have to wait and see.

Even though American Chopper has had its up and down, it was still enjoyable to watch after ten years on the year. Admittedly, the family drama may have been bit too heavy-handed at times, but the show was about a family building motorcycles together. And as anyone should know, anything involving family is often complicated and messy. So while fans of the series will go to their respective corner, championing their favorite person, let’s not forgot that it wasn’t just Senior or Junior who made it American Chopper - it was the Teutuls, too.

Now how about we let them get back to fixing the relationships?

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American Chopper Live: The Revenge airs December 10th on Discovery.

Source: Entertainment Weekly; Paul Jr’s Twitter

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  1. Two polls? Wow!

    I can see the cast starting fresh on a new channel like A&E or whatever other Discovery-like channels there are with reality shows. I wasn’t a heavy follower but I enjoyed watching it every now and again.

    • I also hope AC or a PJD series shows up on a rival channel. I like all these guys and they did some good charity work and PJD was just branching out into other areas. I want to see how this works out.

  2. It seems as though they’re being punished for trying to reunite as father and son

  3. Only a cancelled reality show is a good reality show.

    • I agree. Besides that, OCC’s bikes are incredibly uncomfortable to ride. I watched the first 2-3 seasons of this and I got tired of all the yelling, cursing and weird designs. I would’ve much rather seen the other bike building show about the Southern guys, they were fun to watch and their bikes actually looked like a bike you’d want to ride, instead of just showing off.

  4. It would be interesting to know just how much the show contributed to their family problems. It would seem after awhile that the thought would undoubtedly cross their minds; I need to entertain people. I can imagine after all these years it will feel kind of funny to them to no longer be in front of the cameras, especially since they were recording their daily life.

  5. Yawn. Next article.

    • booo to trolls

    • dude if any network picks up american chopper they would to buy the rights from discovery not the produceding company all they did was make the show they have no say in what happends to the show and i think A&E would be a bad network i think speed or spike would be a better place for the show.

  6. Personally I thought the show turned into a metrosexual soap opera, with Paul jr. & Mikey whinning about Daddy all the time. I’d rather see Paul Jr’s Ol’lady Rachael get her own show just wearing Victoria Secret Lingerie and giving that sexy pout while I’m spanking my monkey!!!!

  7. Once Paul Jr. left OCC, all the creative and interesting bikes went with him. I watch American Chopper now for the Paul Jr. parts because the crap that OCC is churning out makes me cringe. No one over there has any real talent at making concept bikes (especially Jason). Not that they don’t know how to make a decent production type bike but that’s not what I’m interested in seeing.

    As far as I’m concerned, Rick needs to finally jump ship (the only one left over at OCC with talent) and go to work for PJD and then we can just have a show focused on them. Dad could make guest appearances but they then wouldn’t have to struggle to make these awkward ties with OCC to keep things going.

    • Agree 100%. Jason at OCC thinks that because he knows how to run 3D modeling software, that means he’s “creative”. I’m pretty sure a 3rd grader with the same software package could come up with better designs. He’s a joke.

      The only reason I watched AC was for PJD.

      FREE RICK!!!

      • I agree, that Jason guy is an over rated punk. My older brother gave me a few lessons on Autocad and I did some pretty interesting drawings. And being that I have no skills in math and geometry, my brother was impressed with my renderings of complex drawings of gears and other objects.
        3-D drawing and modeling with no previous training is an approaching skill.
        Yes, even a third grader can do just as well. Jason Pohl should rename himself to Jason Fool.

    • Um, what? PJD has made the exact same style bike for the last year. The same style as their 1st Build-off bike. OCC changes it up all the time with different concepts.

  8. OCC went all Hollywood after he show caught on. Kinda funny but inevitable. Cant believe he show has been on for 10 years and best of luck to them.

  9. It’s the same crap over & over be done with it already..

    • I just started watching last coupe year,paulie bikes were the best sr. Did nothing just put inthe gas tanks and ran his mouth I wonder why sr, would allow that idiot non talent Jason talk to his son like that Jason is punk and the bikes he put out Rick Couldn’t Bill have time like was stated before he works in a3 demention world flat I his Computer.

  10. It will not bother me in the least to never have to see Paul Sr and Jason “The Tool” Poole again, but I will miss Jr and Vinnie and all of PJD’s designs and other endeavors! Hopefully some other network will bring Jr back and Mickey will follow!

    • man i agree with you i wish some other network like speed,spike channel to name a few offer jr his own show and bring back micky with him he was always funny to wach

  11. Thats sad news. Maybe Discovery would have prefered the family keep fighting instead of reuniting.I watch it every Monday evening.
    If they should drop a show, it should be that overly ego inflated Jessie James !

  12. I was a big fan of the show towards the beginning when if focused more on the bike building. There was some drama about keeping the shop clean, PJ coming in late etc but when things got really serious I felt like the show was actually contributing to the toxicity in their relationship. Plus they were no longer focusing on the build process so I stopped watching.

    • I get what you’re saying. I always watched the show for the bike building process. I feel that it started to turn into a soap-opera when they moved to TLC for a little while, and as we all know TLC is full of programming aimed at housewives currently. Admittedly I must’ve got pulled in by the drama because that didn’t stop me from watching the show.
      But now since the show is gone I’ll just have to go back and re-watch old episodes online.

  13. Good, what a bunch of babies, get over it, lets build some bikes.

  14. Jr should have his own show, Sr is a bitter man . if we really knew what went on a OCC, Vinny is a good guy and you can see the bad feelings he has for OCC

  15. Anthony, there should have been a fourth option in the first poll: Liked it.

  16. Bit of a shame but honestly, it seemed that once PJD started up, OCC’s lack of real talent was exposed.

    Rick was the best thing at OCC and Mike seemed like a great old school style builder but his close friendship with Senior made him come across as a dick sometimes when he’d back Senior without asking for any proof of what he was saying.

  17. I build custom bikes at my shop also. Paul Jr. was the real talent at OCC. Was glad to see he succeeded in opening his own shop. I agree,he should have his own show. Good Luck Jr.

    • i will be just a matter of time some other network will over jr his own show. he brings ratings for the company and he well known too

  18. Paul Jr. and Discovery made OCC The old man was just an abuser and a welder. never had a clue.

  19. lets show something more relevant, build race bikes or something ride-able…i can cut out burger king logos and glue them on tanks. the 2 funniest moments ever were jesse james faking jr thanking fans and lighting up, and asking how many gallons the show bike held!

  20. i thought about it a little more, they are the lesser of evils as far as something to watch. less sports, tv/cable SUCKS!

  21. I think Sr. should retire and let Jr. take over OCC. The two can not work in the same building. I will miss the show….

  22. Because of Jesse Jame’s show Discovery decided they don’t need their Bread and Butter anymore. I’m not going to lie when Mikey left the show I stopped watching the show live (meaning I started DVR-ing it) but now all I have left on Discovery is Gold Rush (which really shouldn’t make it to another season) and Mythbusters (truth be told I only care about the 2 main Mythbusters. The 3 side helpers/mythbusters annoy the hell out of me). Guess I will go back to my Canadian learning programs.

  23. I think I enjoyed the early programs more than current episodes. Not unusual for a father and son in custom building business, to have creative differences. Paul Sr. was probably just being protective of the business he established from infancy. Jr. was taking a lot of liberties on his presence at work, and it slowed many builds and would have a negative affect on other employe moral. Vinnie and Rick were the glue which held business together during some turbulant times. I would definetly want them on my team. Jason isn’t that important, except for his ability to use 3D design on computer for future concepts. Guess he fits Paul Sr.’s niche of “old School” design – not being over complex.

  24. I am not a fan of reality show but have always watched AC. Did not like the fights but have really enjoyed the last couple of seasons. I WOULD MUCH RATHER SEE A SERIES OF LAST SHOWS THAT GIVES A VIEWER THE END IT DESERVES. The build off being the end is a stunt to push the Jessie James and Loud and Louder or whtever it is show on the strenght of American Chopper series. That is the network screwing the Tuttles for their own gain. I hope they flop just because of the abrubt and dissapointing end.

    • I agree jesse james & fast&low cant hold pjd’s toolbox

  25. I enjoy riding motocycles and during the winter when I cant ride I like watching anything about motorcycles, It takes my mind off the winter. I did not like all the arguing, but I did like the different bikes and when they took the bikes to rallys.

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