‘American Chopper: The Build-Off’ Winner Revealed!

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american chopper build off winner paul jr American Chopper: The Build Off Winner Revealed!

UPDATE:  ‘American Chopper: The Build-Off 2′ Returns For Jesse James Rematch

Live from the Hard Rock Café in Las Vegas, Nevada, American Chopper: The Build-off delivered its first live show in the history of the series. Paul Jr., Paul Sr. and Jesse James took the stage, in order to find how who you, the audience, thought built the best bike.

As if there were any question about who would come out on top, Paul Jr. bested not only his father, Paul Sr. , but he also bested one of the most regarded bike builders in the world, Jesse James. Of course, even though Junior did best James, James still made sure to let his feelings known about what the Teutuls do for a living.

With some pre-recorded bits strewn throughout, the most interesting part of American Choppers Live was having Senior and Junior sit down together and talk – something that hasn’t happened in some time. While the question about whether or not the feud between Senior and Junior was a fake felt like a waste (there’s far too much that shows otherwise), things did get interesting when father and son told each other that they loved each other.

In a move to throw some fuel on the fire, Jesse James joined the Teutuls on stage. With James on stage, things quickly got heated between Junior and James, as multiple swear words made it through the censors in their debate about what a bike really is. In an attempt to prove his point, Jesse James pointed out that Junior’s bike only had a 3/4 gallon gas tank. Junior pointed out that it holds a full gallon.

american chopper build off winner paul jr2 American Chopper: The Build Off Winner Revealed!

As the votes were announced, Senior ended up in third place (as he expected), with Junior and James against each other for the title. As Junior was announced the winner, the typically composed bike builder excitedly jump around the stage, as the entire team of Paul Jr Designs joined him on stage.

While there was never really a question about who would end up winning, it was exciting to see American Chopper Live – especially with James telling everyone exactly how he feels about things. Despite the fact that it’s almost impossible to compare the style of bikes James builds with the style of bikes Junior and Senior builds (even though Senior didn’t build a bike), I think everyone can agree that it was an interesting experiment for the long-running Discovery serious.

Perhaps it could happen again.

…Well, maybe not.

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You can take a look at the bikes from Orange County Choppers, Paul Jr Designs and Jesse James below:

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  1. Jesse james should be disqualifed

  2. Damn it jr.win

  3. I think jesse should have won second and senior third…

  4. U people r all messed up in the head! Jr sux!! Jesse James all the way!!


  5. U people r all messed up in the head! Jr sucks!! Jesse James all the way!!

  6. I can not believe who won…Obviously it was a popularity contest and not judged by the skills and quality of the participants…Jessie James won hands down…

    • the best man won you all get over it he has got brains and not even his dad can step up to what paul jr has done ha ha

  7. Here is how I see it… Jesse is a great bike builder but how much can you brag on yourself plus if given a time frame be on time. The Gas Monkey boys did not build a bike they restored a bike. SR did build a bike but not my style but cool I guess. I did like Jrs bike but I’m a big guy and I like a big bike. All the bikes were cool in their own way and no matter who won someone is going to cry “popularity”. Nice job to a 4 teams.

    • They say “beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” There were some really nice bikes out there. Each different, to cater to different people’s tastes. I was born & raised in the city of Harley Davidson – Milwaukee, WI. Let’s be proud of what we made, and stop bashing each other. It was a fun contest – yes. Let’s just “Chill Out” and ride on!

  8. It was a Chopper build off – There were only 2 choppers on the stage and 2 sport bikes. How could they think they could win when they didn’t even build a chopper

    • I would donate to Jesse’s bail fund if he would blast Richard (Dick) right in his Fast talking Loud mouth. Richard and Senior both did the same amount of work on their bikes. ZERO.

  9. senior did nothing zero nada!!!! his team sucks rick is the only real deal,mans man period.

  10. I don’t get it. People say Gas Monkey restored. He cut the frame, he built an did metal work. If I did that much work on a bike when I restored one for a customer, I would have been shot for the price I would have had to charge. Get off that tricycle of being restored. JJ didn’t meet the deadline, twice, and he made it clear he didn’t care what people thought. Like I said before in another posting, what if everyone did that. No one would be watching sports on TV that’s for sure. JJ is an idiot I used to admire as a builder. But he has begun to think himself above everyone else, including the people on this site that think he won. He basically made that very clear. Senior didn’t do anything and it is obvious it was about his crew. He too would not have had the same bike if he would have met the deadline. He took advantage of the situation. He is such an idiot anyway. He used to always rag on his own son and he even encouraged his own employees to rag on his son. If someone ever said anything about my son to my face, their face would have been remolded. Gas Monkey, Aaron, got their bike done in time, rode the thing to Vegas, and really should have won. I like Junior but who would really like to ride that monster. It is mostly metal that probably gets about 5 miles to the gallon and not because of a powerful engine but because of the weight. Now just for the heck of it, Jason Pohl (Polebrain) who works for Sr. is a true blue idiot that acts like a child. That is one ignorant piece of flesh. Oh how I would love to meet that guy one on one. How much fun would that be?

    • I agree with David , Jason needs an a** kicking . Brown nosing suckup…

  11. Jr. Is a hack…Jesse James basically did the same thing ten years earlier. Copper and rivets…web theme,etc. jr is a one trick pony…stretched out oversized, over done and hardly innovative. He is yet to do anything that is signicant to the motorcycle world…

  12. Discovery channel really f***** up this show. There was way too much audio cut out, & the show ended b4 the entire crew joined Jr on the stage. I didn’t hear one comment from any of the three losers. What a waste of time that was for me. Also, the announcer said that the final episode of OCC was next Monday night, & Jr. Looked at him in a funny way. I checked the TV guide for all next week & I couldn’t find the show on the schedule anywhere. No wonder Jr looked confused!!!

  13. Glad to know I am not the only one that sees Jason is a suck up to Sr. He gets on my last nerve. I have a DVR adn anytime the idiots hows his face I fast forward him out. HA HA!!
    Now I am not takign up for Jr. here but I think people need to understand what these bikes are for that OCC and PJD build. They are not so much for riding as they are for show. I don’t like them, I don’t like Sr., and I wouldn’t buy a bike from Jr. either. But if I wanted a bike for show only, I might consider possibly Jr.
    If I wanted a bike, I would work with someone that actually builds custom riding bikes. Not show bikes. It would take a lot of research. But until I have that kind of money, (which just ain’t gonna happen) I will continues to do what I can. I have to admit, I have always been totally satisfied with all of my bikes. From the ground up, every one of them.
    I will say I am damned impressed with Aarons capabilites and Rawlings ability to get things to happen. Wish I had Aarons talents for sure though.

  14. I reccon jr deserves to win his bike was extreamly rustic and beautiful as for jesse james bike i reccon that although he is extreamly talented and hand makes his parts his bike forks were way to high when he was driving had to look on the sides and his bike to me looked a bit to ordinary although seniors ride was differant and somehow reminded me of some type of batman tank he should have rightfully come 3rd as it was not a bike but more of a tank so well done to all three but the right winner won and he wasn’t a sore loser about it eaither :)

  15. I liked Jesse’s bike best. Sr entry was awesome!! A monster on wheels. Maybe the best design. However, it isn’t a bike. Jr’s was flat! I dont want to ride a bike where I can inhale all the fumes and certainly dont want to sit on hard rivets.
    Jesse’s the real bike i can ride and show off. Jr and Sr’s bikes are just showpieces that has a motor.
    Why did Jr win?? Fanbase! thats all.

  16. Jesse james is sh*t house.

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