AMC Says ‘The Walking Dead’ Will Still Be Around in 2022

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Walking Dead No End In Sight 2 AMC Says The Walking Dead Will Still Be Around in 2022

For a show that has been the highest-rated basic cable scripted program ever, The Walking Dead has seen quite a lot of ups and downs in the three seasons it’s been on the air. Still, despite shake-ups, budget-cuts and re-shoots, The Walking Dead lives on. Coming off its highest ratings ever, AMC’s renewal of the show for season 4 surprised precisely no one.

Beyond that, how long will the series last?

Given the fact that the source comic, created by Robert Kirkman, is still on-going, it’s theoretically possible to keep the series going indefinitely. At least that’s what AMC Networks CEO Josh Kaplan hinted at today while speaking at the Barclays Global Technology, Media and Telecommunications Conference. The network definitely hopes that zombies will live forever, since they’re really just beginning to find out what the world of the show is like, according to Kaplan:

…we’ll be sitting here at the Barclays conference in 2022 discussing the fact that Walking Dead is not over …

Walking Dead No End In Sight 1 AMC Says The Walking Dead Will Still Be Around in 2022

While expressing regret at losing the soon-to-be-ending Breaking Bad and praising Mad Men, Kaplan also expressed a slight bit of worry over Netflix’s initial success with original programming and defending the notion of keeping premium cable channels available as bundles. While his comments point toward continued old-model thinking when it comes to television, the blindly enthusiastic support for The Walking Dead, while to be expected, is a little worrisome – and perhaps wishful thinking.

On average, most television shows will reach four seasons before coming to an end. Game of Thrones producer Frank Doelger recently stated that he expects the show – currently more popular than ever – to end after seven seasons. Breaking Bad is coming to a pre-determined, organic ending in its fifth season. We live in an age of variety in entertainment choices that did not exist when shows like Cheers or even Friends could easily last ten seasons and then some. Our attention spans barely tolerated nine seasons of The Office and seven of 30 Rock, after all – can a gory zombie show last another decade?

The other question is: do we even want it to? The Walking Dead’s source creator Kirkman has said he has a definite end in mind, but the show has already departed fairly significantly from the comic books. Given the showrunner shuffle and a network determined to stay hands-on and in control of its ratings juggernaut, the odds that AMC will eventually alienate the show’s top creative minds will only increase unless they learn to back off. We are excited about the future of the show, but its longevity is an issue best handled one season at a time.


The Walking Dead season 4 premieres in October 2013 on AMC.

Source: THR

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  1. It would drag out too much. I love the show, but I’d prefer for them to set an end in their sights that is realistic. I don’t think that statement should be taken seriously.

  2. Thankfully, the comic will outlive this crappy facsimile.

    • The show > The comic (IMO)

  3. Oh god really?? It shouldn’t even be around now after the horrible disaster which was the second part to season 3

    • Ya that terrible second part that broke all kinds of records.

      • You can’t please everyone, I guess. Some people just love to b****.

      • Iron Man 3 made lots of money. Still a crap movie.

        • Person calls Iron Man 3 a crap movie yet aren’t able to make any crap of money. LOL

      • It broke records?? What’s your point? Michael Bay movie’s break box office records all the time, still horrible awful film’s though. I’m sure Justin Bieber has even broken a few records.

        The second part of Season 3 was so dragged out it was embarrassing, just filler episodes all just leading up the confrontation between woodbury and the prison and then they gave us THAT finale, shocking!! The standard and the quality of the writing on this show is continuesly goin downhill

        • I remember Nick Swardson doing standup. He mentioned how some of his friends bitched about Transformers. Then, he made a good point. You couldn’t have even showed that movie to people in the 50′s because they would be in shock from the awesomeness, maybe committing mass suicide thinking giant robot aliens were going to attack. But now, people are quick to sneer at the movie.

          Some of you people expect way too much out of movies and TV. I’m sure you would probably hate it even if you wrote it yourselves. Maybe try not taking life so seriously all the time and enjoy an action movie for the action, not some deep meaning while staying true to continuity..

          • What’s good about this point? Just because technology developed and a movie which would – of course!! – be a sensation 50 years in the past, this means the movie is also good now. Sick way of thinking.

            I should be thankful for a bad movie using technology that weren’t available 50 years ago – just because people 50 years ago it would be a sensation because of never seen before technology. So I should be thankful for every car and shouldn’t criticize if it’s scrap compared to other cars – just because 200 years ago even this car would have been a sensation?

            So mankind wouldn’t develop anymore. Everybody would be happy with anything, because it’s all so much better than things were in the past.

            What a really, really BAD POINT!

            • No, the point was not that you should be in awe of all technology, it is that you should stop being a whining little baby about everything. I bet you went to the theater and saw every Transformers, and were secretly entertained. Then, you ran home to complain on all the boards about how “Megatron didn’t stay true to the original cartoon” or some dumb crap like that. Wow, some of you people just never stop crying.

              Maybe you should be happy that we live in a world where such a visual marvel of a movie is something you feel you should cry about.

              • Guys I think we’re ALL missing the point now at this stage.

                The point is, Walking Dead Season 3 part 2 was very, very underwhelming

                • I honestly think it might be my favorite section of all of TWD so far

                  • It was my favorite too. It had great character development. The crazy Gov. was much more interesting than running from zombies all the time. But seriously, we don’t need to defend ourselves. I just don’t understand why so many people see the need to watch shows they obviously hate with a passion, then find an article about it and b****. Why does it bother them so much that a show like TWD takes up a time slot on Sundays on AMC?? Get a damn life.

                    • It wasn’t great, but it was far better than the snoozefest that was Season 2.

                      Those who say that TWD would start to lose its luster after 7 or so seasons haven’t kept up with the comics. The show hasn’t even caught up to the first fourth of the comics, and the comics’ storyline is as good as ever (although more drawn out now).

                      I do prefer the show to the comics, still.

              • Visual marvel, sure. But CGI isn’t everything.

          • Plus, bitching and giving valid criticisms are two different things. Saying the script was misguided = valid criticism. Optimus Prime didn’t look like he did in the cartoons = bitching. Saying there was prominent sexism = valid criticism. Saying Megan Fox looks plastic = bitching.

    • plz just shut up with all that talkin its making me agitated if u like it say u lik it if u hate it well don’t click on it stop complaining and shut your faces no 1 got time foe ppl mouth all day geez

  4. I think it be sweet as long as they keep using characters different settings all over the world and having new ways of killing crazy looking zombies.

  5. I would love for them to keep continuing the series. I am still very much interested in the comics and will be until they decide to stop making them. Do I think the show can be as successful in 2022 as it is now? No. Do I think shows should last that long? Not really. But I love it and I selfishly want it to never end.

    Ps. I had a hard time parting with The Office even though it was time.

  6. If the Walking Dead were an animated show, yes, one could say that its shelf life is ‘indefinite’, but with human actors/writers/viewers, it’s got a limited lifespan and its best to plan on several good end points so that quality doesn’t drag like a shambling roamer. Is it a show about a finite set of characters, or an rotating cast of, does AMC expand our scope of the tragedy or try to keep it tight and intimate? Ay, caramba Waallllt.



    • As much as I like TWD, Allen is correct.

      • Oh dear god, Allen is so correct it’s not even debatable. 5 minutes of a Breaking Bad episode has more quality than an entire Season of Walking Dead.

        I remember an episode of Walking Dead where there was a zombie down the bottom of a well, so everyone decided, as you do, to send the asian guy down the well on some rope, yep, that’s the quality of writing on Walking Dead for ya

  8. As long as they can keep the story interesting and engaging, then YES, I’m all for it (and Rick has to survive through it all).

    My only question though is……won’t there come a point where all the zombies eventually “die” die? They are slowly rotting so logic would dictate they will just rot away at some point. Then it just becomes a boring, “rebuilding society” thing.

  9. How long can it last? How long can you have the will to continue through constant sorrow and suffering in such a World before blowing out your brains and ending it all? Do the Walkers have a decomposition rate giving them a limited threat status like WWZ? I’m a fan but leaving it at the original season ender would have been a nice departure. You know, driving off into an uncertain future, fate made clear by Jenner…

  10. the walking dead is amazing, the cinematography is outstanding, i don’t think that there should be a rush to end it.
    i only hope that norman reedus is in it until the end, i think i’d probably stop watching it if he was killed off.

  11. “We hope that zombies live forever and we’ve just begun to find out what the post-apocalyptic world is like,” said Sapan, “so that we’ll be sitting here at the Barclays conference in 2022 discussing the fact that Walking Dead is not over … at that point, I think any one of the companies will have replaced the United States government and we’ll be in a complete free enterprise world in which there are no nations.”

    Just getting it out there that this is the full quote the amc networks ceo.

    The last part that no one seems to notice is quite chilling where this ceo wants to see a world were the us government is substituted with some powerful corporation. Also talking about the walking dead i really worry for this show especially if the ceo keeps freaking firing the show runners and penny pinching like they did with season 2. if all that keeps up this show wont last another couple years.

    Again just trying to get what really happening out there. Peace.

  12. They need better zombies walkers are boring

    • I was thinking the same thing they need Like jumpers and stuff. Maybe even new people like differnt parts of the world

    • The walkers are perfect as is, I honestly think it’d ruin the show if they changed them now.

  13. Please end the show atleast at season 5. With a good ending.
    I mean no offence.

  14. Seven seasons would be dragging it out. 5 seasons would be perfect, 6….would be pushing it to the point of ruining the show. The Wire ran for 5, The Sopranos 6. You can’t compare sitcoms like Cheers, Seinfeld, Friends to shows like TWD, you just can’t. Different setting, plot, characters it’s not the same. Personally i would like to see this show end in season 5. LOVE TWD, but it would be disappointing to see this show drag out past 5 seasons.

  15. TWD lol Ending: *Rick is bitten while fleeing from the overrun prison, from the distance he sees Daryl, Michonne and Carl running out of ammo (Yes, her katana’s ammo ran out xD or lost it) in the courtyard, surrounded. As a walker is about to bite Carl…* Lori: THANK GOD YOU’RE AWAKE !!!!!! Doctor: I am very sorry, we put too much sedant on you while proceeding with the diagnosys, you okay? *Credits, trollface hidden in the background* SPOILER ALERT -lol-

  16. All I know is I love walking dead sucks Lori had to die but threats what makes the show great anyone could die at any given time

  17. wow ppl just love to b**** all day gosh

  18. I luv dis show

    I luv rick the most and glenn and Hershel and Darrel and just bout all the main characters

  19. The walking dead has become my favorite show of all time. I’ve never been so hooked. I love how its filled with surprises and never fails leave me in awe or make my jaw drop. I get so into it my adrinalin starts pumpin and the water works start flowin Haha. Nothing lasts forever. But I look forward to as many seasons as possible. I dread the day this show comes to an end:(

  20. Never had an interested in the show until i actually watched it lol screening Netflix i stumbled upon it and said oh what the hell.. My husband and i were hooked!! we finished the first 3 seasons within 4 days. I just discovered this show DONT end it :)

  21. It was leaked quite awhile ago that Kirkland plans to end the show with Rick coming out of his coma following being shot surrounded by his family and Shane.

  22. Till the year 2022?…….Are you serious! My wife says that is ridiculous.

  23. That’s just like me saying I’ll live to age 300

  24. This show is epic. You need your dull episodes and your non stop what the hell is going to happen next episodes. This show continues to amaze me. I would love it if it lasted more than a decade. The comics are great too. The fact not everyone likes it…big deal it doesn’t need everyone to like it. I like how creators aren’t afraid to kill off a regular such as Hershel. It’s gory it pushed boundaries on TV. I hope we see different kinds of zombies, but the show is purely epic.

  25. If they were to introduce different kinds of zombies it would ruin it. You can’t just spawn a jumping crazy zombie. They are realistic enough as they are.

  26. 1. If you don’t like the show just say I don’t like it instead of a hole paragraph 2
    The walking dead is the best f***ing seris on tv. 3. KEEP THE WALKING DEAD GOING PAST SEASON 7

  27. the walking dead grows bigger every year so far season 4 is watched by more veiwers then any other season so i believe veiwers will grow every year this show could even go more then 20 seasons and even if the comics finish the show can go on and create there own storyline to further the show

  28. I love the walking dead I have never been so hooked on a show its like a sick horror film that dosnt end I would be happy for it to continue forever and I would watch it all keep it going I really want to be in it to!!

  29. While they may have drug out that second half of the season They had to let everybody know what was going on with the governor I didn’t like it much myself either but either way I’m still hooked on the series and would love to see it going on for a long long time! Beautiful job AMC!