AMC Says ‘The Walking Dead’ Will Still Be Around in 2022

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Walking Dead No End In Sight 2 AMC Says The Walking Dead Will Still Be Around in 2022

For a show that has been the highest-rated basic cable scripted program ever, The Walking Dead has seen quite a lot of ups and downs in the three seasons it’s been on the air. Still, despite shake-ups, budget-cuts and re-shoots, The Walking Dead lives on. Coming off its highest ratings ever, AMC’s renewal of the show for season 4 surprised precisely no one.

Beyond that, how long will the series last?

Given the fact that the source comic, created by Robert Kirkman, is still on-going, it’s theoretically possible to keep the series going indefinitely. At least that’s what AMC Networks CEO Josh Kaplan hinted at today while speaking at the Barclays Global Technology, Media and Telecommunications Conference. The network definitely hopes that zombies will live forever, since they’re really just beginning to find out what the world of the show is like, according to Kaplan:

…we’ll be sitting here at the Barclays conference in 2022 discussing the fact that Walking Dead is not over …

Walking Dead No End In Sight 1 AMC Says The Walking Dead Will Still Be Around in 2022

While expressing regret at losing the soon-to-be-ending Breaking Bad and praising Mad Men, Kaplan also expressed a slight bit of worry over Netflix’s initial success with original programming and defending the notion of keeping premium cable channels available as bundles. While his comments point toward continued old-model thinking when it comes to television, the blindly enthusiastic support for The Walking Dead, while to be expected, is a little worrisome – and perhaps wishful thinking.

On average, most television shows will reach four seasons before coming to an end. Game of Thrones producer Frank Doelger recently stated that he expects the show – currently more popular than ever – to end after seven seasons. Breaking Bad is coming to a pre-determined, organic ending in its fifth season. We live in an age of variety in entertainment choices that did not exist when shows like Cheers or even Friends could easily last ten seasons and then some. Our attention spans barely tolerated nine seasons of The Office and seven of 30 Rock, after all – can a gory zombie show last another decade?

The other question is: do we even want it to? The Walking Dead’s source creator Kirkman has said he has a definite end in mind, but the show has already departed fairly significantly from the comic books. Given the showrunner shuffle and a network determined to stay hands-on and in control of its ratings juggernaut, the odds that AMC will eventually alienate the show’s top creative minds will only increase unless they learn to back off. We are excited about the future of the show, but its longevity is an issue best handled one season at a time.


The Walking Dead season 4 premieres in October 2013 on AMC.

Source: THR

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  1. Even a show of this calibre would suffer after being on the air for that long.

      • @ Trane

        I don’t know how you could even have a ‘nice’ ending for a show like TWD. Nice no longer exists in that world.

        I think it would be enough to have an ending that ties up any loose ends, perhaps the final shot is of The Governor, chewing on a corpse.

  2. hell yes hope it never ends!! But will the cast stay on with the show for that long?

  3. I respect the enthusiasm, but I think that’s a little too ambitious.

  4. Hire some better writers then….

    • This.

    • This x 2

    • The writers are fantastic

  5. Carl would be like 20

  6. Man, are those zombies going to be ripe….

  7. @ THGhost
    I completely agree. As good as a show mayb be, if you drag it out too long it’ll eventually lose it’s ‘magic’ or ‘touch’ and the majority of the audience (fans) will stop watching. Look at The Simpsons and Family Guy, both have been going on for a long time and by now audiences are pretty much uninterested because the shows are lacking the creativity, it’s ‘touch’, from when it first started out because they’ve been dragged out for way too long

  8. No, no it won’t. This zombie thing is a fad that will die out with the overkill of it being used in the media. Get the rights to Silent Hill and make a TV show out of that. Then we’ll talk

    • “Get the rights to Silent Hill and make a TV show out of that. Then we’ll talk”

      What does that even mean?

      • Unlike what AMC is doing with “The Walking Dead” (note how I said AMC’s TWD, not TWD itself), Silent Hill has the potential to be a Twilight Zone-esque series that revolves around 1 person per season.

        AMC’s TWD is not venturing into the show’s potential. Planning on making this last until 2022 is ridiculous, I have about 27 longtime fans that are already getting sick of the same things happening over and over. No, we do not expect blood and gore all the time. No, we do not want it to be action-packed. What we want is a solid variety. AMC’s TWD uses the same formula to the point where the number 2022 is never going to happen unless they get their crap together and make something new out of it all so that it stays fresh.

        I brought up Silent Hill because I figured that would be a great choice to take TWD’s place whenever it does end.

  9. I’d still watch it. As long as a show can keep itself fresh it can go on for quite some time, especially with genre shows. The Stargate shows combined ran for over fifteen seasons. AS long as people keep watching it it can keep going. The shows listed above got old to people because they kept treading the same ground. Also, when did Kirkman say he had an end in mind? I’ve always hear him say it could go on forever as well.

    • Yes, because Walking Dead OBVIOUSLY isn’t treading the same ground…

      • Three season isn’t even long enough to start retreading. don’t be a smartass.

        • …yes it is. 2 Seasons isn’t enough, but 3 Seasons is when it really starts to show.

      • It hasn’t been treading on the same ground at all, all three seasons have been completely different.

  10. I think 10 seasons would suffice! not too much, not too little.

    • I completely agree. I’m sad Breaking Bad is ending. 5 seasons went way too fast! If Walking Dead stays awesome, I’m all for 10 seasons maximum!

  11. I like the enthusiasm but this show needs a filter. Every show needs one. They need an end to create the means (plot). I hope they do not intend to run it into the ground. There’s no shame in quitting while you’re ahead.

  12. You gotta be kidding me… ridiculous. I read enough fantasy series to realize this is a freaking horrible idea.

  13. Barely Tolerated 9 seasons of The Office? It easily could have gone on longer, ratings were great, and the audience loved the show.

  14. No I think they should end it at season 8, that seems about right, no one wants to see all their favorite characters die

  15. for some reason that doesn’t make me feel good. i kind of wish they would plan an ending.

  16. Sigh. If only Firefly came out in this time period, in the era of Netflix and mass media. … I would have watched that show for years and years.

    Walking Dead as a long running series better close some of the logic loopholes. The season 3 finale was horrible, a character died in the most assinine way, and we never went anywhere…. sooner or later these frickin zombies will be skeletons. Hopefully they will get out of Georgia and start seeing the rest of the country – and that a cure will be found.

  17. Sad to see that networks don’t understand that people get tired of the same old thing after a while. The show now is good, but I know have even less optimism about the future of the show knowing the head people in the network don’t intend to end it any time soon.

  18. I love zombie stuff, but there is only so much and so far you can take it, especially with the limitations of the zombies themselves. If they come up with a new wrinkle for the zombies, I’m all for it, but it might be a “jump the shark” moment for the rest of the fans.

  19. Utter baloney on AMC’s part… ’24′ won’t be on in 2022 never mind this stinker of a show, and ’24′ is literally three times the series that show is!

    It would be nice to think that the wonderful ‘Person of Interest’ would still be on in 2022, I’d buy that for a dollar…

  20. No end in sight— spelling in teaser copy.

  21. Bad idea. Any show that stays on too long loses its magic. AMC should know this.

  22. No show – not even shows like The Simpsons – go on forever! Besides: Who wants them to last so long? The last 2 seasons of Friends and the last 3 of Scrubs just lowered the fun. The Big Bang Theory should have ended with season 4, the last season of Lost starts a totally different series.

    And TWD? If it goes on like season 3 with more story building without delivery … even the interest for this show will go down.

    • I’m convinced that this show is in some way connected to breaking bad. Well first of all we all know walts wife has some pretty nice rackage. Well in this show the wife who sadly passed away had equally nice tittie sauce. Sorry for the spoilers. Oh and btw I saw an episode and I think I saw a zombie Jesse in an episode of breaking bad. And does that little kid have a name? I don’t even know.

  23. I think that’s far too long for a show set in a zombie apocalypse. Better to go out with a bang than just fade away into nothing.

  24. This show is terrible, and they want to keep it on air that LONG!?!?

    *shakes head*

    • It’s not terrible, IMO. Just repetitive. REALLY repetitive

  25. Fan b**** about mad men that has been going on for 6 seasons and has still one to go. The show has a very organic development, a very clear gameplan and people still feel it’s too long, and rehashing tge same thing (even if it’s not). They really think they can last 13 seasons without any gameplan???!! How do the producer get their job for f… Sake?!!!!!

  26. I think 2022 is a little too long. I think most shows after 8 seasons start to lose its appeal (Simpsons, HIMYM). Also with more shows in this type of horror/drama/monster genre coming out TWD might not have the ratings it keeps having. I think 6-9 seasons is about right

  27. you either die a good show or live long enough to see yourself become stale and boring