AMC Says ‘The Walking Dead’ Will Still Be Around in 2022

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Walking Dead No End In Sight 2 AMC Says The Walking Dead Will Still Be Around in 2022

For a show that has been the highest-rated basic cable scripted program ever, The Walking Dead has seen quite a lot of ups and downs in the three seasons it’s been on the air. Still, despite shake-ups, budget-cuts and re-shoots, The Walking Dead lives on. Coming off its highest ratings ever, AMC’s renewal of the show for season 4 surprised precisely no one.

Beyond that, how long will the series last?

Given the fact that the source comic, created by Robert Kirkman, is still on-going, it’s theoretically possible to keep the series going indefinitely. At least that’s what AMC Networks CEO Josh Kaplan hinted at today while speaking at the Barclays Global Technology, Media and Telecommunications Conference. The network definitely hopes that zombies will live forever, since they’re really just beginning to find out what the world of the show is like, according to Kaplan:

…we’ll be sitting here at the Barclays conference in 2022 discussing the fact that Walking Dead is not over …

Walking Dead No End In Sight 1 AMC Says The Walking Dead Will Still Be Around in 2022

While expressing regret at losing the soon-to-be-ending Breaking Bad and praising Mad Men, Kaplan also expressed a slight bit of worry over Netflix’s initial success with original programming and defending the notion of keeping premium cable channels available as bundles. While his comments point toward continued old-model thinking when it comes to television, the blindly enthusiastic support for The Walking Dead, while to be expected, is a little worrisome – and perhaps wishful thinking.

On average, most television shows will reach four seasons before coming to an end. Game of Thrones producer Frank Doelger recently stated that he expects the show – currently more popular than ever – to end after seven seasons. Breaking Bad is coming to a pre-determined, organic ending in its fifth season. We live in an age of variety in entertainment choices that did not exist when shows like Cheers or even Friends could easily last ten seasons and then some. Our attention spans barely tolerated nine seasons of The Office and seven of 30 Rock, after all – can a gory zombie show last another decade?

The other question is: do we even want it to? The Walking Dead’s source creator Kirkman has said he has a definite end in mind, but the show has already departed fairly significantly from the comic books. Given the showrunner shuffle and a network determined to stay hands-on and in control of its ratings juggernaut, the odds that AMC will eventually alienate the show’s top creative minds will only increase unless they learn to back off. We are excited about the future of the show, but its longevity is an issue best handled one season at a time.


The Walking Dead season 4 premieres in October 2013 on AMC.

Source: THR

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  1. If the show does continue on for another 8 years there will need to be a season or two showing a different group of people with their own story of how they dealt with the walkers, with the occasional scene involving Rick and Daryl etc. And then, as we grow to love these new characters they meet up with Rick’s group. This way the show will be given a boost which will allow it to continue for years to come, creating brand new story arc’s. Personally I will get tired of seeing Rick and his group run away from walkers, moving from place to place. The writers don’t need to kill the current characters off and replace them with new ones, they just need to take a break. Doing this will mean when Rick and his group do return to our screens, people will still watch the show because they have been missing their favourite characters for a year or two.

    • Katryona that is just the best idea i have ever heard of! thats simply put amazing thinking! i wished it would turn that direction and as for game of thrones ending after season 7!?!? while we dont quite know for sure if that will “really” happen i strongly hope not i am geeking out over game of thrones and the walking dead! :) good stuff good stuff

      • sorry i meant to put your name at the beginning David! my bad!

        • Thank you. I’m glad you like the idea. Killing either Daryl or Rick would be a disaster. I think the main problem with the show at the moment is the fact that it is becoming less and less abouth the walkers, and more and more about the people. Personally, my favourite part of the show so far, (season 1 until now) was watching humans adapt to this new world they are living in. How they adjusted to their new environment. I enjoyed watching this ‘learning process’, but now I feel, with Rick’s group, that this learning process is over. They are now experts at living in this world. This is why introducing a new group would be so brilliant. I have created a simple formula for such an occasion ( New characters + Not killing off old characters = Show with more depth and capacity to continue in to the future) This formula can be multiplied by 2 I don’t mind.

          • David, your idea is great. Hopefully the producers & writers of The Walking Dead are reading these comments. I agree that killing off Rick & Daryl is not the best idea to keep the show going. Although they’re still alive as far as I’ve gotten with the comic books. But AMC also deviates from the comics storyline. It makes sense though, cause for sure they don’t want their audience to already know what happens next. Ratings need to stay up ;)

      • I would not mind if Game of thrones would end after season 7, its peak for me being the end of season one… then it slowed pace… tried to boost the series with unnecessary violence and sex scenes, due to story became slow and without a sense of cause… Had one more pinnacle “red wedding”… But Walking dead has something to it… it has also had its mistakes/slow episodes, but after those uneventful episodes always came one that shook u… now this series also got the same problem… it came to the point when it needs to have more grand scale look… it did not had it except for the zombie virus outburst… we need for these people to start doing grander things than surviving, cause as somebody said earlier ” they are survival experts, they have got accustomed to this world, now they need to start trying to change it….

  2. I believe that with a good, vibrant director and even producer behind the development of the series of walking dead, I think that the series can continue to becoming one of the top hit series even after 2022. Even though changing the characters may make the series more interesting, I think that helping the same characters evolve and change as well as introducing new characters within the scene will definitely be appealing to the public eye. I think that its too early in the day for the series of walking dead to stop. In fact, I do believe that this series should continue up till around season 8-9 because there’s so much about the characters that the public needs to learn about especially with new characters introduced within the scene. It all counts on the enthusiasm, eagerness, and the spontaneity that the producers and directors are capable of developing in order to make the series of walking dead as powerful and interesting as possible!

  3. If your going to do the show for a while you should really get Carl to be the new rick trying to survive

  4. The Walking Dead is becoming an Overkill Software game! MMO like shared world shooter, like Bungies Destiny for zombie fans!

  5. Rick is the main character and you know eventually he will die. I guess when he gets bit, the entire show ends. Unless he isnt the last person in the group still alive.

  6. my personal opinion is in the last episode of the show Rick will wake up from his coma he was in and it was all just a dream

    • I wish you would fall in a coma for suggesting that

  7. I’ve heard rumors of TWD only lasting for 7 seasons and then they were gonna follow up with a spinoff with carl and judith going on their quest of killing walkers but carl wasn’t going to be played by the original actor if that’s the case it wouldn’t be as good in my opinion has anyone else heard about this?

    • I’ve heard rumors of TWD only lasting for 7 seasons and then they were gonna follow up with a spinoff with carl and judith going on their quest of killing walkers but carl wasn’t going to be played by the original actor if that’s the case it wouldn’t be as good in my opinion has anyone else heard about this? But I do beleive I would watch a sode or 2 just to see if I may like it.

  8. Well, when they kill off Daryl will determine how long the show will last. The sooner they kill him off the sooner the show dies. If they kill him off in 2019 or earlier, they won’t have to worry about having a show in 2022.

  9. Will there be only 7 season or will it be more

  10. I could watch walking dead ad infinitum. I agree with David that there could be more groups added and I trust the creative minds behind the show to find more twists and what not. I am really happy to hear that the show is going to keep on going because that’s what I love over shows more then movies, they keep going. There’s much more room for character development and you get a much richer history of their world than in a 90 movie. It’s well worth it to continue the series. The Walking Dead is a really great show.

  11. I think they should end the walkig dead with the remaining of ricks group being corners by a lot of zombies. Trying to fight them off but don’t succeed. They all die and then the the last bit of the episode we should see them all as zombies

  12. Really? This show will be going on until I’m 27? I don’t know how they would keep it up that long. That’d be a total of 12 seasons. Maybe, Rick will die by season 10 or 11, and then Carl will become the leader. It’s not what I want because I love Rick, but they can’t keep following the same characters over and over again. It would get old, and seeing Carl take over as a young man would be the most interesting development.

  13. I just feel like I would rather them end the show in a few seasons with a great ending instead of dragging it out forever and having me lose interest. Plus the budget cuts on this show are very apparent. The zombie kills no longer look like they could be somewhat realistic it’s very cheap cgi.

  14. The show will lose its urgency and poignancy if it goes on for too long. Every great story must come to and end otherwise it just becomes a soap opera and we all know how boring and silly soap opera’s become after a while. There is only so much one can realistically expect from this kind of world and the power of the show comes from grounding it close to reality as possible, as opposed to something like “True Blood” which was allowed to employ the fantastic. I love the show and I would never want to see it lose its integrity.

  15. That’s it. I’m not watching the TV series anymore. They should make a nice happy ending at the end of season 5 and than start season 6 with a new group of people somewhere else in the USA or Europe.

  16. I love walking dead. Big fan, u can’t kill rick or darling, wouldn’t be walking dead with out them.

  17. I really like the show. I heard there was only one season left before it is over and in my head I think no there should be more then one left. I really hate when they stop the show over spring and some of the summer but that’s ok with me I mean I love the show but, they have to do what they have to do. I also hate when they stop it in the winter but, they are smart for that. I also kindly disagree with David, I love the show the way it is now so they should leave it how it is, besides they are now this season (season 5) they are adding a group a group that is worst then the governor’s group.

  18. Well season 6 they are probably going to add the group that is worst then the governor’s group. Tom I really don’t like what you said but whatever you can say what you want. Also you should keep watching it because if you do you might become more in love with it. I mean yeah maybe they could make it more interesting but I really love how it is now. And maybe you should read this and I will probably change your mind about the show.

    • Sorry I thought I had to retype this so don’t read this one read the one below the one below is better than this one. I would delete this one but I don’t know how to.

  19. Well in season 6 probably they will add the group that is worst then the governor’s group. Tom I really don’t like what you said but say what you want. you should continue to watch it then you might fall in love with it all over again or fall more in love with it. I think personally to myself that maybe would make it more interesting but I love the way it is so I’m not going to say it. It might be a good it might be bad so I am going to keep it to myself. Also Tom I think you should read this others to because it might change your mind about the show too!!!!