Amber Tamblyn Leaving ‘House’ For Potential Fox Pilot

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amber tamblyn leaves House Amber Tamblyn Leaving House For Potential Fox Pilot

Amber Tamblyn, med student Martha Masters on House, will be leaving the series after next week’s episode. According to Tamblyn, she’s working on a yet-to-be-ordered pilot for Fox.

The news comes amid uncertainty over the future of House itself. While the series airs on Fox, it’s produced by NBC, and negotiations between the two networks for season 8 aren’t going well. There’s a chance that House could move to NBC next season. So far, only Hugh Laurie and Olivia Wilde have been confirmed for a return.

While Amber Tamblyn’s role was always temporary, the character of Martha Masters seamlessly blended-in with rest of House’s eclectic crew of physicians. With the return of Wilde’s character “Thirteen,” it’s time for Martha Masters to make her exit and return to medical school.

Tamblyn spoke to reporters at the College Television awards, and announced that Katie Jacobs (executive producer for House) approached her with the role of a public school teacher in the new project. While there’s no title, we do know that it focuses on a public school and is written and directed by The Wire‘s Ed Burns (Anybody else getting Boston Public vibes?).

Tambyln may be best known for her starring role on Joan of Arcadia. Her teen-aged character received frequent instruction from God in the form of a humble dog walker. The series ran for three seasons on CBS. She also played a doctor on daytime soap General Hospital for six years and featured in both Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants movies.

While it’s unlikely that Masters will return to House in any continuing capacity, the producers are “keeping the door open.” Tamblyn had good things to say about her costars, particularly Wilde, with whom she appears in tonight’s return episode: “You mean Olivia Hottypants? I love that woman! …I wish I had more screen time with her. We had a blast right off the bat.”

Tamblyn’s last episode of House will air next Monday. While it’s unclear when or even if the unnamed project will move forward, it’s got a better shot than most with Jacobs at the helm.


House airs Monday nights @8PM on Fox.

Source: TV Guide

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  1. You may want to re-read that TVGuide story that’s the “basis” for this story. It says nothing about David Simon writing or directing the FOX pilot and it says Amber Tamblyn is leaving “House” at the end of the season, not after next week…

    • Ah, nice catch Ian. Ed Burns, no David Cross (co-creators.)

      However, it’s been confirmed that next week’s episode is Masters’ last.

      • Yup. You’re right on Tamblyn’s departure. The TV Guide story had only partial info there.

  2. Looking at the preview for next week’s episode, I can see why the character would leave. It looks like House will finally get her to do something unethical, which is why she decides to leave (she’s being corrupted). After watching last night’s episode, I just wonder if House is nearing it’s end; he seemed to get pretty selfless in that episode.

  3. I hate Masters…I am so glad shes leaving…..still Olivia wont be around as often as we would like her to…..if u look at her appearance in other movies, u early understand :(((

  4. Amber Tamblyn cannot act her way out of a paper bag! Her facial expressions always make her look pouty and confused regardless of what is happening with the character. She look much older than she is as well so when they have her play a younger character, it makes no sense at all. I have seen her in many things and although I am sure she is a lovely person in real life, her acting is beyond bad.

    • shes great

  5. Ugh, thank CHRIST she’s leaving. I could not stand her; she almost had me abandoning watching the show. She plays the quirks of the Masters character with the subtlety of Thor’s hammer. I thought the writing of the Masters character was pretty good at times, but Tamblyn has no acting sensibilities, and apparently decided that “innocent/naive” is the same thing as “annoying/awkward.” Her facial expressions make me want to smack her in the face with a serrated shovel. House is better off without that hack of an “actress.”

  6. Thank God she is done on House. Every time her goody two-shoes character is on screen I want to reach through the TV, strangle her and then punch her out. I don’t know if I have ever hated a character so much!

  7. She’s by far the worst thing to happen to house. She makes Foreman seem like a good character.

  8. wow, i seem to be in a minority, or perhaps it’s because i’m an older woman, i like amber much better than wilde. i am sad she’s leaving. as long as chase is still there, i will be too, but still, i think amber is a good actress. that is my opinion.

  9. Amber Tamblyn did an excellent job with her acting. Her character was supposed to be annoying and awkward…annoying because people hate to be reminded that they should choose to do the right thing, and awkward because Masters didn’t develop her social skills during her adolescent years because she was so focused on her studies. I do agree that she has that characteristic pouty & confused facial expression in everything I see her in. And I don’t like when an actress does that. In my opinion though, it just so happened that for the Masters character that facial expression fit perfectly because Masters usually was confused about how to do her job without doing wrong and pouty because House would purposefully put her between a rock and a hard place while she was trying to figure it out.

    As for the hateful reaction towards the character I think it’s because we are usually okay with doing the wrong thing as long as it benefits us. To be concerned with doing good all the time is bothersome and makes us have to take a good look at ourselves for what we really are. That takes so much internal struggle that it’s easier to shrug it off, do wrong & try to justify it afterwards. A goody two shoes makes us look bad and we do not like other people who make an effort to be on a high standard if we realize we are not willing to work towards that high standard ourselves. In other words, if we find that we are on a lower pedestal, we want to take everybody else down with us. “You try to act superior to me?! Hmph, puh-lease. I’d like to smack you in the face is what I’d like to do. Bring you down to my level where the normal people are.” lol I have felt this way many times. When you think about it, it is a weird world we live in where trying to do the right thing all the time is looked at as doing something wrong.

    On the other hand, I do like the 13 character too. She does unexpected things and is the closest person to House in the whole show. I would say even closer than Cuddy because Cuddy has to distance herself from House because they aren’t cut from the same cloth, but 13′s relationship with him is constant because she is sort of like a female House. My only concern is that although her character is non-boring the fact that she isn’t that big of a contrast to House means that it will make the show a little boring. There needs to be some sort of mental sparring with House to give the show some oomph. If everybody just goes along with House, where is the fun in that? I also hope they don’t make the 13 character all about her disease. The show is called House, not 13. The only struggle with disease viewers would be interested in watching for a prolonged amount of time is House’s…curious to see how he would deal with each downward progression of it considering the kind of person he is and how he loves to be in control of things. I don’t know what unexpected turn they can take with 13 but they need to figure it out soon because I feel like I know everything about 13 already. Nothing else to learn. House likes her but she’s not really lover material for him, the relationship thing with Foreman is “been there done that”, her and Taub are nothing but coworkers with nothing in common, interaction with Cuddy seems unnecessary, and we already know that House will kill her when her disease gets bad enough. I guess it would be sort of interesting to see an unexpected attraction between 13 & Chase develop. Maybe see if they could make it as a couple and how the tension of it would produce a reaction in Foreman, lol. I’d like to hear other people’s ideas of what paths her character could take that would be interesting to watch.

  10. I am a faithful fan of House and found Amber to be an original and first class addition to the cast. Really hate to see her storyline end. Wilde could have stayed gone as far as I am concerned.

  11. The character was annoying, and not in a way that made her interesting, as in a character choice. I would have loved to see her character end on the series via a free roaming, chainsaw wielding, meth hyped would be patient who lopped her head off in front of everyone. It would roll over to House who would kick it aside and say, ‘Oh well. Find me an interesting case.’. I hated the character. Hated Tamblyn’s performance and ultimately, stopped watching the show. Now I can go back to it. Worst thing to happen to that show ever.

  12. Just thought I’d point out that “Joan of Arcadia” ran for only two seasons, as opposed to three as suggested here.

  13. @Susan, I agree with you. I thinks Masters was a very interesting character. I felt sad watching her leaving the show. I really wish that she could have stayed on the show for much longer, see how her character develops in the end and and not 13′s.