‘Wonder Woman’ TV Show ‘Amazon’ Being Redeveloped; New Writer & Script

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Wonder Woman Old and New Wonder Woman TV Show Amazon Being Redeveloped; New Writer & Script

The CW may not have found success adapting Wonder Woman to TV with Amazon just yet, but the plan hasn’t been abandoned. The proposed origin story of Diana of Themyscira wasn’t able to make a spring development cycle, but the network isn’t letting that stall momentum.

With a new writer, and a willingness to develop the series for even a mid-season premiere (granted the script is where they want it to be by then), comic fans may see Amazon on their TV screens before long.

It was clear from the first announcement of Amazon‘s development that the network was hastening production on the heels of Arrow‘s success – apparently moving into casting a lead actress before the script was agreed upon by all parties. Ultimately the show was postponed, leaving many to wonder if the series would be just another case of Wonder Woman proving too problematic to adapt.

Teenage Wonder Woman TV Show Moving Forward Wonder Woman TV Show Amazon Being Redeveloped; New Writer & Script

According to CW President Mark Pedowitz, that’s not the case. Addressing the media concerning the network’s upcoming schedule on Thursday, HitFix reports, Pedowitz spoke quite candidly when asked if the network still had plans for Amazon:

“Oh God yes…It is being redeveloped. We’re waiting for the script to come in. We have not seen it yet. We are preparing to pilot it off-cycle should the script be what we want it to be. We do not want to produce something that doesn’t work for that particular character. It is the trickiest of all the DC characters to get done.”

No one is going to disagree with Pedowitz’z claim that making Wonder Woman work with modern audiences isn’t easy – just ask David E. Kelley if you need proof. Apparently, tackling this tricky task means that the previous script developed by comic and TV writer Allan Heinberg (Grey’s Anatomy, The OC) has been scrapped, and Aron Coleite has been called on for a new treatment.

Coleite is no stranger to comic books, having scribed three story arcs for “Ultimate X-Men” back in 2008-2009, but it’s his TV work that gives a stronger sense of what to expect. Most notably, producing and writing ten episodes of NBC’s Heroes. Pedowitz isn’t providing any further information on what direction the show will take, but given the need to balance a coming-of-age story with superpowers, Coleite’s hiring makes perfect sense.

heroes msn return cast photo Wonder Woman TV Show Amazon Being Redeveloped; New Writer & Script

The jury is still out on whether Coleite’s pitch will be more to the network’s liking than Heinberg’s (his script was apparently a “radical shift” for viewers) or if the rumored frontrunner for the role will still be considered. What we do know is that The CW isn’t rushing into production until they feel they’ve got a version of Diana that audiences will not only respond to – but one that won’t embarrass everyone involved.

We’ll keep you updated on Amazon as a script or cast begins to assemble. Until then, what do you hope to see from a Wonder Woman origin story? Do you side with the network and think a show set before any future films is the way to go, or should they make a modern Diana work on TV before film?


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Source: HitFix

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  1. If its on Cw it may work but id rather just see a movie be made

  2. I wrote a Wonder Woman story just a couple of nights ago, and I honestly thought it was pretty well based. I’m just a teenager, so it doesn’t seem like it’d that hard for a couple of professionals to do.

    • I think the thing about Wonder Woman is given the whole everything needs to be in the same universe push…it makes no sense to have a story that contradicts something that might appear on film. That is why I say skip the TV show. After Man of Steel, Wonder Woman or whatever they call it should be next!

      Gemma Arterton for Wonder Woman!

      • Woah! In my story she’s actually who I cast as my ideal Wonder Woman. And yea the way I’m writing it its supposed to be a universe with other heroes, as in its a whole series of stories, if you’d like to read what I have so far I could email you the copy or something

      • Yeah, she’s ridiculously hot, but I’m not sure she’s right for Wonder Woman. Don’t ask me who would be, though.

        • Who would be?

          • Lynn collins

  3. Wonder Woman? Why not Zatanna or Nightwing?

    • I’ll give you two guesses why.

      • I honestly don’t want a nightwing show. I also don’t want him to appear in arrow. Even though I know the producers say that he won’t.
        Nightwing won’t get a series cuz he’s too close to batman. And I personally want dick Grayson robin to appear in the next franchise and eventually have a nightwing film. It’s a dream that may or may not happen lol

        • I just don’t find Wonder Woman interesting at all, Zatanna is a character that hasn’t been explored before & Nightwing can hold his own without Batman, he proves this in his own solo title.

        • I really want to see Tim Drake as Robin in the new Batman movies, with Dick already as Nightwing, Jason already dead.

          Tim Drake is my hero.

  4. Still can’t understand why its so hard to get a wonder woman movie made. She’s going through the same crap that spidey went through only this situation doesn’t involve lawyers just bad scripts. You have to wonder if we’ll ever see a wonder woman movie and I’m starting to wonder if these delayed projects concerning her are another reason as to why a JL movie can’t get off the ground.

    • I think the TV/movie execs think a woman is going to have a problem carrying a movie (which is of course complete crapola).

      As I and others have suggested, all they need to do is closely adapt the most recent WW animated movie. Simple.

    • This will never work. It will be cheesy as unless they totally change the costume and then it won’t be wonder woman.

  5. I want an Amethyst movie or TV show.

  6. I am not overly excited about the prospect of a Wonder Woman TV series. It is time to move beyond that…especially one that is ONLY on Paradise Island. Does that mean an exclusively female cast? Do they expect men to watch this after the first few episodes? Just get a movie done! Despite what CW President Mark Pedowitz says it is NOT “… the trickiest of all the DC characters.” Just like with Superman – it takes creativity and it seems like that is the last quality that people look for in who they hire to develop the character. But it probably will be greenlit for the simple reason that I am sure CW wants to take advantage of the popularity of Superhero’s in the visual media.

  7. I actually don’t want a WW TV series, TV series tend to go heavy on the “love stories” (especially CW) and they get pretty dam annoying, I don’t want WW turned into another girly crap, concentrating on the female audience.

  8. I actually want to see this work. And maybe they could have this lead into a Justice League movie, and include it into the DC movie universe. That way, there won’t be a need for an origin story should DC decide to make a Wonder Woman movie, and they won’t need to waste time in a Justice League movie with an origin story either. Plus, if this version of Wonder Woman turns out great, then using this Wonder Woman would greatly reduce the risk involved in casting a Wonder Woman for the movies. This Wonder Woman would already be proven to work, fans would be familiar with her, and her origin story would already be laid out, making the task of making a Justice League movie much, much easier.

  9. Hate me all you want but why don’t just adapt Linda Carter WW for these times? Too cheesy? Honest questions…

  10. I feel like the CW is the reason why DC is having such a hard time getting their movies off the ground. Man of Steel looks great but there has been time for people to forget Smallville. I know some people loved it but it was a low budget TV show aimed at tweens and teens just like most of the programing on that channel. The exception would be Arrow but the success there is that the general audiance knew little of Green Arrow before it and it is geared more at adults. When the only live action medium for a superhero is a cheesy low budget tv show for teens and tweens, it takes away from the legitimacy of a feature film. Notice there were no Superman movies when Lois & Clark was on tv.

  11. Dont care if its good, if you know whats what, youll cancel it. Dont sellout the potential of a major character.

  12. I can’t see how it can be done and still not enter into high camp territory.

    If you ground the story, she basically becomes a vigilante, but a boring almost cop-like vigilante and if you go with the invisible plane and the lasso of truth, well…

    Then they’ll be bound to throw in some pat mystery as that’s what everyone is doing now.

    Also with female led comic book shows I think you do have that tricky ‘we want her to look good, but not make the show about her tits’ conundrum.

    If this gets made and lasts a season I’ll be shocked. Happy, but shocked.

    • Of course you can do it without camp. Think of the previous James Bond movies. There was an element of camp to it but when Daniel Craig took over and it became more serious I thought it would suck…but low and behold I think it is just a different take and just as good and in some ways better than the previous ones.

      I do agree though…instead of making the most absurd changes to everyone AROUND Wonder Woman… Zeus is her father…the Amazons are child killing, man hating, savages…and her mother lied to her for all these years…they should make strategic changes to Wonder Woman…like a more decent costume…get rid of the lasso of truth and give her some sort of offensive superpower she can use as a weapon (like Superman has Heat vision).

      If there has ever been a time to update Wonder Woman it is right NOW!…in a movie.

  13. If I were in charge of the series, I would focus the entire story in the amazon. I would not have her enter civilization until season five or six.

    • “Amazon” should be a cross between Xena and Buffy, but grounded in a primitive environment filled with ancient antiquity.

    • +a gazillion!

  14. I don’t know, while I may watch the show, I feel like they should focus on films for this character since Warner Bros is looking to develop a Justice League movie. I’d love to see a Nightwing series if there won’t be a movie though!

  15. Forget CW. Just hook up Paul Dini with Goyer and Nolan and have them write s decent Diana adaptation.

  16. I’m not really a fan of CW’s approach to shows based off of comic book characters. I enjoyed Smallville for the first 3 seasons, but it just seemed like a teen super-powered soap opera. I’ve tried to get into a few episodes of Arrow, but the dialog and acting were so off-putting to the point of me giving up entirely.

    • I really enjoyed Smallville and thought they did a really good job with including just enough of the teenage drama without it straining too far from the main threats/villains of each season. One of the reasons why I liked it so much. For Arrow I thought it was cool for the first few episodes but it just felt too Hollywood for me. It’s a great show and can totally understand why others enjoy so much but I feel like it’s more of a teenage drama than it is a Green Arrow show.

    • I also enjoyed Smallville for roughly the first 3 seasons. Then, for me, it just got too ridiculous to care about. But I thought that it generally came across pretty well from a visual effects standpoint, not on the same level as a big film, but not super low-budget either.

      With Arrow, I gave it a chance, but ultimately found it too boring and toothless to commit to.

      Wonder Woman needs a really good treatment to come across in a way that does justice (pun only kind of intended) to her character. I have my doubts as to whether a TV show can be good enough.

    • Oviously, imma use Wonder Woman power like she uses her healing factor to help wounded soldier and little Asian kids
      The Larson of truth to find out which camp Steve is…

    • Ares*

    • Here is some unsolicited advice:

      The story of Wonder Woman does NOT begin with finding Steve Trevor. She had a life before that and I think an audience would want to know something about that. ALSO just like with Batman and Superman Wonder Woman should NOT grow up a child of tragedy. Forget all this Zeus or Hercules raped this person or that…Hippolyta should be great queen and role model for Wonder Woman. I think it is a lasting symbol of the sexism that has prevented a decent story of her from being told. Bruce Wayne had loving successful parents that shaped who he was…when they were gone he had his devoted Butler Alfred who loved him just as much. Superman had loving genius parents who sacrificed their lives so he could live…when they were gone he had loving moral foster parents who shaped who he would become. With every new iteration of Wonder Woman it is some sexual crime which defines where she comes from…they do the same thing with Catwoman who was supposedly a prostitute… see my point.

      Finally her Rogues gallery needs to establish a parallel villain to her someone who seems her equal. FOR EXAMPLE…one of the great things about Bane in the Dark Knight Rises is that he was AS smart as Batman, received the same training and was as strong if not stronger…When Alfred stated he had the power of “belief” I felt that they were establishing him as the ANTI Batman. Same with Superman…the anti Superman is General Zod…someone with a similar background and powers. Wonder Woman has no such nemesis BUT she could. There were poorly developed stories about Rogue Amazons Shim’tar and later the Circle. They should be her primary villains not some feline or a woman who shares a consciousness with a gorilla. They should also stay away from “gods” maybe allude to it but having Wonder Woman immersed in that world isolates her since most of the other Justice League members operate in a world of science fiction and aliens as opposed to mythology.


      • Her life before Steve Trevor is alluded in the pre-title scene where she defeats Circe
        Hippolyta is her role model, her “mom and dad” but she still has to find herself out there in an imperfect world (that’s the premise of the movie.)

        I do agree that she don’t have an impressive rogue gallery.

    • Holy bananers… that was terrible. I’ll buy it for $0.25.

      • Well lets here your suggestion…

        Oh don’t tell me …Keep Wonder Woman THE SAME as she has been…the very problem that WB/DC is grappling with…

        Looking at the newest movies…every single Superhero HAS CHANGED since the time they were developed. Superman used to NOT be able to fly…he used to have red underwear on the outside of his suit…and the S on his chest used to stand for Superman…in the new movie it was all changed and I guarantee you that will be the status quo going forward.

        In the Dark Knight Trilogy…did you see Robin “the boy wonder” anywhere near Batman outside of a passing reference. Batman used to NOT wear body armor and he used to kill criminals in the earliest comics. HE CHANGED!

        This idea that we cannot change Wonder Woman is EXACTLY why no body can create a decent story for her outside of the comics. If it is good enough for Superman and Batman then it is good enough for Wonder Woman.

        • The transition from leaping to actual flying was extraordinarily gradual and was punctuated with a great deal of inconsistency. Not until May 1943 is Superman explicitly referred to as a “being who can fly like a bird” and not until later that same year can it be said, without qualification, that Superman actually possesses the power of flight. Initially, the S-shield had one meaning: S for Superman. One of the first alternative meanings was presented in Superman: The Movie, in which it was not an S, but rather the S-shaped Coat of arms of the House of El.

          The Post-Crisis version of the bodysuit is not constructed from simple fabric, but from fictional advanced materials that gives it resistance to tearing. In addition, the suit also contains various defense and protection mechanisms layered into the suit’s fabric. The basic version of the Batsuit is insulated against electricity and is mildly fire resistant. Batman utilizes many different body armor designs, some of which are constructed into his Batsuits, and others which are separate. In its most basic version, the suit is bulletproof around the upper torso and back. Other versions are entirely bulletproof to small arms fire, and have advanced flexible armor plating. Post Crisis starts in 1987. Batman — Tim Burton’s film came out in 1989.

          Your points are flawed. None of them have anything to do with replacing someones origin.

          • First off Wonder Woman’s origin has ALREADY been replaced. Initially she was blessed by the God’s in her crib, then made of clay and blessed by the Gods; now she is the daughter of Zeus. I think the fact that DC felt the need to change the origin is in itself a suggestion that it did not resonate with a significant amount of people.

            Change can be good!

            • Their first draft took away her heritage to Themyscira…

              • Depending on WHY it could be a good thing or a bad thing.

                Let me be clear…it’s not like I would agree that they should remove the S from Superman’s chest. But giving it a deeper meaning than the self absorbed – putting it on your uniform to tell the world who you are – is the better way to go.

                I don’t think that changes should ignore everything that came before. I am just advocating for putting a little depth to the things that have already come before. FOR EXAMPLE – Instead of saying Wonder Woman was “made from clay” why not say that there is a special element in the soil on paradise island which produces food that accelerates healing, makes you stronger etc… See what I am saying…saying she is made from clay is absurd…saying that a clay like element indirectly led to the powers that she has is more grounded since in real life the food we eat is what gives us the ability to grow, live, transmit data from nerves to our brain etc… It is still fantastic but you COULD relate to the concept since in a smaller way it is the same for everyone.

                Why exactly are you so opposed to any changes? Are you telling me that you would prefer that the Man of Steel movie was more like the traditional notion of Superman?

                • Man of Steel is my most anticipated movie of the summer. I am okay with change. I am simply pointing out that the first draft of CW’s script for Amazon was trash. I am not okay with their change.

                  • Agree 100%

                • I loved everything about the new Superman costume (the cape, the texture and even the muted colors) EXCEPT that he body suit is a solid blue. They could have made a brief-shaped area a muted red (same as cape color) around this pelvic area in the shape of briefs or a “V-shape” without it looking like underwear. It would still be one piece but just colored differently down there. That would break up the blue a bit and still be faithful to the classic, yet updated.

                  Same with Wonder Woman. They can make the gold (belt, tiara, eagle or WW emblem and bracelets) a high-caliber armor/metal look and a very strong “rubberized” or neoprene material for the one-piece suit, but still needs the basic red and blue with stars. The lasso could be like a very thick, glowing flexible gold rope/cable material. And keep the high-heeled red boots with the white stripe down the middle to maker her tall (not sandals!). Finally, no teensy weensy tiara like in that link above or like the proposed NBC series. I ant it to look like a true-size tiara, to match her thick head of hair. Personally, I like the tiara pointing up only, not down too in a diamond, but I know they changed it in the comics long ago. It just doesn’t look like a tiara with a diamond shape (pointing up and down) and covering her whole forehead. That makes it look like “forehead armor” or something.

        • I never stated that we cannot change Wonder Woman, I’m not even sure how you came to that conclusion. Just because I did not like Drool monster’s idea does not mean that I am not open to change. I have stated quite a few times on this very site that I am excited for Man of Steel. I welcome change as long as I think the script or idea is actually GOOD.

          • My bad!

          • So my script wasn’t good… :(
            I just need to work on the 3rd act

            • Hey, your idea wasn’t bad, Drool monster. You put some thought into it at least and showed you care. : )

              Wonder Woman matters to me because I’m probably older than you guys are and grew up as a kid watching the Lynda Carter series. They changed her costume from Season One (ABC set in WWII) to Seasons Two & Three (CBS set present day).

  17. I had a thought. Does anyone wonder why all these DC shows are getting produced? I thought maybe its a way to introduce DC characters to mainstream audiences. Think about it, Green Arrow was relatively unknown before Arrow and Arrow is doing great, regardless of what fanboys think. Now if this Wonder Woman show gets off the ground and is received well then theres another character checked off the list. I don’t know what the potential roster would be for JLA movie but lets assume it includes GA and Diana. I am not sure how many comic book shows CW can sustain but imagine if they put out a good Flash show. They would have 3 DC main players already established in the minds of audiences with Man of Steel about to blast off too. I don’t know how they would tie together but using TV as a means to do origins for some of these characters and do them good in a way that fits into MOS’s universe is a quick way to get these characters established without waiting years to produce movies. Everyone just needs to be on the same page creatively and use the same actors in the JLA movie. Could be some round a bout way DC has come up with to catch up with Marvel.
    Just an interesting thought I had

  18. Well as aarow doesn’t have super powered or mystical characters there would be little chance of a crossover. Also wouldn’t a Wonder Woman tv show interfere with a Justice League movie?

    • Green Arrow doesn’t often leave Star City and because he is a character that sticks up for the little guys, he isn’t one to do battle against the super powered. He does get recruited to the JL but he doesn’t go toe to toe with baddies like Darkseid all the time.

    • Remember, in the late 1970′s the most popular live-action Wonder Woman was happening on TV at the same time the most popular live-actin Superman was happening on the big screen. I even made wrote a script about them meeting as alter-egos first and not realizing they were both superheroes called “Super Rendezvous” (I was 12).

  19. i hope the entire series will be SET in the island of Themyscira, and any other fantastical places that Wonder Woman could go into. No cities please.

    • Agree 100%!

  20. Yay for any Wonder Woman tv show or film.

    • Did you ever watch the original WW series on TV or DVD box set IriiLopes?

  21. I couldn’t be happier knowing that the original script for Wonder Woman TV series was scrapped. If they take away her heritage then you take away everything that the character is. Trying to humanize Diana of Themyscira is blasphemy. She is a Goddess, so to speak. Remember, DC is self proclaimed as “Gods Among Us”. Not radio-active mistakes or experiments. (Although they do exist). Just make her who she is.

    • “Trying to humanize Diana of Themyscira is blasphemy. She is a Goddess, so to speak. ”

      I agree 100%. Producers, directors, and writers seem totally ignorant of that concept. She is not only a warrior, she is a princess, regal, beautiful, and quite feminine when she is not kicking ass. There also seems to be a misconception out there that only females are fans of Wonder Woman, which results in ridiculous story lines being written into recent TV scripts.

      Also, the reason WW is so important to an eventual Justice League movie is because the whole creation of the League coalesces around three characters: Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman. They are part of the original seven founding members, and hence her story cannot be ignored.

      • Didn’t they try that with Green Lantern? They did not humanize him or the world he lived in. Nobody bought into the “billions of years” old Guardians who are at one point lectured by the 30 something year old Hal Jordan. Humanizing people means having them react to things the way other people would in reality . If Wonder Woman is a “god” how can she have tension in her story since gods are immortal? Why doesn’t she give life to inanimate object the same way one version of her origin occurred or grant people powers like the Justice League members?

        • One of the biggest failures about Green Lantern wasn’t because people didn’t believe in the story per say, it was WB for some reason gave it a $200M budget and it barely made it back. The movie could have been made with SOOOOO much less. X-Men:FC was created with less. Both F4 movies were as well. Yes the story was flawed. It could have been so much better. But it didn’t need to lose the Oa to do so.

  22. I cannot wait to see “Wonder Woman” get to be titled AMAZON on CW. Based on William Moulton Marston’s character. Here are the Casting Call:

    Jane Seymour as Queen Hippolyte,
    Nathan Fillion as Steve Trevor
    Alicia Silverstone as Etta Candy
    Amber Heard as Artemis
    Cameron Mathison as Maxwell Lord
    Linda Hamilton as Antiope
    Penelope Ann Miller as Julia Kapaetelis
    Kate Beckinsale as Vanessa Sandsmark
    Brooke Shields as Cheetah/Dr. Barbara Minerva (villainess)…Her character will not appear in the first episode
    Fairuza Balk as Circe

    • Brooke Shields as Cheetah? How bout I use my time displacement machine to go back to 1989 and I’ll grab Kim Basinger for the role?

      No, seriously…

    • Who would you have play Diana?

      I love Nathan Fillion, but he seems maybe a bit old for this.

      • While I see what you did there, he could however make a good Steve Trevor!

  23. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE stop using pictures of Donna Troy as Wonder Girl and using them in articles about Diana as Wonder Woman. After a ton of convoluted back-stories and reboots, it was decided that Wonder Girl was Wonder Woman’s adoptive sister, with a completely different origin. It really grinds my gears when people think Donna and Diana are the same woman and interchangeable.

  24. I hope they’ll get an actress who actually looks like they can kick ass. I mean, usually you have these big, musled men and then the female heroes (or villains) will be super skinny and not really look physically strong. That’s fine if they have psychic powers or something like that, but with Wonder Woman, I really hope they get someone more appropriate.

  25. Instead of a 20+ episode TV series, why not have concentrated 6-13 episode seasons for the Summer a.k.a. Arrow drought. That way, the writers don’t have to churn through Wonder Woman’s comic book foes and can really focus on developing the characters.

    I think that setup might work with a ‘Justice League Dark’ team as well, since that movie’s apparently stuck in development hell. There are some TV shows out there that just ‘feel’ like they’re more cinematic or higher quality and DC probably wouldn’t mind jumping on that bandwagon. Most non-comic fans probably haven’t heard of Zatanna and will only know of Constantine from that Keanu Reeves a few years back.

    There’s a lot of story-telling potential with both franchises and a shortened (and therefore cheaper) season length will keep the CGI costs down because I would want Wonder Woman to be on-par with Superman. Imagine an argument about tactics in a Justice League film. Superman could just say, “Screw this, I’m outta here.” If he flies away at speed, who could stop him?

    • Wonder Woman 1976 S1 E1 the story line was out of the strip it was a focus on WWII WONDER WOMAN fights to defend The USA season one works bring it back