New ‘Amazing Spider-Man’ Viral Video: The Tragedy of Dr. Curt Connors [Updated]

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Even as The Avengers is busy obliterating box office records, Sony has been ratcheting up anticipation for its own summer superhero flick, The Amazing Spider-Man. Since the release of a third theatrical trailer for the Spider-Man reboot, additional images and TV spots have flooded the ‘Net – with a four-minute “super preview” scheduled to premiere during tonight’s episode of America’s Got Talent – and rumors that a fourth trailer will be attached to prints of Men in Black III, which opens later this month.

Sony is also emulating The Dark Knight‘s approach to success, with an elaborate Amazing Spider-Man viral marketing campaign – including, fake Daily Bugle news scoops and instructions on how to construct artificial web-shooters. The latest viral promotional clip comes in the form of a featurette about Dr. Curt Connors (Rhys Ifans) and how his encounter with Peter Parker (Andrew Garfield), the son of his old partner Richard Parker (Campbell Scott), leads Connors to conduct an experiment on himself – with dangerous, unexpected results.

That “Lizard” featurette comes along with the unveiling of a new Amazing Spider-Man tie-in site scheduled to open in full today, allowing players to begin an internship with Oscorp Industries and conduct experiments in the company’s (virtual) Animal Dynamics Lab. Kicking off the new game is a video with Ifans as Dr. Connors, talking about the miraculous nature of reptiles and herpetology (watch it HERE).

Amazing Spider Man Curt Connors Partial Lizard Transformationjpg 570x252 New Amazing Spider Man Viral Video: The Tragedy of Dr. Curt Connors [Updated]

A partly transformed Curt Connors in 'Amazing Spider-Man'

It’s no secret as to why Sony is pulling out all the stops, as far as building awareness and heightening excitement for Amazing Spider-Man is concerned. While an increasing number of comic book movie fans are getting behind this franchise do-over, many others remain adamant in their position that this Spider-Man reboot will amount to little more than an uninspired rehash that arrives way too soon after the third installment in Sam Raimi’s blockbuster Spider-Man trilogy. Similarly, Amazing Spider-Man needs to take full advantage of the time during which it will have the comic book crowd to itself – because less than three weeks after it arrives in theaters, a little film called The Dark Knight Rises will be hitting the scene.

Avengers is the hot discussion topic for the time being, but all the buzz should start settling down to a low rumble over the next couple weeks. Just as Marvel spent upwards of two months flooding the market with Avengers marketing material prior to its release, Sony will surely be doing likewise with Amazing Spider-Man over the course of the next seven (or so) weeks. By the end of that run, it should be easier to tell just how much interest the moviegoing masses really have in this particular reboot.

UPDATE: As a bonus for all those who read this far – and didn’t just skip down to the comments section – here are six new international posters for Amazing Spider-Man:

The Amazing Spider-Man swings into theaters (2D, 3D and IMAX 3D) around the U.S. on July 3rd, 2012.


Source: Sony (via Latino Review)

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  1. The viral campaign for this has been very clever, unlike TDKR, which has completely failed to capitalize on the incredibly smart virals for TDK.

    • Sniping, sniping…always sniping.

      • Actually, I gave a compliment to TDK, that should be noted down in the journals of history.

  2. I think people are gonna need time to breath and recover from the Avengers (which is still so cool) Spiderman is caught in the middle of two storms.

  3. The viral campaigan for The Amazing Spiderman isn’t great as The Avengers or The Dark Knight Rises.

    Still if the buzz isn’t that huge then Sony might have did a big mistake rebooting the Spiderman series after the last one came out 5 years ago.

    I hope I am proven wrong and The Amazing Spiderman turns out to be a great reboot.

    The Lizard looks awesome.

    • The Avengers didn’t have a viral campaign and TDKR’s has been minimal.

  4. Oh Yeah! This makes me more excited than ever!! I hope it makes enough to get a sequel and dosn’t get squashed too much by The Dark Knight Rises.

    • how can the Amazing Spiderman get squashed by the Dark Knight Rises they come out more than a month apart

      • ASM July 3rd, TDKR July 20th; that’s only 17 days.

  5. And honestly this might be my most antisipated movie of the year!

  6. This movie has always looked decent to me but with each new tidbit of video I get more excited. This looks to be a better imagining of Spiderman than what we have seen before. Not that Sam Raimi’s were not good. They were. This just looks better.

    • That’s funny. I have the exact opposite reaction. The more I see them, the more I think it just looks like a cheap money grab. And by “cheap”, I mean an easy way to make money on an established IP.

      The more I see Andrew Garfield play Peter Parker, the more I think he is very much NOT Peter Parker.

      This is reminding me of Ang Lee’s Hulk. He took a great idea and wanted to add some “gravitas” to it and it ended up feeling… tampered.

      I am sure it will do very well this summer, but I am going to wait for to stream.

      • We might be the minority but I share your sentiments.

        • As do I.
          It’s a shame that, in a way, they’re polluting the Spiderman franchise. This movie is going to get lost in the shuffle of the Avengers and TDKR because, frankly, the film itself isn’t of the same caliber. This will lead to the studio thinking that we no longer care about Spiderman as a character, which is obviously a wrong assumption.
          And it’s not even necessarily that the film itself will be bad. It’s that it will be average. And you can’t be average when the sequel to one of the most successful films in the same genre is releasing two weeks after you open. You’ll get choked out by hype alone. The superhero film game has changed. Maybe this film would’ve been top-tier material in 2007, but not anymore. Due to Marvel’s Avengers series and Nolan’s Batman films, these are no longer just strung along glorified action sequences in tights.
          You either release this type of film in a lull, or “go big or go home”.

  7. Holy.. HOLY….

    That was… amazing.

  8. Looking forward to this one! The new trailer is awesome! It’s shaping up to be a damn good summer!

  9. Why does Garfield have his mouth hanging open in half the scenes?

  10. No; It is WB who is emulating Sony for the Viral Campaigning…

  11. I am on board with most everything: casting good, visual effects awesome, tone seems a bit darker than Raimi’s films but still good, the way the movie is shot(from what I can tell from the trailers) looks solid, and Peter searching for the answers about his parents is a new interesting direction although in the comics they were Shield agents they will probably just be CIA or something in this film. I still do not like the Lizard’s look from what I seen from the trailers anyway hopefully he evolves more, I understand no lab coat but the face is what kills me about the look. Also I hope there is not a lot of that 3D first person web swinging, 1) way too gimmicky, 2) I would prefer to actually see Spidey swing, and 3) motion sickness. That’s my two cents hope its a good reboot like Xmen First Class

  12. This film looks really good. and why cant universal make a creature from the black lagoon remake?