‘Amazing Spider-Man’ Trailer: An Epic Untold Story

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The Amazing Spiderman Trailer Amazing Spider Man Trailer: An Epic Untold Story

Of all the upcoming reboots and remakes on the slate for 2012, The Amazing Spider-Man is probably one of the most debated.

The film is a complete re-imagining of the Spider-Man film universe – one that carries heavy traces of the more modern Spider-Man mythos (as featured in Marvel’s Ultimate Spider-Man comic books), rather than the classic Spider-Man comics that were the basis of  Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man movie trilogy early in the new millennium.

The first Amazing Spider-Man trailer left the fanbase severely divided. Some were intrigued by the seemingly darker and more modern take on NYC teenager Peter Parker’s transformation into an arachnid-powered superhero; others thought that star Andrew Garfield was offering a more “Emo” take on  Peter P., and that the differences in tone, costume, and the details of Spider-Man’s origin story were too divergent from the character’s established cannon.

Well, suffice to say that this new Amazing Spider-Man trailer does enough stuff right to at least see this as a worthy re-visit to some familiar cinematic material. Check it out for yourself, below:

Let’s be clear: This is indeed a different take on Spider-Man. Sure, there are clear shades of influence from the Ultimate Spider-Man comics – including Gwen Stacy, the role of Oscorp, how Peter’s parents’ past is tied with his extraordinary fate as well as that of Dr. Connors. Other elements – like the  contemporary NYC look of  teenage characters like Peter and Gwen, to the darker, grittier Dark Knight-esque aesthetic – are new to the Spidey universe. But in my (sole) opinion, those tweaks and changes – while perhaps initially jarring – ultimately work to make ASM a better movie experience.

This trailer  changes the game. Before, most comic book movie fans would probably agree that the big contest was between Marvel Studios’ The Avengers and Warner Bros.’ The Dark Knight Rises; however, it now seems as if Spider-Man is swinging into the ring as a potential contender. Going to be an interesting summer for superhero movie fans.

The Amazing Spider-Man will be in theaters (2D and 3D) on July 3, 2012.

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  1. Looks awesome gotta love spidey :)

  2. I would have to agree with you – although some things changed that would jar the already convieved preception for Rami’s versions – you will get a crowd that will remain loyal to only that version and other who are Spider-Man fans would welcome a more realistic, gritty view of this Marvel character. With more characters and storylines blending into today’s world of realism – they have to make some points of reference to the today and not say the 60′s or 70′s. I was a bit on the fence with this and I admit I did like the whole “spinnerets” idea. That gave it a bit more creditability to the whole DNA transformation; and remember when that happened, all the true blues completely tweaked out on that, now these or a mass majority are now like – he needs to have the “spinnerets”. There is no pleasing some of us on this – HHAAA. I was one – I admit. But this aspect will bring it closer to the actual character that we all knew from the beginning. I say give a shot – if anything you will leave with a great eye-candy movie.

  3. I’m truly hyped for this movie now.
    It’s action packed and it looks a SPIDER-MAN movie (not some crappy snore fest with some guy called Macguire crying throughout the movie)
    The new ASM trailer has been the second best trailer I’ve seen this year (with The Avengers’ extended superbowl trailer taking the cake).

    • *looks LIKE a SPIDER-MAN movie…

    • be honest, neither TDKR or Avengers trailers looked this promising.

      • So then you missed the Avengers super bowl spot?

        • To each his own.

          Aliens attacking the earth, forcing us to assemble our greatest heroes may be a good popcorn flick, I will enjoy it.

          This looked like something else all togther, something that a huge market of an audience can get into.

          • I hate the term “popcorn flick”.
            And The Avengers is definitely not going to be one.
            The plot is going to be mind-blowing (just because they haven’t revealed the plot, doesn’t mean it’s going to be a mindless action fest.)

            Also, in what way can The Avengers NOT attract a huge audience?
            The marketing campaign for The Avengers is huge (much bigger than ASM), and it’ll most likely attract the same audience as ASM (Avengers will just a bigger audience by my predictions).

            But like you said “To each his own” ;)

      • Nope.
        Avengers and The Dark Knight Rises are still the front runners.

    • Spiderman 1 & 2 were really not that bad…

      • Spider-Man 2 was ~okay~ (that’s the nearest thing to a complement that I can give the original Spidey franchise), but I just hated the series in general. It wasn’t SPIDER-MAN. There was no wise cracking, villain kicking, Spidey for me… it was just some sad loser crying about how terrible his life is throughout the 3 movies (the real Spidey would never do that – he always sees the best in things and looks at the positive side – even in the face of death. That’s why he’s an icon to so many people).

        The villains were terrible to (Doc Oc was the only villain that was kinda good)

  4. I am still reserving judgement until I see it.

    The comic book film industry is so hit and miss. While most have really great looking trailers, there are only a few that I thought were really worth while (Nolan’s Batman series, The Incredible Hulk, X-Men First Class). And what’s funny is, those were the ones I had more reservations about.

    Maybe I should set my expectations low on all of them and I will enjoy more of them in the future.

    Yes, that was a lot of “I’s”.. :P


  6. My only complaint is that its not coming out soon enough! Can’t wait!

  7. As a person who grew up reading Spiderman during Mcfarlane’s run, the Raimi films while good never really looked that familiar to me. This however looks like the comics and tone that I am grew up with. The only thing Spidey needs is larger eyes.

  8. T H I S L O O K S T O T A L L Y A W E S O M E ! !

  9. What I still don’t get is how Garfield manages to get all that hair under his mask?!

  10. What’s up with the I’m putting out an arrest warrent for the masked vigilante spiderman?? Sounds exactly like batman. Tho it still make since I dodnt read spidey comic books so I don’t know how heavly the cops were after him. Good trailer tho unlike the first one

    • The cops have always had an on again off again “go get him”.

      As a matter of fact the police are probably more after Spiderman then that other hero you quoted thanks to JJJ.

      • Thanks for the insight I have no idea about spideys career lol

  11. Looks very good … I will be seeing this opening weekend if I can get a ticket..

    Does anyone think this film will have a 100+ million dollar opening?

    Spiderman 1 – 403 million DBO = 551 million ADBO; 114 million OW (157 million AOW)
    Spiderman 2 – 373 million DBO = 478 million ADBO ; 88 million OW (113 million AOW)
    Spiderman 3 – 336 million DBO = 389 million ADBO ; 151 million OW (174 million AOW)

    DBO = Domestic Box Office ; ADBO = Adjusted Domestic Box Office
    OW = Opening Weekend ; AOW = Adjusted opening weekend

    The first three films where huge BO draws… does anyone see this film doing those kind of numbers?

    I can see it after this trailer but I doubt it..

  12. All the ho-humming I was doing yesterday is now done.
    As a trailer this did exactly what it was supposed to do. And it now looks like Spidey deserves his place in the Big 4 this year.

  13. I was sold from the beginning. I’ll take a Spidey film any way I can get it. Thankfully, from this trailer it looks like we’ll see Spidey the way I’ve always wanted to see him (and I LOVED Spider-Man 2). The sense of speed and use of what looks like impressive practical acrobatics just blows me away. Although I’m excited to see “The Avengers,” it hasn’t been in my top 5 (or likely even top 10) most anticipated movies this year. Spider-Man has been number one and solidifies that position even more with this trailer. I love that a relatively no-name director is showing me something new (I love a good underdog too). I’m not a huge fan of a lot of the suit design, but I’ll be thrilled as long as the story and tone are done well. Can’t wait.

  14. All I can say is that I’m less cautious now. Still cautious, only less so.


    I mean cummon’, did anyone else have to change their pants after he webbed that car thief to the wall? He didn’t even do the normal Spider-Man “point and shoot”… He friggin THREW the webs at him… Kung-Fu style… holy crap.

  16. Not a fan of the costume, I am however, a fan of the comedy Peter uses like in the comics, “You really think I’m a cop?” LOL thats something we missed in the original trilogy.

    The lizard looks so BA!!! I never really read the ultimates comics, so I dont know how much different it will be compared to the 616 universe. The only thing I know about the ultimate U, is that the venom suit was created in a lab and its not a suit. but thats about it.

    Looked alot better then I wouldve guessed.

  17. cant wait for the inevitable scene where his web shooters run out

    • yes but hopefully right after a fight with Gwen in the middle of a Lizard battle after he is covered with sewage…..


      • Maybe after he brought down that tower? Maybe thats why he didnt swing away?… IDK?

  18. I too was at 1st skeptical about re-booting this franchise so soon and sudden as well as pissed that Sony interfered with Raimi’s 3rd film. After the 1st trailer i was still not so sure about this one, but now i Definately think it deserves a midnight viewing from me…. CANT WAIT!

  19. Nope, not conivinced enough, on this.

    Cleary they’re attempting a kind of Spiderman Begins type movie with the dark and grittier tone. I just think its an unneccessary re-boot that will struggle to come even close to matching the box office grosses of the previous three. I think this will lag some way behinD bot Avengers and TDKR

  20. I knew I was going to enjoy this new vision judging from the actors cast, now im just looking forward to it big time.

  21. Im getting more and more excited about this movie! The earlier films strayed away from some of the darker strands of the spiderman story other then Ben Parker being killed. I think this film is gonna be a better version. At first I was like man this is going to suck but since seeing the trailers I am so on board with this movie!

  22. Looks ‘Amazing’ – This is THE dark horse of the year.

    Let’s be honest Batman is not a ‘super’ hero.

    Spider-Man & The Avengers are creating things in these movies that were only imagined a few years ago. Making the impossible happen.

    Spider-Man Is Back !

  23. the only real issue i had was that i think the trailer was very formulaic
    and for some reason i feel kinda disapointed in the chose of villian it just feels like hes a boring charachter but i wont judge till i see the final product

  24. Well, SHUT MY MOUTH I guess this IS going to be good after all. ..I’ve talked a lot of crap about this movie until now. You won’t be hearing any more of that from me!

  25. While this trailer looked amazing and it sure did lay all my doubts to rest, I can totally see these movies taking on the Batman plot formulas.

    1st movie) Origin story/love intrest finding out true identity/police department after him
    2nd movie) Arch-Nemisis (green goblin)/love intrest dying.

    Not that it’s bad at all since the Batman movies are so well done.

  26. I have to say i’m looking forward to Spiderman way more than any other super hero movie, although I think the Dark Knight Rises will be better. I grew up watching the T.V show not the comics so I kind of liked Maguire better. The only problem I have with the trailer is how eerily similar it is to the Dark Knight. But all in all it looks like an intriguing movie. I can tell the story telling is emphasized.

  27. I knew this movie would better than Sam Raimi’s.

  28. Love the look Marc Webb has come up with here. It looks like it’s going to be really good. Andrew Garfield looks like he was born to play Spider-man. I liked Raimi’s trilogy so Im not going to bash those at all. This is just a different take on the whole franchise, and I welcome that. I wondering how things will pan out between the big 3 superhero films this summer? I got the TDKR making the most dough, followed by ASM the The Avengers. SHould be a great summer for big blockbuster films, I can’t wait!!