‘Amazing Spider-Man’ Trailer: An Epic Untold Story

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The Amazing Spiderman Trailer Amazing Spider Man Trailer: An Epic Untold Story

Of all the upcoming reboots and remakes on the slate for 2012, The Amazing Spider-Man is probably one of the most debated.

The film is a complete re-imagining of the Spider-Man film universe – one that carries heavy traces of the more modern Spider-Man mythos (as featured in Marvel’s Ultimate Spider-Man comic books), rather than the classic Spider-Man comics that were the basis of  Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man movie trilogy early in the new millennium.

The first Amazing Spider-Man trailer left the fanbase severely divided. Some were intrigued by the seemingly darker and more modern take on NYC teenager Peter Parker’s transformation into an arachnid-powered superhero; others thought that star Andrew Garfield was offering a more “Emo” take on  Peter P., and that the differences in tone, costume, and the details of Spider-Man’s origin story were too divergent from the character’s established cannon.

Well, suffice to say that this new Amazing Spider-Man trailer does enough stuff right to at least see this as a worthy re-visit to some familiar cinematic material. Check it out for yourself, below:

Let’s be clear: This is indeed a different take on Spider-Man. Sure, there are clear shades of influence from the Ultimate Spider-Man comics – including Gwen Stacy, the role of Oscorp, how Peter’s parents’ past is tied with his extraordinary fate as well as that of Dr. Connors. Other elements – like the  contemporary NYC look of  teenage characters like Peter and Gwen, to the darker, grittier Dark Knight-esque aesthetic – are new to the Spidey universe. But in my (sole) opinion, those tweaks and changes – while perhaps initially jarring – ultimately work to make ASM a better movie experience.

This trailer  changes the game. Before, most comic book movie fans would probably agree that the big contest was between Marvel Studios’ The Avengers and Warner Bros.’ The Dark Knight Rises; however, it now seems as if Spider-Man is swinging into the ring as a potential contender. Going to be an interesting summer for superhero movie fans.

The Amazing Spider-Man will be in theaters (2D and 3D) on July 3, 2012.

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  1. Oh, and there it is!

  2. Ehh. I’m not sold. I like Dennis Leary, at least.

    • Er, *Denis Leary

      • If he irritates you then he’s done his job.

  3. Looking pretty good to me! Can’t wait to see this!

  4. STILL not impressed.

    • Nor am I. Hate the silly gold eyes and the “man-lizard”.

      • the “man-lizard” is exactly how he first appeared in the comics. Courtesy of Steve Ditko.

        • The way people perceive what characters are supposed to look like is tied to what era of comics they are used to. It is almost impossible to say what looks right considering how much things change from one artist to another over the years.

          • I’m seriously looking forward to this film, but I am hoping for a better looking lizard. I know he’s going to have the same aesthetic, but I feel that the CGI needs work. That’s Sony Image Works for you.

            Spidey on the other hand, looks fantastic. Love Andrew Garfield’s accent for the movie, I’m liking Emma Stone, I’m liking Rhys Iffans as Conners. Good trailer.

        • haha, no he doesn’t INK. I actually found a pic of that first appearance and if you think they match “exactly” then I would suggest having your eyes checked.

          If his legs are going to metamorphise to actual lizard legs AND fully prehensile tail, then why would that stop with the face? Makes no sense.

  5. The new camera technology is fantastic! This movie is a step in the right direction for the web slinger! Go Spidey!

  6. Holy HELL am I sold!!! I was one of the biggest skeptics about this movie and this changed me… Can’t wait.

  7. much better than sam raimis horrible attempt at the character. this is going to be interesting!

  8. That was awesome. I know people are still b@#&ing about how the Lizard doesn’t look like THE Lizard. If you ever read the comic with the Lizard’s first appearance, you would know that it looks exactly like the real Lizard. The one thing that kinda bugged me about this trailer was the “thwipp” sound of his webbing. It seemed kinda…well, pathetic. I am so excited for this. It looks so much better than the Rami films. Its nice to have a spidey that isn’t computer generated every single scene. And the action choreography looks awesome!

    • i wholeheartedly agree…people need to check out the Lizard debut…it’s perfect and it’s nice to see the original incarnation being taken into consideration,not to mention that RED EPIC camera would make a NYC taxi ride look incredible…this tops Avengers for me…

    • @ Jay

      It’s funny you would say that you don’t like the “Thwip” sound of his shooters… In the comics the action sound next to his shooters was always “Thwippp!”

      • I enjoyed the sound effect from Raimi’s series, but I like how this one is slightly different too. It’s also super cool how there’s a small cloud of dust that comes out when Peter shoots the web. Maybe that only happened once or something, but it’s in the trailer.

        This is slightly off topic here, but I’m hoping that Peter will have different settings on the web shooters so that he can shoot different types of web strands.

        • Thats what it looked like to me, The web shooters were really high tech. In the comics it was kinda stupid that instead of having settings on his shooters, they just discribed it as different types of webbing instead. These new shooters look super high tech and like they could definitely have some webbing settings.

        • And yes, I do like that the sound is different, but it just seems too quiet. In the rami series, each time he used his web, it made a very clear distinguished sound whereas in this trailer it seemed almost muffled. So instead of it going “Thwipp!” it goes “thibbphtt…”

  9. Was anyone else freaked when the giant clawed hand busted through the roof of the cab. Lizard=freaking awesome!!!

  10. this is an amazing spiderman movie

  11. It looks good, I only hope that they keep his mask on more than off, I wan’t to see Spiderman as a whole not the actors face throughtout the whole movie

  12. Lizard looks awesome. This kicked the last trailers ass.

  13. It must be my birthday getting two awesome trailers within days of each other. He had me with his classic Spidey wit. Looks like I’ll be jumping back and forth from trailer to trailer until it’s movie time

  14. Whack. I pray this flops so hard that Sony gives the filming rights back to Marvel that way we have a decent spider-man film. Wish Sony would’ve just given Raimi a chance.

  15. So good. Last night’s event was great. Garfield enthusiasm for the role was genuinely infectuous. The 10 minute preview was great, showed so much more great stuff.
    I know everyone was fairly divided, and I’m sure some people still are, but this trailer should go a long way to putting their fears at rest.

    • you saw a ten minute preview? hmm…i wonder, would you say it was an interesting extended version of the trailer like that massive Girl with the Dragon Tattoo one was when they released that? after all it’s nearly impossible to wrongly judge a movie when you’ve seen a ten minute peek of it right?

      • It did have most of the trailer footage in it yes, but itwas told like a mini movie. Some of the CGI wasn’t entirely finished but all the Lizard stuff was.

        And no, of course its possible to misjudge a movie based on a collected 13 minutes including all trailers and footage. But it gives you a good impression of what they are attempting to do.

        • well yeah that was a weird remark…it is possible to misjudge i just really like Webb and would love to think he wouldn’t try to misrepresent a movie…i’m an optimist like that i guess haha

        • I’ve accepted the Lizard design, but I’m a little disappointed with how it looks. Sony Image Works isn’t up to snuff unfortunately. Regardless, I’m optimistic for this movie.

          My question to you is: Does the Lizard look good in motion at least? Let me clarify what I mean. When I saw the The Incredible Hulk trailer, I wasn’t too happy with the Hulk CGI. Then I saw the movie where everything fit into context, and I enjoyed it much more. I still thought it looked hoaky, but it just worked for me. What was your impression of the Lizard? Did you get to see extended shots of the character? If so, did the CGI look better in the extended shots?

  16. Sorry but this will be Amazing… can’t wait to see Lizard in action! Also this looks a lot more like “ultimate spidey” the movie but regardless it looks great!

  17. This looks Awful, bring on the reboot.

    • LOL, and theyd do it too

  18. The Dark Spider Rises anyone?

    I jest, but Nolan’s influence is palpable which is a good thing in my world. Whilst not all blockbusters should subscribe to the (almost downbeat) seriousness of his movies, they should at least attempt some kind of narrative cohesion and intelligence. I can’t say I’m as sold on this as others because before The Dark Knight I put Spiderman 2 as the benchmark of superhero movies. But I will give it a shot. Also nice to see Rhys Ifans get a stab at a proper summer movie.

    Intrigued, but not overwhelmed. Too soon?

  19. Was not sure about this at all until seeing this trailer now I’ll be on it for sure. This should put the whole mess of Spiderman 3 out of the mind, I hope they re-do Venom for the next one of these as that was an utter waste!

    • I say have the Goblin in the second. Then bring him back to kill Gwen in the third but have Venom as the main villain in part three.

      • how come Rhino never gets any love? I know he’s an idiot but still I’d like to see him on the big screen, maybe team him up with scorpion or shocker or at least put him in there as a side villain so we can have carnage finally

    • I want Dominic Purcell as eddie brock, just saying. And I think they should have hobgoblin and kingpin in the second and THEN bring green goblin in the third film.

  20. Looks awesome. I’ll be seeing it.

    I really wanted to see Malkovich do Vulture though.

    • Are you serious?

  21. I smell Avengers bashing comment

  22. pretty awesome trailer.

    i am hoping it steals some of the scene from avengers and dark knight rises kind of like how x-men first class was actually much better than the other comic movies that came out that summer….

  23. Doesn’t look that good :/

  24. Holy crap! I’ve been a spidey fan since 74 and that looked tight! Loved the bullet dodge, hated the unmasking but loved the cops getting it handed to them PP style. Loved that they’re showing the scientist Parker as well. While Raimi’s Parker was good (MJ pick sucked), he walked around looking clueless. This PP looks like he has a clue.
    Was that I spider tracer I saw???

    • I thought I was the only one who didn’t enjoy Dunst as MJ… I mean, Mary-Jane Watson is supposed to be this SMOKIN HOT lady who has a thing for nerds… Kirsten was meh.

    • You think that could have been a spider tracer? I thought it was just a spider in a case, but it could be a possibility.

  25. I was already looking forward to this film but holy crap that was a good trailer. Spidey mocking that criminal is what I like to see, seems much closer to comics

  26. This is the movie I’ve been waiting for. Looks exactly like what I wanted it to be, no doubt in my mind that Garfield isn’t going to be a good Parker. Only thing that could look a bit better is Lizard, but I’m not complaining. Web swinging felt natural, so did the action and dialogue, as a huge fan of the Raimi movies I approve.

  27. It’s bordering on taking itself a bit too seriously, but if they include more of Spidey’s trademark wit and know how to balance the tone, I think this might be on-par with “Thor” and “Captain America.”

    • This will be way better than those films.

  28. Looks good!

  29. I thought this was a remake of spiderman and not batman begins