‘Amazing Spider-Man’ Trailer: An Epic Untold Story

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The Amazing Spiderman Trailer Amazing Spider Man Trailer: An Epic Untold Story

Of all the upcoming reboots and remakes on the slate for 2012, The Amazing Spider-Man is probably one of the most debated.

The film is a complete re-imagining of the Spider-Man film universe – one that carries heavy traces of the more modern Spider-Man mythos (as featured in Marvel’s Ultimate Spider-Man comic books), rather than the classic Spider-Man comics that were the basis of  Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man movie trilogy early in the new millennium.

The first Amazing Spider-Man trailer left the fanbase severely divided. Some were intrigued by the seemingly darker and more modern take on NYC teenager Peter Parker’s transformation into an arachnid-powered superhero; others thought that star Andrew Garfield was offering a more “Emo” take on  Peter P., and that the differences in tone, costume, and the details of Spider-Man’s origin story were too divergent from the character’s established cannon.

Well, suffice to say that this new Amazing Spider-Man trailer does enough stuff right to at least see this as a worthy re-visit to some familiar cinematic material. Check it out for yourself, below:

Let’s be clear: This is indeed a different take on Spider-Man. Sure, there are clear shades of influence from the Ultimate Spider-Man comics – including Gwen Stacy, the role of Oscorp, how Peter’s parents’ past is tied with his extraordinary fate as well as that of Dr. Connors. Other elements – like the  contemporary NYC look of  teenage characters like Peter and Gwen, to the darker, grittier Dark Knight-esque aesthetic – are new to the Spidey universe. But in my (sole) opinion, those tweaks and changes – while perhaps initially jarring – ultimately work to make ASM a better movie experience.

This trailer  changes the game. Before, most comic book movie fans would probably agree that the big contest was between Marvel Studios’ The Avengers and Warner Bros.’ The Dark Knight Rises; however, it now seems as if Spider-Man is swinging into the ring as a potential contender. Going to be an interesting summer for superhero movie fans.

The Amazing Spider-Man will be in theaters (2D and 3D) on July 3, 2012.

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  1. I think this is just trying to copy the new batman trilogy, i mean the new batman movies have changed the way we look at heroes, so i think that they just copied the idea and changed actors and the look of the movie and see if it was a good hit, idk about the actors though, i mean i’m a fan of emma stone but i dont think she was made for this role in particular, and i would’ve also liked to see an older spider man… its kind of weird seing him so young, but thats just my opinion.

    • What do you mean, so young???

      In the comics Pete was in high school, and he was an outsider. The newer stories have matured him into the world outside of school, letting him get married, as well as hold jobs and being part of super teams. Spider Man’s whole appeal was that he was a kid.

      This movie looks to have the Spider Man mythos better depicted than Raimi’s. Nothing about this looks copied or ripped off.

    • Would you care to elaborate? How do ‘we’ look at heroes?

      So is The Avengers ‘copying’ Batman? Did Thor ‘copy’ Batman? If so how?

      One opinion is not liking Emma Stone in the role (which I dont like her either but she makes a better Gwen then Kirsten Dunst did MJ but thats jsut opinion) but to say its weird seeing Peter so young is not.

  2. This looks so friggin AWESOME

  3. LOL, he made one joke and spent the trailer with his mask off, the same folks praising this trailer as better than Raimi’s complained about the same thing with his films, whose trailers looked immensely better than this, btw.

  4. Sorry but I just cannot stand the outfit. I watched it several times hoping my impression would improve but it went the other direction. Everything about it is wrong; From the gold eyes, shoes (though I will say they look better than the gold soles) and the Hollywood professionally designed look, to the hyper texture and the shiny latex look it has (especially at night). I does look ok depending on the angle and individual picture but as a whole in the movie it’s just……bad. Say what you will about Raimi’s version but at least it looked better than this thing. Fabric ftw even though the raised webbing was it’s weak link.

    Then you tag on the silly man-lizard, being able to use his cling through shoes and even changing the web shooters from purely mechanical to electronic and I don’t think the supposedly “deep” story can overcome all the other poor directorial decisions.

    • But it was ok for Raimi to make the changes he did???

      To include Organic webshooters, Goblin outfit, etc….??

      If you wanted ‘pure’ Spiderman then neither one of these would be it and you should just state both of them sucked by taking to much liberty.

      However to say one changed it and you dont like it and the other changed it but was better is just wishy washy?

      Spiderman was ALWAYS using his cling through shoes….even in the books he could scale a wall wearing shoes…. man lizard has already been addressed he looks more like the ‘original’ Lizard then what the newer generation sees him as.

      As for the web shooters they are an upgrade for the times. You want them to use analog phones too?

      Using your logic there is not a Superhero movie out there that you like as they have ALL taken liberties with the stories/costumes/characters etc.

      • Just to be clear I am NOT defending Raimi’s version. I had plenty of issues with that movie trilogy as well (some you even listed) but I am ONLY comparing the COSTUME here, that’s it. It’s a matter of choosing the lesser of two evils because, as I said, the raised webbing I really didn’t like either.

        And the man-lizard might have been “addressed” adequately in your mind but I have seen the original and they have very little in common. In fact the ONLY similar feature with this movie version is the humanoid head. No lab coat, no pants, digitigrade legs, prehensile tail…..very little common with the original (not saying I want pants and coat, only that it’s further proof that it’s not the exact match you keep claiming)

        Just for you…http://cinefantastiqueonline.com/wp-content/uploads/ASpideM_Lizard.jpg

        I also can’t claim to have read EVERY Spiderman comic in existence but from what I remember, he took his shoes off if he was wall crawling in street clothes. The ability only works through thin material.

        Mechanical vs high tech web shooters…..purely mechanical is more reliable as a general rule. But why is the boy genius stopping at mere high tech web shooters? Why not an enhanced targeting system built into his eye goggles? or make his spider sense some sort of high tech sensing array built into the professionally costume designer latex suit!? I could keep going but imho if you start adding too many “updated” gadgets you might as well use Spiderman 2099. So I draw the line at the original concept that could have been made to be just as cool.

        If that was the only thing though I probably wouldn’t have minded but it is just one more change made in a sea of changes that shouldn’t have been and didn’t need to be changed.

        • “further proof that it’s not the exact match you keep claiming”

          Please do not put words in my mouth. I never said it was an exact match.

          However I was incorrect as we shouldn’t even be comparing it to Amazing (as in the books).

          This is more Ultimate if anything. Which has the prehensile tail, and other lizard like features.

          The shoes things are fifty fifty. ;) Ive checked sometimes he has them on sometimes they are slung over his shoulder. This is mostly seen in the 70s.

          Oh I think you are going to hi tech with that. I dont think the webshooters are THAT high tech however the sensors, fluid level indicators etc are. They are still mechanical in nature. He needed lightweight and reliable while not being bulky. You have to go high tech to a degree.

          I dont think the original concept would go over well. The first question would be is why didnt he make them more hi tech? It is a modern day telling. To go all mechanical would be inefficient.

          I disagree I think they needed to be changed or all you will get going to see this movie are people that know the character inside and out. While you, I and others can appreciate this it is not conducive to get people in the seats.

          The changes are just enough to make it fresh while not hampering the legend. When they start making drastic changes to the character I will then start to get irked about the direction it is going in.

          You want Spiderman pure and sadly we will never get it. However what we get is Spiderman, a teen that learns with great power comes great responsibility, regardless of his outfit, girl friend or villain.

          • Ah sorry my mistake. There are so few people with gold names I got you mixed up with INK. He keeps saying it’s an exact match.

            AS for shoes…..seems then it’s all about artist inconsistency. Not all that surprising for the 60′s-70′s before we had the ability to instantly cross check facts like today. I will go with Stan’s original pseudo science explanation though that it functions similar to static cling on a sub atomic level (paraphrasing) and that in can only work through thin materials. So it technically “shouldn’t” be usable through shoes. (plus they look dumb! :) )

            The thing about the Lizard being an Ultimate version is….he has that darn lizard snout! They matched most the other details seemingly except for the most visually important one imho. Its doing things like that that infuriates me! It’s like painting a picture and leaving one corner unfinished. ARG.

            And about using high tech, I agree that it does make some degree of sense but they could have dialed it back instead of making it all about the gadget instead of the end product. One of the things I always likes about Spiderman is his cartridges always seem to run dry at the most opportune moment. He then has to figure out how to get himself out of the situation. That is seemingly gone now.

            (just watched the trailer again to see the close up of the device and I can’t reiterate enough how much I hate the light reflecting off the shiny rubber at night! It just looks horrible, fake and not Spiderman’s costume)

            Again though, if this had been the only deviation I wouldn’t have had an issue with it but its unfortunately just one of many problems. And while I would have liked more pure, I realize 100% is impossible but can someone PLEASE strive for say 85-90% pure?

            • @ mongoose

              I have to agree with Aknot dude/dudette… the web shooters to some degree had to be electric. Why stop at making them purely mechanical? it’s 2012! They had to add something to the character to make it fresh while still retain the same legend or feel around the character.

              As for Lizard I really don’t care about stupid petty things like his snout, whether or not he has a lab coat… as long as the storyline is good, and he has good character development and makes a good villain, WHO CARES?!?! Back in 2008 everyone was bashing Ledger’s (RIP) make up and costume for Dark Knight before it came out… and we all know how that ended. The fact is things like that just don’t matter, it’s about the story!

              I’m an avid comic book reader, I’ve read almost all of Spider-Man’s different universes… Amazing, Ultimate, Spectacular, you name it. So don’t take this the wrong way…

              Comic book readers need to understand that Hollywood isn’t going to sacrifice the box office in order to please YOU. This movie isn’t just for YOU. It’s for general audiences. People who have never picked up a comic book before have just as much of a right to watch this movie as you. Truthfully, if Hollywood made a superhero movie that was geared for comic readers, it would be like a 9 hour trilogy like LOTR because they would have to fit in EVERY little detail and make sure not to change anything so little babies like you would whine. It drives me nuts reading these comments because in reality, Hollywood doesn’t care if you don’t like the new web shooters… ’cause 10 million other PAYING people are gunna see those things and ho hi tech they are and go, “HOLY CRAP! THAT’S AWESOME!” I love the original design for the shooters but Spidey has been told in alot of different ways… just give the movie a chance… either that or stop bashing every little detail because

              1. It’s annoying

              2. It’s not going to change anything…they’re in post production now

              3. If it really annoys you that much, DON’T go see the movie

              Lol people crack me up that they would take time out of their lives to sit there and BASH a movie on this site… go get a beer!

              • Web shooters – did you not read where I agreed with Aknot? Guess you were too busy flying off the handle to comprehend that little thing.

                But if you want some rationale for not going high tech: Mechanical is more reliable, not vulnerable to outside influences like an EMP or say lightning that could easily fry delicate circuits.

                It also didn’t HAVE to be updated to make it fresh and could have been just as awesome if it were purely mechanical. “updated” and “fresh” are often times catch words for being lazy. I can see there reasoning for it but, in the end is was NOT necessary and would have no impact on the story (that you seem think is all important anyway).

                No Lizard snout – Might not bug you but there are PLENTY of others out there that are. And it’s hardly “petty”, the face is THE single most important feature so not matching that characteristic is a big deal for many of us. Just because YOU don’t care about it don’t make the mistake of thinking everyone else thinks like you do (because thankfully they don’t).

                You are also dead wrong about it being all about the story. I’m not saying it isn’t important, but it’s also JUST as important to get the visuals right, especially if you are adapting a movie from an established visual look. Would you have cared if, in the LotR, Jackson had; given all the Elves black hair, made the Hobbits tall, had the Rohirrim riding zebras, turned the oliphants into huge “rhinophants” and had the Balrog be an ice demon? All “petty” details that NO ONE would possibly care about as long as the story was good………..right??? So you can cry out all you want about the story being, “all that’s important” but we all know the truth.

                Also not understanding why you felt the need to dump your comicbook credentials on me. Were you trying to prove that because you are a supposed Spiderman expert and you like what they are doing, that makes your opinion somehow more important and correct? If I was alone in my opinion that would be one thing BUT I am not. Loads of people share my PoV so I could give a flying rat’s behind what you think if you can’t put forth your opinion in a civil, intelligent and non-confrontational manner.

                And why exactly can’t this movie be made for everyone? If this show was made for the non-comicbook reader as well as the reader, then matching the details wouldn’t hurt now would it? The non-reader wouldn’t know to care and the fan would know and be happy. Seems that, all things being equal, MATCHING the details is best and safest proposition.

                1) SR is a free site last I looked. Guess you don’t quite understand what the word RANT means. What you may find annoying, others may find insightful and agreement with. If not they are free to post a contrasting PoV and we can discuss it.

                You are just as, if not MORE, annoying but you are allowed to post, just as I am.

                2) Do you really think ANYONE posts on this site because they think it will change something? As I keep saying, we are all posting our opinions, nothing more. While it would be awesome if SR was religiously read by studio execs. I have no delusions to the contrary.

                3) Um, I’m not. I would really have liked to go but with all the changes it is just not worth it for me. I would have really liked to have but with all the changes I would not be happy and I guess that is what bothers me.

                Cracks me up that people like YOU would take the time to basically whine about someones supposed complaining. If you don’t like it, tough cookies. If it bugs you so much then DON’T read my posts because I have just as much right to post my opinion and have a discussion as much anyone else here.

                Oh and in case you missed the SIMPLE rules of this site “No profanity or personal attacks.” So I would be more careful about using things like, “so little babies like you would whine”. Just a friendly reminder. ;)

                • your a sad sad man mongoose

  5. i still think its too soon but hell, thats a great trailer

  6. I was not certain at first but I will say this looks most promising. We will see in July…

  7. I think this trailer has proven that Marc Webb can possibly be the next great director.
    Didn’t think he could pull it off in terms of tone. 500 Days of Summer was a fantastic movie, but the complete different genres scared me, as I’m sure it did other film fans.
    But from what was displayed in this trailer, it looks like it’s going to be a fun ride.
    And I love Garfield’s deliverance in the back of that car.
    Captured Spiderman perfectly, in my opinion.

  8. yeah looks promising, good job on the trailer peeked my interest. and honestly more live action superhero stuff thats done well from fx to story has my vote.

  9. Great M.T. It is in T.E. of T.B.

  10. Great M.T. It is in The Eye of The Beholder,

  11. Great MovieTrailer, It is in The Eye of The Beholder. I rate it from 1 to 9, 1 being bad & 9 being best, I rate it a 7. I am a spiderman fan, I used to have the very first one comic book. I had a lot of comic books, Thor to Archey, war to school. I wish I still had them, my father was in the military. We moved from Germany back to the states and all where gone. Like I said, great movie, not real life.