New ‘Amazing Spider-Man’ Set Pics Show Andrew Garfield as Spidey

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Filming is already underway on Marc Webb’s Spider-Man (quasi) reboot, The Amazing Spider-Man, and since production began, we’ve seen a plethora of set images leaked to Internet, depicting everything from the details of Spidey’s new costume, to some of the action sequences in the movie, to scenes of the new Peter Parker (Andrew Garfield) and Gwen Stacy (Emma Stone) getting tender in one of the film’s teen angst moments.

Today brings a new batch of Amazing Spider-Man set pics, in which we see star Andrew Garfield on set, suiting up as Spidey for a scene that (looks to be) more comedic than action-packed.

From what little we know about Amazing Spider-Man the movie will be somewhat grittier with its action, while also trying to nail the wit and humor that has made Spider-Man such a favorite amongst comic book fans over the years. We know that the film will return Peter Parker to a high school setting, that his foe will be The Lizard (played by Rhys Ifans) and that The Lizard will not be the only villain that Spidey has to deal with.

There are some positive early indicators that the character of Spidey will be honored in a truer fashion than Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man films did – there’s also just as much worry that Webb was selected to direct this film because his work on 500 Days of Summer made him an ideal director to capture the teen angst and romance aspect of the Spider-Man saga. Needless to say, fanboys do NOT want see “Spider-Man: The Twilight Version.”

Regardless of all the questions and speculation, these new set pics seem to depict a scene in which Spidey runs afoul of the law, or otherwise gets himself in some kind of awkward position. Have a look at the photos, courtesy of SuperHeroHype, in the slideshow above.

That last pic in particular provides yet another clear shot of how the eyes on Spidey’s costume are different than Raimi’s films, and how the now-mechanical web-shooters look. I’m sure fanboys will have a lot more to say about both topics (more than they already have said, if you can believe it 😛 ).

I can only imagine what’s going on in the film to make Spidey throw his arms up in surrender, but hopefully it’s something funny (as I suspect it is) and not just some random shot from the set of Garfield doing stretches or something lame like that. There’s so much comedic gold to be mined from the idea of a masked kid in red and blue tights running around New York climbing all over stuff. Hopefully Amazing Spider-Man will nail that humor (as originally presented in the comics) and focus less on puberty-themed gags like “premature webification,” as seen in Raimi’s first Spidey flick.

Garfield has seen his Hollywood star rise high in the last year, and I for one am excited to see what he brings to the role of Peter Parker. He’s definitely an actor who can pull off the funny nerd persona and the dramatic actor persona;  if he can do action (as far as required before a stuntman steps in), he may well overshadow Toby Maguire’s short-lived legacy as the wall-crawler. We’ll see.

The Amazing Spider-Man hits 2D and 3D theaters on July 3, 2012.

Source: SuperHeroHype

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  1. It looks low bugetty!

    • of course it looks low budget its a cheap photograph of a shoot that was going on!

      This is the way that the way that we are going to see it until there is a trailer.

      • Exactly! There’s a reason the official photos released look a lot better than the set photos.

        • Imagine if everyone talked about how bad Transformers looked from the fan photos taken on the street sets. Get off it guys they are crappy photos from someones cell phone shot at a set location, the actual film is not going to look like this.

  2. He looks more like an Alien instead of spideman! LOL!

  3. Hoping for the best. I thought the one with Tobey in 2002 was really good, hopefully this is just as enjoyable.

  4. yes, it’s not to good. also, notice the spidey-sack in the first pic 😛

    • I thought that was his mask, which sometimes in the comics, it’s tucked in a similar manner. Though I admit I’ve never seen it tucked upfront like a change purse!?.. 😉

  5. im looking forward to this one for sure!

  6. As long as its not the “final” suit.

  7. wait wait, isnt this the superhero movie that hired an Indian actor who said some negative remark about violent Americans? Or is that a different movie?

    • It´s the exact same movie. He also talked BS about his role…

      • Which is why they needed to fire him and tell him to go back to India and find acting jobs there.

        • That’s because they like to take American jobs away from Americans.

  8. As I’ve stated here before, I’m really excited about this new Spiderman movie. But is anyone as perplexed as I am about the lack of security on this movie set? It appears as if anyone with a video camera or “point-and-shoot” can walk up to the performers, in costume or not, and start snapping away. Can anyone remember a recent, highly-anticipated film like this that had so much in the way of leaked photos or video? There was nothing like this (to this degree), that I know of, on the Thor, Captain America, Green Lantern, or Iron Man sets. As much as I’m looking forward to the Spiderman film, this situation on the set seems odd.

    • Green lantern has alot of cgi and because of that they filmmed in more back lots and studios.Thor and cap haven’t had the same hype as spidey or the outside appeal I mean batman begins script was leaked before it came out because the bigger the hero the more will be leaked.

  9. I don’t care how anyone trys to put a positive spin on this. This looks like garbage. Man if you can’t even make the suit look like the one we all know and love, this is gonna blow. And this isn’t just fanboy speak either.

    • Agent 0,

      Because the costume doesn’t look right the whole movie will blow? Nope, no “fanboy speak” there… 8)


      • I can tolerate the costume. Although I think making his eyes black though is pushing it alil bit.. I think he should maintain the white eyes.. I hope they do that.

        But ultimately, I am hopeful that they have the correct take on Peter Parker as much as anything.

      • All I am saying is that if they can’t get the costume right, how am to expect this not to be crap? I grew up a diehard Spidey fan and I can’t go for that…..a little Hall & Oates for you old schoolers.

        • Agent 0,

          And all I’m saying is costume design is completely separate from screenwriting, direction, cinematography, etc.


          • It would be nice if they could put them all together and make a great movie. I don’t think this movie is going to suck. I am not a fan of the eyes. It could be that the will have some CGI on the eyes. They are mirrored so they could just be there for them to shade at their leisure.

        • FYI here. the 2002 suit was far from being the suit we know and love. the red was to bright, the blue was too bright. the belt wasnt a seperate peice, and it was missing the webbing wings. and last but not least – the symbals were revamped. So, dont judge this suit just yet.

    • With you agent 0. I mean spidey has a look and this just looks awful. What if they went ahead and made that superman movie with nic cage in it? We all saw his silver “costume” in that.

      • yes but it was about superman doomsday something many fans forget a much darker and arguebly alot of changes.

    • I agree Agent 0 – they got the costume all wrong and I am highly disappointed. It makes me wonder what the heeck else is going to blow.

    • While I don;t share your sentiment that the movie is garbage, I really don’t like this suit, even in the official release. I’m glad they stuck with the theme of the red and blue but the designs on the arms and legs are just unappealing to me. Please not that I am not mad that they tried to do something different and that its fine to stray away from the source material to tie the story differently. I like the costume from the previous movie a lot more. I liked 300 Days of Summer so I would like this film to be successful as long as it is good and true to the Spider-Man we know and love. I hope Andrew Garfield and the rest of the cast and crew do this story justice.

  10. where the red begins on his hands bothers me, it looks a bit generic.

  11. It might turn out to be a great film but there is no way I am paying to see this simply for the fact that they rebooted a franchise that is not even 10 years old. I love Marc Webb, Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone and it may not be fair to them but I can’t show support to Sony for this. If a lot of people pay to see this, they will feel justified with the reboot which can only further push other studios to reboot even more franchises than they’re doing already. Where does it end? Will Hollywood eventually only have 20 different franchises that reboot every 5 years?

  12. I know i should be over this but, we shouldnt even be talking about a reboot. If the studio execs would have just stayed out of sam raimis way he could have done part 3 the right way and made a couple more films instead of us fans having to deal with the uncertainty of starting it all over. Andrew garfield does look cool though.

    • I think he’s just a touch too skinny. I wonder what his fat to lean ratio really is? The leaked pics might not be as amateur as they seem. A troubled property needs to be kept in the public eye, despite the negative rumble. In fact because of the studio/Raimi fallout Sony PR is looking to do damage control wherever it can.

      Hollywood seem to still be on a learning curve when it comes to making comic book movies. Give Marvel and DC a few good movies to show them and unfortunately they could catch on. Don’t discount your own comments either. IMO they listen though they filter the criticism to craft to their own perceptions which means taking other things into account like the budget and their own ideas and research…

    • Part 3 would have sucked anyway because he wanted to do vulture at one point before so three vilains would have still been they’re.Fanss alot of times are quick to whine but not deal with they’re hand in things.Venom wasn’t added until fans wanted him all studios did was try and please fans by switching out vulture for venom but the film would have still sucked.

  13. Kinda off topic but why the heck are there adds on pictures now? I just noticed a few days ago.

    • Yeah, they´re annoying.

    • Yea they are annoying….weak

      • When will the ads stop? (-_-)

        • I’m just trying out something new. Costs a lot of money to run this site every month, ya know.

          Having said that, I’m not a big of them myself.


        • I’ve dialed those image ads WAY back, folks.

          Probably won’t make them permanent – gotta test stuff out.


  14. People are way to negative on here. You can have an opinion without being a Debby downer.

  15. twilight meets spiderman

  16. omg – this movie is going to suck. He looks like a damn alien and I always HATED whenever they portrayed Spiderman with mechanical webs instead of it coming out of his person like they did with Tobey. I thought the whole point of him getting bit by the spider was that it got everything associated with that spider, especially the inhuman web action from his wrists. This blows. No wonder Tobey didn’t want to do this movie. I bet it wasn’t even about the qualms of having to go back to high school; it was about looking like an epic failure. Good call, Tobey. Good call.

    • what? i thought he was never offered the role on account of his age…

    • Ummmmm, Tobey didn’t turn down this film. He wasn’t even offered the role again b/c this is a REBOOT!!! Having Tobey as Spidey again wouldn’t make sense.

    • Jen, “I thought the whole point of him getting bit by the spider was that it got everything associated with that spider, especially the inhuman web action from his wrists.” Have you ever seen a spider that has it´s webbing come out of it´s wrists? Would you prefer a Spider-Man with organic webbing coming out of his ass or what?

      • Just to play devils advocate about the whole where the spinnerets would have to be don’t forget that decades ago when different ways evolution could occur were being investigated in labs fruit flies were irradiated and inappropriate organ growth could be seen in succeeding generations, like wings growing out of eyes etc. So their’s a certain feasibility that the spinnerets could develop in the arms. Of course if you insist that they could only develop on his hindquarters, their’s always the possibility of transplantation, moving the organs from one area of the body to another.I’m for the idea he would need both, simply because he does so much traveling in the stories…

    • just saying, the peter parker in the tobey movies was unintelligent. the only reason he ever possessed the ability to swing from webs is because he used his incredible mind to create an elastic chemical that shoots out of a high pressure canister in strand form and could still hold over a couple of tonnes. the whole growing new organs thing, in his wrists of all places, was just stupid

  17. Let’s just calm down people and quite with the nit picking about how bad his suit looks, I do not see how some people can get upset about such little things. When you see it in action and on the big screen with the lighting and every thing else done, I’m sure it will look great.8)

    • Changing the costume of a character who’s been around for about 50 years isn’t really a little thing. You’d think they’d learn from how bad the changes always do in the books.

      • so i guess that means that the effed up big in the tobey movie then right? because that suit was way off from the original design

        • Wow! Apparently I’ve forgotten how to read because I don’t see anything in my comment saying that they are effing this movie up. Maybe you should respond to the actual comment I made. Also, what made the original suit “way off”?

  18. Painted muscles…? BAH! GARBAGE!

  19. Hulk NO like! Spider-Man costume looks like it is for a girl! HULK SMASH!

    • Says the guy in purple pants. 😀

  20. This costume looks a bit fem. But still it looks better than the Green Lantern design.

    • amen to that second part

  21. So many haters. Chill out. You are not the producers, you don’t stand to lose much. 2 hours and a little money. Even the haters are gonna love the final product. Or at least enjoy a little.

    I particularly like the first picture. It’s just so casual…”just another day in the life of your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man.”

  22. Well, at least Garfield certainly has the Spidey build.

  23. He looks horrible, plain and simple. He really does look like an alien lol. He could be one of the best actors in the world, but I can care less. He’s just not right for the part. I could be wrong once we see a trailer, but so far, very disappointed. The only good thing so far is Emma Stone. I want to be excited for this, so hopefully they’ll change my mind.

    • I don’t like the costume, but it could be worse I suppose. I don’t really care for the actor either, a lil too trendy looking. I like my Peter Parker nerdy, not hipster.

    • If you could care less, why don’t you?
      Now, if you couldn’t care less, I could understand that.

    • Amen about Emma Stone. I really like her as an actress. She’s the only reason I haven’t “completely” given up on this.

  24. Some of you guys aren’t getting it. Just about all of your favorite movie superhero outfits would like pretty bad if you saw an actor/stuntman standing around in them on a movie set (as these photos illustrate). The reason most of these previous costumes have looked good on the big screen is because they’ve been shot with great cameras in great lighting and touched up with great post-production work. We can all assume this will happen with the Spiderman film as well. There is almost no doubt the suit will look way better on the big screen than these photos illustrate. My only question is why is the studio allowing so many of these amateur photos to be released.

    • this outfit—-sucks big time !!! sorry !!!
      nuff-said !!!!

      • I appreciate your opinion, but I disagree with it. I can’t say I like this costume as much as the Raimi version, but I still like it. I think it will end up looking really good in the movie, especially in action.

      • and if you didnt know, this was supposed to be the costume design for the first movie. it was a concept design drawn by alex ross, the most highly acclaimed and respected super-hero artist. and if it makes you feel any better, the rami suit was as different from the original dikito suit as this one is from the rami suit.

  25. Not digging the dark eye lenses at all.

  26. The pics look lame, the costume appears to be a big step down from the great Raimi version. This stuff is leaked to build a sense of excitement, but my best guess is it’s doing the film a disservice.

  27. this film is gonna be better than all the previous spidey films, for one simple reason…


    (insert haters here)


  28. Wow… those eyes are… bad

  29. @ BW Movie Fan, I disagree. I’ve seen people wearing superhero costumes in person and have looked amazing without the need of great cameras and touch ups. I hate the dark eye lenses too and he’s also too damn skinny.