New ‘Amazing Spider-Man’ Set Pics Show Andrew Garfield as Spidey

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Filming is already underway on Marc Webb’s Spider-Man (quasi) reboot, The Amazing Spider-Man, and since production began, we’ve seen a plethora of set images leaked to Internet, depicting everything from the details of Spidey’s new costume, to some of the action sequences in the movie, to scenes of the new Peter Parker (Andrew Garfield) and Gwen Stacy (Emma Stone) getting tender in one of the film’s teen angst moments.

Today brings a new batch of Amazing Spider-Man set pics, in which we see star Andrew Garfield on set, suiting up as Spidey for a scene that (looks to be) more comedic than action-packed.

From what little we know about Amazing Spider-Man the movie will be somewhat grittier with its action, while also trying to nail the wit and humor that has made Spider-Man such a favorite amongst comic book fans over the years. We know that the film will return Peter Parker to a high school setting, that his foe will be The Lizard (played by Rhys Ifans) and that The Lizard will not be the only villain that Spidey has to deal with.

There are some positive early indicators that the character of Spidey will be honored in a truer fashion than Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man films did – there’s also just as much worry that Webb was selected to direct this film because his work on 500 Days of Summer made him an ideal director to capture the teen angst and romance aspect of the Spider-Man saga. Needless to say, fanboys do NOT want see “Spider-Man: The Twilight Version.”

Regardless of all the questions and speculation, these new set pics seem to depict a scene in which Spidey runs afoul of the law, or otherwise gets himself in some kind of awkward position. Have a look at the photos, courtesy of SuperHeroHype, in the slideshow above.

That last pic in particular provides yet another clear shot of how the eyes on Spidey’s costume are different than Raimi’s films, and how the now-mechanical web-shooters look. I’m sure fanboys will have a lot more to say about both topics (more than they already have said, if you can believe it 😛 ).

I can only imagine what’s going on in the film to make Spidey throw his arms up in surrender, but hopefully it’s something funny (as I suspect it is) and not just some random shot from the set of Garfield doing stretches or something lame like that. There’s so much comedic gold to be mined from the idea of a masked kid in red and blue tights running around New York climbing all over stuff. Hopefully Amazing Spider-Man will nail that humor (as originally presented in the comics) and focus less on puberty-themed gags like “premature webification,” as seen in Raimi’s first Spidey flick.

Garfield has seen his Hollywood star rise high in the last year, and I for one am excited to see what he brings to the role of Peter Parker. He’s definitely an actor who can pull off the funny nerd persona and the dramatic actor persona;  if he can do action (as far as required before a stuntman steps in), he may well overshadow Toby Maguire’s short-lived legacy as the wall-crawler. We’ll see.

The Amazing Spider-Man hits 2D and 3D theaters on July 3, 2012.

Source: SuperHeroHype

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  1. Way too much blue on his hands and his overall arms period. The black eyes are awful and I even think the web cartridges are cheesy. This costume might be just one slight hair ahead of the Spidey costume from the 70’s live TV series and that is just barley.

    I’m sorry to be negative but nailing the costume is a very important part of a superhero movie as you all well know. I really hope the finished product doesn’t look anything like this but what do you folks think the chances of that are? Do you agree with my assessment of the costume?

  2. wtf are the web shooters so damn small, they’re nothing like the original web shooters (from the cartoons).

    i’m very very sceptical about this PoS so i’m not gonna jump on either side of the hence until i see some damn footage

  3. Alot of fans don’t like change batman begins and dark knight got trashe so did batman 89 infact the same exact complaints were launched.They’ve also said the suit will be done with cgi so why still complain?.Fans didn’t like batman’s suit or green lanterns or captain americas or superman.

    • When did ‘they’ say the suit would be CGI? If it was the surely Garfield would be wearing a green body suit, it looks more like the suit will be much more practical than in the first three movies.

  4. and just to put in a few words…
    i dont know much about andrew garfield’s acting but he definately fits the nerdy look of peter parker. if anything he’s over qualified, because peter always had a attractive look. it was just his being well mannered and a genius that gave him his nerd classification. The suit looks great. Let me explain why the suit quality (not design) isnt that good. Its supposed to have been made by a 15yr old sophmore in high school! not like a $3,000+ professional job the rami suit was. And for the bright coloring, it wont look like that in the movie. the colors the suit is in the movie poster is what the finished product will look like. Now the design is very true to more modern comics and to the original concept sketch done by Alex Ross for the first movie so yeah, it may not look great but it will be awesome in the end.
    one more thing… why is everybody so excited about emma stone? I dont really think shes even that good of an actress, and ive seen all of her movies

  5. Sorry but regardless of any other changes, changing the eyes from a sliver to a gold makes zero sense from either a practical or aesthetic angle.

  6. I chose to remain open to the possibility that this will be good, Spider-Man is one of the few Marvel heroes that I like and I hated the Raimi films, so yeah, I hope this will be good. Garfield is a good actor, certainly better than Maguire IMO.


  8. i think all those who claim the negative comments about spiderman are haters are way off! the true spidey fans are simply telling the TRUTH! not trying to promote some silly reboot with a costume designed by my four year old son!

  9. Remember guys, this is a 3D movie. 3D is a naturally dark-tinted medium (even more so with the glasses) so the costume has to be colored brightly so it’s not to murky in the finished film. The official photos we’ve seen of Spidey suggest the costume is actually well thought-out and designed.

    Pretty soon I have a feeling a lot of you hating on this film are going to be doing that fanboy 180° – From “I hate it! I hate it!” to “I love it! I love it!” in the space of a single trailer. 😉

    I said it here first…

  10. Being the villian is the lizard and the movie is set back in the high school time then this movie is irrelevent because parker did not get to know conners until he was in college.

    what is going on with this!!!!! hate this idea & the suit looks terrible

    • Sorry Paul, but you’re wrong. Parker met Connors and first battles the Lizard as a high school student. In fact, the Lizard shows up in issue #6. Parker finds out about the Lizard while doing freelance work at the Daily Bugle to earn money to help support Aunt May after Uncle Ben’s death – this all occurs while he is in high school. He travels to Florida to fight the Lizard as a young, high-school aged Spiderman.

      Interestingly, the Raimi films had Parker befriending Harry Osborn as a high school student. This actually didn’t happen until he was in college.

  11. Ahhhhhh, and to think what they could have done?

    Does this offically make me a “hater”?

    It was bound to happen sooner or later……


  12. The costume looks like they’re edging towards the 2099 costume, hopefully it looks better than the top photo. I never liked the ‘web cartridge’ thing though so im a little uneasy about it but Spidey’s the man so i’ll still be there. Kind of jumping the gun here but if they continue this series imagine how Venom’s appearance might change.. 8-|

  13. those blue fingertips are mesmerizing.

  14. I’m a huge Spidey fan, if this movie gets terrible reviews I’m still going to be there.

    • me too man

  15. Thesuit does not look cool, nor do the webshooters. No doubt we will get a ” oops I ran out of web fluid scene”.