‘Amazing Spider-Man’ Set Photo Reveals Total Peter Parker

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Andrew Garfield in the Spider man Reboot Amazing Spider Man Set Photo Reveals Total Peter Parker

We’ve been watching photos from The Amazing Spider-Man set leak online ever since cameras started rolling on director Marc Webb’s Spider-Man reboot a few months back, but now that the production has moved from the west coast over to New York City, photos from the east coast set are popping up.

Today we have a a photo that manages to reveal something slightly new: namely, what star Andrew Garfield will look like in full Peter Parker garb…glasses included.

To reiterate: at this point we’ve seen Garfield both inside his Spider-Man suit and in civilian clothes as Peter Parker, but we’ve never really seen the complete Peter Parker effect until now, and the difference is all in the glasses.

On their own, glasses may seem like a pretty lame thing to fawn over in when analyzing the look of a superhero’s alter-ego; on the other hand, in cases like Clark Kent/Superman, glasses truly are the most crucial aspect of the look. After we see Man of Steel star Henry Cavill in the super suit for the first time, you can bet that fans will be quickly turning their attention to the subject of how he looks as Clark Kent in the oversized clothes and…(you guessed it) glasses.

But I digress.

Below is the photo taken from the set of Amazing Spider-Man (courtesy of Just Jared). Check it out and then we’ll discuss if Garfield truly has that ‘Parker look':



People have been a little critical thus far about Garfield’s fit (or lack thereof) for the character of Peter Parker, with particular mention being made of his thin build, the seemingly strange blowout hairstyle he’s sporting, and, if you can believe it, the clothes he’s been wearing as Peter Parker. Well, as far as the body build: Spider-Man was always meant to be a very lean superhero, especially in his early years when he was a teenage boy. As far as the hairstyle…er, no comment ’til we see how it plays on screen. However, one thing that I do like about Garfield as Parker  (and subsequently Emma Stone as Gwen Stacy) is that the costume designers on Amazing Spider-Man are actually dressing these kids to resemble modern-day New York City teens.

Sure, in the comic, young peter Parker wore trousers and button-down shirts with a sweater vest on top – he was a nerd, after all. In the early Ultimate Spider-Man comics, Peter Parker wore more “hip” clothing (read: baggy) with a “hip” emo haircut to match. In Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man films, Peter Parker was stocky rather than lean, and was very nondescript in terms of his style of dress.

I say all that to say: One goal of this reboot is to make Spider-Man more modern and edgy by trying to envision what the web-head’s existence would truly be like if he actually existed in modern context. Well, I can tell you (having lived here for half a decade): today’s NYC teens don’t dress anything like the characters in any Spidey comics or Raimi’s films. I think Webb and Co. are on the right track with their approach to the Peter and Gwen, even though some fans might not want to see Peter P. in a thrift store army jacket.

Hhow do you think Garfield looks as Peter Parker (glasses and all)?

The Amazing Spider-Man will be in theaters on July 3, 2012

Source: Just Jared

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  1. “‘Amazing Spider-Man’ Set Photo Reveals Total Peter Parker Package

    Gotta admit I was a little worried about clicking the link when I read the headline. :)

    • Especially when it states “click to enlarge”.

      I just hope they dont take it to far to the extreme with the “what the web-head’s existence would truly be like if he actually existed in modern context.”

      • I thought we’d see his “situation” ah.. er… abs. This movie has very little interest for me right now.

    • HA HA, Danglingly Parts

  2. I agree. This Peter Parker concept looks more modern and realistic. The hairstyle may be a little over the top, but I will give them the benefit of the doubt, for now. Remember, that is only one scene out of the whole movie. Peter Parker’s look will most likely undergo a transformation as the movie progresses.

  3. AMAZING! 😀

  4. I have to agree. The title alone had so many meanings lol.

  5. Uh…his hair looks pretty damn normal to me, just looks like he did nothing to it. Whatever though it’s 2011 and hair is just hair. People used to be shocked when they saw someone with green hair, now it’s just common place. He looks fine.

    • Uh, hair is not always just hair. Ask Pac-Man, Kojak, Yul Brenner, Stone-Cold Steve Austin, or Mr. Clean. Or on the other hand, ask The Wolfman. Or on the third hand, then there is the hairy taco I got from the snack-shop last night…it even made the greasy-spoon cock-roaches skip lunch!

  6. Its too early for judgement. I dont know what to think about this movie at this point. I’m still optimistic.

  7. hmmm looks ok

  8. It’s hard to take those glasses seriously with that stylish hair of his. Encouraging though.

  9. Looks like a regular pic of him showing up on set imo as for his hairstyle looks plain and simple nothing edgy or spectacular that u could call a modern or hip do lol I’m still waitin to see what the first trailer looks like ,oh yea he’s way too thin even in spidey form spidey has a lean medium build and he ain’t even close sorry to say I’m a big spidey fan and this doesn’t do the character justice don’t even get me started on the suit only thing I like so far are the mechanical webshooters bring back Raimi!!!

  10. Come on guys, just compare his hair to that of Robert Pattinson. He’s like the USA Robert Pattinson.

    • Actually he is part british as well lol

      • I suppose. Still technically American.

  11. SPIDERMAN 3: Just be better than that thing ….please!!

  12. Im sorry Andrew is an Amazing actor I have seen everything his been in that is out and i can see, IMO his Hair is just fine and what does his hair have to do with anything? IMO they picked the best actor to play my 2nd fav super hero i wont lie i wanted to see Logen Learmen (Percy Jackson) as spidey but when I heard Garfield was cast I was very pleased I think this movie will do what Batman Begins did to all the others…. Made them look cheesy and campy.

    • That’s a good point.
      His hair is curly though. There is a difference. You cannot tell me he comes out of the shower like that, and it just looks too much like my brothers hipster friends hairdo, and too much like Robert Pattinson.

      It really isn’t a big deal I guess, but I keep trying to picture Tony Stark with that haircut, or Bruce Wayne. It just looks wrong. It looks too hip.

      • Tony Stark and Bruce Wayne are adults, plus they both come from money. ‘Course its too hip. Us street kids do what we can with our hair and limited resources

        • Hahaha I cannot argue with such sound logic.

    • But Aaron Johnson wasn’t playing a character anywhere near as well-known as Peter Parker, so your analogy doesn’t quite compute.

  13. i would not describe toby maguire as “stocky” by any means. he WAS lean and suitable for spider-man. the new guy’s a stick figure…

    • tobey looked the part in the first movie as a skinny nerd but not too thin but he didnt really have the feel of parker when it came to the whole intimate scenes. he would turn into an awkward gaping mouthed loser whenever he talked to MJ who was horribly misscast. after the first film, he just lost the whole parker look. he got fatter and seemed more average than nerdy. Parker is a genius whereas tobeys parker was a normal dude as far as im concerned

  14. Defiantly a stick figure lol

  15. In my opinion, Andrew Garfield resembles Peter Parker from the comics more than Toby Maguire.

    • Maybe if Robert Pattinson quit possessing his hair. I might agree then.

  16. “My spider-sense is tingling…no wait, its just my iPhone in these skinny jeans…”

    • Hahahaha nice!

  17. Uhhh…when did Peter Parker become a hipster?

  18. Booooooooo this film.

  19. this film is going to be sweet.

  20. “Booooo this film”? This film is going to be awesome! I’m so happy that they’ve decide to reboot the franchise because…let’s face it…Spider-Man 3 was as disappointing as the DNA tests results on the Maury Show. Yeah I do feel like they should have waited a bit longer before a series reboot but I’m always up for a good superhero flick that I can obsess over for as long as it takes for the sequel to come out. I hope they do Spidey and Stan Lee justice and by the looks of it…I think they’re on the right track (though I’m not too sure about the whole Gwen Stacy/Emma Stone thing but I’m sure they know what they’re doing). I can’t wait for this film and the many other Marvel films to be released in the future (I might have to skip the popcorn and use my money to buy Pampers instead when The Avengers comes out). When it comes to consistent awesomeness on the big screen: Marvel > DC

  21. I think Andrew Garfield does an AMAZING job as Peter Parker/Spiderman! I think he portrays Peter Parker as a more modern version of a tortured kid with no “real” family to look to.

  22. Show us how to do his hair