More ‘Amazing Spider-Man’ Set Photos: Dr. Connors & Gwen Slaps Peter

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Marc Webb’s The Amazing Spider-Man seems to be the most widely photographed of the upcoming superhero films.

Nary a week goes by where we don’t get to see Spider-Man swinging around New York City with reckless abandon (crotch-first!) or Andrew Garfield as Peter Parker (hipster glasses and all).

Today, we have yet another batch of candid set pictures depicting Garfield as Parker and Emma Stone as Gwen Stacy, as well as a set report detailing precisely what is going on in the images.

Check out the pictures below (click to enlarge), courtesy of Comic Book, and J. Anthony Hall:


And here’s a rundown of what went on, courtesy of CBM:

  • There were three scenes filmed at “Peter Parker’s house” on Fuller Place and Prospect Avenue in Brooklyn
  • One of the scenes showcased Uncle Ben (Martin Sheen) and Peter Parker, one showcased Peter and Gwen Stacy, and the other showcased an exchange between Peter and Dr. Connors A.K.A. The Lizard (Rhys Ifans)
  • Re: Peter Parker and Uncle Ben: Nephew and Uncle are discussing something or other on their roof; presumably before Peter becomes Spider-Man (as he’s wearing his nerd-glasses), presumably as some sort of life lesson
  • Re: Peter and Gwen Stacy: This scene is seemingly very sad; it takes place in the rain and Gwen slaps Peter, who looks utterly heartbroken
  • Re: Peter and Dr. Connors: Connors seems to be giving something or taking something from a very concerned-looking Peter; take note that the reason Connors has a green bag over his right arm is because the filmmakers are going to CG it out of cinematic existence

It’s hard to say what’s really going on in either the Uncle Ben/Peter Parker scene – maybe the legendary “With great power comes great responsibility” conversation (or something equally life-affirming) or the Dr. Connors/Peter Parker scene. Regardless, the Peter/Gwen Stacy scene seems far more “readable,” for lack of a better term. Warning! Possible Spoilers Ahoy!

When you take into account the obvious emotional turmoil and rain involved in the Peter/Gwen scene, it seems likely that it takes place either before or after the funeral scene that we covered back in December. Any fan of Spider-Man worth his/her salt ultimately came to the conclusion that the funeral in question was probably held in honor of Gwen’s father, Captain George Stacy (as played by Denis Leary), who has died in both the 616 and Ultimate universes.

Moreover, in both universes, Gwen Stacy blamed Spider-Man for her father’s death, for slightly different reasons in each case. Does this mean that Peter will reveal his super secret identity to Gwen in Amazing Spider-Man, hence the reason she’s slapping him in the face? Honestly, I hope so. One of the things I didn’t exactly “love” about the first two Spider-Man films was Mary Jane’s inability to connect the dots between Peter Parker and the web-slinger.

Side-note: If Peter were to reveal to Gwen that he’s Spider-Man so early on, that would make this story more akin to Brian Michael Bendis’ Ultimate Spider-Man, wherein Peter told Mary Jane his secret by issue #13.

The Amazing Spider-Man hits theaters July 3rd, 2012.

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Sources: Comic Book & J. Anthony Hall

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  1. I cannot wait to see this! Crappy spiderman shots aside, pics like this show me that this is going to be good.

    • just wait and see…

  2. In Ultimate Spider Man Issue #12, Peter Reveals to Gwen that the Lizard Man, is in fact, an enemy of his and will be after her. The black cat over hears this conversation and decides to attack Gwen, which as a result, lands Gwen in the hospital, thwarting the Lizard man’s plans.
    As Peter recovers from the terrible news, not knowing who attacked gwen, he brings the fight to the Lizard man. Meanwhile, Peter’s uncle sufferes a massive heart attack and lands in the hospital as well. Spiderman recieves the message about his uncle and isnt able to finish off the fight he started because he had to rush to his uncle’s side.
    Gwen recovers and leaves the hospital but is met by a horrible news that her father has died…
    The funeral happens and Peter was by her side. Peter’s Uncle recovers from his heart attack and goes to Peter’s Dorm to talk to him about the responsibilities of young adult.
    Gwen stacy is still mourning her loss, and she is kidnapped by the Lizard Mans henchman which puts Peter in a predicament!
    The Lizard man is able to cntrol his Lizard transformation at will, so he pays Peter a visit in human form. Peter threatens the professor and is assured that Gwen is safe, but he wants Spiderman to break into the OSCORP and steal formulas that the Professor claims, Osbourne had stolen from him. Spiderman does what he is demanded. And the fight gets dirtier when the Lizard Mans henchman, decides to eat Gwen. Spiderman comes to Gwen’s rescue and the fight happens….meanwhile, Peter’s uncle is killed…

    I think this is whats happening in this movie. Theyre following the Ultimates storyline. I know, we’ll love this film…Im EXCITED, are you??

    • that was’nt ultimate spider man…..I’ve read all of the comics except volume 6, you must be thinking of a different series.

  3. As a film student, I love set photos like these, thanks guys!!!!!

    • you are welcome! We do what We can!

  4. Im pretty sure this reboot will be spectacular. Im really looking forward to it. The cast is amazing. :D

    • yh reboot should be good

    • If you mean Spectacular, in reference to the very poorly performing, badly drawn and poorly written Comic series of the late eighties and early nineties then yes, I agree, this movie will be “spectacular”.

      • lol, do better

  5. I love Spiderman. But I don’t LIKE anything I’m seeing from this. Granted, Martin Sheen as Uncle Ben is kind of cool. But as of right now there is only ONE Marvel Movie I’m seeing in 2012……The AVENGERS!

  6. I really like how the film was casted. But can’t help but feel a little sad that Rami didn’t have a chance to redeem himself. I think studios are getting way to reboot happy.

  7. Emma Stone is incredibly gorgeous. I love her. She’s really beautiful and a really sweet girl.

    If I’m not mistaken, this will be the first movie that Rhys Ifans will have an American accent in.

  8. Yaaawn. Nothing I’ve seen thus far seems remotely interesting. The costume looks like it’s different from the original design just to be different. If they’re using Imageworks again for the CGI it’ll look terrible like Green Lantern. Mark my words.

  9. @Jenny

    Is this for Peter? He has enough love conneections coming down the pike I dont really think he needs to go online.

    VIC may want to check Jennys account. :D

  10. Man this is killing me; this is going to be some ‘new wave’ Spiderman. I agree with an earlier comment, the only Marvel movie I’ll be seeing in 2012 is the Avengers. Whoever did this at Sony should be looking for a new job.

  11. If they kill off Denis Leary I’m going to be pi$$ed!!! He is the only reason I want to really see this (except for Rhys Ifans) and he’s not even playing the role he’d be perfect in (J. Jonah Jameson)!!!!

    • Well Leary is playing Gwen’s dad so…….he’s gonna die. So the time for you to start being pissed is now. :)

      • Well, I can still hope that it’s NOT him that dies. I’d rather that Uncle Ben dies! Haha. Leary is the man. The Ref is still one of the funniest movies I’ve ever seen.

        • Nah, Leary is a no good act stealing hack and undeserved of being in a Spider-man movie. The only good thing is that he dies.

          Also, this Spider-man movie looks to be very disappointing to me so far. The costume change is the worst aspect, and it looks to be taking too many cues from the rather awful Ultimate series.

          • Yes, the rather awful Ultimate Spider-Man comic that was so bad it saved Marvel with all its “good reviews” and “sales.”

          • Lol you act like Spider-Man is the holy grail of movies.. And Denis Leary never stole anything. I’ll defend Leary till the end about that.

            I’m not going to get into an argument about this because I’ll say something that’ll get me in trouble with Vic probably. But, what you said right there will keep me laughing for longer than anything Bill Hicks said.

  12. Even though I’m not sure if this reboot is the best idea or if it’ll even be good, but… Andrew Garfield looks nerd sexy in those glasses :D

  13. Why is there such hate for this movie. Look at the Avengers. The only screenshot we have of that movie is a S.H.E.I.L.D logo behind some directors chairs that have the avengers names. I haven’t seen anybody complaining about that crap.

    • I think my hatred is justified.

      It has to do with giving Spider-Man the “500 Days of Summer” Treatment because they want to rush a Spidey product to market so all us little piggies can give Sony, instead of Disney, our hard earned cash.

      Seems like lose/lose for us, the fans, we get a rushed product and lose our money.

      Why isn’t they MORE hatred for this movie, is what you should ask.

      • Why isn’t there MORE…

  14. No one noticed the Superman shirt in the background of one of those shots… LOL. I’m guessing that won’t make it into the film.

    Gwen Stacy is hot. That is all.

  15. It’s ‘Ultimate Spider-Man’ the movie. USM tried to be “hip/edgy/modern” in the style of the early 2000s – this film is doing the same in the style of 2010s

    Why do you think they got the guy who did ’500 Days of Summer’?

    That approach does not mean automatic failure – or success. Like X-Men: First Class it simply means we’ll be getting a unique vision of Spidey we haven’t seen before – in comics or on screen. Up to the filmmakers to make it good.

    • Agreed.

  16. Man I am seething with hatred for this movie.

    A blatant rushed attempt to cash-in on Spider-Man one last time rather than allow his new owners, Disney, have a crack at him.

    Sony is doing the fans a huge disservice. This movie is not using practical effects to enhance the story and add realism. They are using practical effects because they don’t have the time to do CGI.

    So under the guise of art we are “sold” the BS line of practical effects for the sake of the storytelling process; and apparently a bunch of you are buying it. Sad.

    • Disney will get their chance after this movie flops (it will). Look for a reboot sometime in the early 2020′s.

      • It is with resignation that I agree with you sir, I suppose Spidey needs a rest, too bad he couldn’t have gotten it before this travesty.

    • Dante,

      Um, the movie doesn’t open for another 14 months. That is PLENTY of time to create TONS of CGI effects, so I don’t know what you’re on about.


      • Vic,

        Doesn’t shooting, reshooting, and editing, along with “practical effects” usually take the better part of a year?

        • Visual effects can be worked on concurrently while the film is shooting. It’s not a linear process.


    • Wow, I’m pretty sure this is the first time I’ve ever heard someone accuse a film of using practical effects to rush production of a movie. Practical effects are widely considered to be the more difficult/time-consuming option, not to mention less cost-effective. Hence the reason many films are accused of using CGI as a crutch — it’s easier, cheaper, and quicker.

  17. If you got an issue… heres a tissue.
    why not wait for the trailer before displaying your ignorance to the net..

    • Aww you’re so cute tankD, did you get that tissue out of mommy’s purse?

  18. looks like dr. connors is going to work on a regeneration serum based on lizard dna,(trying to re-grow hand like lizard tail)..

  19. Greatest thing about the Lizard, lizards can’t regrow their limbs, only their tail, so technically his attempt, as a scientist, to regrow his limb using lizard DNA is just silly. I always loved that in the comics. Think that’s why Raimi stayed away from the Lizard?

  20. Dante,

    I don’t think Raimi ever intended to “stay away from the Lizard.” He just didn’t want to use him in the third film and was forced by the studio to include Venom in the script. I think the Lizard would’ve fully evolved, eventually… but then once the rumors started of him using all the villians nobody wanted or ones that were “made up” and then his inevitable absence from not being able to make the release date pretty much made any of his plans for Spidey a moot point.

  21. Inevitable departure, I mean.

  22. Wow this looks bad… The lead looks like some wannabe Twilight guy… what’s with the neon green/yellow eyes on the spiderman suit? Black too scarey for the guys that wear make up or something?

    This doesn’t look like a spiderman movie… Looks like a flashy romance film.

    Sam Rami should have made this film… I’ll eat my words if ths film actually entertains me, but honestly? Don’t think i’ll have to worry about spoiling my appetite from all that i have read and seen…

    … Then again…

    I was saying the same thing about Thor and loved it.

    • “Black too scarey” when did Spiderman have black eye covering?

      Funny you should mention Romance. Spidermans draw is that he is an everybody. Meaning he deals with issues that a normal person deals with (bills, school, work, and yes Romance) and yet still is able to put a suit on because…with great power comes great responsibility.

      While you may be comparing it witha RomCom or some sort of Twilight thing you do have to remember Romance and Love is a part of Spiderman not just beating up bad guys.

      • Still looks like wannabe hipster crap.

        • Looks can be decieving.

        • Guess what, guys — he looks like a kid his age would look, especially living in New York. Wearing what is fashionably “in” does not make him a hipster.

          • I have to confess. I had to look up hipster. Its not what I thought it meant and it brings a chuckle.

            I dont see hipster when I see him.

          • Yeah but Peter Parker in character,would never try to look fashionable.
            Hence why in the comics he wears drees shoes,ties,suits and etc. during the books.
            The problom people are having isthey feel that the style he has is to “flashy” for Peters mind set.
            Even as a teen in New York, Peter would never dare focus on whats in fashion,He was either focused on his science or,by time he became spiderman,his super heroics.
            Now after that being said,I see no problom with the outfits because…well it would look weird in modern time if he dressed how he did in the 60-80s.
            The costume on the other hand is very very ify. In my opinion the classic red and blue or red and black is somthing that should never be changed. I understand that its to distinguish thefilms apart from the first 3 but somthing could have been done to change the suit without completly changing it. ex: black webing,more rounder eyes. Now the suit looks like a bad interpratation of the Ben Reilly costume.

  23. @Aknot

    Well I’m not here to argue, but I have to agree with tykjen. I understand his views. Yes, everyone is entitled to their opinion and there is a thing called freedom of speech. You say to avoid these sites and reading the information, but how is that possible when it’s thrown in your face in the headline? I’m a writer and my first love is movies. I should still be able to enjoy going on movie sites without every tidbit of information spilled out before hand or without even a “Spoiler Alert” posted. My only quarrel is with some people’s prejudgement of films before a single reel of footage is shown.
    To me the anticipation of something is the best part of something besides getting it. It’s like walking into a restaurant. The burger looks good on the picture but they aren’t gonna let you taste it until you order and pay for it. I for one like to enjoy taking a woman’s clothes off before I just jump into bed with her naked. Also, your forgetting that no matter how much you read or see of something doesn’t guarantee it’s going to be good or bad, so your still taking a chance.
    Some of us just wish some people could wait until they see something before they start tearing it apart. No, I don’t mind seeing trailers but even then I don’t rush to judgment. Don’t take me wrong I’m only 35 myself, but I also feel that the younger generation has lost the thrill and the joy of the unknown when it comes to certain things.
    I know no matter what you do everyone won’t be pleased, but like I said one day it’s hate, then it’s love. Why can’t some people just wait and see something before they start booing?