James Vanderbilt Already Writing ‘Amazing Spider-Man’ Sequel

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amazing spider man header James Vanderbilt Already Writing Amazing Spider Man Sequel

The cast and crew of Sony’s Spider-Man reboot, The Amazing Spider-Man, are getting ready to wrap up filming in Los Angeles next month and I can’t think of another recent comic book movie that’s given fans such an unrestricted peek behind the curtain of production. As a result, I’m also hard-pressed to name one that has fallen under as much scrutiny.

Marc Webb’s 3D re-imagining of the character has made controversial decisions in its casting, its costumes, and in the depiction of its antagonist. There may be a groundswell of skepticism surrounding the film, but there are still a few Spidey fans that are excited to see a grittier and back-to-basics take on the Web-head. Sony must feel incredibly optimistic about what they’ve seen of the film so far, because they’re already getting the ball rolling on its follow-up.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, screenwriter James Vanderbilt met with studio executives yesterday to get the thumbs up for his take on The Amazing Spider-Man sequel – and today he’s evidently hard at work on the script.

Vanderbilt has a long-standing relationship with Sony and the Spider-Man franchise. Before the studio decided to go the reboot route, he worked on the scripts for what would have become Spider-Man 4 & 5 – and his character-driven approach to the story made enough of an impression that he was later asked to bring those same sensibilities to The Amazing Spider-Man. Alvin Sargent (who worked on Spider-Man 2 & 3) and Steve Kloves (Harry Potter) went on to make revisions to Vanderbilt’s original draft.

Vanderbilt’s past credits include The Rundown, Zodiac, and The Losers. He also wrote the upcoming comedy Glide and was recently brought aboard Len Wiseman’s Total Recall remake to polish up that film’s script.

This development isn’t likely to change the minds of anyone who has already decided to write the film off, but it’s still a legitimate sign of Sony’s faith in the project – and in Vanderbilt as a writer. It’s also not unheard for a studio to prepare for a potential franchise – Warner Bros. took the exact same approach with Green Lantern by hiring Michael Goldenberg to begin writing that film’s sequel while it was still in production.

Andrew Garfield in the Spider man Reboot James Vanderbilt Already Writing Amazing Spider Man Sequel

Again, this level of enthusiasm is certainly encouraging – but effective sequels typically take note of what elements worked in the original film and more importantly – which ones didn’t. Does it matter that Vanderbilt can’t possibly make that sort of analysis before The Amazing Spider-Man has even been completed?

To be honest, I’m not sure I really understand the level of hate this film has been receiving. The behind the scenes photos definitely aren’t the most flattering images, but I thought the costume looked pretty decent in context. There are some major deviations from the previous design, but it’s still immediately recognizable as Spider-Man – at least to me.

And you know what? I hated Batman’s costume in Batman Begins and The Dark Knight from the moment I saw the first photos of them right up until I saw the finished films. I still think they’re terrible – but they had little to no impact on my enjoyment of the film as a whole. I completely understand why fans get so passionate about these choices – but I think once we see the first trailer for The Amazing Spider-Man,  a lot of people might start to come around.

The Amazing Spider-Man hits 2D and 3D theaters on July 3, 2012.

Source: THR.

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  1. I want Elector, Kraven, or Mysterio as the villin.

    • And I want Raimi to have a chance to redeem himself for SM3 :)

      Dreams can only go so far :) have a good one

  2. ya kraven played by sean bean

    • Yeah, that could be cool.

  3. Jumping the gun just a bit aren’t they?

  4. i hate it when info like this gets released, i mean are they so confident that their stupid take on spiderman is going to work that they’re paying someone to write the script BEFORE THE 1ST MOVIE EVEN COMES OUT ?!?!

    • Yeah, but it’s not like it’s guranteed to get a sequel. A sequel was written for Dragonball Evolution, but that will never see the light of day. At least I hope not.

    • While I disagree with what they are doing I do understand why they are doing it. They are betting a little bit of money now (paying to get the script rolling) that if the first movie is successful they can fast track a sequel and get it into the theaters. “Strike while the iron is hot” so to speak.

      • I agree with ya.

  5. If Gwen Stacy, apparently is signed on for another one, then she’ll likely be killed off in the second, and if they continue to stick to the canon, like the webshooters, then a revamped Green Goblin is probably who’ll we’ll see. Green Gobby killed Gwen… so that’s spidey 5.

    It’s the one time I’d like to see a variation from the source material. With a rogue’s gallery as vast as Parker’s, it’d be great to see more villains that have yet to be portaryed on film.

    If there’s any fallout from his battles with Lizard, it may be that the media “see” a giant lizardman, that would certainly get the attention of a master hunter like KRAVEN. However, though “Kraven’s Last Hunt” was one of my top 3 fave spidey stories, I’m not sure it would translate to the screen well. Vermin is not known, and too much like Lizard.

    Maybe if they respect the history, Chameleon? He was spidey’s first villain. He could certainly change things up for parker, disguised as anyone. And he could be a criminal boss with some underlings like Shocker, Rhino and maybe even electro.

  6. Doesn’t surprise me at all – of course they’re not planning for this to be a one-shot. But you’d think they might wait to see how the first one plays out…


    • Same goes for Captain America and Green Lantern, right? :/ I just hope the movies are good, if anything at all

  7. Lizard is a good villain for this one, but in future ones I’d like to see Electro, Scorpion, Mysterio, and possibly Morbius, if not too intense for a movie younger kids might watch, as well as older fanboys like me (I’m 53). The costume was better in the first 3, and I have serious doubts about Peter Parker being this young. I hope we don’t see more dancing and blubbering, as both of those bugged me in the first 3, which however featured some of the best fight scenes I’ve ever seen in a super hero flick. I am hopeful, I am anxious, but I am also apprehensive and a bit doubtful about this. Hopefully the writers, actors, directors, and producers will prove me wrong, and make me contritely eat Little Miss Muffet’s Tuffet abashedly and humbly if this movie does indeed live up to their hopes for a successful franchise restarter.

  8. I’d rather see a re-boot of BLADE before I see this movie. I’m not seeing this movie UNLESS the trailer for it Blows me away, which I doubt will happen. Right now the only way I see ANOTHER Spiderman movie is if Black Cat/Felica Hardy is in it.

    • a blade reboot is totally uncalled for, wesley snipes IS blade. full stop. anyone who thinks otherwise should get their eyes (and heads) fixed.

      • yes but Wesley Snipes IS in prison.

  9. Captain America’s sequel is already in pre-production I’ve heard… it’s called The Avengers.

    • Actually, they have already begin filming!

  10. I want to see carnage and a well done venom.

    • Yeah I could definitely go for a Spidey flick that does a good job with Venom. But Green Goblin is my favorite villain and I can’t wait til they make another movie in the future where he stars as the main baddy. Though that’ll be a long time since he was, in a way, in all three of the last Spider-Man movies… A guy can hope though 😛

      • i like him too

  11. Since it seems to take 2-3 years to get these films from start to finished product I am not suprised they are getting the ball rolling on the sequel. I wonder if the agreement with Marvel helps to mandate decisions such as these…if SONY are not actively in some type of development with this character do the rights revert to Marvel/Disney. I am sure SONY will spend a few extra million to hire someone to write a script to keep MArvel/Disney at bay..

  12. I still hate The Dark Knight costume. It looked crap in production shots and looked even worse in the movie.

  13. I’m still waitin for the first trailer ,maybe after seeing it I’ll d

  14. Decide if I’ll be watching the film or not (accidently hit publish before I finished my comment lol

  15. Wouldn’t it be a real kick in the nads if they did Malkovich as the Vulture?

    • Yes. It was a great idea then and it’s a great now. Sinister Six made for some great comics but we’ve seen what happens with villain overkill.

  16. I really just want a good version of Carnage and Venom on the big screen. But below is also a list of villains I want to see in the future.

    -Kraven with Chameleon (Gog could also fit in perfectly with them 2)
    -Sin Eater
    -Speed Demon

    Or just make a movie based around the Sinister Six or Sinister Syndicate.

  17. Let’s see Hobgoblin. And no metal mask either.

    Mysterio would be my second choice.

  18. Lol Damn Im good. I knew!. People… They are going to do a trilagy of the amazing spider-man. You will see the end for this movie is, Green Gobiln is the villain, He kill’s Gwen people are already convinst that he is a hero and mary jain will appear at the end like the new girl next door. Gwen won’t die on this movie… But uncle Ben for sure. Gwens dad will die in the 1st or 2nd and Gwen in the 3rd.

    • I mean Trilogy*
      I know that the Lizard is the 1st villain and maybe 80% sure that they will end it with Green Goblin. But the Question is… What villain(s) could be in the 2nd??? I hope they make TASM2 like right after TASM.

  19. Oh guy’s… have y’all notice the 3 claw that that the amazing spider-man has on his chest? it’s 100% for sure is the Lizard. I can’t be the only one that see it.

    • Claw’s*

  20. i know this is super off topic, so please bear with me, but i would like to know the authors reasoning behind saying batmans costumes being terrible. IMO i thought they clearly spoke of the functionality that nolan was supposed to be going for with the films. the dark knight costume was just stunning to me. but this is the beauty of personal taste, you can have your opinion without judgement against it right.