First ‘Amazing Spider-Man’ Reviews; New Clips, TV Spots & Featurettes

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Amazing Spider Man Reviews Clips TV Spots Featurettes  First Amazing Spider Man Reviews; New Clips, TV Spots & Featurettes

It’s almost time for The Amazing Spider-Man to hit theaters, and the film has a LOT to prove – both as a worthwhile reboot of a franchise that’s only a decade old, and as the middle child of the summer 2012 superhero movie trifecta (which includes The Avengers and The Dark Knight Rises on either side of Spidey).

First reviews of The Amazing Spider-Man have emerged online, giving the world its first sense of how critics feel about director Marc Webb’s contemporary vision of Peter Parker and his alter-ego, the web-slinging Spider-Man. In addition to the reviews, we have some clips, TV Spots and featurettes for the film.



Below you’ll find some quotes from some early reviews of Amazing Spider-Man - which are mostly coming by way of UK publications. SPOILER ALERT: overall, the verdict has been solid:

The Guardian UK – In re-engineering Parker into the introspective, uncertain male more typical of his previous film, Webb is aided by a terrific performance from Andrew Garfield, who brings a genial unflappability that allows him to negotiate the often-ludicrous demands of the superhero plotline. At the same time, Webb also shows an unarguable facility for the more traditional action elements of the story, and the 3D certainly helps: he pulls off some properly nauseating shots as Parker dives off skyscrapers, rescues kids from falling, and the like. It’s the successul synthesis of the two – action and emotion – that means this Spider-Man is as enjoyable as it is impressive: Webb’s control of mood and texture is near faultless as his film switches from teenage sulks to exhilarating airborne pyrotechnics.

Telegraph UK - Amid all of the soul-searching and lip-biting, it suddenly struck me: Webb has created the first superhero movie aimed primarily at women… Raimi’s films were for the teenage boys who used to dress up in Spider-Man pyjamas; Webb’s is for girls whose other halves may soon be dressing up in Spider-Man pyjamas for their benefit… Twilight in spandex? Well, perhaps, although it’s this radically different approach to Stan Lee and Steve Ditko’s crimefighter… that makes Sony Pictures’ reboot worthwhile. The Avengers fans have enough heroes already. What a thrill to see one fighting for another cause.

Total Film - Swinging from fresh to faithful-to-source, Marc Webb’s reboot is a sparky, well-cast, often punchy Spidey spin… but it’s also Spider-Man Begins Again, struggling in places to assert its own identity… plot and tone aren’t always so sure. “Untold story” claims hinge on Parker’s pursuit of the truth about his dad, but [the film] diverts into turf better covered by Raimi… Maybe Webb should have avoided the origin story and started with Spidey established. But he gets enough right to sign us up for a sequel, not least a thrilling climactic blast-off. The route there? Bit bumpy. Finally, though, Spider-Man re-begins in style.

The Amazing Spider Man 4 minute extended preview  First Amazing Spider Man Reviews; New Clips, TV Spots & Featurettes

And, of course, the obligatory bad review:

Standard UK – Webb’s film is slow on plot, skimpy on character development. It takes 45 minutes for Peter’s Uncle Ben (Martin Sheen) to be murdered, an hour till we see the spider suit. Then Peter goes from dorky to cocky without passing charm on the way. Brittle Gwen turns gooey the moment he turns up at school battered from fighting crime. So, chicks dig scars, right… Webb saves up most of the emotional punch for a downbeat, wet-eyed ending in which Garfield and Stone are superb…. The “RealD 3D” is fine for the flying sequences, confusing in the fights, and gives that awful cardboard-cutout look to narrative scenes.

Several members of the Screen Rant crew have already seen Amazing Spider-Man – but we’ll be saving our official assessment for the week of release. If you haven’t read “why we’re excited for Amazing Spider-Man” yet, let me just tell you – our reasons are all valid ones that are reflected in Webb’s film.

Jump to the comments to leave your thoughts on these first Amazing Spider-Man reviews – and head to page 2 for some new clips, featurettes and TV spots.


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  1. I am quite excited to see this to be honest. I liked the first three films, but didn’t particuarly love them. I perfer to dark and serious tones to a film, in comparison to cheesy and happy toned Spider man 1, 2 and 3. I like the concept of spiderman, so this and dark tones considered, sounds like this is the film for me.

  2. The word that sprung to mind most of the time while reading these reviews was: SOLID.
    I was hoping for more, but hey! Early reviews aren’t always accurate…

    I’ll still be there on opening day!

    • DAMMIT!!!!
      I just saw that TASM has been delayed for an entire week here in South-Africa.
      First TDKR and now this too!
      Oh why must I endure this punishment…

      • haha that sucks its like they got something against south africa

        • Well “DREDD” loves South Africa. Put your support in him. ^-^

      • Sorry to hear that, but you all (the rest of the world) were able to see The Avengers and Prometheus before we did in the US.

        • Just Avengers for us in SA. (Prometheus was released on the same day as in the US.)

          I can’t believe that we got MIB3 and SWATH at the same time as everyone else but that we don’t get the freakin DARK KNIGHT and AMAZING SPIDER-MAN when everybody else gets to watch it! :(

  3. cant wait!! out of all the super heroes spidey is my fav so there opening day imax 3d ftw

  4. “aimed primarily at women” – another step back from already being meh about this movie. I’ll still see it, just not excited to do so…

    • Comic books and CBM’s have been far too male orientated for far too long. The romances were usually just a half-arsed part of the formula. Maybe this will just make it more satisfying as a whole.

    • Boys can make movies a big hit. Tap the female market too, and it’s a massive hit. The first SM had that going for it, so I’m not surprised they’d try again.

      • Exactly Nostelg-O. The Raimi Spider-Man movies had plenty of female support, myself included!

        If they’re counting on Andrew Garfield to drive women to the box office, think again!

  5. sounds like the plot is slow, il wait for dvd. im tired of the origin story to much dialogue not enough accion

    • If that’s how you feel, then find yourself a Michael Bay movie and enjoy.

      • im sorry but when has a Michael Bay movie not had enough action in it?

        • Ummm, isn’t that what Roguedork was saying?

    • I can already tell you the answer is no, Sony owns Spiderman while Marvel owns The Avengers…. hopefully your day is still rocking after this bad news

      • I commented on this in a different thread, Sony was actually working with Marvel to get the Oscorp building in the NY skyline. But by the time they designed it, the CGI was already close to done and the timing didn’t work out.

        It’s quite possible that the studios may work out an agreement. The fact that they were working together gives us hope that one day, they might be seen together.

        • Be cool if Avengers Tower could show up in the background in Spiderman. Of course I am sure if that was ever talked about that they ran out of time with that also.

      • I wonder how many people will stay till after the credits waiting for something at the end of ASM, just cause he’s a Marvel character. Not knowing that Sony owns him.

        • I’m pretty sure TASM will have an after credit scene: rumor is it’ll have something to do with Venom?
          It’s not just Marvel Studios movies that have them (X-Men 3 and XM:OW also had post credit buttons)

    • What Kenn said. You might think they’d be motivated by money, but Avengers doesn’t need it at this point, and I don’t think Marvel wants to help another studio too much. I’ve got to think secretly they wouldn’t mind if it bombed, as long as they don’t damage Spidey’s image on the way down.

      • Not just “another studio” but one who owns one of their precious franchises. I personally cannot imagine Marvel wanting to work with Sony or Fox in any way shape or form. Marvel doesn’t need the help and they most certainly don’t want to help the competition who owns one of their IPs.

        I also agree with you that Marvel Studios is inwardly hoping each and every one of their farmed out franchises will fail miserably so they don’t have to pay to get them back.

    • Not being a jerk… but you do know that Spidey and The Avengers are from different movie studios, right? So, it’s a safe bet that there weren’t be any mention or links to the rest of the Marvel Universe.

      And, can I ask why so many people want Spidey to be a part of The Avengers film? I mean he was never really a constant member and I think we have enough heroes in The Avengers as is. Adding Spider-Man in it feels like it will be too much. Besides, having permission from Sony to use him just means more studio interference that will probably ruin the great thing that The Avengers have going on.

      Anyways, I’m not really looking forward for this reboot. Kinda tired of Spider-Man right now. But, will probably watch it when it comes to DVD or Netflix.

      • money rules the world, if Sony and Marvel want to make a load of cash they will do it, Spiderman is an Avenger so that always helps :)

        • How do you know they’ll make “loads of money” though?
          I’ve said this before, but almost all Spider-Man fans will be willing to watch an Avengers movie regardless if Spider-Man is in it or not…
          Marvel doesn’t NEED Spider-Man to make the type of money they’re making right now – sure, Spidey will probably secure a few extra bucks, but I can’t see it being worth the trouble (legal costs for drawing up the agreement, costs for making a CGI Spidey to use in the action shots of swinging through the city, actor’s salary, etc, etc.)

          I guess we’ll find out for sure when the first BO numbers for TASM start to roll in, but I just can’t see it ever happening…

    • Agreed. Even if it’s a “shield” hint or something. I know Spidey doesn’t “need” to be in the Avengers but it sure would be cool because he has been established in movies.

  6. I’m at the point now where I’d be surprised if this was a dud.
    I was a skeptic at 1st but everything I’ve seen so far has been impressive IMO.
    I guess we’ll know soon enough.

  7. holy hell, spidey broke a basketball hoop? p.s. instead of making him jump in the air they should`ve just mADE HIM shoot the basketball shot. in spidey 1 when he was flipping in the air several times dodging flash thompson`s attack that could`ve been a sign in the future that he was spidey. if he jumps that high infront of people they could soon figure out he`s a superhuman. it costs $ for damage that spidey creates. for me it`s much more important to focus on realism rather than humor. if he breaks that hoop glass he`ll have to pay for it and even though he`s a superhero he has money problems, correct?

  8. Telegraph UK’s review about it being the first superhero movie aimed at girls made me go wtf a little bit… I mean there’s nothing wrong with that, but if that’s the approach they are taking with the new Spider-Man, by turning it in another Twilight franchise… that’s not such a flattering review, actually.

    Plus, Denis Leary as Captain Stacy? I like Leary, but he just doesn’t look like Stacy. And then there’s that clip where Peter Parker practically announces he’s Spider-Man in the gym, ugh.

  9. I’ve already got my IMAX 3-D tickets for the midnight show. I’ve avoided the tv spots and read this article till I got to spoiler alert and stopped. I’m so ready to watch TASM and then TDKR as I also already have my advanced IMAX tickets for the midnight premier.


  11. not really diggin that twilight comparison

    • Yeah, I’m going to have to see what that reviewer thought of Twilight. Myself, I don’t think it’s as bad as it gets hated for. I don’t think Twilight is good either. My hope was that TASM would redefine what the mainstream audience deems as a quality teen romance on the big screen. For the longest time, people scoff at that type of stuff, and with good reason. Hollywood rarely produces genuine and honest looks at young love in movies. Every since Twilight, public opinion on that type of stuff has just gotten worse. However, Spider-man is the perfect character to display that a movie can have a good teen romance aspect to it and still be worth its salt in other aspects as well.

      My thought on it is this: the movie is not Twilight of superheroes. Spider-man has been rocking the soap opera angle since its inception in the 60s. People are just so used to associating young love with Twilight that they misuse the phrase now. “(500) Days of Summer” was anything but Twilight, I doubt Webb would treat the romance in this film like that now.

      That brings me to my final point: I will not be able to make a serious judgment on the Twilight remarks until after I have seen the movie. However, it seems that there is a closed mindedness among many critics when it comes to having certain things in cinema. Just because a movie focuses on a human aspect and puts emphasis on relationships and emotions, that doesn’t mean it is being engineered only for women. Yes, that tends to be the stuff that draws women in, but all people, regardless of their sex should be able to enjoy an authentic and honest look at the human being behind the mask. Based off of reviews that Marc Webb has given, I think that that’s what both he and Andrew were shooting for.

      • Or targeted at women. I should’ve said targeted, not engineered.

      • Yah I get that, but my problem is how they make these movies now. Of course spiderman is a SUPER HERO. There has to be violence and people getting hurt, that’s how it has always been and should be. I just hate how they overly try to make these movies over the top with the relationships. Yes, there will always be a love interest, I get that. Do they need to make it soooo cheesy that it makes the overall movie that bad. I watch a variety of movies and I don’t mind watching the chicky movies w/ my gf. How can a director not notice that the lines coming out of the actors mouth are just horrible? Twilight to me, is an awful series. The acting isn’t great not to mention the dialogue makes me want to bite my own neck so I don’t have to endure more. Ok, so webb wants to appeal to women to get butts in the seats, that’s nice. Are super hero movies going forward going to be about their relationships and how they handle them with their alter ego on the side? It already sucks we will never see a rated R superhero movie with these characters but to keep getting farther and farther away from the super hero to the guy and his relationships/problems away from the mask, getting annoying. I am already getting the feeling my gf is going to like this a whole lot more than I am. It saddens me.

        • Relationships have always been a large and important aspect of the Spider-man mythos. Gwen Stacy, Betty Brandt, Felicia Hardy and Mary Jane have all had significant impact on Spider-man’s development and who he is as a hero. There’s no rule that says you have to sacrifice action to delve into the more intimate aspects of the character. He will still fight supervillians and swing around on his webs, that’s not going to change.

          p.s. Spider-man was NEVER an “R” rated character.

          • The Carnage story is definately R rated. Even Venom could be R rated. I just meant overall, they will never make an adult themed super hero movie with these characters. I’m not saying his relationships don’t matter, they all have their own intricacies. My main point is I hope this doesn’t turn into a twilight super hero.

      • +1,000,000 my friend. My thoughts exactly

        Btw, spiderman is the best superhero ever created

  12. I’ll see it for sure, but I feel a similar way as a few other folks: not expecting much, as they are kind of reinventing the origins of Spider Man. The review that compared it to twilight scared the crap out of me, and I don’t think spiderman should be told in a “dark tone” that everyone is praising since Nolan took over Batman, as the comic is not such. I DO think that the Venom movie should certainly be dark toned, so I’ll have that in mind while watching the film (aren’t the same people involved with the Venom film?).

  13. I have been excited about this movie ever since word broke they were doing this and this movie is going to be AMAZING(pun intended of course). This will breathe new life into the Spiderman series just like X-Men:FC surprised a lot of people last year.

  14. Wasn’t really looking forward to this film anyway, the tv spots etc haven’t filled me with much hope of a “surprisingly great movie” and the early reviews don’t seem to be that positive either (not positive enough for me to be swayed into seeing it anyway).

    I normally never go along with reviews because I’ve hated popular movies that got 5 stars and I’ve loved movies that were given poor reviews but this one seems in the middle and kinda “meh” to me.

    Plus a tuesday release kinda smacks of studio desperation since movies usually come out in the wednesday-friday slot (wednesdays only when they want a film to get a headstart on better movies coming out that same week) plus I didn’t see a single ad for the movie until yesterday with the first UK tv spot.

    • It’s being released Tuesday to take advantage of the fact that Wednesday is July 4th…a holiday.

  15. ehh… Still not convinced, I swear I’m usually positive lol.

  16. So, if it’s a hit, Sony has another Spider-man franchise. If not, Marvel will be licking their chops. Even if it does well, but isn’t well-received, like Superman returns, they may hesitate to make a sequel. It’ll probably do well enough though.

    Not making any predictions. I wish them the best and I don’t feel any urgency about Marvel getting Spider-man. It’ll happen eventually.

  17. If it is the Twilight of super-hero genre then this may be the twilight of Spiderman at Sony… He’s my favorite hero so I will be seeing this no matter what… I’ll form my own opinion.

  18. Am I not reading those reviews correctly because all but the first one had a good share of negativity in them. From, “Twilight in Spandex” to, “Maybe Webb should have avoided the origin story and started with Spidey established”

    Doesn’t exactly instill me with confidence considering all of the early GL reviews were also “solid” and we know how that turned out.

    • LOL I remember those “early reviews” aka paid schills for Green Lantern, there was a Last Starfighter reference thrown in if I remember right.

      Man was Green Lantern awful.

  19. “Twilight in spandex?” Good god I hope that reviewer doesn’t know what the heck they’re talking about. Comparing Spider-man to Twilight… that’s just wrong.

  20. This film tested poorly with test audiences. Private screenings at the studio were no different. Don’t hold your breath.

    • These are the rumors I’ve been hearing too. I’ll guess you guys will see…as for me, make mine Marvel. Sony can keep their Faux-Spider.

    • Don’t apologize to Marvel, you will be depriving Sony of your money.

  21. The Amazing Spider-Man is better then Sam Ramis originals do not listen to the bad reviews it is very entertaing and a great new orgin story and one i will be watching when it comes out on general release. Also Andrew Garfield is a great Perter Parker And Spider-Man do not doubt his talent no more.

    • LOL at this comment.

    • All said while waving hand and trying to pull a, “Jedi Mind Trick” on us.

  22. In “take it” clip, can u say ‘traveling’


  24. uhhh… these reviews aren’t describing it as something “solid”. “decent” would be a more appropriate word.

    • “Decent” doesn’t describe 4/5′s.

  25. The only clip that really bugs me is the basketball clip, the music mostly.

  26. romance is a big part of Spider-Man so im not surprised if all these action cg junkie drones dont like the movie, wont stop me from watching and enjoying the movie if its good regardless of the negative crap in reviews because its not “The Avengers”. Honestly I thought The Avengers sucked, I never liked Iron man, Craptain America, Hawkeye, or Thor in the comics let alone having them all plus others mashed up in a movie. Thor was the only one besides the Hulk that had thier own good movies plus no Ed Hulk is a huge let down, Ruffalo sucks in comparison