Final ‘Amazing Spider-Man’ Posters Embrace a Darker Tone

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A few weeks from now a Marvel film (The Avengers) will kick off the summer movie blockbuster season, to be followed up a few weeks later by another Marvel flick in Sony and Columbia Pictures’ reboot of The Amazing Spider-Man.  It’s only been five years since Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man trilogy came to end and before DC Entertainment makes amends for last year’s Green Lantern with this year’s The Dark Knight Rises, we have Marc Webb’s 3D Spidey reboot with star Andrew Garfield as the new face of the franchise.

Over the weekend we saw the film’s Japanese trailer, and there’s been no shortage of set photos and images of Garfield as Peter Parker and in costume as the titular hero or of Rhys Ifans’ as Dr. Curt Connors/The Lizard. Adding to the media, today we have a pair of new posters for The Amazing Spider-Man.

Less than two months from release, Yahoo! Movies has the final pair of The Amazing Spider-Man posters featuring the titular hero’s new duds and a very blue background aesthetic in the vein of the earlier “untold story” poster featuring Parker out of costume..

The one-sheets embrace the opposite color scheme and feel of the original posters for Spider-Man and Spider-Man 2

… And follow the “darker” tone and style of Spider-Man 3 and dare I say it, The Dark Knight:

Images aside – we know what Spider-Man and the city of New York look like – it’s the story, characterization and style of the film that matter and everything we’ve seen thus far at conventions and in footage looks on the up and up and this is why The Amazing Spider-Man is one of our most anticipated films of the year and a movie that we believe will surprise audiences.

The Amazing Spider-Man stars Andrew Garfield, Emma Stone, Rhys Ifans, Denis Leary, Martin Sheen, Sally Field with of course, a cameo from Stan Lee.

The Amazing Spider-Man swings into theaters (2D, 3D, and IMAX 3D) around the U.S. on July 3rd, 2012.

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  1. Nice!! I’m loving these new posters!

    These posters, as you say, have elements of the Raimi Spiderman posters (like with the reflection of the city in Spidey’s mask) and The Dark Knight (with the blue city in the background). I know this is just a poster, but if the final product is a blend of the feel of the Raimi films with that of the Dark Knight, like the posters seem to suggest, I would certainly be fine with that. Looking forward to this movie!

  2. Oh I get it! “Darker tones” Spiderman 3 wasn’t really that
    dark at all.

  3. I like how the posters looks dark and edgy, and I think this is going to be the first movie I watch in 3D.

  4. This color scheme and style, all I can say is that the charcaters that fit best are Kraven the hunter and Venom… maybe Cardiac and Electro.

    Not impressed with the acting and directing in the trailers so far though, seems wooden and uninspired.

  5. Anything will be better than the RAimi films.

    • I agree. This cannot possibly be any worse than the camp fest that was the Raimi trilogy. I thought Raimi tragically miscast spiderman (the damn focus of the film) as well as Mary Jane. Hopefully this new take on the subject material will bring something fresh to the table. Fingers crossed that this film will deliver. (oh and my favorite Raimi SM was 3. For some reason).

      • And I couldn’t disagree more. Spider-man is as well-known as Batman and Superman because of the Raimi movies. That is, people don’t just know Spider-man, but Peter Parker, Mary Jane, Aunt May, J. Jonah Jameson, etc. Yeah, Toby Macguire wasn’t the Peter Parker from the comics, but Raimi managed to infuse a lot of Spider-man humor nonetheless, and Macguire conveyed the struggles and guilt of Peter Parker.

        I and II are classics. III was overstuffed with plots, but Rami managed to tell every story clearly, if not satisfactorily. If these new movies go deeper into the world of Spider-man it’s because those early movies paved the way for them to do so. I could see Raimi’s enduring as classics. These movies have to prove themselves. It’s too soon to say if they’ll succeed or not.

        • Who on earth is jonah jamison?…. and I saw all movies

          • really? you weren’t paying attention then. he is the editor/publisher of the daily bugle. peter parker’s boss. the old guy with the flat top always smoking a cigar. btw, it’s J. Jonah Jameson, not jonah jamison.

          • Voodoo,

            I appreciate your reply and you bring up some good points. I’ve always loved Spider-man, and he has been the favorite of comic readers for years, but I’m talking about his world getting into the rest of the culture. Sure people know Spider-man but before those movies the average person who doesn’t read comics wouldn’t know that he is Peter Parker, or the story of his Uncle Ben, or his employers name. Conversely names like Clark Kent, Lois Lane, even Perry White, Jimmy Olsen, Daily Planet. Most everyone knows them. I’m saying that Spider-man went from being superficially familiar to the next level shared by really only Superman and Batman.
            I love the Raimi films. When I first saw them all I noticed were the changes and things missing. But it was striking to me how it pulled in so many people who never read a comic. They liked it because of the characters and relationships. I think the movies really distilled Spider-man down to it’s essence and made very entertaining movies that are funny and dramatic at the same time.

            You couldn’t be more correct about the different Batman interpretations. He’s pretty amazing and unique (and resiliant) that way. But I would argue that the Burton films left room for an origin movie. Recall that BB was originally promoted as a prequel with an eye on a reboot. It didn’t really interfere with the Burton Batman at that point. And it really grew in popularity by word of mouth, not so much in initial BO. Spider-man had a very clear entire movie devoted to his origin, a lot less time has passed, and say what you will, but S-M III was no Schumaker Batman. It’s a different situation.

            Anyway, I still love Raimi’s S-M (I and II mostly), and I think he deserves a lot of credit. S-M was talked about for decades before he made those and I think he did them just right. I will see the new movie, but I wouldn’t bet that general audiences are ready to embrace a new, deeper, darker S-M. Plus being released close to TDKR, if it’s well recieved, could leave AS-M looking like an attempt to mimic Nolan’s Batman. This could turn out to be a movie that comic fans love, but everyone else isn’t so crazy about. Like I said, it’s too soon to say.

      • sooooo true. i dont get how people actually thought that those were good

      • ha ha ha, and i used to watch that too! it was just as silly as batman from the 60’s, but back in the day, that was the s*** cause that’s all we had! then we got The Incredible Hulk. that looks really dated now too, but i will probably watch them on netflix.

  6. Oh yeah , yeah. Because ” dark, gritty and edgy ” is so ‘ in ‘ these days.

  7. When everyone is doing “dark, gritty and edgy,” it’s not quite as edgy anymore, is it?

    Next fad, please.

    • That’s what I’m sayin. ^5

    • Well no, it is still “edgy” but when EVERYTHING is edgy then it doesn’t feel unique and fresh anymore which becomes boring.

      Just wait until they have run out of ways to add a new twist to it and go back to the musicals of the 50’s! O.o

    • You’ll enjoy our podcast this week when it goes up Wednesday – I talk about the use of “edgy” and what it really means nowadays.

      • Edgy doesn’t mean anything now. Dark Knight wasn’t even edgy.

  8. Never cared for the first Raimi Spider-Man poster…it looks like Spidey is laying on top of a a skyscraper that tipped over!

  9. Brings back memories of Spidey 3 poster that had us all wondering just how dark they were going – and it ended up ‘not’ what the poster led us to believe – Like this new poster tho – Fingers crossed they don’t deliver another dissapointment.

  10. It’s quite ironic that the first Raimi Spiderman flick came out exactly 10 years ago. It was a huge hit , even with critics , and the biggest 2002 movie of the year.

    So here we are, a decade later, with another Spidey origin story ( exchange Mary Jane for Gwen Stacy ) with an edgy tone….

    • Except this film is adding elements that weren’t present in the first Spider-man film, such as the mystery of Peter’s parents will be a huge focus of this film.

    • I’m sure they will do another Spider-Man movie in five to ten years and people will be ranking on this one and talking about how the new version is even more “dark & edgy”…..

  11. is spider-man fighting loki’s army? if he isn’t then your doing it wrong…

    • [facepalm]

  12. In the Spidey headshot image, I like how they use the empire state building in the right mask lens to signify the eye of a lizard. Nice touch.

    • I guess “resemble the eye of a lizard” would have been a better way to put it…

  13. cant wait to see spidey

  14. I love the colors, but I think that’s just because that particular color of blue has always hit my retinas just the right way.

    Cool posters.

  15. I like them 😉

  16. I hope that when Spidey is swinging from building to building with Gwen, that her hair blows in the right direction — small but ridiculous gaffs like that drag me right out of a shot.

  17. Im already sold that Andrew is a better Spidey than Toby!

  18. The whole thing looks amazing, excuse the pun, almost looking forward to this as much as The Avengers.
    But maybe, is it possible to write an article about a comic book movie that doesn’t involve using the words The, Dark, and Knight?

  19. That’ a bunch of bull about Raimi film being no good. Spider-Man wouldn’t be be as big as it was in film if it wasn’t for those films. He was pretty much just known in comics and the show from the 70’s until Raimi brought the popularity to a high again.

    His first two films was great. It was just the last one that wasn’t.

    • No way. Spider-man was a huge pop icon way before the Raimi movies. I’d always seen kids with Spider-man toys, t-shirts, playsuits, lunchboxes etc… way before the Raimi movies came about.

      Sure they raised his profile, but probably among parents (especially mums), moreso than kids. All kids new who Spider-man was. Spider-man has never been out of the public eye pretty much since his first inception.

      • *knew*

  20. What was wrong wht the “Old” Spiderman? I saw the Trailers and I don’t think I really want to see it in Cinema……. The older Peter Parker fits better in the storry than the new one, the new one doesn’t have the nerd look like the old one did 😀 I belive it is a great Movie whit Amazing Special Effects but I still Love the old spiderman 😀