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It’s a common complaint these days that movie studios release too much footage before a movie has a chance to premiere in theaters. Between trailers, clips, featurettes and set videos, you can get an idea of how the entire movie is going to play out, long before you pay the ticket price to actually see it.

One fan has set out to prove this point – at least insofar as it applies to The Amazing Spider-Man. By cutting together all of the footage released so far, user  Sleepyskunk has actually managed to put together a twenty-five minute reel that plays like a truncated version of the movie.


Having seen the film (check back on July 3rd for our official review) I can say: this preview only does Amazing Spider-Man a fraction of the justice it deserves. While you don’t really get the full deal from this patchwork of scenes, the mega-preview does give you a sense of some of the major plot points – as well as the finer aspects of the film, including:

  • The modernized version of Peter Parker (as portrayed by Andrew Garfield).
  • The lankier, wise-cracking version of Spider-Man (that’s in step with the comic version).
  • Both the practical stunt work and CGI effects used to create the super-powered action.
  • The overall narrative and tone of the film.
  • The performances of the principal cast and their shared chemistry.

There is still a considerable contingent of moviegoers who believe that The Amazing Spider-Man is an unnecessary reboot of the film franchise, but director Marc Webb has arguably created a different enough version of Spidey’s world – even if some of the origin story beats are the same – to allow ASM to stand on its own. This video should serve to give those people still on the fence about seeing ASM a much better indication of whether or not the film is for them.

Amazing Spider Man trailer Peter and Gwen Watch Amazing Spider Man Online (In 25 Minutes)

I can also say that some of the sequencing in the video isn’t quite in the correct order – namely the scene where peter parker is in Gwen Stacy’s (Emma Stone) room all injured, vulnerable and shirtless. In this preview, that scene is followed by the sequence of Spider-Man in the sewers – which is actually the reverse order of the theatrical cut. Furthermore, this splice job does not evidence the quality of the 3D in the film – even though it does capture some of the excellent score by James Horner. There are other differences here and there, but as far as trying to put together a movie from random bits, Sleepy Skunk has done a pretty good job.

The Amazing Spider-Man will be in theaters on July 3, 2012.

Source: Sleepyskunk (via Cinema Blend)

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  1. Lol, well I just saved 15$.

    • Kinda what I expected. Nothing ground-breaking. I actually like that this Spidey is a bit of a dick. Probably going to bed renting this, (in a Crane voice) assuming Netflix left anyone for us to rent from!

  2. LOL….this preview pretty much sums up the movie

  3. Wow. Well, I was skeptical and content to wait for the blu-ray release of this film – until now. This made me want to see it in the theater, and I’ll look forward to seeing this franchise restarted.

    • Glad I watched this when I did – looks like it’s been pulled.

      • which is bull since they released all of the sense themselves.

  4. i liked the preview some people might say they wont see it now because this summs up the whole movie but it didnt im curious to see the full action squences i actually want to go see it in 3d now

  5. What happened to the preview?!! The video says it does not exist!!

    • The video is BACK.


  6. haha i watched it , nice one, got deleted as soon as i finished watching it, lucky me :D

  7. I remembered being exicted to see the origina; back in 02. But I just cant really seem to find the two shits needed to watch it. I have been looking really hard too…….. O well, maybe I will catch the reboot in another 10 years.

    • Right. I just don’t see the excitement for this movie. From most of the reviews the 3D isn’t even all that exciting except when slinging around the city. Other than that the 3D seems to be average at best. Spiderman will always have a huge draw because of the fanbase which is why there will be another reboot as you said in 10 years or so, LOL. I will wait until then to see it but for now I am just going to wait for the blu ray

  8. Why the hell would I want to watch anything more than trailer #1 of any movie if I plan to see it in a THEATER?!!! What sick minds can’t handle the thrill OF A THRILL and needs to have it ruined by the thrill OF A SPOILER?!! Sorry. Raised in a different generation.

  9. well video is not working so I`ll wait for the theaters instead

  10. I would like to go back to a time when trailers didnt reveal so much of the movie. I love talking about movies (obviously) but that doesnt mean we need so much of the movie before it comes out. Studios need to be a little more responsible with their marketing. More is not always better. Just my opinion.

  11. Amazing all these clips are there to see – this movie looks superb & brings back Spider-Man after too long away.
    Effects look sensational !

  12. I wish I hadn’t just watched it. :(

  13. Did they spray this guy with repellent or could they find a more unappealing person for Spiderman than Andrew Garfield?

    • Blame them. He’s ideal.

  14. This was excellent job with what he had to work with. Marc Webb knows how to capture New York, I think this will be better than Raimi. Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield are excellent. The rest of the cast is first rate in their performances. I will see this movie in IMAX 3D just from the trailer I have seen in IMAX 3D, but this does improve the enthusiasm for seeing it. Wish Marvel had the rights to make it but it still will be a $billion movie! Great job Sleepyskunk!

  15. I don’t understand people who want to ruin the film for themselves… I’m glad I don’t watch trailers or look at any BTS photos.

    I have no interest in watching an emo-spiderman, and Emma Stone is kind of annyoing.

  16. Someone make this downloadable so I can put on my PS3 and watch on my tv?

  17. The scene of Peter Parker impressing the doctor with his knowledge of science made me feel like I was watching “Spider-Man 2″ with Doc Ock.

  18. Nobody goes to superhero movies for their plot… its the action, dramatic, romantic moments/sequences and how well they are put together that makes a superhero movie worth a watch. so as far as i know, the preview shows that this movie has done a VERY good job of all that in the almost 2 hours that i haven’t seen yet.

    i would say you’d be dumb to not be able to figure out the plot of superhero movies based on content that’s released before the movie comes out. and i am also talking about “tight-lipped” nolan’s tdkr.

    at the end of tdk, i called that:
    that in the next film things will go well for a while because of harvey dent’s legacy and with batman being pursued as a criminal. then a bigger, badder foe will come along and start wreaking havoc. and the city will beg for bats to return and he will. after feuding with the bad guy, bats will win and then move onto the next film.

    a couple of things that i didn’t quite get right was batman’s 8 year retirement, catwoman in the robin role, and the fact that tdkr will be the last batman film by nolan.

    but all things considered, i got most of it right. and that isn’t even because of some long thinking sessions –this plot is lifted right out of spider-man 2…

    • i know someone will reply saying that the details aren’t as specific as ASM, so i’m posting this reply coz i can’t be bothered to come back here and engage in a prolonged flame war.

      *a young bane being trained by ra’s al ghul in lazarus pit, young talia al ghul standing around
      *years later, bane harasses some dude on a plane and then tears the plane apart (MI:4 preview scene)
      *switch to gotham with harvey dent day being announced and the “mayor will dump him, he’s a war hero” bit
      *bruce wayne chilling out in parties and meets catwoman there and dances with her, also meets ‘miranda tate’ there
      *”my wife?!” scene
      *catwoman takes the car, goes to wayne manor, steals bruce’s mother’s necklace (doing her thief antics and whatnot)
      *bruce calls alfred to pick him up “takes some time to get back in the swing of things”
      *bruce wayne comes in and starts brawling with her, catwoman backflips out of a window and escapes
      *bane reaches gotham, blows up the stadium, terrorizes gotham’s wall-street place
      *bruce wayne says i’ll get back in the game, alfred resists “i swore to your parents that i would protect you, and i haven’t”
      *bruce ignores him and suits up
      *bane frees arkham asylum criminals, batman vs bane in the crowd but fight gets broken up when bane brings out his own tumblers and thrashes everyone and leaves
      *bruce develops a relationship with ‘miranda tate’
      *this parts fuzzy –but he ends up tag teaming with catwoman who is working with JGL’s character
      *they go out, blow up sh*t
      *batman gets locked underground with bane, bane ‘breaks the bat’ and takes bruce with him
      *he keeps bruce as a war prisoner, then all the prison training and ‘bashara deshi means rise’ scenes happen
      *another fuzzy part about how bruce breaks out –my guess is with catwoman, JGL, and miranda tate’s help
      *bruce uses lucius fox’s help to get the flying batmobile thing
      *they go out again and defeat bane
      *miranda tate reveals herself to be talia al ghul and kills bane –reveals she was here from league of shadows and came to use batman to stop bane (mentions the whole ‘bane got kicked out of league of shadows for being too brutal’ thing)
      *talia starts using bane’s army to destroy gotham, batman kicks her ass, gives her a speech about good/evil, league of shadows decides to give gotham a second chance and leaves

      -no batman will not die
      -no bruce will not pass on the mantle
      -both these will be because thats the kind of conclusion warner bros will want for this ending to not f-up the batman reboot they wanna do for justice league

      -Oh. and yes, JGL’s only function will be stealing comm. gordon’s screentime coz nolan just seems to have a b0ner for this guy

      • and again, before some dumb@ss says it again.

        miranda tate IS talia. nolan is notorious for lying to hide spoilers.
        *the little kid actor let it spill that she plays young talia
        *marion cotillard was wearing the same eastern-inspired garb as ra’s al ghul in one of the set photos
        *it makes storyline sense since it all comes “full circle”
        *it’s been GOD DAMN obvious since day one.

        • I’ll be thoroughly impressed if Batman can convincingly tell the LOS to get lost. Trilogy enders tend to have cop-out endings, I hope this isn’t one of the offenders.

      • It’ll be interesting to see how much of your theory ends up correct.

  19. i suppose you must have some sort of account to watch this preview because when clicking on the “sleepyskunk” link i couldn`t find it!!!!! I`m not part of screen rant staff, i`m just an ordinary fan.

  20. I don’t understand how everyone says “FAIL”, “I’ll catch it on Blu Ray”, and “I just saved $15″ without even seeing the completed film. Honestly, what did you expect from B Roll Footage and from the storyline? I didn’t have to watch this to assume what the storyline would loosely be based around. People like I mentioned above, are the type of movie that just kill movies (John Carter is one example. Wasn’t great but wasn’t this awful movie either) or hate just to hate. I know that isn’t the truth always but seems to be the case with this Spidey film. Want to know why they are redoing it? Because The past Spider-Man movies sucked. Emo Peter Parker? Are some of you out of touch with reality? People dress like this…It is common place to see ppl in attire like that. And that is the one thing you pick out to complain about? You need to step back, and get a grip on things.

    Anyways, I will judge the film when I’ve see the completed package in theateres. I am actually pumped to see a TRUE 3-D movie. The 3d in the trailer looks amazing (no pun intended).

  21. Collider still has the video-

  22. Very cool! Great work. I am more stoked to see THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN in theatres. Spiderman 3 put our fav webslinger in the ditch, this should bring him back out.

  23. very nice. i tried to do the same thing with all the avengers footage before the movie came out, but i just didn’t have the patience, and the software i was using sucked @$$. i saw the 3d preview in front of the avengers and that made me want to see it in theaters

  24. Looks better than Raimi’s did visually, but Raimi just “GOT” the Spiderman story, he understood what all the characters are about.

    Garfield is what the new ‘hipster doofus’ horrible cartoons are now portraying Spiderman as, and the fact they’re even talking about Spiderman’s parents, really???? Garfield lost me with that fake speech he gave; although, I admit overall he’s not a bad actor though.

    To each his own and at some point I’ll probably see it on cable or rent it but with the Avengers being unbelievable, and you know Chris Nolan hit TDKR out of the park, this had better be at least a 90% or above in Rotten Tomatoes before I’d waste money on it.

  25. Wow, soo early reviews are coming in. A lot of them is looking good. The acting and script/plot is great but the most complaints I’ve been seeing on numerous sites has been the 3D. One comic site saying the 3D feels “like a rushed add-on and does nothing to add to the film”. Another one says, “the 3D only serves its purpose for 10-15 minutes within the film. The 3D effects felt wasted and it didn’t live up to its full potential”. One site in Japan calls the movie “500 seconds of 3D Spiderman”. In general it seems the overall consensus is that the movie is excellent, falls short of epic like with the likes of The Avengers, and the 3D didn’t live up to the hype.

  26. I agree with the writer. But everyone’s different…some people really dont care much about movies. Just see them if they’re bored or whatever I dont know or care. But if you’re someone who really cares about the acting skills, scripts, stuns that andrew ACTUALLY did for this film which was an EXTREME amount *videos are online , its unbelievable some of them* and the fact that it is directed and screenwritten in a very very cool/darker/much more thought out concept that i prefer way over the original s-man movies…
    and that’s not saying they were bad. but i can tell, just by watching half of this mashup so far *even though ive been watching most of them that have come out* this had made me 50x more excited to witness this on screen from watching this cut together *thanks to the vidder btw! very creative concept.* while i guess a bunch of you say ‘oh hey i just saved 25 bucks’ etc etc..idk its interesting to me.
    but to the writer, even though you’ve seen the screening and i haven’t, i agree already with you…its fantastic/(or else is ‘going ‘ to be i know it.)

  27. I wonder if it will continue to produce viral footage, like Prometheus?

  28. Good