Possible ‘Amazing Spider-Man’ Spoiler: New Twist on The Lizard

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The Amazing Spiderman The Lizard Possible Amazing Spider Man Spoiler: New Twist on The Lizard

We’ve known for a while now that Rhys Ifans is playing The Lizard, the villain of Marc Webb’s The Amazing Spider-Man, and while fans are probably looking ahead for concept art or a screenshot of Spidey’s reptilian nemesis, it’s meanwhile been assumed that the version of The Lizard we’ll get in Amazing Spider-Man will basically be the character we know and love from the comics.

Today brings a rumor by way of website Big Fanboy stating that Amazing Spider-Man will in fact be putting an interesting twist on The Lizard, one that could potentially make for a truly exciting and epic Spider-Man movie experience.

The following should be considered a POSSIBLE SPOILER about The Amazing Spider-Man‘s plot – though I should state that it’s something we would likely learn from a trailer or poster in the near future. Still, I know some people are sensitive to this stuff, so:












Here’s the actual quote from Big Fanboy about how the Lizard might not be rolling solo when he comes for Spidey’s head:

One of the primary important crew members (who shall remain nameless) recently let it slip to one of our readers (a trusted one at that) that many of the stunt actors in the film have been spending time in heavy make-up for hours on end because of a fight scene in the film where they’re turning all the S.W.A.T. team guys into reptilian creatures… which I’d assume is some nefarious work of The Lizard.

The Lizard’s alter-ego is of course Dr. Curt Connors, a reknowned scientist who studies genetics, so it would be a totally plausible plot-point to have Connors be able to mutate others with the same serum that turns him into a monster – whether through bites, scratches or a chemical compound of some sort.

spider man 4 the lizard main villain Possible Amazing Spider Man Spoiler: New Twist on The Lizard

There’s also the issue of actor Iffran Khan’s character, Niels Van Adder, who we know is also a scientist and will be something of a secondary villain in the film. Khan recently let it be known that unlike in the comics, his version of Van Adder won’t transform into Proto-Goblin (at least not in this film). That leaves the door wide open for Van Adder to be the bad man going around mutating people.

I’m actually pulling for this rumor to be true because I think the idea of Peter Parker having to take on an army of foes is great for several reasons:

  1. Jumping, dodging and fighting a crowd of foes will allow us to see some serious action and acrobatics that are totally unique to  Spider-Man.
  2. It gives the film the coveted multiple villains format, without having to split the focus of the story on so many origins and/or sub-plots.
  3. It caters to the other side of Spider-Man’s character: Peter Parker the brainy science geek. Having Peter have to match wits with his foe on a scientific level is much more interesting than just watching Spider-Man beat up the bad guy.
  4. Action sequences like “Spidey vs. The Lizards” might actually make it worthwhile to see this movie in 3D.

Neo vs. Agent Smiths Matrix Reloaded Possible Amazing Spider Man Spoiler: New Twist on The Lizard

To confess, I was never a fan of  the “Neo vs. Agent Smiths” sequence in The Matrix Reloaded. The CGI looked terrible to me, and the whole thing was a way too overwrought and over the top. If this Lizard clones rumor is true, I just hope Marc Webb handles these sequences smartly – because if he does, I think we’ll be seeing something that could definitely put this reboot (or is it not a reboot?) above and beyond the experience of watching Sam Raimi’s films.

The Amazing Spider-Man swings into theaters on July 3, 2012.

Source: Big Fanboy via Cinemablend

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  1. I love this idea,having a bunch of lizards everywhere is epic indeed! I would like if the lizard bit his victims etc…. so the ending is going to be amazing! wonder where the fight location takes place :)

  2. Ok, Now I know for sure That I will NOT be seeing this movie! This whole idea of multiple Lizards is dumb. Thank You Sony for KILLING Spiderman! I refuse to see this or or other Spiderman movei if Sony is making it! Thank Asgard for the Avengers and for THOR!

    • Not multiple versions of Connors just other ppl he turns into lizard mutations. This was done one time all the way back in the 95 animated series.

  3. I am curious Chris,
    Did you like Jurassic Park?

  4. I hope it’s good because this seems interesting.

  5. If I wanted to watch a movie with multiple repltiles running around, I would watch Jurassic Park, It’s stunts like this and That god awful Godzilla movie that make me not want to see movies. All that aside, I am definietly seeing Thor and Th Avengers and Cap. No more Spiderman for me. Done.

    • Chris this is just a rumor chill LOL

  6. sounds pretty dang cool to me kinda like the web of shadows game

  7. This rumor could be misinterpreted, it could mean they need several lizard stuntmen to portray the lizard in several stages of his changing into or out of lizard form. Or injuries and/or costume damage but let time takes it’s course and it is pure fun just speculating if this has any merit at all!!!

    • Logic and reason have no place here. It is not called “ScreenLogic” after all. :)

      Good points … all.

      • Since you pit it that way, it could also be a chorus line of SWAT Lizards, who will be performing a number called- “Turn on the lights! We’ve got another injured Spidey actor on our hands!”

    • Max, what you wrote would imply that Dr. Connors is in a SWAT team…

  8. Nope. I’ve already made up my mind, I am NOT seeing this movie, I don’t like the actor that’s playing Peter, I have no idea who Emma Stone is, nor do I care, and after what SOny did to the Last Spiderman movie, I’m just not going to watch this in theaters OR on dvd/Blu-Ray. Thor and Avengers and Captain Human Torch, I mean America.. Sorry it’s Chris Evans. lol. Those are the movies I will be seeing.

    • Chris what about The Dark Knight Rises?

  9. I’ll see that too, Has to be better than The Dark Knight, which I didn’t like, with the exception of Heath Ledger. The guys was AWESOME as Joker. Might Xmen First Class BEFORE I see The Amzing Spiderman.

    • sorry dude, i was actually on your side until you said that you didn’t like The Dark Night. it’s been pretty much acclaimed as the best comic book movie made so far, and for good reason. the fact that you didn’t like it, added with what seems to be your dislike of these other movies makes you sound like a curmudgeon who just wants to badmouth movies.

      and i also think the multiple Lizards is retarded. stick as close to the source material as possible.

      • I’m not sorry that my likes or dislikes of movies is not the same as anyone else. I have my opinions, and I try to respect other opinions on movies. That being said I should have said WHY I didn’t like the Dark Knight and it is basically because of Maggie What’s her face as Rachel Dawes. Well that and how they wasted Two-Face.

        • How did they waste two-face?

          • Maybe because Two Face deserved more screen time than the small amount he had, and that his death (pushed over by Batman) was lame. They got Harvey perfectly but Two Face was wasted and his psychological transformation wasnt anywhere near as convincing as the physical one.

            • i disagree. he had enough screentime for his role. i dont see how it was lame the way he died. and i disagree on the last point as well lol. sure the physical one was much better, but i dont think the psychological was bad.

      • Sorry, but I dont really like The Dark Knight either. I could write a fairly comprehensive list of reasons why but I honestly don’t have the time.
        It isnt a bad movie, but it isnt great and it isnt the best comic book movie, not by a long shot.

        You know people are allowed to dislike films. Everyone doesnt have to like the same stuff. It would be a pretty dull world ig we did.

        • Wise Man

        • Couldn’t disagree with you more Sam. Not only IMO is it the greatest comic film, but second place isn’t even close to it. It’s leaps and bounds ahead of the competition. Second place IMO is Batman Begins, but it’s not even a close Second. TDK was IMO just that amazing as a film.

          • i completely agree Daniel

      • Well, while I didn’t hate TDK, I don’t consider it the end-all-to-beat-all of comicbook movies. I felt the movie was a bit boring. I actually put Iron Man ahead of TDK (even though IM had its problems too).

      • Johnny_5, “it’s been pretty much acclaimed as the best comic book movie made so far” doesn´t mean it IS the best comic book movie so far… IMO there´s a bunch of better comic book movies.

        • Scapegoat.

          Nope there hasn’t. ;)

    • I dislike The Dark Knight too, good to hear that I`m not the only one.

      • I don´t DISlike TDK (it´s a cool movie), but I don´t get the point why all these people compare every comic book movie to it. IMO it was way too long and had some very boring moments in it…

        • That’s true, I’m sick of all those comparisons with no reason at all. By the way your Amazing Spider-Man wallpaper was cool, did you do it?

          • Yes, but it was no big deal. I just copied the Spidey image into a black background and added the logo. But thanks for the compliment. :D

  10. I think it sounds awesome! The fight should take place in Central Park then leading into the subway, where he will then fight “The Lizard!”

    • I was thinking they were moving the location of this to LA… or maybe I’m confusing it with something else.

      • the movie is being filmed in La. but it takes place in NYC

  11. Personally since The Lizard is in this “movie” then Kraven the Hunter should be as well. Right now the only way I see this movie is if They cast Jeremy Irons as Norman Osborn, Then and Only then would I see The Amazing Spider-Clone, I mean The Amazing Spider-Pig, oh wait, The Amazing Spiderman!

  12. Well this isn’t quite so out of left field. I believe that in an early appearance of the Lizard – in fact, I think it was his very first appearance in the comics, in Amazing Spider-Man #6 back in 1963 – his plan was actually to mutate lizards into something more formidable and human-like like himself so he could have an army of Lizards. So if they go this route, it’s just a bit different in that he’s mutating people into lizards instead of lizards into bigger lizards.

    But yeah, it’s lame if this is going to be the “master plan” of the movie. We already went thru that with Magneto in the first X-Men movie and while I loved that movie, I did think that was a bit too comic-booksy. So I do hope this is just a rumor.

  13. If you have seen (read) any issue of Spider-man where the Lizard is involved, Spider-man gets his ass kicked so bad each time he is lucky to make it out alive each time and with luck. Some of the best cover art on Spider-Man. If they do this right – it should be hella good, yep not your kids Spider-Man with goofy sounds and quarky shots. I ageree with MAXQ – this could just be different stages of change or battle. There is only and has only been one Lizard.

  14. The only grip I have about the first 3 movies is the fact that Spidey didn’t joke around while fighting the Green Gobling or Sandman or Venom or Doc Ock. That is Spiderman’s TRADEMARK. Cracking jokes with fighting. Other than that I liked the series, Loved the first 2 movies only LIKED SM3.

    • you seriously have ur panties in a bunch

    • Actually, I agree 100% with Chris O. That was one element that was sorely missing from the first three Spider-Man movies. Something tells me we won’t get it in this movie either, though…

  15. Meant to say Gripe, not grip. lol.

  16. Of course I believe this. That’s what The Lizard does is changes people into Lizards. I’ve been saying that since spidey 3

  17. More lizards to come flying at you courtesy of RealD 3D,,,,

  18. Well that sounds pretty cool, I can’t wait to see Spidey jumping around doing hand springs off of villains’ shoulders and heads. I pictured more of Tim Roth fighting Hulk(after his 1st Super Soldier injection) in TIH rather than The Matrix. I have a lot more faith in this then the new X-Men movie(actually have a friend who is an extra filming this week on a Navy ship).

  19. If spreading the mutation through biting or injecting somehow is an actual plot point…I welcome it. That’s exactly the kind of fresh thinking that adds something new and interesting to a familiar formula, i.e. Spidey kicking bad guy ass and protecting loved ones.

  20. /slaps forehead Were-Lizards?

  21. I wanted one totally bad ass villain, not a bunch of lizards running around. Does this mean the Lizard is weak as a villain? That would be disappointing.

    • Jake? formally from Madison Heights Bob Evans in Michigan>>? or no? MTB wants to know

    • I just want the lizard to be done well. Also I want one scene where the cops nearly take spider-man out. That’s one of the best parts about Spider-man is that even the people he helps don’t like him. I just want a big spotlight on him at night with the cops nearly catching him.

    • in the comics lizard injected multiple host with his lizard serum

  22. Kofi,

    you mentioned four reasons why this could be a good thing. Reasons 1, 2 and 4 are things we don’t want in our movies.

    • If you don’t want jumping and acrobatics, then it’s probably best to avoid Spider-Man films in general.

      It’s like saying that you hate webbing, wise-cracks, and people who dress in spandex.

      • That is over simplifying things in an attempt to void his argument. FAIL. I don’t want a Circus Soleil Spider-Man. Stunt men on wires cannot do what a Spider-Man can do if he were real.

        • ok… yeah lets just have a Spiderman movie where the whole time he’s in class and you know being bullied, with confrontations with only flash, yea tht would be an awesome movie (sarcasm) i want 1,2,3,4 but they must be done right with appropriate balance

        • What’chu talk’n bout Willis? There is no Spiderman without jumps and flips.

    • Actually, I agree with Michael.

  23. Fail.

  24. Kofi got to disagree, the Neo vs Smiths in the 2nd Matrix film was great, yes you can tell its CGI guys now but its a great scene.

    With this news maybe we dont actually see the Lizard yet that he uses the serum of the S.W.A.T. team to see if it will work?

  25. Although I´m really looking forward to this movie, this whole “many lizard guys” sounds like a video game. Fight all the lizards until you get to the boss…

    • I agree

  26. That first pic of spidey with his mask off clearly came after a tussle with the Lizard. He had claw marks all across his spider on his chest!

  27. This would make for a great climax.

    • yup

  28. I love how fanboys honestly hold to the idea that when “source material” is a comic book, then that material is this holy, sacred material that can not, and should not, be changed at all or tweaked a bit, because that material is perfect. Perfect. Occasionally we will see things, such as comics, movies, books, etc., that we do feel would be tough to improve on, but most of the time I think most of use see areas in comics where a narrative, costume, or drawing, for instance, could be improved. Sometimes I don’t think the comics get it right. Some tweaks in a movie might actually be an IMPROVEMENT on the source material. I made a comment earlier on another story where I said this was done brilliantly by Zack Snyder with Watchmen. The costumes in the graphic novel (along with all the illustrations and some of the writing) sucked, but Snyder made those costumes look fantastic in the movie. He also improved many of the scenes in the book. In that case, the movie was MUCH better than the source material. So sometimes changes have to be made to translate a comic book into film, and sometimes they most definitely SHOULD be made.

    • Actually BW, fanboys are not asking for Hollywood to stick to the source material so closely that it makes a bad film. They are asking that Hollywood does not deviate so far from the source material that it cheapens it and becomes unrecognizable. Lizard men would fall in that category.

      • That’s a good point Dexter. I probably wasn’t clear, but I was speaking more in general. There are certainly plenty of fans on here, especially regarding this new Spiderman film, that will not tolerate ANY change to the source material. That’s who I’m specifically speaking about. They have a problem with not just with the idea of “lizard men”, but a little bit of silver on the boots of the costume, the lack of a web ‘belt”, etc. ANY change is bad to these guys. It’s as if they pick up a new comic and before reading it, make a proclamation, “Whatever I find between these pages I completely accept as the Law of the Universe.” There’s NO WAY the source material could EVER be improved. Really?

        Now as to whether there should be multiple lizard men in this film, who knows? One, this is still just a rumor. Two, we don’t even know what the context will be. It’s highly unlikely that Spiderman will be fighting an army of lizard men throughout the movie. This could just be a small, and I think potentially exciting, part of the movie. It could work and end up being a pretty cool deviation from the source material.

        • Yeah, this is just a rumor, but if it turns out to be true, I can’t say I’m crazy about the idea. I guess I kinda see something pure about Spidey with just one Lizard. Done well, the Lizard could be outright savage, and I don’t like the idea of diluting that, or the story of two men’s struggle to deal with their powers — good and bad, with a ton of CGI lizard people. It just starts to sound gimmicky when you speak of a bunch of lizards running around.

          Speaking of a savage Lizard, I felt the one thing Joe Johnston did right in The Wolfman (well I guess Hugo Weaving and Emily Blunt were two other great things in that movie) was have a werewolf that, in my opinion, was just brutally savage. I don’t recall another werewolf film showing such raw, brutal attacks before. That’s the way I’d love to see the Lizard portrayed.

          • Great White

            I totally agree. I would love to see a vicious bad-ass Lizard that just takes people apart but they are probably going for the teenage crowd with this one.

        • actually there has been a few issues when the Lizard infected people and turned them. So, it being in the movie wouldn’t be a stretch at all.
          The stupid thing would be to have the Lizard be someone other than Connors. THAT’s messing with the source material.
          Having Havoc older than Scott is F’n with the source material.
          We’ve seen the Hulk’s origin change each movie and it was even different in the TV show, but as long as Banner was still the Hulk and it was Gamma Rays, then it didn’t matter. I don’t recall anyone complaining about the Hulk missing his purple pants?

      • actually he’s tried the lizards army twice and a bunch of times in games and cartoons.

        • Crap Deshawn,
          If i’d have read further I could have saved a comment. LOL

  29. It reminds me of the recent Amazing Spider-Man Storyline SHED

    • i loved that storyline, just parker, hanging, in his shed for 4 issues.
      classic bit in issue two when he found his old baseball cards and alphabetised them!