Possible ‘Amazing Spider-Man’ Spoiler: New Twist on The Lizard

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The Amazing Spiderman The Lizard Possible Amazing Spider Man Spoiler: New Twist on The Lizard

We’ve known for a while now that Rhys Ifans is playing The Lizard, the villain of Marc Webb’s The Amazing Spider-Man, and while fans are probably looking ahead for concept art or a screenshot of Spidey’s reptilian nemesis, it’s meanwhile been assumed that the version of The Lizard we’ll get in Amazing Spider-Man will basically be the character we know and love from the comics.

Today brings a rumor by way of website Big Fanboy stating that Amazing Spider-Man will in fact be putting an interesting twist on The Lizard, one that could potentially make for a truly exciting and epic Spider-Man movie experience.

The following should be considered a POSSIBLE SPOILER about The Amazing Spider-Man‘s plot – though I should state that it’s something we would likely learn from a trailer or poster in the near future. Still, I know some people are sensitive to this stuff, so:












Here’s the actual quote from Big Fanboy about how the Lizard might not be rolling solo when he comes for Spidey’s head:

One of the primary important crew members (who shall remain nameless) recently let it slip to one of our readers (a trusted one at that) that many of the stunt actors in the film have been spending time in heavy make-up for hours on end because of a fight scene in the film where they’re turning all the S.W.A.T. team guys into reptilian creatures… which I’d assume is some nefarious work of The Lizard.

The Lizard’s alter-ego is of course Dr. Curt Connors, a reknowned scientist who studies genetics, so it would be a totally plausible plot-point to have Connors be able to mutate others with the same serum that turns him into a monster – whether through bites, scratches or a chemical compound of some sort.

spider man 4 the lizard main villain Possible Amazing Spider Man Spoiler: New Twist on The Lizard

There’s also the issue of actor Iffran Khan’s character, Niels Van Adder, who we know is also a scientist and will be something of a secondary villain in the film. Khan recently let it be known that unlike in the comics, his version of Van Adder won’t transform into Proto-Goblin (at least not in this film). That leaves the door wide open for Van Adder to be the bad man going around mutating people.

I’m actually pulling for this rumor to be true because I think the idea of Peter Parker having to take on an army of foes is great for several reasons:

  1. Jumping, dodging and fighting a crowd of foes will allow us to see some serious action and acrobatics that are totally unique to  Spider-Man.
  2. It gives the film the coveted multiple villains format, without having to split the focus of the story on so many origins and/or sub-plots.
  3. It caters to the other side of Spider-Man’s character: Peter Parker the brainy science geek. Having Peter have to match wits with his foe on a scientific level is much more interesting than just watching Spider-Man beat up the bad guy.
  4. Action sequences like “Spidey vs. The Lizards” might actually make it worthwhile to see this movie in 3D.

Neo vs. Agent Smiths Matrix Reloaded Possible Amazing Spider Man Spoiler: New Twist on The Lizard

To confess, I was never a fan of  the “Neo vs. Agent Smiths” sequence in The Matrix Reloaded. The CGI looked terrible to me, and the whole thing was a way too overwrought and over the top. If this Lizard clones rumor is true, I just hope Marc Webb handles these sequences smartly – because if he does, I think we’ll be seeing something that could definitely put this reboot (or is it not a reboot?) above and beyond the experience of watching Sam Raimi’s films.

The Amazing Spider-Man swings into theaters on July 3, 2012.

Source: Big Fanboy via Cinemablend

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  1. I could be wrong it’s been years, but I think I saw something very similar to this in the Spiderman cartoon from the 90s I seem to remember something where the Lizard had a massive group of Lizard people with him.

    • I remember that too. That was my first thought when I read the article, but I can’t remember the context of the episode.

      • i don’t know the name either but what your talking about is true look for season 3/4.
        the episode name is “the lizard king” i think

  2. @Daniel F, why do the cops act like retards in TDK.

    I hated that about the film.

    • 790 no idea what you mean so can’t answer that.

    • yeah im not sure either. they didn’t act any different that i noticed.

    • Actually, the police seemed to be fairly efficient considering they had to deal with a grim, shadowy vigilante AND a sociopathic lunatic.

    • hahaha yeah that’s exactly what I have always said. I mean seriously nobody noticed that in the film? in the chase scene of the film, the cops act like retards and their acting sucks a lot.

      • Which chase? Chasing the Batmobile, they didn’t do anything particularly unusual or bad; entering the Joker’s underground ambush while transporting Harvey Dent, I admit I DID wonder why they didn’t turn around and avoid the potential FUBAR.

        • Yeah that chase scene, in my opinion the cops lines are really stupid, just watch the scene again. But as I said before is just my opinion (and 790 opinion as well). You can also search The Dark Knight retarded cop in youtube for another scene.

          • The answer is…….

            Cops are just retarded.

            • Wow.

              I sincerely hope the cop who, invariariably, comes to help (or arrest) you never finds out that you uttered something so assinine…although I must admit I would find it extremely amusing to see them react to that piece of information…away from any other witnesses (or legal reprisals). Heh.

            • No, actually, statements like THAT are “retarded.”


  3. Here’s a link to an actual Amazing Spider Man published in 1963 where the Lizard had intentions to make an army of lizards by feeding his serum to other reptiles. So this storyline in the movie is technically only a slight deviation (giving the serum to men) FROM the source material.


  4. http://marvel.com/universe/Lizard_Curtis_Connors

    Another reference and link to The Lizard having plans to assemble a lizard army, but eventually dropping that plan to work alone.

    Having Spidey battle a small army of Lizards created from a S.W.A.T. team sounds pretty cool, and won’t be much of a stretch from the comics.

    • Your second link here goes to a page where nothing can be found. I was interested.

      • http://marvel.com/universe/Lizard_%28Curtis_Connors%29

        Here it is again. Maybe this will work.

        • The same webpage on Marvel says that the Lizard also intended to put his serum into the water supply and make people his mindless slaves, so once again, this being placed in the movie is not much of a stretch.

        • BW Movie Fan

          it worked this time, thanks. and that first link you put up is a great source for comics. cheers!

  5. It wouldn’t be so bad for them to deviate from the source material if the writing was better. But the majority of the times they have done this it was just bad. Usually it’s some hack screenwriter or arrogant director who wouldn’t even make a good comic book writer. Snyder however did improve Watchmen so I’m hopeful he can do the same here.

    Also a lot of times the changes are made for reasons other than telling a good story. Things like being PC, avoiding an R rating, dumbing down for a bigger audience, some director wants to make it “His vision”, and other assorted crap.

  6. OH NOES! Please, not Godzilla (circa ’98) all over again!!!

  7. @Archaeon,

    When the cops were escorting Dent to a secure holding area they come accross an obvious road block, they then knowingly drive down into an underground tunnel where they are attacked. Cops are killed, yada yada, didn’t see that coming,,,??
    The cops at the station ignore the guy with the cell phone stuck in his chest, then they leave a cop alone in a room with a gun, that Joker of course beats out of him.
    He uses that to make his phone call, resulting in his escape, via cell-bomb.

    Those stick out upon repeat viewings.

    • I have to say I agree with those points – to me the most egregious was when they detoured to below street level. Even during my first viewing I thought “Seriously?”.


      • Vic I actually like they way it was all handled. I think had they done everything just right it would of been to unrealistic. They are making a judgment call at the last second they have to rush in to a decision and while it’s nice to pretend they are not cops are just humans in a highly stressful situation where it’s easy to make a mistake. It’s easy to sit back watching the film telling everyone what they should of done, but were just watching a film a person in that situation with all that stress and fear could do anything they are unpredictable. No one is flawless and even cops make mistakes. That’s what’s great about the Joker in the film is that he tries to out smart them force them in to making mistakes so that he can take advantage of their mistakes.

        Even cops have flaws and they can’t all think well on their feet.

    • I just responded further up to someone else about the Dent transport screw-up, but I DO agree that they should have turned around when they saw the road ahead was blocked by a fiery vehicle (especially an emergency vehicle!)…Yes, I saw the ambush coming painfully clearly, but I had forgotten about that (granted, major) flub.

      As for the cop in the interrogation room, alone with Joker and a gun, yes, it was stupid of the cop, but it was not particularly surprising, given that similar things happen in police procedural shows and cop-buddy movies all the time.

      Last but not least, the cell-phone bomber seemed (sadly) none too out of place considering that criminals can often be very babyish and try dumb things to get sympathy or outright breaks. The police still did not know for certain the level of brilliant psychosis with which they were dealing, so THAT one I accepted as par for the course in Gotham City. Did I, the viewer, think the cops initially should have paid more attention to his complaints? Yes, I knew what was coming. Did I fault them for not doing so within the constraints of their own perceptions? Not as much as I might have…

      • Sorry, I forgot to say that the above is responding to 790.

        • This is what I like about this site, you can discuss about little details of films with people that enjoy movies just like me.

      • i think the reason they kept going is because they knew they were gonna be ambushed and were trying to trap the joker, at least Dent Gordon, and BM knew

  8. DEAR SIR great idea keep up the good work .. RE sub-marine when will they make the movie or give him a role . may be in a new ff 4 please e- mail me

  9. a lot of comments, and i’ve read a lot but i’m not sure if anyone posted this yet: in the comics (i think in the beginning of last fall) curt conners actually became the lizard again because of some idiot in his lab and (i forget how and why) he completely gave in to the lizard. he let it control him and somehow he started appealing to the lizard part of people’s brains and there was a mass of lizard like people running around and spider-man had to hop skip and jump his way around them. i’m over simplifying it, but i’m just saying there is precedent.

  10. @Archaeon, police officers are suppposed to be professional.

    That means not reacting violently to being called a retard. :)

    • 790…

      Yes, I realize that would never ACTUALLY happen (at least, SHOULDN’T ever), but I still think it would be appropriately amusing to see it happen to such a deserving jackass. :P

  11. Wow!!! why do you guys keep complaining???!!! In one of the storie lines of spider-man i do believe that spiderman had to stop the lizard from actaully turning other people into reptilian humanoid creatures!!!If you guys want this movie to be based more on the comics,HERE IT IS!!!Come on,i mean web shooters and a scene where hes about to get caught by cops! plus an awesome fight scene between creatures WILL BE IN THIS!no doubt in my mind,and the suit will change in this very film,im totally sure the director of this film knows this is SPIDERMAN!

  12. That happened in a Spider-man game in 2000. It was for PS1.

    • That was one of the best spiderman games ever!

  13. Not to mention that the picture of the lizard looks like Gwen’s father pay attention to the blue eyes he has and brown that dr conners got plus the shape but I could be wrong so who knows..