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The Screen Rant editorial team is back with episode forty-six of the Screen Rant Underground.

Join host Ben Kendrick as well as fellow SR editors Rob Keyes, Anthony Ocasio, Kofi Outlaw and guest Becky Ferreira from Mind Hut for this special edition of the Screen Rant Underground podcast as we review The Amazing Spider-Man and discuss what we’re expecting to see in the already announced Amazing Spider-Man 2.

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Screen Rant Underground: Episode 46 - The Amazing Spider-Man

In episode 46, a special edition of the Screen Rant Underground podcast, we review The Amazing Spider-Man and discuss what we’re expecting to see in the already announced Amazing Spider-Man 2.

[0:00] Review: The Amazing Spider-Man (read our full written review)

[39:42] The Amazing Spider-Man  SPOILERS conversation (check out our full spoilers discussion)

[1:37:20] Mailbag, Twitter Handles, and Contact Information

Hosts: Ben Kendrick, Rob Keyes, Anthony Ocasio, and Kofi Outlaw (with special guest Becky Ferreira)



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  1. Loved this version way better, this one felt like what Chris Nolan did with Batman, compared to ramie’s vesrion wich was like Tim Burtons cartoony Batman.

  2. Thiss has nothing to do with Ramies version and you have to tell how Spiderman becomes spiderman. think this way years down the line as babies grow up and watch a series where they skip how peter become spiderman then they would be lost lets say they never will watch ramies version but they atch one like i said above they would be like ok how did he get his powers? when you redo you have to show how a hero /villain gets thir powers.

    • You’re grossly overestimating the importance of origin stories. People aren’t f****** stupid. Even if a superhero sequel is their first time seeing a character, they can follow it just fine, as long as it’s a well-written, entertaining and self-contained story.

      You don’t need to know the minute details origins to care about a character.

      • *details of the origin story

      • Yeah. Casablanca didn’t require of sequel with the two leads in Paris. And what about Rick’s parents? How can we be sure he has any?

        SH movies do have to explain the unconventional. However this movie took way too long and ultimately didn’t even do it. I hear the “origin” will take place over several movies. The whole Uncle Ben dying and Peter feeling responsible really didn’t come across if you are looking at this as “self-contained.” Most people are like “Yeah Uncle Ben got shot. I seen that before,” but I think people are carrying over what they’ve seen and read before. This movie did not tell that story beyond the mere actions. Could be he’s got bigger lessons ahead (Gwen probably).

        It’s a mess. People were fine going from Ditko to Romita to other artists, McFarlene long before there was a “need” to create a back-story with his parents, and complicate his motivations. If they don’t seriously focus on self-contained movies this Spider-man is going to die a slow cinematic/box office death.

        All the crane operators in the world won’t be able to help this Spider-man reach a trilogy.

  3. Also this version did it a bit different as well great film.people are way too picky these days.as long as the story is strong, and characters get developt, there is great acting, action placed well, and well placed comedy, then a film can be great. also loved the more practical effects over Cg.

  4. I also thought it was pretty cool he took down the main threat and itleft some thing open for us to explore in the sequels. however if they where not planning on sequel this would piss me off big time kinda how x-3 did with professor -x after the end credits,ff with the silver surfer,ramies version leaveing peter and Mary Jane unmarried(etc).

    • I actually do like the larger world they’ve created (to tie-in to the sequels) but I can understand why some people felt this movie setup a lot more than it ultimately answered or attempted to payoff. There are definitely a number of threads that get dropped out of nowhere for sure.

      • “Threads” are par for the course with this type of movie. ASM left giant pieces of cloth lying around, leaving the story-at-hand “patchy” as you say.

  5. STFU about the costume and shoes? Really? While the zentai suit was “cool”, it was not, “Spider-Man”. There was absolutely no need to so radically change the outfit other than to distance themselves from the last incarnation. And we won’t talk about the completely lame fact (and huge plot hole) he just ordered it off the internet pretty much “as is” and just added a logo.

    And the shoes were stupid. period. They looked clumsy when he was trying to scale things and his clinging powers shouldn’t work through them. It is was for the actor’s sake, they should have CGed them out.

    • A friend of mine actually brought up the costume thing when we were discussing the film last night.

      It’s always been a tricky story point (Batman Begins nailed it): why are so many superheroes also excellent at hand sewing? Definitely requires some suspension of disbelief.

      • But he didn’t make it himself. Just like the webbing, he bought it from an outside source.

        I guess I was a little offended though when you (well, whomever that was) basically gave all us dissenters the finger and told us to “F” off. It’s nice when you can do that with impunity and no one can respond in like kind. Podcast or not, I don’t agree with that type of commentary on any level.

        • Well, that wasn’t me. I’m pretty sure it was Kofi – but I’m sure he was just trying to playfully push buttons (because we all took a lot of heat for articles we wrote about the costume). Sorry if it felt like a personal attack on your opinion.

          I was actually trying to agree with the absurdity of ordering the costume. I think we can all understand why fans might not be enthused about the outfit – but given the amount of heat that we saw on a lot of the articles about the costume, it seemed like people were getting overly fired-up about it.

          I actually like this one – but, as I said, I can understand why some viewers might have wanted something more traditional.

      • So you can suspend disbelief about a dude getting super spider powers after getting bit by a radioactive/genetically-altered spider, and then putting on a costume and becoming a superhero, and in this case even making his own freakin’ web shooters.

        But you cannot do the same about the kid having some hand-sewing skills? You have problems, my man.

        • And just for the record, I didn’t even care that the costume wasn’t like the comics, I’m just pointing out how your argument collapses on itself.

        • Sawyer – I assume you were replying to me but we’re on the same page? I was merely saying the whole thing requires disbelief but pointed out that some superhero stories do a good job of explaining the costume (again Batman Begins) – where as it’s just kind of funny how a few superhero movies actually show a soon-to-be-hero actually stitching their costume.

          It’s not that I can’t suspend that disbelief. As a matter of fact, I know some pretty badass scarf makers.

    • @mongoose

      LOL – I was just messing around. I know some people didn’t like it, I was just jabbing at it.

  6. The Amazing Spider-Meh?
    It was OK, but really, how can anything (super hero related, I mean) stand up after the Avengers? I’m just hoping that TDKR can stand the pressure.

  7. This movie was alright, but in my opinion, Spider-man 1 & 2 were far more entertaining.

    • Spider-Man 2 is still my favorite.

  8. People shouldn’t get caught up in that it is a reboot, I agree. But the often repeated pat answer that “there is a new generation of kids” (Daily Bugle Headline there), is weak, (appropriately so for this weak movie).

    Can’t kids these days blow the dust off Grandma’s DVD player? Does there need to be a new “Casablanca?” “ET?” etc.

    The point that the female reviewer said (sorry I didn’t get everyone’s name), of how the Raimi movie was more economical and efficient is good. I’m not against a reboot, but could it, and I’m talking the entire origin story, have been told in under an hour? A half-hour even? And there’s nothing wrong with doing that. It can be interesting. And it could have been done.

    Here, it wasn’t. Peter doesn’t misuse his powers or use them for selfish gains, so the whole Ben murder looses it’s point. In the comics Peter used his new strength to escape his “good apple” role and say “screw you rest-of-the-world.” The Raimi movie could have done that a little better but they did well enough.

    Watch it again. The movie lazily relies on the audiences Pavlovian response and expectations to key details of the story they are familiar with, but doesn’t really tell it’s own story convincingly. Just sayin’. “Untold story” indeed.

    The Raimi version is told in bright colors and broad strokes. Music and close-ups animate not just the action, but the characters “inner” emotions. It’s an easy to watch movie, even for kids, and disengaged adults who aren’t nutso for Spider-man (they exist). I can’t see kids watching this movie again and again like the Raimi version. Adults either.

    I wasn’t taken by the performers, looks or chemistry. I love a good indie film with ambiguous unspoken emotion and intentions. But considering how much the actual plot suffered in this production, a SH movie may not be the place for it. Although Raimi, Nolan, and Whedon have all successfully imbued their big films with degrees of emotional nuance, and ADDED to the production.

    Again, I’m not against a reboot, or a different interpretation. I love the Raimi movies to death, but that isn’t “my” Peter Parker, Mary Jane, or even Aunt May. I actually liked the initial report that they planned a series of lower budget character based Spider-man films. What happened to that idea?

    I think calling it a “B” movie is appropriate.

  9. I don’t get how this is a good movie or okay. Just listen to the plot holes discussed in this podcast. At some point you have to stop making excuses for it and call it like it is. It’s sounds like, That sucked, that sucked too, that was bad, that was really bad, that was really really bad, But they had good chemistry so it was good. Really Guys?

    • We brought up a lot of other things we liked (the 3D, the Lizard, the casting, the larger universe the film sets up) -but we also agreed that the story was patchy.

      That said, it was still entertaining. It just moved back and forth between elements that improved over the original trilogy and other areas where it fell short (namely how much ground is revisited or never resolved).

      • I think the larger universe was what got me so excited about the movie. I keep day-dreaming on where they can go with the franchise with his parents, Norman Osbourne, and if Gwen Stacy will die (comic book character vs. bankable actress…will the studio step in the way?). They did revisit almost the entire Raimi origin story (I didn’t think about the connections between dinner scenes and funerals until you guys brought it up), but honestly I still don’t care. I might care if the second film is Doc Ock creating a fusion reaction.

  10. The acting was better, Andrew Garfield was definetly a good Spider-Man I agree with Ben that Tobey just didn’t feel right but overall the cast did a great job chemistry between Garfield & Stone was nice, Rhys Ifan was good as Connors although some of scenes when he speaking into the camera (essentially an exposition) reminded me of Alfred Molina Doc Ock, which speaks to Robs point about some of same character types showing up from last movie and that the marketing sold it as retelling but it was simply the same story told from a different camera angle…

    The story to me was bipolar the beginning tonely felt like they were going for a Batman Begins type story than became more comical and down right quirky/corny but not to the Green Lantern level…

    Overall I enjoyed it, especially Garfield’s take on Spider-Man & Ben’s point that this can be a more compelling story in a more compelling universe especially with the possible death of Gwen Stacy…

    • Yah, I definitely think this Spider-Man film sets up a lot of cool directions for them to go in sequels.

      Though, I do agree that some of those storylines came at the expense of the current film.

    • They started to do the film right, then did the opposite :(

  11. You know, this reboot was necessary because of how badly Raimi f***** up Venom and just all of the third Spider-Man film in general. So much so, that the damage was unrepairable.

    But in general, I would say that they should take the James Bond route with these superhero films. We don’t need to see the origin story over and over again after every film that turns out to be misstep. Just hire a new director/cast when the previous team is done with the superhero and CONTINUE the story, and move onto NEW villains and storylines. It doesn’t even have to keep the same tone/feel, it can even create movie-original stories and villains. And it can evolve with the times like James Bond did.

    This way is actually more honest to the comics than you think. Every time you get a new writer/artist to work on a comic book series it has the same effect. Passing on and evolving is how most comic books have survived for so long anyways. You think any of the long-running superheroes that we have now were like that since the beginning? No, they evolved to their modern form with each new team that worked on them.

    Anyways, I’ve made my point so I’ll stop beating on a dead horse.

    • The Venom thing I think was more an issue caused by Sony. They wanted to market that character for future spin-offs (which they had scripts in development for) but there wasn’t room for him in the film.

      • True. But that still doesn’t change the fact that the character was mishandled.

        Also, I felt the Sandman story was pretty weak. It unnecessarily messed with Uncle Ben’s death, and it tried to make Sandman all woobie-like. The Harry story ended anti-climatically with the butler reveal thing. And not to mention, with all of three villains to choose from, Raimi decided to devote what felt like 80% of the screentime to Kirsten Dunst’s ridiculously dull Mary Jane.

        PS. Why is my e-mail blocked for spamming? I haven’t made a single spam post since I came to this website

        • Sawyer -

          We’re traveling today (for Comic-Con) but I’ll have our comment moderator take a look once we all arrive.

        • Sawyer – I followed up with our moderator. He says your comments are going through and aren’t going into spam. It might have been a temporary glitch.

      • Actually it was someone at Marvel (Avi Arad to be exact) who pushed having Venom in SM3 and unfortunately Sony listened and subsequently pushed Raimi which is why we got what we got, because Raimi didn’t want the character in there.

  12. Good podcast. And Ben……. that was a fedora the shadow man was holding. Not a bowler.

    • Ah! Maybe Norman Osborne has a bowler – hence all the confusion! Kidding, I think I’m just totally grabbing at straws on this one anyway.

      • S’alright. Everybody is grasping at straws over that lame credits scene. Poorly done, as you all pointed out in the podcast.

        The only Spidey villain I can remember for sure that wore a fedora is the Chameleon. I’m talking about the classic Spider Man comics from the 60′s and 70′s. I wouldn’t know about the newer stuff. The Chameleon could easily waltz in and out of that prison, but not teleport……… I don’t think…….

        • The Chameleon would actually be an awesome character to explore in a movie.

          • Yes I agree. He’d be tricky to deal with for SM. More psychological than physical. Could make for a gripping sequel. Didn’t Chameleon work for Osbourne at one point in the comics?

  13. Ugh. Sorry for the sound quality. I tried out an Astro A30 and you could hear cracking and my every breath.

    Not using that for recording again…

    • I was going to comment about the sound (at first I thought my computer speakers were shot). I’m glad to know you’ve figured out the issue.

  14. Not sure if it was Ant of Kofi but whoever made the “b**** slap Sony line” I give major props to you, that was really funny:) As for the movie I liked it but I agree they left way too many plot threads dangling, which really annoyed me. I’ve got to bring this up, did you guys get another dejavu moment when Connors is talking to himself (his Lizard half)? Because to me besides there not being a mirror around reminded exactly how Osborn talked to the Goblin in Spiderman 1. Also I thought they could have done more with Connors, maybe showed his family and him a little more sympathetic. I still think the action in the Raimi films is superior to this movie, although the high school fight is pretty sweet everything else was kind of eh to me. The sewer fight goes by way too quick and the final fight at Oscorp just didn’t feel as epic as it should have been, the best part was when Captain Stacy came to help Spiderman. I enjoyed pretty much everything else but those were my main gripes. Question I don’t know how many movies the screenrant team buys on Blu-ray but would you guys consider buying this movie on Blu-ray? This is for anyone who was on the podcast Ben, Ant, Kofi, Rob, or Beckey.

    • I might buy it on Blu-ray. I usually pick up a couple movies a month and it’d definitely depend on what else is out that month.

      I wouldn’t mind seeing it again but I’m not sure how many times I’d want to re-watch it (at least in quick succession).

      • I know this is an unfair comparison but its definitely not like the Avengers where you can watch it like 2-3 times within a short amount of time and still really enjoy it(also not get bored with it).

    • I only buy Blu-rays for special features. Could be something big or small… but it has to compelling. Transformers: Dark of the Moon was not worth the buy. However, Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen was. It’s all about the special features for me.

  15. The best way to introduce Mary Jane is the way Stan Lee and Steve Ditko did it, always having Aunt May trying to set them up, Peter not wanting it, and having her in scenes with her face obscured by something in the forground.

    The audience knows it’s inevitable, so why not through in some fun. They could have a good running joke.

  16. I think you guys kind of dismissed the Lizard design as “Not much you can do. He’s a giant Lizard. So it’s ‘good’” Simultaneously you speak of Raimi as if he simply did Dr Ock or any character or villain as they were from the comics. They changed tons. Even the “origin” is different from the comics, and this movie could have found a way to present old things in a new way, or at least be more succinct. In fact, it WILL be done again in twenty years or much less.

    I, too, would have loved to see the Raimi/Dylan Baker Lizard. I’m not a purist but there’s all kinds of things that could have been done. If he had been more normal sized, he could have worn the lab coat, and he also could have walked around wearing a hat and trench-coat disguise. There could have been more Dr. Connors enjoying his normal arm (not the gooey one in this movie) before a full-blown change, but also showing subtle signs of becoming cold-blooded (think Willem Defoe at Thanksgiving in 1. Acting as a special effect). Rys Ifans didn’t get much in-between, and this movie didn’t make a good argument for taking mo-cap performances seriously. In the comics, he had a wife and son. Why weren’t they there? In the comics he communicated with Alligators. That’s a bit weird, but I would have loved to see the legendary NY alligators (flushed down toilets and such) forming an Army. Better than geckos.

    This movie had a huge budget. There is really no excuse for ho-hum villains. Worse the lack of thought and imagination shows up in the whole story. Shouldn’t all of the holes and dangling plots been addressed during the writing and storyboard process?

    What’s done is done. I think this movie managed to produce some bright spots for some people, but it doesn’t look like a movie that has a long life. I don’t think people will be watching this again and again. I’m not saying Raimi is the only Spider-man by any means, but the “classic” status of his movies has further cemented.

    • Just to comment on the part about him being married. In the movie, he is wearing a wedding ring, and in the game (basically a sequel to the movie) after Spider-Man breaks Connors out of the psychiatric ward, Conners goes to see his wife and son.

      • I don’t think you mean it this way, but I’m not suggesting that he be married because he is in the comics. I’m saying it could be used as a dramatic element, like how Ock had a wife and balanced relationship in SM 2 to contrast Peter’s lack of balance. So having him wear a wedding ring isn’t enough (I didn’t notice it BTW). Like Gwen is an only child and Captain Stacey a widower in the comics. But I guess they wanted to contrast Peter’s smaller, broken family. That is a decision by the writers and mainly the director. Everything that is and isn’t in the movie is there because of a decision or lack of one.

        To me the script sort of begged for him to have something in his life he was neglecting or overlooking while he was wrapped up in what he didn’t have. He felt “weak” but he is a respected working scientist. Glass half full kind of thing.

        Of course it isn’t my movie, and they chose to do things they way they did. But there does seem to be a lot of dissatisfaction with the lizard. Really I was okay with him, how he looked and all, but I think a villain is so important that he has to be more than “okay.” I’m not saying they should do what I thought of, but just that there’s many ways they could go.

        • I am “okay” with the lizard, but I think they should have pushed the idea, thought about how he related to Peter etc. I do think he was way to big. It seems like if he was more evenly matched with Spidey there would be a “doorway” for more interaction. And isn’t that what they’ve kind of said they want from this series?

          So when I say “okay” I still think they could have done a lot better. He was generic, serviceable monster-movie “okay.” Dr. Ock had a classic monster movie feel to him. There are too many great cinematic monsters, and 1000 times more average ones.