New ‘Amazing Spider-Man’ Clip is All About the Web-Slinging [Updated]

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[Update: Scroll Down for a second Amazing Spider-Man clip!]

One big difference between director Marc Webb’s approach to The Amazing Spider-Man and director Sam Raimi’s approach to the original Spider-Man movie trilogy, is that Webb has been adamant about using practical effects and stunt work wherever possible – as opposed to the CGI Spider-Man that was heavily relied on in Raimi’s films.

We saw plenty of high-wire stunt work during the filming of Amazing Spider-Man - and today we have a clip from the film that shows one of the exact sequences captured in those set photos. So, is Webb better about conveying Spidey’s web-slinging acrobatics onscreen? This clip would certainly suggest so.

Here, Spider-Man actually looks like a guy in a suit (with mechanical web-shooter devices) trying to get used to this whole “web-slinging” thing. It’s clear that there’s a live actor onscreen, and the movements look more realistic (from a physics perspective) than the often too-smooth grace of the CGI Spidey in the Raimi films. That’s not to sound too righteous, however: Amazing Spider-Man will include a great deal of digital effects work, including the kind of sequences we’ve seen in recent trailers or extended previews, which have Spidey torpedoing his reptilian foe The Lizard, or the pair of warring adversaries chasing each other across a high school ceiling.

Spider Man Web Slinging in Amazing Spider Man  e1336150156462 New Amazing Spider Man Clip is All About the Web Slinging [Updated]

The jury is still very much out in regards to whether Sony’s reboot of the Spider-Man movie franchise is going to be a success or not. The 3D in the film is, well, amazing (from what footage I’ve seen), but I’m personally still waiting on that epic, goosebump-inducing feeling from this movie. At most, right now, I can say that it doesn’t look as bad as most people expected; but in the summer of The Avengers and The Dark Knight Rises, is being “not bad” good enough?

UPDATE: If you can sit through (or fast-forward through) the interview segment, check out Emma Stone in a second clip from The Amazing Spider-Man!

The Amazing Spider-Man swings into theaters on July 3, 2012.

Source: Yahoo Movies

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  1. Sooo….what’s with the little red light? Did his webshooters get made by LA Gear?

    • It’s better to sell the toys when they have lights and sound.

      • Now that is probably the most correct and honest answer someone could possibly say.

    • LOL!!

  2. The start looked like it was a continuation of the thief and the ‘knives’ scene. And the score once he starts swinging from the bridge sounds great.

  3. i liked it alot,looked more realistic in movement.

  4. I think it looked great, but the score sounded a little….I dont know, jumanji-ish?

    • The score in the web swinging clip is very BAD! It’s completely opposite the tone of the movie -not gritty, or dark. What the hell?
      The second clip was good (no cheesy score).
      I went from hating the reboot idea to excited to see it only to end up skeptical in the end. We’ll see I guess.

      • although they didn’t literally say it, they obviously meant grittiER and darkER.

        spidey will still retain his fun feel.

        • Agreed Timmy. The entire movie will not be dark. The movie as a whole will have a darker and drittier feel.

          I dont get hating on the score either. You just cant please everyone. :)

          • *grittier rather

  5. The movement is pretty fantastic. I remember photos of the scene where he’s climbing the side of the big rig and it looked like they had velcro on the side of the truck to give his hands and feet better grip/connection. I wondered how that would look when they filmed him climbing the side. Pretty damn great in my opinion.

  6. Yuck, who is doing the score for this movie?

    • your mom.

      • *high five

      • lol

  7. The quips Spidey spouts while swinging were off-putting for me. I guess I’ll need to see the same scenes in context.

  8. iCarly as the greatest show of all time? Really?

  9. I think it looks more realistic (oviously visually) but also physically like how wuld a dude that has spiderpowers rlly move? I think jus like dat!

  10. CAN. NOT. WAIT!

  11. The score isn’t meant to be gritty or dark, because it isn’t a gritty or dark scene. It’s a fastpaced, adrenaline rushing webslinging scene. Maybe it wasn’t the best music to put with the scene, but it did indeed fit the scene quite well. But aside from the score, the scene itself was awesome. Don’t worry about the music, it will get better.

  12. is the english language&grammar of america really poorly taught? i could figure out what Eli53 was saying, but not what royal was, i`m not sure if “quips” is a word.
    this looks kinda nice but i`m not sure if this is the kind of i`d have a big discussion on.

    Geese do we really need this much info unveiled about the film??????? It looks interesting how about focus on what MATTERS, such as whether or not the entire movie is interesting. There`s been way too many spoilers about the film that just talk about particular scenes or things rather than what the whole movie is about that would make it worth spending your money on. For a fan like me this info is so trivial.

    • Quip is a remark usually meant to be witty or sarcastic and smart-alec-y.

  13. “this looks kinda nice but i`m not sure if this is the kind of i`d have a big discussion on.” i meant to put the word post after the word of.

  14. Actually, if you watch the DVD extras on the first three “Spider-Man” films, you may be surprised by how much Tobey or a stuntman was used for the action scenes. Whenever they could, they used a real person, which was actally very often.

  15. I didn’t even notice the music until the critical people had to point it out.So i watched it again, and it sounds good, maybe not the start, but as it goes on, it starts to sound great with the scene!

  16. That was funnier than I expected.
    “Hey watch out, I’m swinging here,” in the Bronx accent got an unexpected chuckle out of me.

    And the “are you seriously going to stay there for 8 more minutes after what I just told you” line made me laugh harder than I think it ought to.

    But yeah, the music in the first clip was kinda wonky. I kind of understand what they were getting at though.

  17. people were b!tching about the “patriotic” music in the clip of cap and thor fighting the aliens in the avengers. it fit well with the context of the movie, and i’m sure this’ll fit well too.

    oh, and apparently now people don’t like that the movie is fun and not “dark and gritty”. wow… before when they said it’d be more serious, people didn’t like that it wouldn’t be fun like spidey’s supposed to be

    quite honestly, it seems like some people are just looking for reasons to b!tch and moan. you are the kind of un-f’n-pleasable fans that are the cancer of any fandom.

    • oh and for the record, i am one of the people who understands that sony’s funding this movie as a cash grab on the spidey name. and for that very reason i despised this movie and wanted it to fail miserably at the box office.

      but the more i see of this movie the better it looks. marc webb (lolpun-name) has put together what seems to be an excellent and better-than-raimi’s spidey films.

    • oh and for the record, i am one of the people who understands that sony’s funding this movie as a cash grab on the spidey name. and for that very reason i despised this movie and wanted it to fail miserably at the box office. furthermore, i did not like the idea of the lizard as the villain.

      but the more i see of this movie the better it looks. marc webb (lolpun-name) has put together what seems to be an excellent and better-than-raimi’s spidey films.

  18. This movie is going to be amazing because the simple fact that FOX isn’t making it all they did was focus on peters love for Mary Jane when you go back an think about it all the spiderman movies FOX made were just sappy love stories that were trying there hardest to involve a super hero besides mary jane never really made an apperance in the begining of the story she was always in the background with hereface covere in the comic books another thing the freaking web doesn’t come out of his actual arm…yet another fail of FOX he was a scientist he created the web cartridges which they are doing right in this movie… And I wonder why oh yeah FOX isn’t making it Marvel is and they know there own character they are gonna do this crap right and honestly I hope they remake the crap that FOX gave us because it would be the best series of movies ever Doc Oc., Venom, Sandman, Green Goblin they need to remake it and remake it right actually they jut need to remake it because honestly they are Marvel the will be doing it right just look at iron man none of the movies have lost there splendor and what do you know they have started filming the 3rd movie as of tuesday

    • You are aware that FOX never made any spiderman movies, right? SONY always made the spiderman movies, and they still are with this reboot movie. so to be clear, old spiderman movies were SONY, this new spiderman movie is SONY. its a marvel product but produced through SONY having the filming rights and isnt related to the iron man cap and thor marvel movie universe as far as we know.

    • Yeah, and man what was with those Universal Studios X-Men movies, and those strange LucasFilm Fantastic Four movies.

      • Sorry Magnolia this comment was directed at poor, confused Logan B.

  19. And really people its music try to look past the things that aren’t important at all

  20. Oh and by the way really people its music try to look past the things that aren’t important at all it’s a movie the story is what is focused on not the music I’m mean honestly people that’s sad when you see a trailer for great movie and the only thing you can say is wtf the score!!!

  21. I dig the look of the action. The music was okay. His New Yorker accent kinda throws me off. Yeah, it is more realistic for a teen from Queens to have an NY accent, but I’m really not used to it. I know that the scene with Gwen was really poorly constructed given that it was “cut and pasted” together to present on Leno’s show, but it looked okay.

  22. Is ot possible that Sony and Disney could have made a deal to where Spidey can still be in the Marvel Universe? Like sony can make Spidey solo films that can still fit in the Avengerverse??

    • Highly doubtful. Knowing the amount of work Marvel has put into their movie universe I doubt they’d want Sony poo-ing all over it.

      If Sony were to make a deal with Disney/Marvel the only way it would work for Marvel would be total control of Spidey’s story, in which case just let the rights go back where they belong.

      A lack of an actual Marvel Spider-Man is the most disappointing state of affairs…just sad.

      • I wonder how much it would cost to buy Spidey back. i want them to buy Wolverine and Spidey back, thats all i really care about. But i know that wont happen :(

  23. Check out the 0:09 mark – Does he have those stupid wheels on his shoes?

    If that’s what I saw…

    • They aren’t wheels but the top and side portions of his integrated “shoes”. I’ve always thought they plain looked stupid and made no sense for me considering Spider-Man can only use his ability through a thin material.

  24. Raimi’s Spider-Man looked more “AMAZING.”

  25. Whenever I watch direct scenes pulled from the middle of a movie they always seem awkward and bad too me. But when I’m watching the entirety of the movie, the scene fits & works with what came before it.