‘Amazing Spider-Man’ Clip: Peter Parker vs. Doorman

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amazing spider man clip peter parker doorman Amazing Spider Man Clip: Peter Parker vs. Doorman

The first official clip from The Amazing Spider-Man has appeared online, and as you might imagine, it doesn’t pull out the “big guns” – that is, offer another sneak peek ofthe impressive 3D set pieces or sequences with Spidey flinging himself around New York (as teased in the extended preview). It instead provides a brief look at a quieter and more light-hearted scene from the Spider-Man reboot.

At the beginning of the second Amazing Spider-Man trailer, Peter Parker (Andrew Garfield) jokingly tells Gwen Stacy (Emma Stone) that he climbed some twenty floors up the fire escape, so as to avoid her “intimidating” doorman – this clip reveals Pete’s encounter with said scary concierge.

Check out that first clip from The Amazing Spider-Man below:

If this scene is indeed a good sampler of what’s to come in Amazing Spider-Man, then it only lends further credibility to the filmmakers’ claims that their rebooted take on the Spidey universe has more of a natural vibe and realistic feel to the proceedings – as opposed to the (mostly intentional) cheesiness and melodrama that Sam Raimi tended to embrace with his Spider-Man movie trilogy.

Case in point: compare the above scene from Amazing Spider-Man to this somewhat similar moment in Spider-Man 2 (which features a cameo from Raimi’s BFF Bruce “The Chin” Campbell):

Some fans have long been worried that Amazing Spider-Man may as well be titled “Spider-Man Begins”, in the sense that it could suffer from being an uncharacteristically dark and gritty spin on the webslinger’s mythos that follows too closely in the footsteps of Christopher Nolan’s Batman movie trilogy.

However, thanks to recent comments from Amazing Spider-Man director Marc Webb, promising that the film will feature plenty of “humor and levity and whimsy” – along with proof in the form of stuff like Spidey making wise-cracks and George Stacy (Denis Leary) dropping lines about vigilantes in leotards - those concerns are starting to abate.

The Amazing Spider-Man hits 2D, 3D, and IMAX 3D theaters around the U.S. on July 3rd, 2012.

Source: Mark of the Spider-Man (via CBM)

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  1. there’s no clip

    • It seems to be working fine for me. Have you tried reloading the page? Clips sometime don’t appear for me when my internet connection is being slow and the page takes an excessively long time to load.

    • refresh your interent and it will work. it did not work for me at first until i refresh it and then it worked for me.

  2. Not bad :D

  3. not too much to that clip,

    though i will say that i am always impressed that garfield is able to turn off his panty droppin english accent and turn on the bumbling stuttering american accent really well.

    looking forward to seeing his acting as peter parker

    • Definately agree on that. I also like that he’s using a different American accent here, than he did in “The Social Network”.

  4. I swear every time I see something from this movie. It makes me wanna see it more and more. I’m really excited for it!!!!

  5. I saw it on another site. Hey Tobey, Andrew called, he said you left your New York accent at home. Gosh I’m excited for this movie. It’s little things like that that will make this movie more believable and enjoyable.

  6. Just a simple clip like this makes me begging for this movie to release today!!! But, I gotta deal with waiting 6 months for it. Oh well, at least I’ll get to see it! Let’s go Spidey!

  7. I know it isn’t much but it looks there will be some good acting in this movie at least. :}

  8. ironically enough, the actor playing dennis learys doorman was a costar of his on rescue me. but yea, the more i see the more pumped i am for this version of spiderman, seems to be the spidey character ive always pictured in my mind finally put on screen.

    • I agree I think the reboot looks better then all 3 of the other spider man movies from the actors look to being closer to the comic and I love spiderman 2

  9. It’s Lou!

  10. So many great cbm’s coming out this year, but this one is heading closer to the top of the bust see list

  11. Must see

    • I dunno, seeing some “bust” sounds pretty good to me! ;)

  12. Kinda funny that I went to see this clip and an ad of Farmers Insurance Group came up featuring J. Jonah Jameson from the original trilogy.

    Not much to see, was hoping that the “Doorman” was actually lizard wearing a coat with his back turned waiting for peter to come by so he could bite his head off.

  13. Nice, as soon as i saw it i was like LOU, i wonder if Leary got him that little part.

  14. looks like Mark Webb is a Rescue Me fan??? I like it

  15. If I were Peter I’d kick that doorman in the balls and then I’d just nonchalantly step over him writhing in pain to go hang out with my best gal ;)

  16. Still on the fence. I really look forward to this adaptation. Wasn’t a fan of Raimi’s 2, or 3 in the previous trilogy.

  17. Marc Webb is such a hack. This scene is just tells me I shouldn’t be paying to see this reboot. Spidey needs to go back to Marvel yesterday! Pronto. Chop Chop.

  18. Big deal. Bad acting, poor directing… there is nothing even remotely humorous or unique about that scene. Why release it at all? If this is an example of the “light-heartedness”, what a snoozefest! Wake me up when the Lizard completes his transformation.

    • Phew, a light in the darkness! I was also underwhelmed by the acting in this clip so I really don’t get how others can see it and be more excited about the movie. I guess this is where we insert the word “fanboi” and walk away because obviously nothing is going to sway the blinded devotees.

      • I thought it was mostly the fanboys who wouldn’t like it because it differed so much from the original source material? Hmm, i must just be really stupid…. Sorry that there’s a few people out here not excited to see this movie. I think it looks refreshing

        • …Or the “fanboi”s that are “blinded” by negativity and refuse to be swayed. ;)

  19. Okay… I’m going on record and saying it… I loved Sam Raimi’s Spidey films… and yes I was a fan of the Xena and Hercules series. Granted Tobey didn’t have a NY accent but actually I never really pictured or ever heard him w/ anything but a neutral accent before so it didn’t bother me in the least. I am looking forward to seeing the differences in this reboot.

    • I enjoyed them to a certain point. There were characters that really bothered me. What I am looking forward to so much in this one is that it will be a more realistic, and different, spiderman. True, Peter never really had the accent before, but he’s a new yorker born and raised, so why not? They’re adding things into this that make it as believable as a spiderman movie can get, and I love it. Not ripping on your comment, just saying why I enjoy the accent so much.

  20. I didn’t see the difference in scenes, other than the fact that in Sam Raimi’s version this scene was one of the ways that showed how Spiderman affected Peter Parker’s personal life. Neither was all that funny they were light moments, but not hilarious. I was a fan of Sam Raimi’s Spiderman, I am a fan of this Spiderman, and I am a fan of the show. This is nothing to get excited over. I think people should be excited about Spiderman and stop nitpicking everything so much. To me Spiderman is the greatest superhero, yes better than Batman, Ironman, and Superman. Spiderman and Goku. Yeah I said Goku

    • Did I hear someone say “Goku”?

      Surely not ;)

  21. Wow, that is some bad dialog right there… And anyone else notice that Peter Parker looks like he practically intentionally drew the doorman’s attention to his bag at first?? Awkward…

  22. That doorman must be a cop in the movie, he asks a lot of questions and seems to have the authority to search people. As for the whole accent thing, Peter Parker was a lab-geek and I never really imagined him as sounding like Vinnie from Brooklyn. Living in New York my whole life the notion that there is a New York accent is kind of funny.