Marc Webb Discusses ‘Amazing Spider-Man’ Mid-Credits Scene & Mystery Villain

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Amazing Spider Man Dr. Curt Connors and Mysterious Figure 570x252 Marc Webb Discusses Amazing Spider Man Mid Credits Scene & Mystery Villain

If you you’ve seen The Amazing Spider-Man by now, you know that one of the lingering mysteries (of the handful left dangling) has to do with a certain scene that occurred midway through the end credits.We had the chance to break that scene down with director Marc Webb at the Amazing Spider-Man press junket, discuss theories about the shadowy villain that appeared in it, and what possible implications it has for Amazing Spider-Man 2.

Needless to say, if you haven’t seen the film, the topic we’re going to discuss is filled with SPOILERS – so maybe you want to just head over to our Amazing Spider-Man review to get an impression of the movie as a whole. If you have seen the Spider-Man reboot for yourself, feel free to scroll down to the discussion below.


Amazing Spider-Man Mid-Credits Scene Discussion

The final scene of The Amazing Spider-Man sees the defeated Curt Connors/Lizard (Rhys Ifans) being locked away in a poorly-lit prison cell. Lightning flashes, and a figure (played by character actor Michael Massee) steps out of the shadows into one of the two slivers of moonlight in the room and proceeds to interrogate Connors. The mystery man wants to know if Connors told Peter the truth about his father, Richard Parker, and Connors responds that he didn’t. The mystery turns to leave, exclaiming that it’s fortunate Connors said nothing and that they can leave Peter alone… for now. Connors, in a noble moment, yells that Peter should be left alone for good – but lightning strikes again, and the mysterious figure vanishes just as suddenly as he appeared.

amazing spider man mystery man 280x170 Marc Webb Discusses Amazing Spider Man Mid Credits Scene & Mystery Villain


For my money, I immediately guessed that the nature of the scene (specifically the lightning) meant that the classic Spider-Man villain Electro (see above) was being introduced into the Amazing Spider-Man cinematic universe. I went so far as to suggest that theory to director Marc Webb in our interview – and while he played coy, he was visibly delighted by the guess:

Oooo, interesting! You’re the only person who’s brought that up! I invite speculation, but I will not give you certainty.

 Marc Webb Discusses Amazing Spider Man Mid Credits Scene & Mystery Villain

Upon a followup question about whether The Amazing Spider-Man trilogy is building towards, perhaps, a saga involving the Sinister Six (Spider-Man villains teamed up as a bigger threat), Webb just let out another “Oooo,” smiled knowingly, and said nothing at all. However, he did say to MTV:

“There is a silhouette as Peter enters Oscorp on a display, which reads our founder, Norman Osborn. And there is a back-story which I will not reveal. We wanted to convey that there were more forces at work than you may have initially thought. That’s all I can say about that.”

Actor Rhys Ifans added:

Connors is sent to an asylum, a high-security asylum, as you would be if you threw police towers across the Brooklyn Bridge… And he’s visited by, shall we say, a representative from Oscorp. How he gets into that cell and how he leaves that cell without the guards knowing? We have yet to find out.”

The part about there being ‘more forces than  you initially thought’ would suggest that there is a larger plot than the machinations of Curt Connors and Norman Osborn, as the film makes clear. The Sinister Six as a clandestine group of mad-science-meets-corporate-villainy types is easy to image in the re-imagined Spider-Man cinematic universe.

spider man villains Marc Webb Discusses Amazing Spider Man Mid Credits Scene & Mystery Villain

Since the time of our talk with Webb, the worldwide audience has gotten the opportunity to see The Amazing Spider-Man, and I am certainly no longer the only person to have suggested Electro as a possibility for the mystery character in the mid-credits scene. Indeed, a quick scroll through our Amazing Spider-Man Spoilers Discussion will reveal any number of fan theories on who that mystery figure is.

First question for Spider-Man fans:

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Finally, we’ve compiled a list of the 10 best guesses about who the mystery character at the end of Amazing Spider-Man is. Vote for up to your 3 best guesses below:

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 The Amazing Spider-Man is now in theaters. Stay tuned for more of our interviews with the cast and producers in the coming days.

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  1. There are numerous adaptations of the Green Goblin, and the one that stays dear to me is the initial representation. Less techy and robotic, more sarcastic and evil, close to the Joker. And he’s the one who ends up throwing Gwen off the building [not killing, because it’s spiderman’s web thread that does as he’s saving her].

    I would love to see this story-line in the movie, not necessarily in the next movie because we need Gwen, Andrew and Emma are just amazing and no M.J. can replace Gwen in this installment.

    Very high hopes for the next installment. With as much focus on Peter Parker [rather than only Spiderman and pure action driven story-lines]. This is what we loved, because this is at the core of the comics. The comics become too repetitive at some point, but choosing Gwen means this is an adaptation of the early series which was always the best

  2. I think it could either be Mysterio, or Electro. Couldn’t have been Green Goblin(Norman Osborn) Because in the film he was supposedly ”ill”. And who else can escape a dark cell with lightning:aka Electro.
    But who can also do weird things with tricks :Mysterio. If it’s not either of them well….too bad :(

    • I DO believe it WAS the ill Norman Osborn…in fact he was the only one who stepped into the Moonlight. But habe u ever considered he travelled there with Electros help?? kinda Superpowered Henchman…
      the whole look, the voice and the attitude just dont fit Electro, dont u think?
      Bet this is it!

  3. Its Dr. Mendel Stromm Trust me i did my research

    • And by research, do you mean took a wild, shot in the dark guess? (By the way, just to clarify, I think that’s the best guess on here so far).

  4. I have an wild idea. It was actually Norman Osborn who orchestrated Peter being bit by the spider. It was a test of sorts to see if radioactive spiders would help cure him. After seeing that they did/would, Osborn created a serum out of the spider’s blood and other powerful chemicals. Well, it turns out that the serum was highly unstable and instead of curing him, it turned him into an evil, green-skinned mutant. He becomes super strong, smart and fast. He assassinates the mob leaders and takes over their businesses. Spider-man responds to the huge outbreak in crime and is hard-pressed to stop it. New York is sent into chaos and spider-man is lured into a trap. The Green Goblin (Norman Osborn) confronts him with a nifty glider, some pumpkin bombs and a lot of other really expensive and cool devices. Spider-man barely escapes with his life. Spider-man decides to lay low for a while as Peter Parker. When he tries to visit Gwen he finds a note that says “Queensboro Bridge 10:00-the Goblin.” To be continued in my next post…

    • After a short battle, the Goblin is able to snag Spider-man with an electric cable. Paralyzed, Peter has to watch as the Goblin throws Gwen off the bridge. The Green Goblin unmasks the paralyzed Peter and lets the mask float off into the wind. And just as the Goblin is about to kill him, Spider-man blasts him backwards with a controlled webbing shot. The movie finishes off with an epic battle between the Goblin and Peter complete with explosion and destruction. In the end, The goblin’s glider crashes into a car and explodes (caving in the middle of the bridge). Peter and the Goblin are sent rolling towards the abyss. Peter webs a pillar and swings himself into the Goblin kicking him in the chest. The Goblin falls backwards into gaping abyss in the bridge, laughing until he disapears under the water. Peter is able to swing away just as another part of the bridge collapses. A mid-credits scene shows a fisherman finding spider-man’s mask washed up on the shore. This soon-to-be-a-maybe-awesome movie will be call the Amazing Spider-man: the Green Goblin. Please comment and tell me what you think.

  5. it could be connors going crazy like osbourne spider-man 2002. it kind of looked like he was turning back in to the lizard when there was a close up at his neck

    • they were showing his neck hairs standing up from static

    • You are my favorite. I was going back through previous comments to see if I may have repeated anyone. I much agree with you and your theory. As others may insist its evidence for Electro (though he may be in the next film) I doubt the Man in the Shadows was indeed a physical person. Nice ^_^

    • I appreciate your insight and agree ^_^

    dudes carnage would be good or hobgoblin for villains

    another couple should be good, electro and shocker. they both love electricity.(excellent allies)

    venom or catwoman

    • Shocker uses concentrated, high-frequency air waves, not electricity. And I’m sure you mean Black Cat, not Catwoman, but that’s pretty embarrassing.

  7. The sinister six could possibly be in the second amazing spiderman but the third should be two parts part 1 should be about peter getting the black suit and fighting venom and part 2 should be about venom and spidey fighting carnage. Please email me what you think because I left out a lot of my ideas for the third movie

  8. The sinister six could possibly be in the second amazing spiderman but the third should be two parts about the venom saga Please email me what you think.

    • Totally agree I couldn’t imagine any better spiderman movie plots! Just thinking about those movies with carnage and venom

    • Totally agree I couldn’t imagine any better spiderman movie plots! Just thinking about those movies with carnage and venom gives me the chills.

  9. i have never read the comics just watched the cartoons so this is based on that alone,
    but Mysterio bored the hell out of me so i am rooting this man being Electro

    but i would like to see….

    scorpion in the 2nd
    (Connors/lizard makes an appearance to help spidey
    scorpions may eat spiders, but lizards eat scorpions)

    venom taking up films 3 and 4…..cant do it justice in one film, and do it as brock….not flash or harry or any other character-brock and brock only, saying that brock lesner is big enough to play him but maybe just as the costumed venom stand in
    they can even throw in hints of a kin symbiote (carnage) but save it for a later date

    i really dont want to see the green goblin a-bloody-gain, he was crap in the 1st Raimi film even worst in the 3rd(new goblin) and again in the cartoons he was a bore

  10. Bull Crap, how can Green Goblin be so high, in the movie Norman Osborn is dying. In the beginning Electro was not my first choice, It was HobGob. But I work at the theaters so I saw the ending clip the next day, that is when I saw the significance of the lighting and went to suspecting it was Electro. He has been my main choice from then on, I started telling everybody leaving the theater and putting it in there heads. But the problem is that Electro is not smart (So how could he be working for Oscorp), and all the Spider-Man villains are explained how they got there powers. So, unless they decide to throw in all of the Sinister 6 in the next move, and they’re working for Oscorp and were created there prior; I do not think it could be Electro with powers, unless they want to break tradition. So, that brings me to my next two conclusions which are Mysterio and Professor Miles Warren. Mysterio only because he could create the illusion of him being there. And Professor Miles Warren (before the Jackal) simply because he is a scientist how tries to recreate Peters (Spider-Man’s) powers; so they could have created some connection with Richard Parker (Peter’s Dad) and Curt Connors. So Electro is an unintelligent guy who wants to be an Electrical Engineer. Mysterio is a special effects man for movies. Professor Miles Warren is a Biological Scientist, I still don’t fully know his background that well. Over all Electro is the best choice, I just think the character t the end was unclear how it was going to be to Marc Webb so he left it open. So he just casted Michael Massee as Man in the Shadows and not as a specific villain.

  11. Well, Im still hoping that Gwen will not die in the upcoming movies of The Amazing Spiderman even though they are basing the movie with the comics. *cross-fingers* It would be really a great relief if the directors would do that, but I couldnt help thinking about what will the amendments they will do if ever. tss

  12. could it be the character Sundown? In the casting call for the amazing spider-man the guy who is the character labeled the “mysterious man” is under the name David Patrick Lowell which in the comic world is the character known as Sundown. this makes sense for many reasons giving that he was an employee at oscorp. he knew peter parkers parents and also he has the ability to teleport from location to location. just a theory though

  13. well we have all seen doc oc and mr osborne plenty a time so some one like mysterio would be ice or electro

  14. well we have all seen doc oc and mr osborne plenty a time so some one like mysterio would be nice or electro

  15. i guess nobody has reached my level of nerd because ive been browsing forums and im the only one who has figured it out… obviously theres a reason to reboot spiderman so here is the spoiler for marvels future, SO STOP READING IF YOU DONT WANT TO KNOW, now they just released the avengers recently and spiderman is eventually recruited into the the avengers, ironman 3 preview spoils everything showing somebody wearing the iron man suit destroying the home of tony stark when actually norman osbourne steals iron mans suit and paints it up red white and blue and messes up starks life ,tieing spiderman with iron man… another thing that you might not know is that its the 3rd red skull or albert malik who killed parkers parents then tieing him to captain america, with the help from the rarely known GUSTAV “THE GENTLEMAN” FIERS!!!! who looks like who exactly you say? the mysterious figure hiding in the shadows talking to conners at the end that everybody is trying to figure out,who is gustav the gentleman fiers you ask? noneother than the man who will eventually help form the group, THE SINISTER SIX, including chameleon, doc oct, electro, mysterio,rhino and sandman giving them a plot for avengers 2;THE AVENGERS V.S. THE SINISTER SIX

    • In theory, this kind of makes sense, however Sony stills owns the rights to Spider-Man, which I think is the reason they did the reboot so soon after finishing the original trilogy, simply to keep the rights to such a powerful franchise. Either way, my point is that Norman Osborne can’t possibly play a part in Iron Man 3 because that would be a pretty severe contract breach, pretty much making that theory impossible.

  16. It was not showing the hairs on conners neck! It was showing he still has lizard skin behind his ear. The person in the shadows looks too old and weak to be any villian you guys are naming.

    • This was my thinking. My first impression (due to the apparent age of the “mystery man” was the Vulture. I also know that the Vulture and Electro were in concert with each other at some point. The lightning was not lost on me, but it just didn’t fit that the mystery man could be Electro because he was too old. I then thought about the Sinister Six connection and felt it was definitely possible for the Vulture and Electro to be in cahoots as the Vulture is old enough to have “molded” Peter’s dad, as the Vulture is an extremely intelligent dude with scientific roots as well…

  17. I think it would be a huge mistake to use the sinister six in any of the movies because you wouldn’t have time to introduce the characters if you are only making 3 movies you could if you were making more than 3 but if you’re not you shouldn’t. I like the idea of Electro in the second movie and for the third I personally think that you should make the third movie two parts part one should have venom but one partial villain for the beginning and for spidey to defeat in the black suit. Then later spiderman realizes that he is turning evil and he gets the suit off and it finds Eddie Brock a.k.a venom. Then at the end venom get injured and spawns and part one ends. Then in part two the symbiote spawn finds Cletus Kassidy a.k.a Carnage and spidey and venom must team up to stop Carnage and there is a big ending battle where venom and carnage either die or get their symbiotes removed.

  18. I believe that it could be Electro. Also I’m sure if you all listen closely and remember the star on the uncles killer so maybe his killer is also Electro. Although I don’t see how Electro knows much about Peters father.

  19. Has anyone considered Michael Morbius? They make quite a few references to him in the video game saying he is an employee of oscorp who does an experiment on himself like connors but with bats. I think the guy in the cell appears too old to be electro but could be how Morbius looks after his failed experiment and a vampire could also appear and disappear like that. Anyone else thinking this too?

  20. Well, it seemed to me, upon initial viewing, that the visitor is the persona of the Green Goblin (not a physical manifestation). We have seen this is in the past trilogy, the comics, and it was hinted at in the film which we are discussing in scenes where Connors begins displaying traits similar to Norman in the first trilogy.

    As such, it seems plausible to suggest a variant of the lizard serum could lead to mental instability and scaly skin. So, a green man could adopt the name Green Goblin more plausibly. That could also explain the reason for designing the Lizard with a more human face – less of a jump to a green man (though the tail will have to seen to).

    Just some thoughts. A bit more grounded than those insisting on Electro.

    • That would be a good explanation. However, The marvel Films (most of them) like to stay true to the comics…so an actual green mutated person instead of a person in a suit wouldn’t be doing so. on the other hand I see your point in the sense that going from a Lizard/Human from the first film to just a man on a flying board seems like going One step forward and two steps back. 😛

  21. As a notice, I am not denying that Electro could be introduced (or hopefully my favorite, Mysterio) but I am insisting that neither of them nor many of the other perpetuated theories are correct in assuming that the Man in the Shadows is indeed the villain for the next film – Simply the puppetmaster.

  22. Norman Osborn would have been my first guess as there is no visual of him in the movie. However, the man’s age could suggest that he is Vulture…As the vulture is old.on the other hand you need to think about how he could have gotten in ant out of that room…that would be characteristic of someone say Hydro man (as it was in a storm) or Sandman because they can appear by returning to their form.(But I doubt they will be in it.) Which brings me to Rhino and Quinton Beck… Visually, these villains are the opposite to the character in the scene as they are supposed to be young and strong.

    I don’t really know the profiles of Jackal and the Hobgoblin so \i can’t comment on that. 😛

  23. The sinister six? I much as I would enjoy that…I don’t think it is the right thing to do. There are villains like camelion, who use a belt to transform into diferent people…I don’t this is on the same wave length as a lizard who has no control. some villains in the sinister six are for the comics only and may turn the amazing spiderman 2 into a film like spider-man 3 😛

  24. Has anyone thought of the possibility of it being a skinny Kingpin???

  25. I see the first film and just shocked at how its seems I am the only one who see the real hints at who is the next villain. Did you notice on the file of peters dad and the door to the web room and it the main oscorp room that there was 2 ‘red omega’ symbols? What could that mean? I wonder……….maybe the second villain is Omega red? As I did not see or hear any hint of electro apart from the lighting at the end which could be omega’s.

  26. I see the first film and just shocked at how its seems I am the only one who see the real hints at who is the next villain. Did you notice on the file of peters dad, the door to the web room in the main oscorp room that there was 2 red omega symbols. maybe the next villain is Omega red.


  28. If this guy in mid-credits scene indeed really is Electro, would he be evil from the start of TASM2 then?

  29. Although he’s already been used in a spider man movie. It’s very possible that the sandman could make his way to Connors’ cell